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Friday Is For Furriends

Hiya! Savannah Here!

Yeowzer! What a whirlwind last couple of weeks…first Mom and I had to like plan and write and schedule almost 900 posts (maybe it was only 9??) so I could have my furriends see that I am still blogging.

Then, Mom and Dad took off for the kabillion year vacation (maybe it was only like 7 days??)…

And THEN…2 days after they get back…here in the USA it was our special THANKSGIVING Celebration and Holiday…and Dad and Mom had invited guests before they left for the kabillion year vacation…only to get home and slam their hands on their foreheads shouting at each other “WHAT THE H___ WERE WE THINKING TO HAVE GUESTS 2 DAYS AFTER WE GET BACK FROM MEXICO!!! OMC!!

…well, they fussed a bit on Tuesday, then took their strategy straight to the resolution source…a market called WHOLE FOODS…where they dashed around at 7:45 AM buying everything ready cooked that day, except for the fresh salmon which Mom actually baked with her own two hands…whew!(2 guests are vegetarians)  Disaster averted (vocab building project VBP)…

…and that pile of boxes and plastic containers dishes from Mom’s cooking were all cleaned up by my DAD! Mom went to bed, and Dad and I hung out in the kitchen and he washed all that pretty china and crystal, by hand, and dried it…no breakage…thank Ceiling Cat!!

That is all an introduction to this pitiful message from my Mom…take it away Mom…

…ahem…shuffles feet…puts sweaty fingers to keyboard…ahhh…Hey everyone!…thanks for all who drop by today…I have a request…

…cough, cough…little frog in my fingers…there, dipped them in water…all better now.  So, where was I???

Oh, right…why I am writing and not Savannah…

Here’s the situation…and all my problem, NOT Savannah’s…you see, with the move to a new  home, trying to get settled into a rental after 30 years of owning our homes, then making sure Savvy was settled too, then all of a sudden there was this timeshare I booked LAST YEAR…and we really needed that time doing nothing, then we got back and wham! Turkey day…

Well, sort of lame excuses…but I have been the reason Savvy is so behind in visiting everyone, leaving comments for her furriends, and she has lots of new ones picked out that we haven’t even hardly visited at all.  So I had to do the unmentionable (VBP)…yes, I deleted all her email “follow” messages through Wednesday of this week.

Whew…there…I said it…admitted it…I hope you will not hold it against her personally…she can’t really type with her paws and all…so she depends on me.

She also is so disappointed that we have not been on Twitter for a couple of months, and no Twitter Pawties at all for 3 months. So, lots for me to help her get sorted out.  Ok…my part is done…


…meowing from upstairs…”yeah Mom??”..

…ummm, I’m done NanaBanana…you want to come down now and finish your Friday post?”

…thump, thump…pad, pad….pant, pant…”I ran down as fast as I could…Ok…I’m ready Mom”

Hiya Again!! Savannah Here! (finally)



ARCHIE (he is so cute with that sweet black tail and white furs), OSCAR AND HENRY

It is a “welcome to your new home prezzie”!  Isn’t that so generous and thoughtful of them??

Anyways, it arrived while Mom and Dad were in Mexico, so Auntie Shannon didn’t let me have it.

But I got it on Tuesday…here’s the package, and contents…I got two black and gray with silver accent poofy feathery balls AND a wand toy with feathers and a heart (must have been from Archie I am sure)…(click on it to bigify)

The Package and Contents

…please notice the colors…I just know the Moggies’ Mum, Miss Michelle, had something to do with picking out the colors that coordinate so nicely with my furrs….purrrs Miss Michelle…

…here’s the package and card, see how it is addressed just to ME?…

…I tried out the wand toy first…cuz then Mom had to be with me…

…then I decided to have a bit closer look…

…hmmm…maybe it’s worthy of a little sniff…

…then I followed it all around the room! Thank You All So Much, My Three Moggies, Archie, Henry and Oscar and of course, Miss Michelle!!

Now if you have not hopped over to their new pawsome site…click here and get over there and let them feel the love!! They have been missing all their furriends who have not found them again…

Last, they have a wonderful new feature where they pick two furriends each month from photos and comments about why you should be picked…and the first month, November Furriends, they picked ME and MOLLIE!  Click here to check out this new series and start pawticipating for December when they post the next contest.

Thank you all for coming by, for listening to Mom’s excuses, and especially for reading about my Pawsome Furriends, My Three Moggies!!

Paw pats, Savannah

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53 thoughts on “Friday Is For Furriends

  1. Hey Savvy, Your Champion here. Hi Miss Linda.

    Uh, Miss Linda? You are very courageous and full of integrity to say what you did. As Savvy’s Champion, I will NEVER leave her side, so no worries of getting behind with us… BFFs forever!

    Love the toy, we chat with the Moggies, too. 🙂 We found their new site and now we’re confused because we think they may have returned to their old site… hmmmm…

  2. orientallily001 on said:

    Oh Savannah… we would never hold anything against you. You know my motto… “When in doubt, blame the peep!” Works like a charm, every time.

    Pretty neat toy. Bet you’re LOVIN’ IT!

    Oh, and if you’re parents invite veggies over for Thanksgiving again, your mom could serve ’em what my peeps have for Canadian Thanksgiving every year… Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup. They say it’s good but… you know… it’s NOT turkey!

    Nerissa from Nerissa’s Life

    • hey, my Mom makes GREAT wild rice and mushroom soup! No, seriously, she does! And they don’t care much for the turkey anymore, mostly Dad likes the mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing…he could do without the bird! LOL And yup, as you can see in my post, blame the peep is just what I did! high paws

  3. Lucky you Savannah, that looks like a great prize. Glad your humans are home and that they you are keeping them in line and on schedule. Have a great weekend.

  4. That’s a very nice prezzie, to get new toys is so wonderful:o) Have a wonderful & relaxed Caturday and take it…. easy :o)

  5. Don’t worry about a thing some times thing get busy,we are still here so relax get back to normal then you can hav fun.but in the mean time have fun with your new toy Savvy and Savvy’s mum

  6. Pingback: So excited about this Christmas thingy! « Satchmo The Cat

  7. Great gift, Savy! What a good furriend you have. That toy looks like sumthing we would really tear into!

  8. spittythekitty on said:

    Wow, Savannah, you are a Harsh Taskmistress! When I said you should punish your Mommy for ‘bandoning you, I didn’t realize I was speaking to someone who is already the MISTRESS of Cruel Punishments! You maded her type as her very own self on your bloggy and admit to her own humiliating and terrible mistakes….and she ackshully DID it!

    I bow to your superior skills–I mean, what’s the Back of Disrespect compared to abject and embarrassing public apologizing? I am impressed, really impressed. I think the next time my Human misbehaves (which will no doubt be soon as she is very bad indeed) I will ask YOU to design a suitable penalty. Well done!

    • shuffling paws…ummmm…Spitty, I’m kind’a embarrassed that you think my Mom was being punished. She just wanted efurryone to know she hasn’t been able to help me get back to my routine. I won’t let her do that again cuz I don’t want my furriends to think Mom doesn’t really try hard…I hope you human had a lovely day in Santa Cruz, how nice to be there near the ocean. Hope your brown blankie is keeping you warm, paw pats, Savvy

  9. Sparkle on said:

    I love those presents – I bet they are almost better than turkey or salmon!

  10. You are getting to be one popular blogging kitteh! I can hardly keep up. I’m glad Thanksgiving was a success. We shop at Whole Foods too. Whew. No time to atch up. Christmas will be here soon. LOVE your new Christmas header!

  11. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Hi, Savannah! Hi, Miss Linda! I think you’ll see that everyone’s just happy to see you when you can manage it. Everyone knows how life can get in the way. It would be nice to have the time to do everything we want to do plus all the things we have to do. But, unless you can pay or blackmail someone to do the “have to” stuff, there just isn’t enough time.
    Your friends at My 3 Moggies sent you some supercool presents. The colors are so sophisticated, just like you. You’ll look like a magazine article on how kittie isn’t just a pretty face but a lean, graceful killing machine every time you play with them. Mr. Archie is quite the striking mancat. He’s got an elegance that so many of those “pretty kittieboy’s” can’t touch. I don’t mean to be pushy or nosey but have you considered interviewing Archie for your Real Rescue Cats Are Talking series? While there is no question that my huMom is confused, she says she read a short piece on how Archie came to his furever home back when she first started reading the different kittie blogs. But you probably have kitties lined up around the blogsphere to be part of your groundbreaking, earthshaking series. If you don’t, you should! So remember, writing is a creative endeavor. Therefore it can’t be rushed or forced. It must always be nurtured and occassionally deleted.

    Purrs to you!
    Mistletoe…..(sigh)& Hitch.

    • oh sweet furriend Mistletoe…Archie was my second interview!
      His rescue is pawsome…enjoy the read and so what about, koff, koff..ahem…maybe Hitch..or the Ginger Twins, TIger and Pumpkin…just a thought

      • Dorothy Abernathy on said:

        Well the twins were little kittens when they came to us. Their mother was TNR. We are in disagreement about how old Hitch was when he joined the family. My mother says 8 weeks but I think he was closer to 4 months. We’ll check his vet records so we can be sure how old the Vet thought he was. If he was old enough we ‘d enjoy doing it again. Duh, *smack my forehead* your blog was where I heard Archie’s story. I’d be dangerous if I could put two thought together. I let you know about Hitch’s age.

      • mistletoeandhitch on said:

        Oh, we love your new banner. Very grown up and modern but still very festive and fun. Savannah is beautiful, as always.

  12. Sweet Purrfections on said:

    Don’t feel so bad. Our mom hasn’t been able to help us visit too much lately either.

  13. Very nice pressie, Savannah. We love how your Mom calls you NanaBanana:) And do tell her not to sweat the whole comment thing – life gets busy for all of us now and then and we just do what we can – can’t ask for any more than that.

    Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    • right back to you guys…play bows and arwooowooo…and thanks for helping Mom feel better…she is a worry wart, whatever that is…and she is like, ya know…new to the paw blog world…ME? no, no…I have been here before in another of my nine lives…MOL

  14. Looks like a great prezie – glad you got round to enjoying it.

  15. Take it easy on your Mom sweet Savannah. Being human is not the easiest thing in the world!

    • ummm..yeah, well…I know she wants naps and stuff like I get…but she made a commitment…and she gets all whacked out about doing it…I say ‘chill’ Mom…my furriends will be OK with us doing what we can do…thank you so much Brian. peeEss Mom has been trying to hook up with any rescue group in Nor Calif that sometimes could use a volunteer vehicle to transport dogs or cats north to Oregon for rescue. She just doesn’t know how to find anyone, can you help her???

  16. Goodness! Your mom does not need to appologize! Take a page from Blogging With Out Obligation! Post when you can and want to, comment when you can and want to! it’s supposed to be fun, not overwhelming! Hugs to your mom!

    Savvy! Cool present!!! Lucky kitty! We’re gonna go over and meet your friends!

  17. Hey Savanna – it is hard when those office helpers go away! We’ve horribly lax on visiting our blogging buddies too – we’ve missed you all and are glad to be back on the interwebs after horrible travel connections.
    Archie is a one! Those toys do suit you so well – enjoy =^..^=

    • oh HI Miss Ann!!…we just luvluvluv you…and I know you know this, but we just learned today that the Twitter Santa Paws Pawty next TUesday included KAR as one of the global shelters we are gonna help!!! We are so proud to know them! ANd it will be my first Twitter Pawty in a long time..woo hoo

  18. What a great toy! Believe it or not, it is okay to not ALWAYS read every blog we follow – real life demands should always take precedence, even if that real life is simply relaxing after vacation 🙂 Hope you guys had a great vacation and a great Thanksgiving 🙂

  19. No apologiez needed Savannah n Miss Linda….you iz all bery buzy n sometimez it iz hard to find time to hang out here… knowz me Hu’Mum haz many fingz to do n sometimez she doezn’t feel well wif da bone dizeaze so me can’t be here….we do da best we can!!!!
    Me wishez we could be here more too…when we do get here it is bery special (VBP)!!!
    Hab a good weekend. Lubz n head buttz, Nylablue.

    • oh Nylablue!!! I can do “head butts” now!!!…I have never done them…it is really special…very new for me…mostly I butt Mom’s hand, but sometimes, she puts her head down next to me and I give her a head to head butt!! PAWSOME! thank you for your support.

    • Da first time me headbutted da Mum she squealed wif dee-light, so me kept doin diz!!! Den one nite me waz on her bed on me pillow & Mum put her head near mine n me head rubbed her!!! She got leaky eyez n murmurred such nice fingz to me….now we head rub n butt all da time!!! Me finkz da secret iz not pushin us into doin fingz too soon….me Mum let me decide….smart Hu’man!!!
      Wishin you n da Miss Linda a bery good weekend. Lub from Nylablue.

      • oh, you are so intelligent Nylablue and so is your Mom…that is what my Mom is trying to do…let me find my own way…sigh…takes a lot of patience…but we will make it I know, luvluvluv you both

      • Fankz Savannah….me sort of bememberz havin another home a long long time ago when me waz a Momma cat. Den da home befur here but dere waz no lubbinz at all. Me knew when me met diz Hu’man fingz were gonna be great…still took me time to trust tho’. Don’t rush yourself. Yer Hu’Mum iz a intelligent (VBP) lady n she will wait fer you to trust her full-ee. You iz bery ber smart too…patience iz bery impawtant when dealin wif catz like us!
        Head rubz to you. Nylablue.

  20. I love your new toy! Can I send June Buggie over to play with you? No hurry sending him back

    • ahem…koff, koff…ahhhh…Rumpers…just sayin’…I did see that video a while ago where you were, like…well…like…busted!…I saw you and June BUggie snuffling, head rubbing…all that stuff…so I know…dude, you like care!!!…about the JB

  21. Well, that post certainly makes up for a lot!!! #1 tells us that Whole Foods is a great store, even though we don’t have any in France. And those are great prezzies you got!

    The Chans

  22. Miss Satchie on said:

    oooOOOooo new toys! How wonderful. I’m happy for you, auntie Savvy!

  23. mollieandalfie on said:

    Wez, Mez , Mollie and Humom have only one fing to say………..

    YOUR SIMPLY THE BEST! 🙂 xxxx000xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  24. Savvy, tell your Mom that everything is totally copacetic (Vocab word)! Our Mommy only has time to comment a couple of days a week for us. It’s rough, living with peeps who enjoy having a life!

  25. Vacation over, house sorted and Savvy settled and happy :-). We all know you would not leave us fur ever 😉 xxx Glad you liked the toys mum did pick them because of your sexy grey 🙂 too much naughty thoughts paw slap face …. Take your time catching up we all love you xxx yours Archie

  26. What a lovely prezzie from My3Moggies! They are wonderful I agree – they had a feature on my “Tuesday Teaser” series which was way fun for them to do. Anyway Savvy I think it makes sense for your Mom to take a break for a few days to catch up after vacation, company, moving – just chill out. You can play with your tunnels and all your tons of toys and then maybe you can get around to visit all your friends!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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