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So Much To Be Thankful About


I have to extend my Christmas package opening one more day…because I want to let efurryone know how grateful I am that I have such a pawsome furrever home…and even more pawsome furriends.

I received more holiday greeting cards in the mail and  e-cards than Dad and Mom!!  And some of my furriends were so kind to give me gifts I never ever expected.  Never ever did this adult shelter rescue cat believe she could have such a life…and now I do!


Mom and I decided to use the WP Slideshow to share my first ever holiday package opening.  Some show me with my first stocking…then me with the gray floofy warm nap mats Dad bought special for me; then my BFGF Cathy Keisha sent me a package of toys I REALLY like and some NIP that actually has me very interested.  The toys CK sent are the one with me drooling on it, putting the bitey to it and actually lifting it up to my face for a better bitey. I even picked it up like a dog and gave it a really good shaking!! Then I got a new pink fish nip toy that is pretty nice and some kind of stupid interesting thingy that stands there with a mousey on top of a floppy stick…not sure what the heck to do with that one???


The photo of the GORGEOUS rocks painted like cats was a prezzie from Cathy Keisha and TW to Mom!! She really luvs them and they will have a home in a nice glass dish to sit on our coffee table.

Thank you all again for being my furriends.  Hard to believe I have been blogging for less than one year and have so many to call ‘furriends’.  I am one very fortunate adult shelter rescue cat.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, I might have one other post about Christmas if I receive my Secret Santa Paws package.  It looks like it has been lost in transit…but will let you know if I get it.

Paw pats, Savannah

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58 thoughts on “So Much To Be Thankful About

  1. My cats liked the wrapping paper best.

  2. Wow, nice toys, Savannah 🙂

  3. Looks like you had a great time and got lots of lovely things xxx

  4. Sorry I haven’t been able to visit. Glad you love your toys. Pearl’s House of Zoomies Nip is special. I know cos I’m not a nip cat either. Don’t forget to thank @TinyPearlCat on Twitter cos she grew the nip, handmade the toys and painted the stones. MOL! BTW, my Secret Santa (the Twitter one) hasn’t come yet either cos it’s coming from overseas. Maybe it’s the same Santa?

    • oh thanks for telling me Ck where the rocks and nip and nip toys came from. I knew they were home/hand made. Mom is rushing off to San Fran overnight but will Tweet @TinyPearlCat with thanks and appreciation. AND maybe she will paint some more rocks ‘cuz I would love to use them as a give away or prize or even a give away for celebrating my first blogiversary in March. gotta fly, Savannah and Mom Linda

  5. OOOHHH Savannah dere are alot of nice fingz dere!!! You deserbe ebery gift you got cause you iz a bery bery special kitteh who me iz proud to know!!!
    We haz CATMAS ebery day living wif our good Hu’manz don’t we???
    Lub, Nylablue xo

  6. It makes us so happy to see you having a happy Christmas. Adult shelter cats and other rescues who aren’t the perfect little kittens have a much harder time finding good homes. Seeing you in an amazing home, with all of those toys, is really heartwarming.

  7. mollieandalfie on said:

    Wow Savvy, you sure had a great Chriztmaz, I’z got my mat out too 🙂 Big Luv’z xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  8. Love the stones they are gorgeous xxx

  9. what a great christmas you had Savvy just like me too!xx Speedy

  10. Those rocks look fantastic 😀

  11. spittythekitty on said:

    We has some of those cool rocks, too! Looks like you gotted quite a haul there, Missy. I got a pawsome Secret paws package from Texas, but the Stoopy Human didn’t buy me anything cause she says I have too many toys that I haven’t even played with yet. As if THAT should make any difference! We’ll just see how far that attitude gets her when she wants a little cuddling or some purrs!

  12. Great loot! Our Mommy fell in love with those cat rocks! All of us kittehz here had very humble beginnings, too. We feel very fortunate to have a furever loving home as well. Happy Friday, sweet Savvy! XOXO

    Pee Ess – Mom said to tell you we are moving about 20 min across town to be closer to town (doctors, bank, etc.) Our moving date just got pushed back again and she is “on the warpath” about it! MOL!

  13. Hi Savannah, I’m glad you had such a great Christmas. You deserve it. I think you are supposed to bat back and forth the mouse-on-a-stick (sounds like a treat you would find at the county fair, doesn’t it?) My auntie Marsha sent me a stuffed gingerbread man on a cord that is attached to a door knob hanger. My housekeeper first had a hard time figuring out how the door hanger fitted on the door knob, then when she finally managed that, she decided that I would just scratch the door so she took it off the door knob. She held the hanger part and dangled the stuffed part before me, and I grabbed the gingerbread man, and part of the cord. Of course, what I really wanted to get at was/is the plastic door knob hanger part. She finally put the whole thing of the floor, and I have been enjoying the door hanger. She gave me a new scratching pad a few weeks ago and I enjoy sitting on it. Sometimes I even scratch it. Your friend Dinah. (RWB: reader without a blog.)

    • HIYA RWB!!! Woo Hoo for RWB’s!!! You guys ROCK!! anywho, so I get it that what it is supposed to do and be we can change…right??? on it…will make sure Dad does his part too…and guess what…he is sometimes sitting on the COUCH instead of in his “Dad Chair”…so I get up with him!! Go figure!! Who knew!!??? Make room for kitty and kitty comes!!! MOL

  14. Wow sounds like you had a great Christmas Savannah! I don’t think I have met you yet, but you are a very beautiful kitty!

  15. The cat blogosphere is a wonderful place with wonderful furriends and humans, isn’t it?
    Enjoy Savvy! It’s nice to see you like that =^.^=

    • oh thank you so much Texas…I still have so many things that scare me, and I still hide, run, slide away and just can’t make a lap a home…but I am still working on it and Mom and Dad still keep trying new techniques to help me along…I have lots more of my journey for my furriends to follow along in my paw tracks!!! purrrrs to you and Kitshka

  16. Sweet Purrfections on said:

    We’re so glad you had a wonderful Christmas and that you’ve become part of the CB. Hopefully, your package will arrive soon. It’s coming from overseas and sometimes those take a little longer.

  17. Hey Savvy, BCFF here. Hi Miss Linda.

    Wowee wow wow! Love the stocking, LOVE, LOVE the hand painted stones, cool toys and most importantly, Love seeing my BFF have the Merry Christmas she deserves! 🙂

  18. catfromhell on said:

    Hey Savannah! Wes usually celebrates Ukrainian Christmas – January 7th. (Not this year though, wes not seeing our human brothers)). Yous could celebrate then with your Secret Paws…

  19. We are glad you had such a good Christmas. The pictures are lovely.

  20. We’re so glad you had such a memorable Christmas!

    The Chans

  21. Dat’s a nice compliment Savannah- you and any of your pals can come to the Purry Cute New Year’s Party.

  22. *Pawwave* I like your blog too a whole lot- I’m glad I found it. You’re a nice looking kitty and it’s nice you got so many cool things for Christmas.

  23. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    da kitty hoots boogie mats R awesum savannah…ewe can LOAD them up with nip…. but….a werd oh caution ta yur mom…make sure de zipper iz closed bee fore her washes em…….oooops….we hada washer full nip onze coz sum bodee dinna chek ta see if it had been zipped shut after de last “refill”

    name withheld …mom….in case we find emptee foodz dishes….


  24. Savvy you are sure one loved kitty 🙂

  25. Going to be busy for quite a while then if you’re to get through all those goodies, Miss S!

  26. Hi Savannah! You certainly had a HUGE haul for Christmas! Lots of friends, parents who love you, and Santa Paws all rolled into one……looks like you’re enjoying all your goodies…… you can gear up for the NEXT big occasion in the new year!

    Happy to see you having fun with all your loot!
    Hugs, Sammy

    • waves to Sammy…Hi Sammy!!! Yes, I really did have a nice Christmas. Mom has hurt her back so she hasn’t been able to play lots with me…but that’s OK…we just had the HOOVER day here….so I am upstairs getting ready for my afternoon nap…paw pats, Savannah

  27. Sparkle on said:

    I am so happy seeing how much joy you had on Christmas, Savannah! In the cat blogosphere, rescue cats like you are the special ones… I just wish everybody realized that! Then there would be a lot less homeless kitties!

    • so true Sparkle…I hope and hope and hope that my blog about my recovery process and progress will help others be willing to adopt an adult cat or dog. Mom and Dad shed lots of tears over the cats at my former shelter who are older and who wait and wait for someone to want them…

  28. Such fun! Dear Savannah, you are a gift to all of us!

  29. Oh wow Savannah, I never noticed till now how much you look like our kitty Rascal! I’ll have to put a better picture up of him so you can see. You look like your having so much fun with all your toys, and you can tell your mom we are so happy we found your blog!

  30. Looks like you have having los of fun, playing with all your new toys. Love Nellie and Jasper.

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