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I have a really great interview today.  I have known this ladycat since early October, 2012…and I know several other paw bloggers know her as well…so let’s not wait…purrlease help me welcome…my next Real Rescue Cats Are Talking guest…



Nyla Where iz da supper

Savannah:  Hiya Nylablue!  I am so purrleased you agreed to come by and have a meow with me.

Nylablue: EEOWW EEOOWW Savannah, Fankz fer invitin me to do diz interview…me iz eggcited!!!

Savannah:  Oh Cat! Me too! We have meowed about this opportunity for months!  Now Nylablue, I just know…really, I do…everyone is going to want to know…”how did you come by such a beautiful name?”

Nylablue:  ohh…ummm…is it Ok if I turn this over to my Mom?

Savannah:  Of course…turns to Miss Sherri-Ellen…

Miss Sherri-Ellen:  Nyla was born in 2001 and she came into a local shelter 2005 & the shelter operator’s sister took her home the same day & named her NYLA.  I don’t know why.  A year later, NYLA came to live with me & I wanted to expand her name.  I looked up the meaning of NYLA & it means ‘winner’ in Greek & ‘dark blue’ in Sanskrit (East Indian).

So her name became NYLABLUE.  When I called her that name the 3rd day she was with me she came RIGHT to me…which she hadn’t done b4.

Nyla Stare deeply into my eyes

Savannah:  Oh Cat! That is a great naming process! Thank you Miss Sherri-Ellen (turns back to Nylablue after giving Miss Sherri-Ellen a little head bump)…Alrighty, Nylablue, can you meow a bit about your life before Miss Sherri-Ellen?

Nylablue:  me early life iz a blur. Me waz a breedin queen in a kitty mill ‘n me got bery sick after many litterz.  You seez, I am a Bluepoint Birman/Siamese cross.  As you can seez Iz haz a Birman head & body & eye color.  My tail is Siamese & so is my cat-titude…MOL!

Anywayz, me waz thrown out into da street around 4 years old.  Me can’t bemember fer how long; me doez bemember bein terryfied ‘n lonely.

Me waz picked up ‘n taken to our local shelter fer a day.  Da shelter operator’z sister took me to her home dat nite.  Dere waz a big crazy dog n another siamese there.  Me did not like dem ‘n me was made to hab more kittenz before they would spay me.  I think theyz wanted more $$$…don’t really knowz

Savannah:  No!! That is pawful Nylablue!  You thought you were going to be safe and they treated you pawfully!…(Savvy purrs loudly to support and comfort Nylablue)

Nylablue:  Thank you Savvy.  Me was still sick ‘n half my teethiez were taken out when me waz finally spayed.  A little while later me waz taken back to vet ‘n the humanz were told me had chronic cystitis.  Dey decided to put me to sleep forebeber!!!!

Savannah:  MOUSES!! NO!!! Even after you gave them more kittens to sell??!!!

Nylablue:  I knowz, I knowz…Savvy…Da shelter operator called me mum ‘n asked if she would rescue me.  Diz waz in june of 2006.  She came to see me ‘n waz not sure as she waz tryin fer another cat.  When she got da 2nd call from shelter lady she then decided to get me instead ‘n me waz hourz from death!!

So june 5th me waz brought to Sherri-Ellen’z house.  Me waz around 5 yearz old den.  Me iz gonna be 12 thiz December.  Me mum had no idea how sick me waz!

Nylablue '06 b4 she came to me

Savannah:..(wiping leaky eyes, and drippy nose with back of paws)…ahem…sorry Nylablue, I feel so badly that happened to you.  If it’s not too hard, can you meow more about the tuffest things you had to overcome to trust Miss Sherri-Ellen?

Nylablue:  In da beginnin’ me waz aloof wif da Sherri-Ellen.  Me knew she waz good but da fear waz too much fer me.  Me would not allow any touchin or holdin’ at all!!  Sherri-Ellen waz very patient wif me.  We would play toyz alot ‘n she would sing little songz to me.  She tried many different foodz fer me ‘n bought me a pedestal bed ‘n me own blanketz.  She would pat da couch ‘n ask me to come up n sit wif her ‘n slowly me decided me could do dat.

Den in March 2008 me had to hab the rest of da bad teethiez out ‘n dat waz so scary fer me.  Sherri-ellen spent da day wif me at the vet’s ‘n den brought me home ‘n spent over 3 weekz wif me 24/7!!!  She didn’t leave da house at all ‘n took purrfect care of me ‘n dat iz where da big trust waz built tween us!!!

Nylablue 08 after surgery

It took over 4 years fer me to allow strokin’ on me head & den belly rubz.  She waz so patient talkin’ to me all da time ‘n singin those songs.

When hu’manz come to vizit me, mum tellz people dey can look but not touch.  She is my purrtector!!   Me still not likin’ bein picked up but me toleratez it when me haz to.  Me neber hidez anymore; me iz confident dat mum will purrtect me.

Savannah:…OH My Cat! I can so relate to the “don’t touch me if you are a stranger”…meow to us about how you showed more of your REAL SELF?

Nylablue:  me mum used music to calm me ‘n communicate with me.  Hearing songs over ‘n over comforted me ‘n gave me stability.

Mum also gave me many spotz wif blanketz so me can nap where me wantz.  Me noticed diz hu’man talked more den any of the otherz…MOL!!!

Nyla Stretched out

Sometimez we hab dissegreementz ‘n she alwayz apologizez ‘n we cuddle alot.  Me can be bery bossy when me wantz which mum sayz iz a great thing because it showz da real me confident ’ n brave!!!

Lastly mum will not allow any other catz in da house. When she doez rescue, the other catz have to live on patio til they go to shelter.  Me doez hab a few doggie fur-endz who do come in to vizit me.  Where me used to hate dogz me likez dem now.  Again mum waz patient introducin dese doggiez to me ‘n reassurin me dey were me fur-endz.

Savannah:  Just a little more Nylablue, ‘cuz I know the readers like to learn what you do now that you never ever did when you were first rescued.

Nylablue:  yow!! dere hab bin so many changez!!  Me iz playful ‘n chatty.  Me lubz to watch da ‘peepinz’ (birdies) either from my pedestal bed or bein out in me condo.  The condo is a newr idea mum came up wif 3 yearz ago.  Me can be outside ‘n be safe.

Me lookz forward to snugglin wif mum ‘n me lubz to be brushed before bed also. Me iz a much happier kitteh now; connected to diz hu’man.  Bemember me haz neber been connected or bonded to any hu’man before.

Nyla CAT-tentment 2

De only challneges left iz da health issuez.  Me iz on meddy-ca-shun fer da cysitits ‘n da inflammatory bowel disease.  Me also carriez da feline herpes virus so sometimez need to go to da vet (uncle Dave) ‘n that upsetz me so mum haz to work extra hard to keep me calm wif singin ‘n reassurin me fingz will be all right.  There will alwayz be little challengez; but me mum will help me get thru’.

Savannah:  You are a brave cat Nylablue (Savvy reaches over with paw to give soft pat)… one last question; can you meow advice to readers to help them support their adult rescue cat, or one they may be thinkin’ about bringing into their home, so it can show its REAL SELF?

Nylablue:  Me would say to da hu’manz;

  • Be ready to devote many many hourz to da rescue kitteh.
  • Make sure da kitteh haz plenty of space to call their own ‘n blanketz ‘n toyz.
  • Leavin music on fer kittehz iz a good idea to familiarize us to da sound of talkin’.
  • Spend time just talkin’ to da kitteh ‘n strokin gently ‘n maybe try to brush gently.
  • Move slowly ‘n keep fingz quiet til kitteh adjustz to new place.
  • Always tell your kitteh when you are goin out ‘n say ‘eeoww’ when returnin’ eben if we iz asleep.  It helpz wif da abandonment issue ‘n we feel better knowin what iz going on.
  • if you haz little hu’manz dey have to be supervized alwayz.
  • Introduce da kitteh to any other petz a little at a time
  • Finally, pleeze respect yer kitteh if you iz told dey need to be the only 4 legged in da house.

Me would say to da to da kittehz:

  • Be bery patient wif yerself ‘n wif da hu’manz.  Diz will be a learnin experience fer both of you.
  • When da hu’man doez sumfing right, try to head rub dem.  Dey need reassurance too.
  • Let dem know when you need sumfing…diz can be a challenge if dey don’t speak yer language so showin’ dem iz alwayz a good idea!!

We do make great pet fur-endz if da hu’man iz willing to be devoted to us showing our REAL SELF.

Nyla A study in Beauty

Savannah:  Oh Nylablue!! I am so purringly happy we know each other and are good furriends!  Any last words of wisdom you want to meow about?

Nylablue: Savannah me wantz to fank you agin fer da pawsome opportunity to meow about me life ‘n about cat rescue.

Me mum haz bin a cat rescuer since she waz a kit herself ‘n she haz given me da dream of a lifetime: to be respected ‘n lubbed totally by a hu’man.  Me haz enjoyed diz interview alot ‘n me wishez you well in your home wif yer hu’manz too!!  We iz da truly blessed kittehz!!!!! Lub Nylablue

Nyla Coffeetable Cat

MEOWSER!  That is one brave ladycat…it is my privilege to know Nylablue and her courageous Mom  Miss Sherri-Ellen.

Let me tell you a bit about them…they were very active bloggers on another site that shut down mid year 2012.  They moved to Word Press, but they have not been able to make the connections they used to have because of this move.  So purrlease, visit Nylablue at her new Word Press blog, she is truly…heh…heh…”The Cat’s Meow”!!

Nylablue is well known to our paw blog community through her long time furriend Chancy, who was also on that now defunct (VBP) site.

Thank you for stopping by today, I thought Nylablue’s rescue story deserved lots of space and time because we all hear and talk so much about “puppy mills” and how horrid they are…but speaking for this ladycat, this was my first furriend who was a “breeder cat” at a “kitten mill”…

Paw pats, Savannah

Information on Kitten Mills:

I only did a 1 minute ‘fact check’ about kitten mills for purebred cats and this looked the most recent.  I will do more searching tomorrow.  Thank you Nylablue for bringing this to this ladycat and her huFamily’s attention.

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89 thoughts on “Real Rescue Cats Are Talking…

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  2. Aww I just love you both! So happy that Nylablue has her furever home with such a lovely human! Bisous Bailey

  3. Just came over from FB and what a nice blog you have. I liked all the talking of the Rescue Cats, I’m not a rescue cat, but I can talk too, but I haven’t got an accent… yet, so I’ll hang out for a while and maybe learn a bit of zis 🙂

  4. maxwellnfaraday on said:

    Mowzers, Nylablue’s story – and medical condition – sounds a lot like our Unca Ryker! He was purebred and hadz medical problems as a kitten & the breeder was advised by her VET!!! – to put him to sleep! Mommy said NO and tooked him away.

    But he always had IBD and herpes issues. And really bad teefs, too.

    We agree completely with the need to be willing to dedicate extra time to a rescue. Maxie needed 5 whole months of medical when mommy gotted him!

  5. Whoa! She went through a lot but it made her stronger. I hope her health issues get better and she’ll be able to live a long life.

    • appreciate you coming by CK. Nylablue did got through some much, and she is now 12 but very playful and into mischief!

    • Hi CK: Sherri-Ellen here…yes Nylablue has been thru alot. She will always have health issues becaus eof being ‘bred out’. Altho her Cystitis is under control she has Inflammatory Bowel Disease (which goes with Cystitis) & Feline Herpes Virus…
      I am blessed that my Ex helps me pay for Nylablue’s medication & Vet prescribed kibble…I too hope she has a long life….paws crossed, lol…

  6. colehauscats on said:

    So glad there’s a happy ending! Great interview and good info too! We’ll visit your site, Nylablue. Purrs…

  7. Sparkle on said:

    Awesome interview, Savannah! Nylablue has lots of wise words. Although we don’t know anything about Boodie’s history before she and her sister were dumped in a vet clinic parking lot, I do have a sneaking suspicion they were rejects from a kitten mill that weren’t socialized and had grown past the cute kitten/adoptable stage.

  8. Gorgeous blue eyes and such a sad story but with a happy ending like all the best stories 🙂

  9. Thanks for so frequently encouraging rescue adoption. We love you … and that cat is stunning.

  10. spittythekitty on said:

    Oh my, what a beautiful girl and what a terrible story that ended up very happily for her. I don’t even want to think about what should happen to those people who just tossed her away like a used-up kleenex! It would not be pritty what me and the Human might do to them. Well, best to think instead about the wonderful person who has given her such a happy life!

    Savannah, make sure you drop over later….I have a nice picture from our ride today 😉

    • so purrleased you stopped by today Spitty, I really like Nylablue lots and her story was a really truly pawsome one to be able to share and hope we have welcomed her into our paw blog world…hopping over to you right now…what’s up?>????

  11. P.S.: Not sure if any of you noticed dere iz a tattoo inside me right ear in the first photo of me…diz iz done here to keep track of breedin Queenz like me used to be 😦

    • oh no! Nylablue, I never noticed, I will look close now…sending soft gentle paw pats for your sweet ears…Savvy

      • We forgot to mention that in the interview!!! Our Vet checked her tattoo & found out what it was….it reminded me of my Father’s numbers tattooed on his arm from being in Concentration camp during WWII!!!! Sends shivers up my spine!!!!
        Nylablue is still napping tonite & left me to answer responses, hahahaha!!!

  12. A lovely read … pawsibly purrfect! McDuff sends his purringly as usual to you Nylablue. Your mum, Miss Sherri-Ellen and myself have been online buddies since 2006!

  13. love this interview, what an interesting blog, so interesting to hear about Nylablues full story, I have known her for quite a while now but did not know all this in depth
    (( hugs)) to both cats and their Mummies

  14. Hey Savvy, Your Champion here. Hi Miss Linda.

    Another superlative (VBP) interview, my Charge! You are really channeling Diane Sawyer!

    We did not know about kitty mills either. Nylablue has endured (VBP) more than her share. She deserved the safety, kindness and love that Miss Sherri-Ellen offered. Sometimes it takes a crisis to build trust. We’re sorry for all Nylablue’s health issues, however, with the silver lining of bonding with Miss Sherri-Ellen, Nylablue can have a higher quality of life. (Mom and I bonded more deeply when Koko crossed *OTRB*)

    May all of Nylablue’s days be fluffy and sweet and may Miss Sherri-Ellen reap all the good karma she shared. We hope our little note today will encourage our blogpals to visit Nylablue.

  15. Oh Savvy we have some wet whiskers after readin Nylablue story. But we are so glad for the happy ending. Great great interview. Going to say Hi now!

  16. That was a wonderful interview and I am so glad it all worked out the way it finally did.

    • yes, but there are so many more that need help. Sherri Ellen keeps her eyes on at least two local kitty mills, in case she can pull more from them like Nylablue

      • Hi Savannah: I don’t actually keep my eys on the kitty mills….or I’d ahve shut them down long ago…I just keep an eye on people who are suspected kitty mill operators…if I see something then I can report it… Nylablue is a single cat & wants no roomies I have to work with the 2 Shelters here to get cats placed & rehomed (when health purrmits..)
        If I hear any rumours then I go snooping under the guise of looking for a new cat tho’….most people are very clever concealing what they are doing here tho’. 😦

        • ooopps! sorry Miss Sherri Ellen, I misspoke. And I know it isn’t easy for you to get out all the time, but at least you know what’s what which is more than Mom can say for our area. But we are on this. We will start looking around and watching and doing some research…I, Savannah, after all, have my FBI badge (feline bureau of investigation)

      • LOL Savannah & Miss Linda….no problem about the mix-up…this has been a long & wonderful day for all of us…;)
        I just wanted to clarify…if I could find out where all the kitty mills were I’d be getting my FBI badge out too, lol….

  17. Nylablue, we give you 13 tails up for being such a survivor, and your willingness to give humans one more chance…we bet your kittens were lovely but we’re sorry you had to have so many. We’ll pop over and see your new WP blog right now!

    • Hello to all at the Katnip Lounge: Sherri-Ellen here; NYLABLUE is napping in the cupboard so I am taking over typing, lol….
      Thank you for the 13 tails up!! Nylablue is truly an amazing feline for even beginning to trust another human again….I don;t take all the credit….Nylablue gave me a chance to show her what true love is…I am so blessed to have her in my life…I found her 1/2 sister Mischa & one of her kittens who was grown & being used as a breeder…..I tried to rescue Annicka but it didn’t work out & Annicka disappeared when I went back for her after I rescued Nylablue….I am in daily contact with both Shelters in the area….hoping one day I will find Annicka again….but that is another story 😉
      Thanks for stopping by our blog!!!! Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too…

  18. This was a wonderful interview. It made Mommy very sad to hear what the shelter operator’s sister did to Nylablue. To think they are supposed to protect her and…tsk tsk tsk. We’re really thankful she’s in such a wonderful home with a fantastic Mommy. We’ll go and visit her blog.

    • Dear Whisppy: Sherri-Ellen here!! You have THAT so right!!! “Micki” was working at the Shelter with her Sister”Rosie” who runs our local Shelter. She appeared to take Nylablue home ‘out of the kindness of her heart”…that was a lie: she did it to breed her for money!! “Rosie” called me & begged me to take Nylablue out of her sister’s home when she realized what “Micki” had done….if I’d been a few dyas later….well you know the rest….thank you for stopping by!! S-E.

    • my Mom and I were furious when we were finalizing this yesterday and finally realized what Nylablue was saying! That horrid person took her from the shelter then made her have even MORE babies so they could make money, then THEY took her back to be destroyed because she was so ill she couldn’t breed for them so was spayed…arrrghhhh! thank you for stopping by, paw hugs, Savannah…gonna go put the bitey on something!!!

      • Sherri-Ellen here: Savannah I knew once you were finalizing the interview it would ‘hit you’ what NYLABLUE had been thru b4 I rescued her!!! I have done other rescues that were sad stories however NYLABLUE’S was the saddest most pathetic situation I’ve ever encountered!!! Savvy Do you put the bitey on for Nylablue too, MOL…she is napping in the cupboard; worn out by all the exposure & adulation, rofwl!!!! xoxoxo

  19. Nylablue is sooo pretty (for a kitty BOL) We made friends earlier today.
    Savvy, that was a great interview (as always). Such a sad story. I’m very grateful that she has found a loving home xx

    • oh thank you Misaki for stopping by and reading. I am gonna do some research on this kitty mill situation, as we were not aware of it like puppy mills. paw pats, Savvy

      • Sherri-Ellen here: Where I live in Grey County bordering on Bruce County in Ontario, Canada there are MANY backyard/kitty mill breeders….usually it is puppy mills we here of in North America….however up here there are kitty mills….Kijiji is full of cats for sale…some you can see are inbred….I actually KNOW kitty mil breeders & keep on ‘speaking terms’ so that if there is an opportunity to get a cat out of that situation I have access 😉
        Kind of like being a double agent!!!!! MOL!!

  20. Great interview Savannah! And good to meet woo Nylablue!


  21. Susan Mullen on said:

    Savannah, thank you so much for the beautiful, moving interview with Nylablue. I love her name! I am so glad she and Sheri-Ellen found each other. I wish everyone could read Nylablue’s suggestions to people and kitties.

    • EEoww Susan Mullen: Nylablue here…fankz fer da nice wordz…me Mum iz a bery smart Hu’man!! She bin doing rescuez fer almost her whole life n she sayz she learned from her Momma…she musta bin a smart lady too!
      Me hopez eberyone readz da suggestionz too.
      Some uned-youcated Hu’manz hab told me Mum she ‘spoilz’ me n she just laughz at dem…dey hab no idea what she iz doin’. It iz not ‘spoilin’; it iz building trust which iz most impawtant….oh sowwy me on da soapbox…Mum sayz me needz to jump down from it, MOL!!!
      fankz again fer stoppin by….Nylablue n her Mum too..

    • Hi Miss Susan! yes they are very special to me and Mom, we luv them lots. I sent Nylablue a Nip ‘N Nap Mat like mine and she just luvs it like I do mine! And Miss Sherri E sang to Nylablue just like Mom did, and still does, to help me be more trusting. Purrrrs Miss Susan, Savannah

  22. Brilliant interview, as always, Savannah. I’ve put a link on the post I just sent out, so hopefully people will all go mad hopping over here and to Nylablue.

    • Oh thank you Miss Susan and Lady Litchi and kitties. I checked earlier and no one new had been over yet, paw crossed because they like company. And ummm…any chance Lady L might still do the “you know what” for Dec 18? if not no problem I will just not post for Dec on that topic. paw waves, Savannah

    • Fankz Long Life Catz n Dogz fer spreadin da word!!! Me Mum copied da link to the interview n sent it out to a bazillion fur-endz we hab eberywhere….me is enjoyin diz *stardom*, yow, yow!!!

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  24. We know Nylablue from her blog…we didn’t know that she was rescued from a BAD BAD BAD BAD kitty mill. We had to ask Mummy Janey what that was and her eyes went all leaky, and her face went sort of crumply.
    One of us (Fleur) was rescued from death row too..she won’t meow about it cuz it’s painful,so we know how supery dupery brave Nylablue has been to talk about it. You are so good at this Savvy…so gentle and kind.
    The Maple Syrup Mob
    PS These are extra for Nylablue and Mummy Sherri- Ellen

    • Fankz so much Oscar, Archie n Henry…me Hu’Mum encuraged me to do da interview…she sayz it will gibe strength (VBP) to other doggiez n kittiez here to woof er meow dere storiez…we can support each other knowin about wheat we bin thru to get to where we iz today!!!!
      Me sayz I

    • EEoww dere Oscar, Archie n Henry: Fankz fer all da nice wordz…me iz so happy dat Hu’manz n 4 leggedz alike are likin diz interview!!
      Me Mum encuraged me to do it sayin it would show otherz not to be afraid to meow or back about dere pastz…me feelz BETTER habing done diz interview!!!
      Me iz safe wif diz Hu’Mum n da past can’t hurt me now!!!
      Archie we must meow about da Cystitis sometime….me Mum would lub to chat wif you about diz!!! Fer now mine iz under control…but Mum alwayz wantz to learn knew infermation on cat illness….she iz so guud!!!
      Lub to the Maple Syrup Mob from Nylablue n da Hu’Mum too!!

      • Hi Nylablue and Miss Sherri-Ellen, glad you are reading all the lovely comments and hope you are feeling the love from around the world coming your way. paw hugs, Savannah

      • We iz feelin so much we iz oberwhelmed wif joy n leaky eyez…Mum iz cryin happy tearz here…me iz rubbin her to say FANKZ….she gabe me a second chance…when me thinkz about how close me came to bein PTS w/out knowin true love n habin a real Life ,e shakez wif dat thught (VBP); howeber me iz habin da time of my Life with Mum so it iz all a bad memory n me iz doin FINE!!! We can feel da LUB!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • awwww…now I have leaky eyes again…sniffle…wiping nose drip with paws….I am so sorry Fleur had such a close call. I was taken to foster just a few hours before I was scheduled to be destroyed…we all have that bad memory in common. Tell Fleur we can meow about it sometime if she wants, maybe I can help her feel better…sending warm paw hugs, Savannah

  25. orientallily001 on said:

    Ohhh… little Nylablue! My heart just goes out to you when I think ’bout your lonely and horrible kittenhood. But you’ve got a WONDERFUL mom now and a WONDERFUL home and a WONDERFUL life and that’s just… well… it’s WONDERFUL!!! I’m so very, very glad things have worked out and I’m so happy that Savannah introduced us all to you. May the purrs be with you always.

    Nissy from Nerissa’s Life

  26. catfromhell on said:

    After reading Nylablue’s story (besides being all leaky) Me is so furry happy me never was bred! Me is so furry lucky!
    Kisses to yous Savannah and specisal kisses to Nylablue!

    • Pretty CAT: Me iz glad you neber bin thru what me went thru’. It waz an pawful life n me bememberz some of it…..sometimez me haz nitemarez n me joltz awake shakin & howlin n da Mum strokez me n tellz me “iz ok Nylablue Sweet Feet, you iz safe wif me….”
      Me knowz dere are many catz who neber make it out of the kitty millz alive 😦
      Oh my me gettin da leaky eyez….
      Fanks CAT fer stoppin by!! xo

    • oh yes Nellie, I am happy I never was made to have babies either! thank you for coming by to learn about Nylablue, please if you have a moment, hop over to her bloggy and just say hi there. She luvs company, paw pats Savvy

  27. Great interview Savannah…..Nylablue was lucky Sherri-Ellen rescued her from her very sad life before – what a beautiful kitty Nylablue is! We mentioned both Nylablue’s blog AND this interview Savvy in our Tuesday Teaser blog and hope everyone will stop by here AND Nylablue’s to say hello and read her incredible story.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  28. EEoww savannah: Diz iz a fabulous (VBP) blog we did!!! Hu’Mum read it to me n me iz tickled ‘pink’!!! Fank you agin fer diz pawsome oppourtunity to Meow about my Life!!! Dese commentz are gibing me leaky eyez!!! It iz lubly to know dere are kind & lubing Hu’Manz who are like me MUM!!!
    Me Mum iz so proud she sent da link to all our fur-ends all ober the world….she iz so humble, MOL!!!!
    Fankz agin!
    Paw pats to you Savannah from NYLABLUE ❤

  29. mollieandalfie on said:

    It’s so great to meet Nylablue, absolutely beautiful. Have told buddies about the interview 🙂 My internet keeps going funny, hope you get this xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Eeoww Mollie n Alfie: We got yer message here n want to say Fankz fer stoppin by!!! Also fankz fer tellin your buddiez!!! me wantz da whole world to know how blessed me iz wif me Hu’man!!!

  30. Hi Savannah !
    It was furry nice and sad and happy to read your interwiewv with Nylablue !
    I will go over at once and visit her blog 🙂

  31. This made us so angry at the beginning as we could not believe how Nylablue was treated DISGUSTING humans….. Calm down Archie paw pats from Oscar on his shoulder. Henry would like to add that we are all happy you found your forever home and if you need any tips on cystitis then our boy Archie has had his fair share and happy to meoww off too xxx

  32. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Thank you Savannah, and you also, Miss Linda, for bringing these touching stories to us. It’s inspiring to learn how these brave kitties have learned to trust again and about the kind and good humans who take on the challenge of building a relationship with these refugees. Our huMom learned about kitten mills many MANY years ago when her family adopted a kitten from the pet store. It is , well, sinful when people use a living being like NYLABLUE was used. Sinful isn’t a word we normally use but what was done to Nylablue needs a strong word. We already subscribe to Nylablue’s blog and enjoy it very much. We are thankful Miss Sherri Ellen was there when Nylablue needed her most.

    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  33. APAWS,APAWS,APAWS – great interview Savannah, with a beautiful guest ;o) Nylablue, I love your “cat-titude” ;o)

  34. Chancy and Mumsy (Mag) on said:

    Awww, sweet beautiful Savannah, we were so happy to find that you interviewed our dear friends Miss Sherri-Ellen and Miss Nylablue. We loves them a whole bunches. What a great interview you did with them. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Yow!! Chancy n Aunti Maggie!! Great to seez you DID it!!!!
      Me waz a bit scared but da Mum sayz diz wuud be a good fing to do n me iz bery happy me did da interview!!!
      Fankz fer your lub n support alwayz.
      Lub Nylablue & da Mum (her fingerz are gettin sore, MOL!!!)
      Nose bonkz to me buddy Chancy too ❤

  35. Lovely interview! It’s great to meet Nylablue.

  36. Nylablue, you are the most gorgeous being! What a dreadful start you had but you have come so very far. Well done and enjoy the rest of your retirement 😀

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