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Tuesday Tails…errr…Tales


I am kind of under the weather, so to speak…so I am spending some time in Mom’s left over bed sheets…nice and warm…while she takes care of getting my post done.

So Mom tried to get Word Press to let her do two Galleries…hope it works when she hits “publish”.

I thought you would enjoy seeing Mom and Dad on the catamaran Paragon.  It was the only time they were able to be on a boat as it poured rain and the winds stayed at 30-50 MPH most of their time on Maui. All the whale photos and the ones of Mom and Dad and the Paragon were taken by a really, really nice man from Oregon, My. Dave H.  He had this humongous long lens on his camera and that captured the whale’s tail.

Mom got all the dolphin shots with the same camera she uses with me!!! Even photos of them UNDER WATER!

Tails, Whales and Spinner Dolphins

They were joined by a pod of Spinner Dolphins as soon as they left the harbor.  Then out farther…they had whales galore!paw.  If you slide your Mouse Cursor over the photos, the captions show!

And, let me know what you think about my new header.  Miss Ann from Zoolatry made it for me and I am trying it out.  She made several sort of “generic” ones for me and I will post them over next few weeks…help find the one’s you like best!

That’s it for my Tuesday Tails…errrr…ummm….Tales!

Paw Pats, Savannah

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42 thoughts on “Tuesday Tails…errr…Tales

  1. I not only love your dolphin pictures, I’m fascinated with what you did with them. I haven’t seen this on WordPress before.

    I hope you’re getting better, Savvy.

  2. I think your new header looks great! The whale photos are amazing.

  3. Hi Savannah…Nylablue & I hope you are not coming down with something!!!!! Your header is fab!!!!
    Love all the phtos; your Mum’s camera is amazing!!!!
    My fave pic is the one of the whale waving his big fin at Mum & Dad!!
    I hope they have satisfied their wanderlust & sray home with you for a long time…
    Strokes from Sherri-Ellen & head rubs from Nylablue too.

  4. Loving your mummy and daddy’s pics, looks like they had a pawesome time:-)

  5. hey computer up again… keep losing track of you… sorry….. now bookmaarked again… yay. Smokey… from inside Ft. Braying Ass. our FOB of the kitty platoon.

  6. Fab photo and I love the new header!

  7. Savannah, time to sit on the humans, or at least on their suitcases, to make sure they don’t abandon you again! Hope you feel better soon. Great dolphin/whale photos. I guess your mom’s camera is a “multi-porpoise” one: good for cats and sea creatures. Your friend Dinah (with housekeeper groaning in the background for some reason.)

  8. Love the new header Savvy – lots of pictures of you, what could be better?
    Feel better 😀

  9. Hey, Savannah, you sure have a comfy spot to hang out. We hope you’re feeling better. You’re peeps are having a great time! Those are some big fishies!

    And we like your header! Ann did a great job.

  10. spittythekitty on said:

    Now, see, I think those dolphins look DELISHUS! Did they catch one and bbq it and fix it all up and bring it back for you to eat? No?

    Well, shoot, that was the least they could have done after ‘BANDONING you for months and months! Wait–what? Okay, so it was DAYS and DAYS. It’s the principle of the thing, doggone it.

    • no, no…you were right first time Spitty…it was like years and years and years!! And no, no bbq dolphin! Nada! Zip! Zero! for “MOI”…only you would understand…the humans…sometimes just flat out thoughtless!! heh…heh

  11. catfromhell on said:

    Dear Savannah,
    Oh Dear! Me is sorry yous is feel under the weather! Me hopes yous geels like yourself soon. Mes loved your pictures! It sure looks like your folks had a good time. The weather (and the dolphins) look like a whole bunch of fun!
    And Me LOVES your header!!!

  12. Wow, the gallery function is really awesome! It took the laptop a few moments to figure it out (my human’s fault – she only keeps a bazillion browser windows open all the time), but once it did, I loved it!

  13. Savvy I hope you feel better soon! Just loved the pics of the trip. Very professional presentation 🙂 Re: the header. It is super dooper nice, but I am sure you can smile a bit sometimes for the camera! It’s a pain, but it’s the price of fame, babe! mol >^,,^<

  14. Wow you’re eyes are so intense in those those photos in the new header…You’re certainly not a cat to mess with in those pictures…Your momz wail tail photos are super…It must have been a great experience seeing whales

  15. Totally cool photos, S., but now I feel like eating tuna fish for some reason. I LOVE the header. Very dramatic!

    Hugs and cuddles,

  16. We hope you soon feel better Savannah. Those are great photos of the whales and dolphins, and it looks like your mum and dad had a great time.
    We love your new header.

  17. Love love the slide show and the pop up caption thingy. Do hope you are feeling better. I get the sneezes too every Winter to Spring and Summer to Autumn but huMum used to it now and no longer frets xxx’s

  18. Hi Savvy !
    Me too go to bed when my mom and dad go up for breakfast 🙂
    LOVELY pictures on the Whale and Dolphin ❤
    My mom want´s to go on a Whale safari too !

  19. looks like your peeps ahd a good trip get well soon sAVVY,XX Speedy

  20. Hey Savvy, Jetty here. Hi Miss Linda.

    Shhh…. Mom’s you know where not doing you know what! LUV, LUV, LUV the new header!

    Mom LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the whales and DOLPHINS (you know she has a thingie about dolphins…loves them almost as much as she loves, ahem… us!

    Ok, she has to bolt bc… she doesn’t want to get “caught!” xoxoxoxo

  21. Oh what an adventure! Have you met my Mr. Flipper too , whom I’ve got for christmas? I wish I could see a whale or Dolphin for real ;o) I like your heater, specially your wonderful “eye-pic” ;o)

    • Mom saw them in the Caribbean too, different kind. And we see them lots in the San Francisco bay right under the GOlden Gate bridge. Come on over and we will find some for you…seriously…we have a great guest bedroom with own bath…you probably can’t come Easy, but I will take care of your Mom for you, ‘Kay??

  22. Hi Savannah! We hope you are feeling better. I sneeze all the time. HuMom says I’ve been doing it since I came home and that been over 9 years. HuMom was reading about the Bombay kitties on day and the article mentioned that they have wet noses and sneeze very often. She was drawn to the article because the cat pictured looked so much like me. The nose part makes her think I might be a Bombay. The boys thought she s nuts, going around touching their noses. Oops, I did it again. Sorry, I’m just a kitty with to much to say!.
    Your Mom & Dad brought home some great pictures. It looks like they were having a really good time. I hope you feel better and get caught up on all the Mom and Dad loving you missed while they were gone. Enjoy snuggling in the sheets, I wish HuMom would skip that whole bed making think. The boy/man leaves his and Pumpkin and Hitch enjoy the bed all morning long. Well, Hitch needs the iPad. He’s wants to check on his crunchy shrimp order from Amazon, so I’ll say so long!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • hi Mistletoe!! and paw wave to Hitch! I think I am fine, but Mom frets you know…sigh. Right now she is having a hard time using her laptop cuz she just had a huge wasp visit her on her desk!!!!!! Yup, she is totally freaked now!! Can’t find it and afraid it will end up stinging her footsies. sheeeesh…always something!

  23. Hi Savannah,
    I like your new header a lot: great job!
    Best regards from southern Texas,

  24. mollieandalfie on said:

    Sorry Savvy, I was so busy looking at the Dolphin’s I didn’t notice the header, Just wonderful like you. I enlarged all the photo’s on the slide show, fantastic, I have no words to describe them. I would love to have been there..xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Hi Alf, Mollie and Miss Stella!! Mom and Dad had a really nice English couple, from London, on the boat too! They were so happy to be away from the snow in England!! I guess they go every 3 years or so to Maui and meet up with friends from the USA. The two wives met via correspondence about something and have been friends now for like 20 years! Their kids all know each other…marvelous!

  25. Katie Isabella on said:

    Savannah, are you having a sickie my furriend? I hope not and if so, purleeze get betters soon. xoxox

  26. Very Arty today 🙂 Can you remind our human what software you use for images like the timeline as she finally has time to play 🙂

  27. Susan Mullen on said:

    Savannah, I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, and I hope you’re feeling better soon. And I love your new header!

    • Hi Miss Susan! I was just sneezing like crazy this morning; and now I am still in bed but I did eat my brekkies just fine. Mom will watch me like a hawk! LOL! I just cried out a bit ago ‘cuz I was lonely upstairs and she came right away and we had some nice lovey dovey petting and stuff. Now I am resting in a sun puddle on the bed. Tough life, huh?

      • Susan Mullen on said:

        Thanks for the update, Savannah. I hope those sneezes stop very soon. I love your “tough life” too. Sun puddles, loves, and breakfast — sounds good to me!

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