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Belated Monday Meowsie News…

Hiya! Savannah Here!

First, check out my Mom’s FIRST EVER ATTEMPT at editing a photo of me…and thanks to Sammy for the tip on trying…Mom sort of understands this one…

So here’s my official Happy Holiday Greeting to efurryone!

Savvys Santa Hat

Now my updates on some new stuff I have been doing just within this last week…getting better and braver…(most of the time)

…I always sit at the end of the couch, close to the fireplace…as far from Mom as possible. Then for a week or so after she came back from Mexico…I came over close to her…now when she is on the couch, I stay at the far end.

But when she isn’t there yet…

…I keep her spot warm for when she is ready to come sit on the couch with me…

moms place 1

…and I wait for her…and wait for her…

moms place 4

…and wait some more…

moms place 3

Another new behavior for me this past week…Mom learned from Brian, from Brian’s Home, where to buy the home made hammiks he and his Sisters love so much.  In fact, Mom bought two for me; one for upstairs and one for downstairs.  And, I systematically (VBP) ignored them both.

She put the one downstairs in front of my fave window, where I could catch a sun puddle, but nope…I would have nothing to do with it.

While she gets my blog done, I come sit on the floor behind her chair…hunkered…so she moved the hammik next to her chair…and the result…


..I think I’m gonna like this Mom!…yup, it snuggles pretty good…


…maybe I will get a little shut eye here…


So here is a really good new behavior…Dad found me doing this one…twice now.  He had presence (VBP) of mind to grab his iPhone for a photo the first time…so pardon the DEVIL eyes.  He came out of his office upstairs…turned to go down to the kitchen…and BOOM! There I was…

Window Ledge Seat 1

…that window sill just called out to me…I could never get on the window sills at our old house ‘cuz we had those wood shutter thingys that cover the sills…but even tho’ it is about 4 or so feet off the ground, I like it…


Lastly…I’ve been working on my Kill Face, the one Mama Cat was teaching Leader Otis and Brothers Henry and Oliver over at The Blog of Otis…(follow the linky for Kill Face and you can see Thomas when he was a limbo kitty, outside and not safe)


What do ya think????  I’m kind of liking it…hope Leader Otis can take a look once he is feeling better after his Hipsterectomy operation.

That is my belated Monday Meowsie News…now for the not so good news…I must confess to having regressed in some of my behaviors recently…I am again running from Dad when he comes near me especially if I am lying down.  We don’t know why.  And I don’t follow him down for breakfast anymore…I wait until he leaves the room…we don’t know why…sigh…but more paws forward than back.

Paw pats, Savannah

peeEss I tried to make the photos smaller but WP would not allow me to format them in any other way than this today. Sorry for so many on Wordless Wednesday

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60 thoughts on “Belated Monday Meowsie News…

  1. Hiyah Savannah! It’s too bad that you are back to sitting so far away from your Mom. Here’s what I like to do: when my housekeeper sits on the couch, she sits with her back against one of the armrests and has her legs stretched out on the sofa. Then she has two blankets over her legs: the top one is pretty light. She will let me get under the top one whenever I want, and I tell you, it is real cozy. I’m not afraid of sitting on top of both blankets, but I like being on top of her legs but in my own little cave. Maybe your mom could put two blankets next to her, and you could get under one? Just a suggestion …. You are really getting braver every day. Hope you can get braver about your dad — I guess he sits in a DAD chair and not on the sofa. Not much room in a DAD chair when the DAD is in it.

    Your friend, Dinah

    • well you know Dinah, you hit the truth button! Mom keeps telling Dad to sit on the sofa…but nooooooooo…he wants his OWN seat…fine…I’ll stick with Mom.

      And I used to like to be in a blanket cave, but even tho’ still interested in looking, I don’t go under anymore. And Mom is going to try out the stretched out legs with a couple of blankets on her so I can’t tell it’s really her legs…heh…heh

  2. snoopys@snoopysdogblog on said:

    Hi Savannah,

    My Mum might try out that Pizap thing, she struggles with doing that kinda stuff!! Uh Oh, I dread to think what she’s gonna end up having me wear?! 🙂

    I so love your pics, you’re SO pretty!! 🙂

    It’s super cool that you live so close to me, would love to hang out with your Mum some time – shame you don’t go out and about! 🙂

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • oh yea! claps paws…you and your Mum and mine could all have coffee sometime, half way in between your home and mine. I think Fremont??? my Mom’s personal email is lcrodgers at sbcglobal dot net

      And Pizap is pretty easy, Mom tried others and just could not figure them out but this one is pretty simple, sort of, as long as you don’t expect to look like real photo shop! paw pats, Savvy and Mom Linda

  3. Miss Satchie on said:

    Hi untie Savvy, you look beautiful on your Santa hat!

  4. maxwellnfaraday on said:

    OOh those window sills look like pawsome places to watch for SQUIRLS!

  5. All photos are amazing, but I love the last one!

  6. Tell you human the photo is very nicely done! And your “kill face” is mighty fearsome!

    • waves paw at Miss Bernadette!!!!! HI!!!! Missed you! I really liked the recent photos of the 4 black brothers in a pile! MOL they are probably always in a pile, huh? And thank you so much for your compliments, we take them very seriously from you Miss B

  7. We love your last picture – my mom would like it for a tattoo – honestly ;o) sadly she is a coward too windy for a tattoo ;o)

  8. Hi Savvy…..your Mom did great with your holiday greeting card! I also think you’ve “mastered” the art of the kill face…. 😀 I used to hop up on the windowsills but not as easy now that I’m older…..As for regressing – recovery is a “work in progress”…. if you think about how far you’ve come, you’ll see that even when you take a little step back you’re WAY farther along than you could have been. You’re doing just fine……..I love your hammik! I bet I’d like that – don’t have to jump UP to get in either!! YAY!

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

  9. What a scary killer face! And a big hug for Dad, he can pat me until you decide you want him to pat you again!!

  10. We love your Kill Face, Savvy!

  11. MistletoeandHitch on said:

    Dearest Sweet Savannah,
    Try not to worry to much about regressing. It’s never a straight road and sometimes it’s like driving in New Jersey. You get in one of the circles and can’t get over to your exit. But sooner or later you’ll see your way clear and your humans will wonder what changed. My 9year gottcha day is next Monday and I still slip back into my old behaviors sometimes. A man with a booming kind of voice or a dog yelping like they do when they’re afraid/hurting sends me under the bed and leaves me looking over my shoulder for awhile. HuMom just tries to reassure me and give me the time I need to rebound. The hardest part is how much we can feel we our humans hurting for us. Sometimes HuMom thinks I come to her because of her concern for me. Who knows, maybe she’s right. Poor Mr. Hitch as gone off to mourn he’s shattered heart. He’s been carrying a crush for you for a while. Don’t worry though, he’ll bounce back. Deep down he knew you were outta his league. Of course, I told him to make a move or get over it. Silly boycat. Maybe next time he won’t waste so much time. Well, we will talk to you later. Be a good kitty, and if you can’t, be sure to call me with the details!

    Purrs to you,

    • oh Mistletoe, why is Hitch broken hearted??? I definitely DON’T have any suitors…my Dad said I am too young to have a steady mancat furriend…and Hitch and I would look pawsome in a photo, especially if we could get Cathy Keisha to join us…3 Russian Blue Gray and White pawsome cats!! And thank you so much for your sage wisdom Mistletoe about regressing in my behaviors. I will tell Dad, as he is rather brokenhearted. paw hugs Mistletoe and Miss Dorothy….and yes, for Hitch, Tiger and Pumpkin too! (why can’t I recall your doggie’s name…walks off shaking head…)

  12. Love all the photos Savvy!You’re just a bundle of fun.xx Speedy

  13. So I take it you DIDN’T have to wear that Santa hat for real! I wish my human would take note.

    We kitties never progress in a straight line. So I am sure you are doing okay!

  14. That is such a cute picture! Great job 🙂

  15. You know I love hats and your Santa hat is terrific Savannah! That kill face is quite effective too!

  16. Those are some awesome pictures! Christie from

  17. spittythekitty on said:

    Darling, don’t worries about the “regressing”–I’m an old hand at that and it never really lasts. I go through phases when I become highly suspicious of the Human but then I get over it again and now (8-years later) I don’t regress nearly as much. You’ll have behaviors that come and go, but tell your Daddy not to worry–you’ll stop running away from him soon enough. Your Humans will be patient with you, just like my Human has always been with me.

    In other news, I am horrified I sneaked you away. I thought you tolded me you had purrmission to come out driving with me!!!

    • heh…heh…Spitty…you are like, ahem…koff, koff…well…these are Dad’s words, not mine…”that nasty old cat”…trying to lure my sweet young SavvyDo away…so…no, I did not have permission…sorry Spitty, I lied…shhhhhh…stop snickering Alfie….No, No Spitty…I was not talking to Alfie from the UK…ahem…just a small mouse in my throat…

  18. catfromhell on said:

    Oh Wowwzers! LOVE the hat! Love the lazer eyes, Love the hammick! Love your KILL! look!

  19. Savannah, your holiday greeting card is just beautiful Mom did just fine. And we bet it won’t be long and you will be loving both of your hammicks – you look so pretty on that leopard one.

    As for the new cozy spot on the sill – pawesome location for watching the Bird Channel:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    • OMC! Yes and YES on watching the bird channel! There is this humongous tree right outside that window and all these little birdies flit around up high all day…the limbs I can see are at our second story level…pawsome watching!! play bows to all, Savannah

  20. Good editing. it is not as easy as it looks 🙂

  21. LOVE the photos, Savannah. You are getting so brave! In no time at all, you’ll be running the place… 🙂

    Gentle SNUFFLINGS from Solo 🙂

    • hey Solo!! Are still blogging? I don’t see any posts since October?? How are the zoomies coming along???

      • Hi Savannah – finally back home with my paws back under my own table! We have been away from home for two weeks out of the last 4, helping my human Grandparents move into a rest home, and then clearing the house for them. We had no computer connection while we were there… Mum’s computer here at home is still broken, but now Human Granddad has very generously given her his PC, so she and I are trying to catch up on the Internet (a HUGE task!)

        It’s good to be back home! 🙂

        Gentle *licks* from Solo 🙂

        • oh Solo, first I am so honored you visited as it is not easy to do in such circumstances. Very hard to move Grand folks to a different home. Mom and Dad have done, and now it is long past, but they remember. I am purrleased to have you visit, and so hope to see you more often. Paw hugs, and purrrrrrs, Savannah

  22. Chancy and Mumsy (Mag) on said:

    Wow! Sweet Savannah you are doing lots of things now. Love the pictures of you in your cool hammick and your Happy Holidays Greeting is beautiful!! Hugs and nose kisses

  23. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    we enjoyed yur post two day savannah …knot two manee werds..grate pick sures..awesum hammicks…grate kill face N we loves de kitty hootz boogie matt….those be hard ta come by any more…happeee whitefish wednesday !!

    • oh ho! You noticed my Nip ‘N Nap Mat! Mom gets them on Ebay now!! she got two for $15 USD. Dad said he saw our Vet had some at the clinic so Mom will find out. I sent one to furriend in Canada and one to UK cuz they couldn’t get them either.

  24. Love your Santa hat! You get an A+ in Kill Face. Pops are very nice. I’m a Daddy’s girl so you should try to again. They can be intimidating cos they’re very big. I had a scare today. When I went to greet TW when she came home, she had a man with her. He was one of the porters cos she had a big heavy box containing my cat food. I didn’t run into my office UTB. I stayed by the door till he put the box down and left.

    • APAWS! CK!! very brave of you…I would have gone UTT (my current fave spot under the tree MOL). Problem is Dad is going to grab me again this week for my nail trimming and that will take care of any teeny progress I have made but no other way to trim them and I am getting stuck in the cheap carpet here

  25. Love the last picture 🙂 very scary xxx

  26. Loving your santa hat Savvy, good job!
    And that is one SCARY kill face, you sure have been practicing!

  27. Another delightful blog and huMum has added hammik to my very very long list of wish for pressies MOL

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