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Technical Troubles On Tuesday…again!!!


I have been trying really, really hard to do my post the day before so it can publish early the day the post is dated.

If this was Monday, I would be calling Monday Mischief for sure!!   And actually, my troubles started on Monday…so I AM CALLING MONDAY MISCHIEF!!

We lost our internet AAAAGGGGAAAIIINNNNN!!!! Yesterday, and the phone. The cable  repair people just left, they worked our system for almost 4 hours this time.

So I call Mischief on Cable and on the owner of our home who has problems with her wiring crossing current through the cable…and it was never taken care of…and we were told “oh sure, you can easily get internet, cable TV, Direct TV, phone, everything…no problem”…yeah, well, not so true…sigh…

monday mischief

Also, today is my good Twitter Sibe Furriend, Tyler Huskamute’s birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER!  If you recall, his little brother, Dez, was one of my Life Changing Interviews With Savannah: Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking.  Click here to read about Dez and how he takes care of his big brother Tyler!  You can send a happy birthday message to Tyler using his Twitter handle…@Tyler_T_Dog…or visit him on his Face Book page…

I made this card for Tyler…

Tyler B Day

Here is a photo I posted showing Little Dez and Tyler having a nap together…

Dez and Tyler snuggles

And this is a really good one from Tyler’s Face Book Collection..

Tyler 3

As for me, I have pretty much stayed in my tent…worried about the two men here working on my internet…


So I hope you all have a really great day…Paw pats, Savannah

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76 thoughts on “Technical Troubles On Tuesday…again!!!

  1. Hope your techie gremlins go away soon!

  2. gremlins that whats causing the problem!

  3. orientallily001 on said:

    Between the mischief and the troubles, you’re keeping super-duper busy, huh?

    You’ve just gotta come visit me on Nerissa’s Life today and read “Golden Globes… who needs ’em?” ’cause there’s a special little somethin’ waitin’ for you there.


    • I was just there this morning on my iPad, but because of how your comment buttons are configured, iPad, thank you Mr Apple, freezes when I try to leave my comment. So I will hope right back over now, Nissy. I really, really read your blog every single post…sigh

  4. I hope your internet problems get sorted soon. I’ve sent Tyler birthday greetings on Twitter.

  5. ….maybe you can use the hair dryer ? BOL – Thanks for sharing this wonderful picures ;o) Happy Birthday to Tyler ;o)

  6. Hi Savvy…..I’m so happy you’re finding the joys of tent napping. Very safe feeling being under cover isn’t it? I’m sure with two strangers in your house it was a bit unsettling but in the safety of your tent – you can observe or hide quite easily!!! Hopefully the internet/phone thing is solved for good!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Sammy, can you believe it that I have waited and waited for a tent of my own, and now…I HAVE ONE!! Mom just wishes it was in her office so I would sleep in there when she works on our blog. We both really miss our other office in our before home, it was so much nicer, brighter, sunnier…sigh

      • Well Savvy maybe your Mom can make you a different tent (even on the floor?) for you in her office. You might enjoy multiple tents…..I have several in different spots (usually wherever Mom is!).

        Kitty Hugs, Sammy

        • I wish Sammy, I just don’t like the office much more than she does. I miss my office window that let me sleep in my nice snuggy bed on the counter, way up high, nice open window, and I could watch the goings on down on our street…sigh…we are missing our old house a bit this week…

  7. What a glorious photo of Tyler – happy birthday! Do hope your internet woes are ended – sounds complicated if it took them 4 hours to repair 😉

  8. Savannah, since it’s snowing and getting colder here in the Netherlands, our Internet takes us for a ride too. Maybe the cable needs a jacket ?
    Love your card and your rolling overs 🙂

    • MOL! I should have suggested they give the cable a sweater! And I did not realize I guess that you are in the Netherlands, how lovely! Mom and Dad would like to visit there one day. May have to wait for their next life time though

  9. Aww, such a sweet card you made!

  10. 😦 technical issues – yuck! Hate them.

  11. Fingers crossed that your internet issues get fixed fast!

  12. theislandcats on said:

    Savannah, we sure hope your innernets problems get fixed…fast!!!

  13. catfromhell on said:

    Me hopes tomorrow is a better day!

  14. Boo for the technical troubles! My router has been acting up over here. And Happy Birthday to your friend, he’s very handsome!

  15. spittythekitty on said:

    Well, shoot Savannah–I’m having a crummy day too! The Human left SO much exam correcting till the last minute I hardly have even 10 minutes to visit my furiends! Honestly–she is SO disorganized! I’m sorry you are having tech troubles….your cave is a good place to be! XOXOXOX

  16. You in there Savvy?? Oh, there you are. Has the cable guy left? Did he fix everything? I hope he did. I’d never fire you, BFGF.

  17. Monday mischief for sure.
    Tyler’s a cutie.
    Happy Tuesday

  18. The cablemen visibly need some kitty snoopervizing, Savvy!

  19. Savannah, my housekeeper says that all computer problems can be solved or caused by one of three things: science, magic, or technology. I don’t know what that means, but she sounds like she knows what she’s talking about. When she is changing the sheets, I like to jump on the bed just as she is tossing the top sheet down —- hee hee hee. Your friend, Dinah.

    • oh Dinah, Hi!! I have not tried getting in the way of Dad making the bed once he starts tossing sheets, but just finding that I can lie safely on the rumpled bed clothes on the floor is a pretty big deal for me…our internet is back…we will see for how long…sigh

  20. We hope you can get it all sorted out soon, Savannah. That must be so frustrating.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    • woos have no idea! Mom is beside herself because we were down over 24 hours and as woos know,in paw blog world, with bloggers posting 24/7 around world, by the time we got to my email (I follow using my own email address) I have almost 500 in my in box. We used the key that starts with “d” and ends with “e”…sad ears…hope woos were not in that queue. I will be around today to visit woos, promise, paw pats Savannah

  21. Sorry your innerwebs isn’t working properly. Hope they fixed it correctly this time.

  22. Those techy things are stressful enough, but waiting on someone else can be really frustrating!

    • Brian, some day, you have to have Dad Terry tell my Mom Linda how the heck you follow so many blogs, always leave comments, visits everyone every day and post every day and do all your rescue work….is it blog doping drugs??? steroids for Dad Terry’s fingers for inhuman strength and stamina???

  23. Goodness! We too had internet problems — this morning AT&T (all services) went out… didn’t get back on until 1 or 2 pm. But it was across the board. Mommy had to wait on hold for an hour for a six minute conversation. (Argh! But she didn’t want to loose her place “in line.”) Mommy was grumpy. But at least we didn’t need to use our tent. But yours is cool!

    Purrs and Trills to You
    ~Brooch Czarina

  24. That tent is a perfect hiding place when workers come in to fix stuff. Mom usually locks me in the bathroom. She thinks she’s punishing me for barking, but I feel safe in there. I love it!

    Love and licks,

  25. i have wordpress glitches too Savannah
    what a beautifullllllllllll doggy xx

  26. Sparkle on said:

    I hate having Internet problems, Savannah, not in small part because it makes my human unbearable to be around – that is even worse than the workers!

  27. Lost power is the pits!

    BTW Savvy, Having a bit of trouble getting the Staff to type up the VPB blogpost! She is muttering about not understanding the techy stuff for inserting url into html or some such thing!!!??? Life never used to be lived in initials only!!!

  28. mollieandalfie on said:

    Wez had WordPress problem’z, leaving our pozt in your comment’z MOL.. Tecno stuff iz a pain in the butt Savvy Doll, one gorgeou’z looking pup there 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • I know you all understand Mollie, Alf and Mom Stella, you have had way more problems than us…but it surely does throw us so far behind visits. Mom and I used the ‘delete’ button a ton yesterday. I had 500 email messages about new posts from all the blogs I follow over the last 3 days. we can only start all over again today. so we are trying to at least reply to comments and then we will go visit everyone who left a comment over last two days. Crap, Mom won’t be in bed until tomorrow some time at this rate LMFBO for me and LMAO for Mom

  29. Happy Birthday to your friend. We hope you soon get your internet sorted out.

  30. EEoww Savannah!! We iz finally back on here n we too haz had prublemz wif da Internet cause of da blizzardz over da past 4 dayz here!!! Mum haz bin working wif da new camera 😉 n takin some guud pix!!1
    She haz dem in a folder on da laptop n iz bery happy!!!
    Now she can’t load dem to Facebook so me iz prayin wif da pawz together dat we CAN post pix here…..
    Oh n Mum still haz to finish a blog here she started b4 da snow took us hostage!!! Yer fur-end Tyler iz handsum. WE go say Happy Birfday if Mum can find her way, yow, yow!!!!
    Love n head rubz, Nylablue.

    • You made it to Tyler I think, pawsome. ANd I can’t wait to see new photos, I think I saw a couple in your blog today??? very nice! luv you Nylablue, and I hope your ferals stay warm somewhere as I know your Mum is trying to feed them. paw crossed for them, Savannah

  31. High winds blew out our internet over the weekend too. Are high winds taller than regular ones?
    Happy Birthday Tyler!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob.

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