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Monday Meowsie News


What a jam packed Monday Meowsie News I have!  Of course, it has NOTHING to do with the fact that Mom abandoned me is so busy and tries so hard to help me keep my blog up to date…heh…heh

…looking abandoned and ignored…


…I just hate this…


Anywho…let me first and foremostpaw apologize for not having been visiting and commenting.  And we did not get caught up over the weekend either. It took Mom and Dad like a WHOLE YEAR DAY to just get through unpacking and their disgustingly dirty and salty slightly soiled clothes.  

Then of course, I needed quite a lot of attention as I was starving ready for some loving. I hope all of you will forgive us if we are not back on regular visits until mid-week…thank you for having continued to visit me whilst Mom and Dad were away…and for leaving your comments.  We read each and every one of them.

Now for some newsy stuff…  A new furriend  Peace, Love and Whiskers passed several awards to me, along with several others.  I was a bit confused by the post, so I think the awards were the following:

“Why I Love Thee” award, originated by my special furriend Nerissa

“Reality” Blog Award

“Super Sweet Blog” Award

“The Liebster: Share The Love” Award

I do have all of these awards, but I wanted to thank  PLW  for thinking of me.  I am a bit confused as to “who” is writing this lovely blog…not sure if human, cat, dog????  So not sure “who” to thank…just thanks to PLW should cover it…don’t ya think??

Next…do you remember my last Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking interview with Murph on February 19th??  Well, not only did my readers enjoy Murph’s story and leave 21 comments, but Murph, who is mostly a Twitter woofie–received 15 Tweets from furriends letting him know they enjoyed learning more about him!! How great are we…all paw blog and anipal Twitter furriends!!

Also, whilst Mom and Dad were away…we received our stupendously pawtastic new mouse pads…hand drawn and lovingly made by Miss Stella, Mollie and Alfie’s huMom!


Are these not the coolest EVER mousie pads???  Purrlease, if you want one of your own, be sure to let Miss Stella know…just leave a comment on Mollie and Alf’s bloggy.

Lastly…there was a rather strange and unexpected package waiting for Mom when she arrived home.  It was from Miss Lori, my Champion Jetty’s Mom.  You all know Jetty, from Hey, It’s Jet Here.

What a total surprise for my Mom and ME when she opened that package!!!  Check out the stuff that was in side!! Just for Mom…there was this PAWSOME HANDMADE BY MISS LORI HERSELF winter scarf WITH its own attached hand warmers…and some of her special blend of spices and herbs for seasoning just about EVERYTHING!!…well, at least the stuff the peep’s eat.

And then there were like a TON of toys and snacks ALL FOR ME!!  You see, Jetty WON a raffle first time ever for him…from Cats & Co.  So here’s to a big SHOUT OUT THANK YOU for my Champion Jetty and Miss Lori!!

…check out the loot!!…


…there was so much I cannot even list it all here…pawsome!!


And finally, finally…

Ummmmm…ahem, koff, koff…I like maybe sort’a owe Miss Lori an apology or somethin’…you see…the thing is…I like Mom’s gift the furry bestest of all…


Yup!  That’s me…making biskits on Mom’s, brand new handmade by Miss Lori. scarf.  Ya see, I really, really luvluvluv knitted stuff…and Mom sort’a laid it down on my hamik, and then…I strolled over and WOW!! I could  smell Jetty!!! and JJ!! and then I smelled Miss Lori too!!!…I got so excited, I just hopped onto that scarf and started purring and makin’ then biskits…sigh

Mom says I should apologize to Miss Lori, but I say…she will know I did it outta “luv”….because I luv all of them and I could smell them all on that scarf…just sayin’…

…yeah, yeah…and then there is the video…but purrlease…notice MOM is encouraging me!!…not all my mistake…

Paw Pats, Savannah

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30 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News

  1. OMC, I feel an extremely need to biskit too.. 😀

  2. Savvy there’s so much love going on in that video that Miss Lori will feel it through the screen…

  3. spittythekitty on said:

    The rule is: If it comes into the Kitty’s house and the Human offers it to the Kitty, it belongs to the Kitty.

    That is all.

  4. Concatulations on your awards Savannah. I am good friends with Christina from PLW, she is a very nice person! And I really love all those special gifts sent to you and your mom from Miss Lori, that was very sweet of her. Looks like you really love them too 🙂

  5. maxwellnfaraday on said:

    Savvy, we totally get why miss Lori sent you those wonderful things – YOU were wonderful to help them all out while she was in hospital!! And concats on all the pawesome awardies!

  6. What a supreme superb surprise!

    Savvy, we like the suggestion of putting the scarf in your Mom’s lap and seeing what happens…

  7. Sparkle on said:

    OMC, that scarf looks SO awesome! How could a kitty NOT love it?! I am glad your humans are back! And clearly you are too.

  8. catfromhell on said:

    Woozers! looks at all that swag yous gots! And what a wonderful scarf! Mes perecked up my ears when me heard yous purring and had to checks out the computer. Anda Mes LOVE Peace Love and Whiskers blog, she does the bestest interviews with all different kinds of animals.

  9. MOL!!!!!!!! Shure sounds like Mum iz encouragin ya dere to make bizcuitz noticed how gentle you were…not shredding or anyfing like dat!!!
    Me iz glad da Mom n Dad are back in fingz getting back to normal….whateber dAT iz!!!
    We did a VBP blog n attached da badge to it n den wnet to do da linky up fing!! me hopez me Mum got it right???
    She wanted to impress yer Mum!!!!! MOL!!!
    Congratz on winnin da prizez!! No more deservin kitteh den me best furend Savannah…banana….we lubz ya!!!
    Nylablue & Sherri-Ellen xo

  10. What a great lot of presents you have had Savvy,and I think I could hear you purring too!xx Speedy

  11. Congrats on the awards and the swag. I’m sure Jetty’s mum doesn’t mind that you stole mummy’s scarf, especially as you seem to love it so much:-)

  12. That’s a lot of news, Savvy! I love, love, love the scarf from Jet’s Mom. She’s very talented! I’m glad you got to have a few paw pats on it…now it’s all ready for Mom to wear.

    Congrats on all your awards! So very well deserved!

  13. Well what a wonderful time you seem to be having now that your slaves has returned. Lots of loving and a whole bunch of new pressies. Just fabulous. I’m sure Jet will forgive you for making biscuits with the scarf as I’m sure he realises it’s the highest honour a kitty can give.

  14. Hi! This is Dorothy, HuMom to the beautiful Mistletoe and the handsome, adventuresome, Hitch. Savannah seems quite taken with the lovely scarf Miss Linda received from Miss Lori. So, what if Miss Linda WEARS the scarf when she picks the sweet Savannah up?…. or lays the scarf in her lap while watching TV? The presence of the scarf might take Savannah’s mind off what she’s worried about just long enough to relax. Maybe?

  15. I just knew you’d “steal ” the scarf,it suits you.

  16. Oh so much great gifts ;o) hahaha and I’m sure you “hate” this BOL …ahhhmmm.. what’s a cat dancer? music for cats or the” blue suede shoes” on which no one should step?

  17. Hehe. Sorry about the confusion. I’m a human doing pet interviews. What lovely gifts. I would like the scarf too.

  18. That is a great package you got from Jet and his mum. The scarf looks nice and soft for biscuit making. We love those mouse mats! Mum got a new one with our photo on it when she ordered our Christmas cards.

  19. You look like one happy kitty, Savvy 🙂

  20. Super loot, Savannah! I love biscuits. Whenever you finish making them and baking them, send me one, please. Biscuits… Yumm…

    Love and licks,

  21. Henry is doing that a lot lately on my dressing gown LOL 🙂 We get our mousemat soon cannot wait xxx

  22. We love knitted things, too. That’s the best part of winter, the blankets and sweaters and things that appear.

    You look like you really hate that brush. Could you explain to Newton that the brush is his friend? We’re still trying to convince him that the brush is better than manscaping.

  23. I love wool too Savvy but huMum gets a bit upset if I drool on anything she finds precious *whispers* did you drool?

  24. What an exciting time! Lots of presents and your mom and dad at home again!

  25. mollieandalfie on said:

    Wow Savvy, what a fun post, look at all the loot you got from Jetty, Meowing our heads off, that you have taken to Moms new scarf, It does look lovely and cosy 🙂 You Mouse Pads do look super sweet, they always look better when you see them on someone else’s blog, I guess where they are in front of you for hours, whilst your working on them, they don’t look as good. Now, it will be lots of Savannah time with Mom and dad 🙂 All my luv’z..yur Alf xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

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