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Thankful, Thankful, Oh Cat!…So Thankful!


Today I want to share some of the stats I received from Word Press for my blog from 2012.


Not one single solitary (VBP) number is impawtant unless I thank all of  you who made those number my hat is off to all of you who have helped me build and grow my humble blog…An Autobiography of A Former Adult Shelter Cat: Getting To Recovery….


First I think it is impawtant to know that I only did 3 posts in February (just getting my paws a bitty bit damp)…then only 20 posts in March (Mom learned how to upload photos!!).  It wasn’t until April, 2012, that I started to post every single day.

This is impawtant to know because that is when Mom and I are setting our First Blogiversary Celebration—April 1, 2013 because that is when we shook paws that we would post every day for one year.

Sorry, digressed there…Ok…back to stats for 2012…

I had 302 posts; with 29,000 Views and my busiest day was December 28 with 306 views. The post that was so popular that day was actually the one posted on the 27th,  So Much To Be Thankful About…unfortunately, WP makes this number unreal as they count every time someone clicks on my post and I posted a collage of photos and many of you were so kind as to click on several photos, hence spiking the number…but what the heck…It Is What It Is…right?!

Now, my sincerest (VBP) thanks to my Top Five Most Active Commenters (based on what WP sent me):

Cathy Keisha, Stunning KeishaAND one of my Top Referring Sites!!


Mollie and Alfie


Sammy, One Spoiled Cat


Jetty, Hey It’s Jet Here

Jet's badge pics 7-19-12 011

Texas, A Cat in New York

texas 1

Other top referring sites were: Blogger, Google reader, Facebook and Word Press

I had visitors from 81 countries; most were from USA but Canada and the UK were not far behind.  So, I figured out how to add this cool widget I have been seeing on lots of sites…I now have a FLAG COUNTER!!!

In 2012, my Most Commented On Post of all was my first Life Changing Interviews with Savannah: Real Rescue Cats Are Talking…that very first interview of this series was with Scouty and CC from Katnip Lounge…thank you so furry much for taking the chance on helping me launch this series.

Scouty CC adults

Not surprising, three other Most Commented On Posts were also from the Real Rescue Cats and Dogs Are Talking: Life Changing Interviews With Savannah.  I, personally am always more encouraged about how much more I can show of my Real Self after I complete one of these pawsome interviews…thank you all who have volunteered and thank you all for having taken the time to read them.

The other post that completes the FIVE Most Commented On Posts was interesting to me…it was one of my Monday Meowsie News posts titled More On Helping Rescue Cats…and it was about the massive cat rescue led by the ASPCA in Florida…from the Caboodle Ranch debacle (VBP)…ASPCA Caboodle Ranch Rescue.

caboodle 2

June Buggie, from Rumpy Dog, in one of his “June Buggie Speaks Out” posts, asked furriends to help find the cats homes and Miss Jen, Rumpy and June Buggie’s Guardian asked me if I would do a post too…I did that post the day before my first Real Rescue Cats Are Talking Interview!!!…coincidence(VBP) you ask???…I hope not…purrrrrrrsss

Paw Pats, Savannah

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49 thoughts on “Thankful, Thankful, Oh Cat!…So Thankful!

  1. Wow Savannah & Miss Linda: Those are pretty impressive stats!!!! I am so glad I joined this blogsite last August & that I have met all of you here in the PAW community!!!
    I love your Flag Counter….can you direct me how to find & put one on our blog?? They always impress me so much!!!!
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Sweet Feet Nylablue.

  2. Super, Savvy!! I’m so happy to have gotten to know you.

  3. Concats on veing furry awesome! May this year be just as amazing!


  4. Congratulations!

  5. Concats, sweet Savvy! We are all so luck and happy to know you!
    Lots of purrs

  6. I think it’s amazing to post every single day. We certainly couldn’t manage that so you deserve the great stats.
    You also deserve my apologies for our latest blog which probably confused you. this is the one where I referred to you as ‘he’ and thanked you for the award instead of Sammy. Profuse apologies, The Help messed up and I have her on a three strike and she’s out warning.

  7. We just stumbled on your bloggie a few days ago, but we already think it is pretty pawesome! We are looking forward to reading lots more 🙂

    Carmine and Milita

  8. spittythekitty on said:

    Well, 2012 was a mighty good year for you, and for those of us who got to know you, too! I think your need to have another giant blowout Pawty when you get to that YEAR! We haven’t missed a day yet in 2013 but the Human says she can just *FEEL* a day off a-comin’ down the ‘pike.

  9. Hi Savvy! We have enjoyed the HECK outta being your pals…we’re so glad we got to know you…sorry we haven’t been around much lately. We’re laying a little low this week.

  10. You are one popular kittie cat, S.! Great stats! Congratulations!

    Love and licks,

  11. Hey Savvy, Big Guy here. Hi Miss Linda.

    We’re so purleased as you say to support your wonderful efforts, it’s our privilege. Just as I’m honored to be your Champion.

    To see the wonderful good you have put out into the world makes my chest swell with pride. You’ve undoubtedly helped more than you can even imagine… more than stats will show.

    Thank you for the time, care, effort and love that you infuse into each post.

    Your BCF and humble Champion, Jetty

  12. oh.. I forgot to mention I nominated you for 3 blog awards.. come claim them and get the questions. =^..^=

  13. Well, congratulations on all your accomplishments!

    • could never had near so many hits Leo and Star without good furriends like you who stepped forward and pawticipated in my Life Changing Interview series. You guys and Mom Andrea totally are the “cat’s meow”…LMFBO

  14. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    savannah just think…if ewe hada dollar for everee number… ewe wood be like ….well, frank lee we dunno math…lets just say ewe could be buyin a lot oh treetz !!!! conga ratz two ewe 🙂

  15. Chancy and Mumsy (Mag) on said:

    We love your blog sweet Savannah and we bet in 2013 you will at least triple those stats!! Hugs and nose kisses

  16. Thanks Savannah! You have done such great work you deserve recognition!

  17. So so so much to be thankful for ! You have had great success this year, and here is hoping even more for the coming new year! p.s- We responded to your concern Sav 🙂

  18. Congrats on the great stats Savvy.. I love the name by the way. I looked at my end of the year stats and it was quite amazing to not only see how many posts I actually did but to see how many readers I had.. though they do count any time someone clicks on your post… I’ll forgive WP of that one.

    You and your mom have come a long way and made some great friends along the way. I think it’s all about having fun and telling your story and yours is a great one.

    Can’t wait to see your next posts. =^..^=

  19. Those are most excellent stats, Savannah!

    We started blogging in June 2008 but 2012 was the first year when we managed to post every single day!

    The Chans

  20. Thats because we all love you Savvy,looking forward to your blogoversary,xx Speedy

  21. Concats on those impressive stats. That’s almost as many views as I’ve had in my 3+ years of blogging. I guess that’s why I never look at my stats. Glad I could help you.

  22. I am so impressed with all that you have done with your blog in less than a year, Savannah! Paws up to you!

  23. orientallily001 on said:

    Those are some pretty AMAZING stats! No… not pretty amazing…. they’re SUPER-DUPER TERRIFIC AMAZING!


    Of course, you do have a super-duper wonderful blog so it’s not all that surprising you would have great stats.

    Also, I like your hat!


  24. catfromhell on said:

    Excellent post and excellent statistics Savannah! Wes looking forward to your Blogoversary post!

  25. That’s just great I never had so much clicks – wow! I’ll bet in 2013 you wil have a bazillion of viewers and clicks ;o)

  26. Never mind the numbers…just feel the love.
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  27. Woohoo – great job friend. You get lots of hits because your blog is interesting, fun, and we loves you!

  28. i am here if you ever need anything on the creative side xx
    lots of love to all the furry friends xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  29. Congrats on such wonderful stats. You’ve had a great first year.

  30. I must help you get even better stats next year,I’ve only just found this site and I enjoy it very much.

  31. We were pretty fascinated with our end of year WordPress stats, too. You discover all sorts of things about your own blog you didn’t realize that way!

  32. Super stats Savvy! It is very interesting looking back and seeing what were the most viewed posts – sometimes it can really surprise you. Here’s to another great year for the blog 🙂

  33. mollieandalfie on said:

    See I told ya Savvy Doll how loved you were 🙂 We get people popping over from all over the place but they don’t leave comments. Your doing a fantastic job and we all love you 🙂 Big Hugs xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  34. Great statistics Savvy…….you’ve garnered quite a following and helped spread the story of many other cats in recovery from shelter life or difficult situations – it gives hope for all that there truly IS a “forever home” out there just waiting for all of us…………..we just have to find it or it has to find us!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  35. We are sure the numbers will be greater by this time next year 🙂 well done x

  36. Congrats! It truly is all about all of us working together.

  37. Congrats on the great stats Savvy!

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