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Time For A Garden Report


First things first…it’s another start for our VBP Blog Hop…this one has been stimulatingpaw to say the least.  You see, Mom did this one with me before she left…so I hope I got all the badge and linky stuff done properlypaw.

Here is the badge…grab it and put it in whichever post you want to call your VBP Blog Hop post from today through next Wednesday.  Once you publish your VBP post, come on back here and use the blue froggy linky tool and enter your chosen post into the hop. Done, Done and Really Done!!


Now on to another obligationpaw I had to relinquishpaw last week due to my pawticipation in the Valentine Ball over at Mollie and Ranger’s blogs. Which in case you did not know…my date, Spitty, and I won an award!! Yes, yes seriously!!! We did!  We were voted the Sweetest Couple!!

Just in case you missed it, here is our official Valentine Party Photo AND our Award…and by the way…this also give me incentivepaw to enter the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop as well as our own VBP Blog Hop. Because I am so thankful to have so many furriends appreciate Spitty and I and the choices we made for our evening participation…we wore mostly our own glorious furss and we danced and danced…as this was my first ever ball..I am thankful to have had such a gentlecat mancat as Spitty for my escort…sending him belated purrrs of appreciation…

S&S at the Ball

and this is the award..


Sooooo…I failed to do my official garden report to Jonesie, for the Society of Feline Gardeners.

Society of Feline Gardeners

Let me show you some of the flowers we have blooming now…you have already seen all our Camellias…but there are a few more you will recognize…we have Primroses coming up…


…different colors…


…another versionpaw of yellow…


and our most favorite…Daffodils…we have never had them before and they are coming up all over our town home complex…beautiful!!!


I hope you like my garden report…let me hop over to Jonesie to make my report.  She will want to know that in Nor Calif we have Spring showing up…sure do hope we get some more rain here and snow in the mouttains though…otherwise…we will have another drought year…sigh

And I am also thankful to be living in such a gorgeous part of California and for having such a pawsome garden…so I will enter Pepi Smart Dog’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop today…Thank you Pepi for keeping this wonderful hop going.  It is impawtant to always remember what we can be thankful for.

Paw pats, Savannah

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

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33 thoughts on “Time For A Garden Report

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  2. You guys looked so cute together:-)

  3. orientallily001 on said:

    You’ve got daffodils and primroses blooming already? Lucky you!!! The peep grows both of those for me but they’re still under some snow. You’ve seen the picture of me in my primrose bed, right? I do like the primroses. Plus, I’ve got an Auntie Primrose, too. hehehe…


  4. BEry pretty flowerz…we haz more snow here….HHRRMMPPHH!!!
    Lub Nylablue.

  5. Hi Savvy! op says the crocuses are coming up in Battery Park. All we have around here is concrete and buildings. Oh well.

    • Hi CK!! So, like, I am disappointed for you and TW and POPS that you only have concrete. I suspect times have changed your lives over last several years. But, you are so special to me and Mom and Dad…just want you to know…we hear you, see you and are so proud to know you all…just sayin’….

  6. maxwellnfaraday on said:

    ooooooh Savvy….can we trade? Our view is a bit…BLAND! (MOL!)

  7. Hi Savannah, what a stunning Valentines Day photo! Didn’t know you were a Super Model! The flower pics are beautiful but think you and your kitteh-date out shone the flowers. Thank you for entering my Thankful Thursday Blog Hop and I hope to see you there again, so I can read more about you. :=o)

    • Hi! I cannot come by to comment today, but I did enter the hop. mom is on vacation. I hope one week you will try our new Vocab Building Project Blog Hop too. It starts new each Thursday, but you do your VBP post any day after until the next Thursday. I have protocols at top of my blog in my menu pull downs. Give us a try sometime

  8. Concatulations on your award, it’s very well-deserved. Great garden report too – all the flowers look beautiful! We have tons of flowers where I live. About 5 greenhouses full since my family owns a nursery. Will have to share some flower pictures some time.

  9. Your primroses are pretty. Our daffodils are starting to flower too.

  10. mollieandalfie on said:

    They are such beautiful flowers Savvy, just love the photo off you and Spitty 🙂 even though I wish it was you and me..MOL xxx00xxx your Alf

    Mollie and Alfie

  11. We have daffodils in our garden,but we don’t see them until the end of April/May time….which made us ponder. Do we get yours once you’ve finished with them ?
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

  12. Sparkle on said:

    We have some daffodils here too, near our front door. My human never touches them or does anything about caring for them, so they bloom every year without fail!

    • Mom has never had them but they coming up all over the town home complex we live in. So cheerful! Sparkle, my Mom wants to know if your human is going to Blog Paws? Mom is going first time and nervous

      • Sparkle on said:

        Yes, my human is going! Although she still needs to buy the plane ticket (she keeps hoping for a good sale on Virgin). She is registered though. Tell her NOT NOT NOT to be nervous – pet bloggers are the best ever, nicest people and she will make a load of new friends!

  13. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    your garden is FABulous savannah…..sigh….I can look outside and see blah and worse yet, look inside and see that stupid hog brother of mine….boomer….thanx for sharing your flowers, it helped brighten this gal’s day…..hey, I think I will go gaze now at me myself and I in my 360 degree mirror; and very happy for you and spitty; you both were elegant !!!

    hugs from dai$y, royalty of trout towne

    • Sqqquuueee!!!!! Dai$y!!! Hi! Waves paw madly!! So sorry about having to look at the stooped brother, and that you don’t have flowers yet. Can you tell me again where you live. Probably asked before, but Mom has tofu for a brain. MOL!! Xoxoxo just for you gurl furriend

  14. I love your flowers- and that pic of you and Spitty!

  15. catfromhell on said:

    Wowzers! We still has a foot of snow to melt before our Daffy down dillies come up!

  16. I love the Spring! The almond trees are in blossom here.

  17. Spring is springing huh? We’ve got quite a while to see signs of that I think BUT the tippy top of Mom’s tulips are starting to poke through the hard ground. Your garden will be truly spectacular I think – the people who planted all those pretty things did a great job don’t you think? Sundae and I thought you and Spitty made quite a grand couple at the Ball and we’re happy you won a prize!

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  18. Congrats on your award Savvy,and your garden looks great!xx Speedy

  19. Daffodils are Mom’s #1 favorite flowers. We have a couple of months to wait for them to grow around here in NJ. Congratulations on winning that sweet award at the ball. You did look like a sweet couple.

    Love and licks,

  20. Your flowers are lovely! We have snow and ice. Yuk. Also, Concatulations on that award with the Spitster! (we voted for you) Have a happy Thursday. xoxoxo

  21. Hey Savvy, we’ve got daffys too, even though it is barely above freezing here! Sure looks like spring though 🙂

  22. You so deserved to win Sweetest Couple. Well done. I see spring has definitely sprung in your garden. That means I best get out into mine and enjoy the last of summer here.

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