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Friday Shopping Frolics…




I am sorry I don’t have much time…I am leaving now, using my FAST LEOPARD TELEPORT TUNNEL to make a fast trip to Diagon Alley.  Mom has ALWAYS wanted her very own wand…so I am off to Ollivander’s Wand Shop because they have the very best wands…..

So pardon my hurry…but I must be off…I will be back in a flash…this tunnel is very fast!!!…WHOOOOOOSH!!


OH COD!!!…all they had left after Christmas was this stupid looking fairy tale thing-a-ma-bob!!!…does it look reedikalouse!!!???? I hate to disappoint Mom!!!…what do you guys think????  Should I give it to her anyways???

savannah with wand

Let me know in comments what you think about this wand for Mom’s birthday…I am pawsitively frantic with worry it won’t be what she wants….(wringing paws in frantic worry)

Paw Pats,  Savannah

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68 thoughts on “Friday Shopping Frolics…

  1. Savannah, if I was your mom, I would like the wand 🙂

  2. she will love it,it’s the thought that counhts

  3. Oh, Savannah, you are too silly. I know your Mom will love ANYTHING you get her. Mom’s are like that, ya know. BTW—HAPPY BIRTHDAY Savvy’s Mom!!

  4. Happy birthday Linda xxx

  5. Oh, sweet Savannah – the wand is just lovely and your Mom will love it… I promise.

  6. Hey Savvy, Your BCFF here. HI Miss Linda.

    Sure, the wand will be wonderful, however, in truth, YOU are her best present! Watching your recovery is the best gift of all.

  7. a wand is a wonderful gift – all mom’s want a wand ;o) …or such a fabulous teleport tunnel.. ;o)

  8. Happy birthday to your mummy!
    I’m sure she’ll love whatever you get, because it’s from you:-)

  9. Your Mom would love it, since she knows you got it for her with love. 🙂

  10. We think it’s Bippity-boppity purrfect!

  11. Savvy, I think the TV remote control would make a nice and useful wand too 😉
    But yours is nicer.

  12. Aw, Savvy, give your mom a snuggle and a buddy bump and maybe make her take a nap by sleeping next to or on her and she’ll be in heaven! But the wand is adorable! I wonder if it works..

  13. Savvy, we PROMISE you that anything you get your Mom will be perfect in her eyes…that’s what Mommies are all about!

    And you should hear our Mommy squeal with glee when we present her with a furball…

  14. That is adorable.. I would love that wand. Plus if you add in some purrs and cuddles I think that would be a wonderful present for your mom. =^..^=

    • Hi! Thank you for coming by to visit and for leaving a comment! I don’t know your blog and cannot tell from your avatar. If you will tell me your blog I will visit or if you Tweet, I will follow you on TWitter. paw pats, Savannah

  15. She’ll love it cos it’s from you and she loves you.

  16. spittythekitty on said:

    Wands are cool. My Human and I think she’ll be good with it. I do not allow tummy-touching either, Savannah. These people just have to learn to respect our limits! My Human can pet my head, my ears, my back, my chin and sometimes (not often) a paw or two. Sheesh. She needs to learn to keep her grabby hands off a FEW things.

  17. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Hi Savannah! I think your Mom will like the wand. It’s magic! Between that and her birthday wish she’ll be on top of the world. We hope all her dreams come true. As for tummy rubs, after 9 years, I like ear rubs and neck scritches and even a gentle tail tug, but no belly rubs for me either. Only the twins and our woofie, Lizzy, do belly rubs. So don’t work about that. We think if you show your mom how much you appreciate her, she’ll feel like her wishes are coming true.
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  18. theislandcats on said:

    That wand is great if it’s a magic wand!!!

  19. We think the wand is a great gift, but YOU are the best gift your mom could ask for!

  20. Oh Dog! Happy birthday mom!

  21. Sweet Purrfections on said:

    We’re sure anything you give your mom would be fine, but a jump in her lap with a nosetap and big purr would be the bestest!

  22. Well pretty Savannah, having you is most magical so the wand is a purrfect choice!

  23. I think that’s mighty cool! Our mom is always asking for a magic wand to wave around!
    Play bows,

    • Hi Zim! Hey Dave. We lost internet when Mom got home so we are just replying now. No visits but at least we can reply to kind comments like yours!! And I can tell you how to get to Ollivander’s Wand shop if you wanna get one for your Mom…take your Dad

  24. We like it so your Mommy will too,for sure.
    We think that the bestest everest gift would be a “NoLimit on Belly Rubs Day”…your Mommy would love that,and it comes ready wrapped!!
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  25. I think the wand is the best present ever! Sure your mum will love it! Bisous Bailey

  26. Sparkle on said:

    Hey, it is better than the hairball I gave my human for Christmas!

  27. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    itz de thought that counts savannah… N if ya still feel this iz knot rite…a few cans oh fancy feast or sum treats wood make a grate gift two !!! haza grate week oh end !!

  28. ande123 on said:

    WE think Mom will love that wand. That was so nice of you to do that. I bet she will love it. Take care.

  29. Give her the wand Savvy She will love itand you can get her another one for mothers day

  30. Savannah it iz da thought dat countz….yer Mum will be bery happy wif yer gift!!! You iz lubly to get her sumfing!! Me haz neber got a gift fer me Hu’Mum….me may need some tipz frum you. Lub Nylablue.

  31. I think she will be quite happy with it but yes, the best gift is YOU!

  32. Juneau & Sunny on said:

    We sure mom will love it Savvy!!

  33. Think the wand is ummm great but your love is the bestest gift you could give your Mom Savvy. Maybe tie a bow around neck and present yourself with it at 3am tomorrow?

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