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Caturday…Another Oldie

Hiya! Savannah Here!

Here’s another one of my early blog entries…March 18th, 2012.


Yeah, That Would Be Me…

“…about last night. We had company for dinner…I hadn’t met her before…but I let her come in our bedroom and brush me a bit. THEN I smelled something weird but familiar on her fingers…and zippo bango..right under the bed I went!!!  YEP..ya guessed it…DOG! Mixed with a bit of cat to be fair…but SCCAARRRYY!

So..Dad, Mom and Cynthia (her name) watched her photos from her African Safari…yeah yeah you say… how the heck could I know it was Africa?!  Folks..seriously…I can hear and see… and..yep..I really do watch the TV…and those were some totally wild animals on that screen!!

What’s on TV?

Anyways…I cruised through the family room a couple a times just to make sure they knew I was around…then she I came out and watched TV with Mom and Dad…then let them know it was bed time cuz when I go up and go down the hall…wellllll…theyyyyy knowww….I want Mom in bed with me to keep me warm!

OK, last time I am gonna drop the hint “bed time”’s 2AM..(so Mom says)…she wakes up…and well….ummmm….I…ahhhh…errrr…well, I am sort’a like butting her off her share of the bed!! Hey, guys, how was I supposed to know we each only get a third..???..guess I was taking mine and most of Mom’s.

Then Mom tries to turn over to elbow me over some..she gets to her tummy to take more space…yeah, yeah…I did it…just what you are thinking…as soon as she did that…I almost jumped to get between her legs and as close to her butt as I could…veryyyy warm…yes!  Course, Mom still was shoved against the head board…ouch!

Then I hear her say “bed hog”…and realized…Oh Cat!…she was talkin’ about me!! MOUSES!

Guess I kind’a didn’t sleep lots after that..worried ya know…maybe I had gone too far…after all…I had just been adopted and what if they decided to return me…I fretted all night.

So it’s been a hard tough day today…so I had to take a nap!”

Bed Hog Day After

That’s it for today…too tired…back to ya all later…TTFN, Savannah PS…Mom says I am snoring!!!!

Can you believe I used that hokey little kitty face instead of my own gorgeous face???  So, well…so lame!

Hope you sniggered some over the writing and photos…we used lots of blurry photos in the beginning because all Mom and Dad used were those stupid iPhones of theirs…sheesh…way better now…

I stuck in the  middle photo from more recent times…you can tell, huh?

Hope your Caturday is going great…Paw pats, Savannah

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41 thoughts on “Caturday…Another Oldie

  1. I can’t believe you were snuggling up to your mum to make she was warm enough and she accussed you of hogging the bed – right?! ;0)

  2. Whoa! I can’t believe you slept that close to your Mom right after you were adopted. I still only sleep on the pillow next to TW. I just got over attacking her if she pets me in the middle of the night. Being feral, I still think other cats and dogs are trying to attack me if anyone touches me while I sleep.

    • I’m sorry CK that you were feral, but purrleased you have such a loving home now. We don’t think I was ever feral, maybe not even a stray…but abused by males, maybe children, who harassed me, and then the family dumped me cuz I was older and not “fun” anymore…just guessing…my story from before, like ours, will die with me

  3. maxwellnfaraday on said:

    Allie: SNORING? Oh girlfriend, a lady NEVER snores. Tell your humans thosse were cute little …err… snorts. Yes, snorts.

  4. Hi again , Savannah !
    I have a blogaward for you on my bloggie 🙂

  5. I don’t sleep on the bed cos daddy hogs it and he snores BOL

  6. spittythekitty on said:

    My sweet darling! My Staff has been sooooooo UNhelpful today. I barely got to blog or visit at ALL. She will need to pay for this neglect. I am verreh happy to hear that your Humans will soon return. They also need to pay for their sins, Savannah. XOXOXO

  7. My Staff has been sooooooo UNhelpful today. I barely got to blog or visit at ALL. She will need to pay for this neglect. I am verreh happy to hear that your Humans will soon return. They also need to pay for their sins, Savannah. XOXOXO

  8. Hey Savvy, Jetty here. Hi Miss LInda.

    Forgive Mom’s typing, her keyboard has gone apes— over the last week. Anyway, we love this post, having met you a bit later. Mom calls us bed hogs, too. More later, thisssssssssssss cmment took her over 15 minutes because of te keyboard. ugh.

  9. Sparkle on said:

    The only bed hog here is Binga – she has even been known to come close to pushing ME off the king-sized bed, even when there are no humans in it!

  10. We trained Mummy Janey to sleep like a pretzel…Daddy needs more work!
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  11. That was a fun post, and see, nothing to worry about!! You still have a furever home and are loved very much!! You go ahead and take as much of the bed as you want… if anyone asks, just tell em we said so!

  12. That’s so cute Savannah! Do you still tell them when it’s time for bed, and then hog it? MOL

  13. mollieandalfie on said:

    Bed hog, I don’t get the chance, she boots me off the bed..MOL Same time Savvy 🙂 xx00xx Not putting my name, so Daddy doesn’t cotton on..Glad you loved the material, I told Humom you would xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  14. We remember this post! And we told you that you get MORE than a third of the bed…we hope you took our advice!

    • Well, shuffling paws…I pretty much get half, Dad flails around and gets at least 1/3 and well, Mom, she hangs her footsies over the edge of the bed and hopes she doesn’t disturb me or Dad when she finally alls off one day!MOL

  15. Humans take all the good spots on the bed during the night! Always! So you had to do what you had to do!

  16. What do you mean, you only get a third of the bed? Don’t your Humans know they should be grateful for any small corner you leave them.

  17. Savannah – It is very tricky sleeping with humans. I have to share the bed with 2 of them and 4 other cats. Sometimes I don’t get the place I want because it is already taken. The worse snorer in the pack in Louise, the dog, but some of the kitties make snorty sounds too. (Dogs luckily sleep on the floor in our house)- Noel, the Christmas Cat.

  18. …you are snoring? hahaha you can share your bed with me, I’m snoring too :o)

  19. Savannah guess what ??
    My dad-person calls me a BED-HOG too and my mom-person say´s that I´m snoring too !
    So I understand how you have it 🙂

  20. Don’t fret sweet, pretty, Savy. The Mommies actually LIKE bed hogs. They just pretend to be aggravated! HaHaMeow!

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