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Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat



Today I have another interview for my series…


Life Changing Interviews With Savannah

Now this guest will not be known to lots of you.  Mouses!  I never knew her before myself.  But I was so purrleased when she quietly volunteered to share her rescue story with me.  She is shy and a bit timid sometimes around other furriends but I know you will all help me give our most warm welcome to her…

Without any  more introduction…

Meet MOOCH!!

Mooch 2009


Her furramily has a blog called The Misadventures of Me…they are still working on their Mom to let them blog more often…but the kibble has to be brought home somehow so she needs to keep focused on her new business.

Let’s get started…

Savannah:  Hiya Mooch.  Thanks lots for stopping by and having a meow with me today.  How are you feeling?

Mooch:  Hi Savannah – I’m a bit nervous.

Savannah:  (reaches paw out to Mooch and gives her a little soft paw pat)…don’t you worry Mooch.  All my readers are the nicest furriends and very kind and understanding.  You just meow at your own pace.

Mooch:  Funny story really–the other set of beans saw me first as I was mooching food off of stray kitteh CoCo’s plate.  I was hungry so I chased her off to eat.  I guess this is what a mooch is – me!

Savannah:   Oh Cat! How do the humans ever come up with these silly words?  You were just makin’ sure you got some noms…what’s the big deal??

Anywho, we would all like to hear about how you came to your furrever home.  Could you give us some meows about that?

Mooch:  Four years ago, I was homeless; I dun remember how I got that way. My blonde lady mom would feed the stray kittehs.  I would come and eat when she would put food out. 

Then one day, I was suddenly scooped up while I was outside, I didn’t mind so much as it was really cold and snowy.  When I first came indoors, I ran to da dark area, the blonde lady mom calls it the basement.  She would come to visit several times a day, to feed me and spend time wif me.

I know that at one time I was loved acuz I had a lady-ectomy already and I liked peoples but was a bit shy.   The blonde lady mom thinks I am about 12 years old but I dun know really.  So I was probably 8 years old when I first came to her house looking for foods.

Mooch 2010

Savannah:  Oh noes Mooch.  How awful to not know where you came from.  I don’t know either and wish I did.

What have been the toughest things you have had to change so you can let your blonde lady Mom know you more as your REAL SELF?

Mooch:  Well I dun trust jus any peoples. I’m specially ascaird of littler peoples.  I tend to be more alone than most of the kittehs here, the blonde lady mom calls me a vampire cat acuz I come out mainly at night.

Mooch hidey hole and bed

Mooch in her daytime hidey place

I do love the big guy and the blonde lady mom, I likes to sit and nap wif them at night.  I even roll around and flash my belleh at them to touch.   I really likes that a lot!

I have trouble getting along wif Shadow and Molly.  Dey has been here like furever and they dun really like me.  So when they hiss at me I go at them and I usually win.  The blonde lady mom says NO to both of us when it happens, sometimes she plays herding kittehs.  Herding kittehs is when she guides one of us back to our safe spot with her legs.

I’m still tryin’ to like different peoples but I’m not sure of it.  I dun know how to extend myself to them, so I hide; I guess I need to work on dat still.

Savannah:  That sounds scary to come to a furrever home with other kittehs who don’t want you to be there.  You are very, very brave Mooch.

Can you meow more about ways  blonde lady mom and the big guy try to help you get past your fears?

Mooch: I didn’t play much then and it took her a squillion minutes to coax me out from my hiding spot down there.  It took like a million days fer me to let her pick me up—dats when she dragged, er, brought me up to the brighter area of the house.

The peoples first fed me in the area I hid in, then they moved it further away so I had to come out.  I was coming out acuz I had to find the litter box somehow, ya know?  I surprised them though; I knew all along where the box was yoo see, I’m smart like that!

I trust the big guy a lot now; he can pick me up and roll me around the bed like a puppy he said.  I just like that he loves me a lot so I show him my belleh and meow at him.

I has been asked if I was a clean kitty when the blonde lady mom found me.  Well, I really wasn’t acuz being outside in all, yoo has to find a place to sleep, which may be in the dirt.  My furs was covered with dirt but the blonde lady mom said it started to shine after I came in to the bright part of da house.

While I was in the basement I was really nervous so my coat had white flakes everywhere, I couldnt help it!

I has heard a lot about a ptu and v-e-t person from Toot, my blind sisfur kitty but I’m sure I don’t want to go.  The blonde lady mom has promised that she won’t take me as long as I stay healthy.

Mooch 2013

I’m just so nervous when I’m picked up or in a closed in space that it would do me more harm than good at this point to bring me there it was told to her

Savannah:..Oh Cat Mooch!  You really had a tough time living out in the cold like that.  And then to be so scared you stayed in the basement for like a whole year!  I can so relate to that fear thing…I am scared of my own shadow!

Now, can you give us some idea of how much progress you think you have made trying to be more and more of your REAL SELF?  Are things different four years after you first hid in the basement?

Mooch:  The blonde lady mom says I am a work in progress.  I fink she means I needs a bit more help but what the best fing is—they has all accepted me fer who I am and what I do!

I suppose I need to work on coming out more during the day.  Oh and being more friendly to the other kittehs.  I did sleep next to a foster kitten the other day where I usually hiss and swat at them!

Mooch w foster kitten

Savannah:  oh Mooch!  That’s progress for sure! Good for you!  Give me a high Paw Pat…(whappity, whap, whap)…YES!

Ok, last question, can you offer any advice to our readers to help them support their adult rescue cat, or one they may be thinkin’ about bringing into their home,  through its recovery process?

Mooch:  A new person that takes yoo in has to understand that we need our space and time too.  We is confused and sad and sometimes so scared we seem angry (but we really aren’t… ya see cats don’t feel ‘anger’…that’s a peep thing) when we are lost/abandoned or left on our own.

We won’t behave like yoo want us to, and we may even hide for a week, two weeks or a year or more.  We has to learn to trust yoo as much as yoo has to learn our ways.  I found the right place acuz my family accepts me fer who and what I am but I has also learned that they are good fer me.  Time and patience and even getting down to my level (like the blonde lady mom did) helped me.

Savannah:  Mooch, you have been so very brave to stick around this long and meow with me about your life and how you found your furrever home.  This was great!

Any last thought or words of wisdom you want to share?

Mooch:  Sometimes learning to love and trust is furry hard on us kittehs and the right person will know how to see yoo through it all!

Mooch & Blonde Lady Mom

Mooch & Blonde Lady Mom

A purrfect last comment Mooch! Right on!!  We can do anything when our peeps trust US to show them our REAL SELF as much as we can.  And like with you Mooch, we may take a really long time to trust them enough to come into their presence and light.  Here, let me give you a paw hug…ummmppff!…Thank you so much!

Hope you all enjoyed meeting Mooch.  I sure have had a great time getting to know her.

Paw Pats, Savannah

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  1. Great interview! It’s lovely to meet Mooch.

  2. stealthfur0ne on said:

    Another great intermew Savannah! Mooch sounds like a great cat. Our little Fitz was a foster for a long time and when our Dad saw that she would not be adopted gave in and she moved right in. We are still giving her some slack, well, maybe that is more the other way round.

  3. Sorry I’m a bit late reading your story Mooch…isn’t it wonderful to be able to find such awesome humans who understand you and let you progress at your own pace. That makes me purrrrr.

  4. Great interview 🙂 love knowing about you Mooch xx

  5. great interview Savvy as always,xx Speedy

  6. Oh Mooch you are just the loveliest kitty girl!! I love those big luminous eyes & I so understand how hard it has been for you!!! I am happy Blonde Mom Lady found you & gave you a furever home!!!! She sounds alot like me!! Sherri-Ellen
    Yow Mooch kitteh!! You iz so much like me waz…yer story touched me furry heart n me wanted to let you nose you iz not alone!!! Me n many other Katz here bin thru abandoned timez n hungary n we iz all in furever homez n bery bery lucky!!!
    Savannah you did a purrfect interview az usual!! You n Miss Linda are pawsum!!!
    Lub Nylablue n me Mum ❤

  7. meowmeowmans on said:

    Great job, Savannah! We are so glad that Mooch is settling in. 🙂

  8. Another great interview Savvy!

  9. spittythekitty on said:

    Savvy–Come visit me today (Wednesday)–I know you will be relieved! MOL 😉

  10. orientallily001 on said:

    Oh Mooch… So glad you’re settlin’ in with your peeps. These things take time. Lots of time, sometimes. But I just know your peeps are willin’ to give you all the time you need.


  11. mollieandalfie on said:

    Home Sweet Home 🙂 Mooch you are adorable and wez sending you huggies 🙂 Sorry Savvy Doll wez so behind with blogging, wez been so buzy.. Love’z you your Alf xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  12. Mom says its always so great when you can just give them the time to find out they are loved and you want them to be happy. Just to let them learn to trust you in their own time. You get so much love back when they have trust 🙂

  13. spittythekitty on said:

    The Misadventures of Me! Ia-member them, and especially my furiend JAKE who is a woofie (well, he can’t really help that!) I luffed reading about Mooch soooooo much! I identify with her a lot because I am still very untrusting. I am real glad she found the lady with the blond hair and was rescued. Plus, I am glad to a-member about their bloggy–I am going to go visit them!

  14. I enjoyed meeting Mooch. TW’s BFF took in a stray (actually she took in strays all the time) but this one lived in her box spring under her bed for well over a year. After it finally emerged, it still wouldn’t let her touch it or anything. Now Jinxie sleeps with her and everything. She gave him space and time to trust her.

  15. Good to meet wooo Mooch! Play bows little mate,


  16. How nice to meet Mooch! Our mom met the blonde lady in person and thinks she a pretty special lady. She must be to rescue you kitties and take care of you. Angel Sweet Praline used to visit Angel TT, who was one of the kitties that lived there before Mooch.

  17. That was another great interview, Savvy. You are brilliant at getting shy kitties to talk! I don’t know where I came from either before the RSPCA. I can’t remember much! We are the lucky kitties getting adopted into loving homes, even if my mum person is a bit of a lame brain!! xox

  18. Aww. I will have to check out mooch’s blog how sweet. Thank you again savvy.

  19. That Mooch is such a sweetie and I am so happy she is where she is right now…home!

  20. Thanks for introducing us to Mooch, Savannah! She sounds like a very sweet kitty.

  21. Hey, Mooch (waving paws). Some of us know abut the hiding thing…and the V.E.T. thing too! We are all happy that you found some servants..oops! mean , that you found some people to be your family. You are very pretty.
    Love from The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

  22. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    this bee a grate interveews savvy N mooch, it be way awesum nice two meet ewe…we iz vampire kittehs two…trout towne iz onlee open frum 11:38 pea M ta 5:58 am coz we sleep all day sew we can eat fish N play all night 🙂 veree glad ewe getted a forevers home; N stop on by any time; foodz all ways on de grill !

  23. It’s hard not to know where you came from . I’m so glad the blonde lady mom found a way to your heart, Mooch. I agree sometimes it’s difficult to trust someone….
    Thanks for a wonderful interview Savannah :o)

  24. Chancy and his cats on said:

    Thank you sweet Savannah for sharing another wonderful rescue story and for introducing us to Mooch. Mooch is beautiful and so lucky to have people to love her and give her a forever home. It doesn’t matter where Mooch came from what does matter is the wonderful life and family she has now. Hugs and nose kisses Chancy and Mumsy

  25. Great interviw – I have not met Mooch yet. Reminds me of how I’m trying to get the kitty from the shelter’s barn cat program to be more friendly. She’s really starting become more trusting! Still very scared though.

  26. We loved meeting Mooch. We are great friends with her sister Toot, but we didn’t even know about Mooch. Mooch you were very brave coming to meow with Savannah. And we are so proud of you for getting along with the foster kitten. We hopes you never has to go to the vet, but if you do know it will be OK cause your peoples love you and they would never hurts you.

  27. We remember when Mooch joined her family. It can be so hard for those who have suffered ad been neglected to learn to trust again. You’re doing a great job!

    The Chans

  28. What a wonderful interview.Mooch you are brave and very forgiving of the human beans! It takes so much courage to be in a new place when you are so scared,i remember my rescue girl and we have had nothing but love from her and her bean was horrible..Savvy you are very good to allow Mooch to explain in her own way and time her story. Long and healthy life to you Mooch..from the rescue girls in our house to you. 🙂

  29. Katie Isabella on said:

    I loved the interview. And I loved meeting Mooch. I am so grateful that his mom found him and took him in. He was right to remind all the potential moms and dads out there that ferals are harder to assimilate into the household and time plus trust will see everyone through.

  30. What a great interview……I think Mooch has explained the difficulty a cat has in joining a well established household with existing kitties from the point of view of an “outsider” – one who needs a home and some help. Mooch was lucky to find that and I’m sure as she gets more and more used to being PART of a family she’ll relax and really enjoy feeling the safety. We can’t help how we are sometimes – but as long as our humans give us time to become our true selves with love and patience – ALL IS WELL. Good luck Mooch!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  31. What courage, Mooch. Thanks for sharing his story, Savvy. I also don’t know where I came from, but I’m happy to be here. It sounds like all your trials have led you to the right place, Mooch. Stay healthy. The vet is as scary as it sounds!

    Love and licks,

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