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Being Thankful Is Easy…


Mouses! What a week since last Thankful Thursday and my Thursday Garden Report for Jonesie’s Society of Feline Gardeners.

But firstest…I want to apologize for being absent from all of my furriends’ blog comment queues…but my Mom , who takes my dictation and does my typing…well….ummm…ahhh…yup…she has been helping with hourly feedings for the house introoder guest…Leo…purrlease accept both of our apologies.

Anywho…moving on…

Lots  of new stuff growin’ in my garden…outdoors AND indoors…heh…heh…yup…I now have a teeny little indoor garden JUST FOR ME!!


…here is a look at my indoor garden growing…


Haven’t sampled it yet… but maybe tonight.

But, let me talk about being thankful first.  Most of you met my introoder guest feline Leo on my Monday Meowsie News post.  If you did not, then click HERE to read all about him…

All of you kittehs and woofies know that being without a furrever home is…well..hmmm…what is it like???   Lemme think on that…(paw taps up, down, up, down…)

Ok…I think it is a lot like being what Leader Otis calls “Limbo Kitties“…my definition is a bit different than Leader O’s…but both are relevant to what I am thankful for today…here is what I think of as limbo kitties…and yes…limbo woofies too…

a place where kitties/woofies are  cast aside, forgotten“…

I know lots of my furriends are familiar with this place…same as me…same as my introoder guest Leo…

So tired

So tired

I am so, so humbled by my guest’s most admirable and incredible will to live…Leo is workin’ hard at hangin’ on to life…a life he so deserves.  Leo was “owner surrendered” at our county kill shelter because he wanted “too much attention/was too affectionate”…WOW!!! A kitteh that is affectionate!!! HORRIBLE!!!…ummmm…then why did you get a kitteh in the first place?…just wonderin’….
…and yep Leo is very affectionate…
Leo smoochie
Paws crossed that Leo comes back here to be taken care of by Dad and Mom tomorrow…and doesn’t have to spend another day in hospital.Today he went to a hospital to have a feeding tube inserted…his specialist vet says he has a good chance to get through his Hepatic Lipidosis disease.  Click HERE if you do not know about this illness for us kittehs. 

Mom and Dad did not know about it, and it surprised Leo’s caretakers at my former shelter.  It is so impawtant for all of us to learn from Leo’s illness.Thank Ceiling Cat that Leo now has the complete vet care he requires and that he has a chance to come through and find his furrever home at last…where his intense need to share his affection will be appreciated. 

I am thankful, thankful that Dad and Mom and my former shelter Kitty Corner have stepped up to save Leo if they can.So purrlease join Pepi Smart Dog’s “Thankful Thursday” Blog Hop…click on the badge to go visit some great Thankful Thursday posts…

And now for my Thursday Garden Report for Jonesie…the Emeritus Founder of the Society of Feline Gardeners…
Society of Feline Gardeners
Here is what is going on in my garden this week…
Hope you are all having a truly Thankful Thursday and you are loving your gardens…

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…Dad and Mom committed to pay for all of Leo’s vet care costs.  It is over $2,000 USD.   But his recovery is very, very hopeful…we would not have done this unless his chances of a full recovery were better than 80% which they are.  If you are so inclined to help a bit with this costs…purrlease donate to Mom’s paypal at lcrodgers at sbcglobal dot net.
We know that so many have greater needs…just thought we would ask in case any furriend finds some change hiding in the sofa, under the sofa or somewhere forgotten…thank for thinking about Leo’s recovery…

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42 thoughts on “Being Thankful Is Easy…

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  2. Happy Mum’s Day!

  3. stealthfur0ne on said:

    Great that you are giving this fine fellow a chance. Abandoned as he was TOO FRIENDLY! Hissss! It makes you wonder what kind of human could live with a pet for YEARS and then just give him up.
    No wonder Dad says he watches people he meets very closely for behavior and Never listens to what they say. The proof is in the pudding.

    I am going to ask Dad if he can help a bit

    Thanks so much Savannah and big purrs for you family!
    Happy Mothers Day too!

    • Oh hi!! I just visited your bloggy. I have not been visiting anyone for a while, just here and there. We have spent lots of time taking care of Leo. Your thoughts are so appreciated. Thank you, Paw pats, Savannah

  4. Too affectionate? Oh dear heavens, we think the world could use a major dose of that, yet someone thinks that is a problem… Sigh… thank goodness for the compassion of your humans to take care of Leo and we hope he will be okay.

    Have a wonderful weekend and we are thankful to have you as a friend!

  5. Yow doze flowerz are so gorgeeus….we haz wet dirt here 😦 Lubly garden Savannah. Dat grass lookz bery yummy. Mum got me sum a few yearz ago but me eated too much & kept throwin up n Mum was NOT amuzed!! So dat waz da end of me garden in da house!!!
    As fer Leo…we iz hopin n puttin our pawz together fer him tonite…he iz so lubly n Mum n me can not understand why any Hu’man cuud surrender a kitteh who iz too affectshunate??? HUH??? Me finkz peeple wuud like a cuddly kitteh….IF n diz iz big IF…If yer Hu’manz wanted to keep Leo wuud you let him stay???
    Just askin…
    Lub lub lub ya, Nylablue n her Mum…

  6. Poor Leo, I would love to have an Ornj lappy lovey kitty…some people are just to dumb to live, I guess. Judging from the photos he does look a tiny bit livelier, I have the gang revving up for his recovery. Let me see what we have in the change jar to donate…

    • ummmm…hey guys…I will have an update tomorrow…hope you come by to read it. And, I am embarrassed that I have not been a regular commenter recently. All I can say is I don’t even get regular play time and love time cuz Leo has needed so much attention…and I am totally ok with that

  7. What a wonderful thing you are all doing in helping Leo!

    The Chans

  8. Bootiful flowers. Makes TW miss her garden. We knew about that disease, which is also called Fatty Liver Disease cos TW used to be BFFs with a vet tech who used to panick TW when Tymmy would go a day w/o eating. Hope hope hope Leo pulls through.

    • well it was nothing Mom and Dad had every had to deal with nor my former shelter rescue group. Big learning curve for all involved. I will finally have a good update this weekend. So sorry I am absent so much. Between Leo and Blog Paws, Mom is crazed!

  9. What a horrible thing to be taken to the shelter because you are too affectionate? What were his people thinking! It sounds like he is in much better hands now though. I remember helping a few kitties with hepatic lipidosis that had a feeding tube. It took several weeks of tube feeding for them to get better, but they did!

  10. Savvy i hope poor Leo gets well,and yes some humans should get a pet rock..a sharp one..the world is full of cruel and nasty things we don’t understand..but also full of wonderful people who have souls of gold and heart as big as the universe.Leo is precious to each and very human who feels like your mum and dad Savvy.Bless you and mum and dad and prayers and hugs and paw pats to you and Leo 🙂

  11. spittythekitty on said:

    My Human always provides unsatisfactory service at this time of the school year. Sigh.

    We are purring and purraying for sweet Leo!

  12. I bet shelters hear all sorts of reasons but being ‘too affectionate’ is surely not a common one. Poor Leo. It makes me shudder to think about it. I love cuddles and take every opportunity to be on the lap and loved – if I’d gone to a different home……but I won’t think about it, too horrible.

    • oh Zena, you are wise indeed. Leo is not the first kitty my former shelter has had returned because it wanted “too much attention”. Leo was owner surrendered to the local “kill shelter” for this…thank Ceiling Cat my former shelter snatched him away from the jaws of death!! ANd now, we will have an update tomorrow that is giving Leo a brilliant chance at complete recovery. There truly are special vets in this world who truly love animals…and we have one

  13. Savannah, this is just such a wonderful post – we are so proud of you and your parents for being so kind to Leo. We hope that he will fully recover and find that forever home ( if he hasn’t already:).

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Some humans are crazy! What idiot would surrender a cat for being too affectionate? And then some humans are awesome, like yours, for helping Leo as much as they have!

  15. Leo is brave and courageous, and you and your family have hearts as big as the sky for helping him to survive and thrive. I am not familiar with your tiny indoor garden. Will you eat it? Sit on it? Dig in it? Being a city dog, I have little knowledge of the garden activities.

    Love and licks,

  16. theislandcats on said:

    Savvy, we were wondering how Leo was doing. We sure hope the feeding tube helps and he starts eating on his own soon. We’re so glad that your humans are taking good care of him. He sure deserves it.

  17. Just can’t understand some humans???? Too affectionate. My mum wishes I was more affectionate (though I am really, in my own way!). She would love Leo! Your peeps are good peeps, Savvy. Love Austin xx

  18. We can’t believe someone would surrender a cat for being too affectionate! Leo sounds like a wonderful companion. Your peeps are wonderful for committing to take such good care of him while he recovers. We are crossing our paws that he is able to come back to your house today for more recovery. He’s a lucky cat to have them looking out for him so he has a chance to find his real forever home.

  19. I did not know about that disease so I read up on your link…That is truly scary and horrible for poor homeless kitties…Giz and I are sending tons of healing prayers for Leo…How can any dumb hoomin say a kitty is too affectionate…(censored word censored word ) Poor Leo deserves the chance you and your pawrents are giving him …Both your gardens are lovely…especially that peach rose…gorgeous!

  20. meowmeowmans on said:

    Who gives up a cat because it is too affectionate??? That’s just sad. Well, at least this way he can find a REAL forever home, where he is loved right back. We are purring and praying.

  21. Wonderful post all round Savvy!How can a cat be to affectionate?Stoopid!!xxSpeedy

  22. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    sendin de veree best oh fishes ta leo savvy; heerez hopin him can come home N chillax with ewe; de blessings oh st francis two ewe dood ya finds a forever home N ya iz on de road ta ree coveree….

  23. Purrrrrrrs for Leo!

  24. We are all sending purrs to sweet Leo. You best taste your garden soon pretty girl just to make sure it is okay!

  25. emilykarn on said:

    We couldn”t believe what we read. Giving up a gorgeous cat like Leo for being too affectionate? Bless you and your people for sharing and caring. Sorry we can’t send any money but Our Person is on a very tight budget. Our prayers for Leo that he finds a forever home. Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  26. How great to have your own purrsonal garden, Savy! The human’s roses are looking lovely, too.

    We are inspired by Leo and purray he makes a full recovery and finds his furever home, soon.

    Happy Thursday!

  27. He was given up for being too affecctionate???!! There are no words!!!

  28. I hope Leo is well soon. His former owners want a cat who needs no attention and who’s unaffectionate?… they should buy a Tamagotchi, but I feel sorry in advance, even for this electronic pet… I like your roses, they remind me of Gertrude Stein: “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.” Have a wonderful thursday :o)

  29. we so wish we could donate but sadly we are beyond financially strapped as well. Dad is retired, Mom doesn’t have a job…we live on SS and pension. That’s why Mom and Dad can never go anywhere! We think what you are doing for Leo is just wonderful. Blessings to you.

    • We are also on fixed income. Pension and two SS, no investment earnings. Peter will be 70 in Oct and I will be 67. We are more able to travel because we gave our home back to the bank and no longer have that expense. We rent. Thanks for your prayers and purrs

  30. Katie Isabella on said:

    Savvy, I don’t know how I failed to comment the first time I read about Leo. I could have gotten distracted with a phone call or someone here but I have read it now and I am grieved that Leo had to go through such sadness and sickness. Thank you so very much for caring for him and loving him. It hurts my heart so badly to know what he is going through but thank heavens he has Vet care and that his prognosis is good.
    Poor precious dear dear little one. I will be watching every day for news about this little being. Thank you again for caring and helping.

    Katie Bella’s Mom

  31. mollieandalfie on said:

    So pawleased Leo is doing well, he sure is beautiful… Your flowers are amazing I love roses, we have an old English smelling one.. Not many have the scent anymore. Have a wonderful Thursday.. xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  32. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Hi Savannah! We think Leo is a very handsome kitty and hope he get better and is able to find someone to share his loving nature with. We love our humans, but we will never understand the behavior some of them exhibit. Perhaps circumstances require some of us to be rehomed in sad situations, but to part with an animal because it is too loving? That’s like quitting a job because it pays to much. Anyhow, Leo is in our thoughts and prayers. We too have a indoor garden. If your Mom and Dad would enjoy some plants but want to be kitty safe, this is what our HuMom regularly allows us to maul. Cat grass is great, but you know that, and there’s always fresh catnip. We know you’re not a fan but it is still green and won’t hurt you. Mint and basil are also members of the same family and our Tiger loves mint. That idea came from his love of peppermint foot cream! Mint has the added benefit of freshening Tiger’s breath. They all have the advantage of growing quickly so once we have “enjoyed” a crop, our grandHumom brings another pot or two in from her growing place. (Landry/utility room) While we can’t compare with your outdoor garden, we really enjoy nomming on our variety of greens.

    Give your Mom and Dad a little extra affection as a reward for the wonderful job they are doing with Leo.

    Mistletoe & Hitch

  33. A kitty punished for being too affectionate?? Sounds like his peeps should’ve got a stuffed toy instead. Poor Leo. Its lovely of your peeps to take such good care of him xxx

  34. Hi Savvy…..thanks for updating us on your friend Leo’s situation – being surrendered for being too affectionate is – well – desperately SAD. We kitties love to give AND receive affection and whoever got him simply shouldn’t have had him in the first place. I’m glad he gets to snuggle with your Mom! It’s wonderful that your pawrents are going to make sure he gets healthy again and has a chance to find a REAL forever home. He’s a beautiful cat. Your garden continues to look incredible – you’re SO lucky to have all of that to look out on every single day!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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