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Monday Meowsie News…


Where to begin…so much going on…inside and outside my home…so kick back, get some nip-tea and a paw full of Greenies or Temptations or Friskies Pawty Mix…ya know…what ever rocks your mittens…and check out my news feed from Casa Savannah…


I’ll start with the cute stuff first…let you all get your “SQUEEE!” goin’…

Next door to my town home community is a really nice apartment complex with a couple of great water features.  Mom suspected that the sign at the entrance/exit to our community must have a reason for being there…so she was watchin’ as Spring started to be in the air…

duck crossing

And sure enough…this is what she started to see…(you can click to bigify)

And then just a few days later…

That’s a look at our wildlife.  We feel really badly that Momma Duck lost two of her babies. We don’t know what happened but she only has two of her original four with her now.  They will almost be big enough to leave soon.  Same with the goslings…they are getting so big!

Now for my other news...and I am not the least bit happy to even be sharing this (glares at Mom) but Mom said I should be gracious (whatever that is!) and share some news about our current house introoder guest.

He is eight years old, his name is Leo and he has been at my former shelter, Kitty Corner, for a few weeks.  Well, last week he got very depressed and stopped eating.  Miss Chrissy the Shelter Adoption Manager asked Mom to take him to the bad place of kitty torture medicine to get looked at.  He was very very sick.  He had to get fluids and lots of pills and stuff.

What happened some of you may ask?  Well, first, Leo is an older cat, and he had been at the kill shelter before my former shelter could bring him to safety with them.  When some new cats were added to the mix a few days later, for some reason the change caused Leo to withdraw and then stop eating.  So his body started to metabolize his own body fat which caused his liver to get too much fat in it and he became jaundiced…his ears, lips and eyes are yellow.  So we have to get him to eat so his body has REAL food to metabolize and clear up his liver.

Mom and Dad did not know that this is what can happen when a cat stops eating so we wanted to share this learning with efurrbody…just in case anyone else is as ignorant unaware as Mom and Dad.

And you guessed right about my other Monday Meowsie News…Leo is now settled in MY guest bedroom…it’s sort of OK, ‘cuz I don’t really use that room…but hey…they could have asked me first, na’mean???

Leo’s furs are very messy ‘cuz he hasn’t felt like giving himself a bath.  Dad slept with him the first night. But the second day here he was still not eating; even though he is getting not only antibiotics but also an appetite stimulant twice a day.  

So Saturday Miss Tammy (the pawsome animal rescue lady who saved me from the kill shelter) came and administered fluids through a drip thingy.  We think Leo felt better ‘cuz this morning, Sunday  he was talkin’ a bit and he ate some more kibble.  He will get another hydration treatment today, Sunday, before going back to the vet on Monday for a check up.

Here are some photos of Leo…he really, really is a sweet cuddly guy…just very sick…

And then this afternoon Leo showed Mom how he likes to snuggle…Mom did a rotten OK job of trying to cover her face and body so you can focus on what’s impawtant…LEO…(click to bigify)

What?? Oh, did someone ask about ME??  Little ole’ ME?  Who lives here all the time…and has been the Queen of this home for like about a kazillion years!!  You wanna know about ME?  What did you ask???….oh…how am “I” doing…harrruummppffff…

First that Rat Pack bunch of kittens came to visit;  now Leo in my spare bedroom.  What can I say…I have retreated to spending time in solitude…no, no…not UTB…BTC…”behind the couch”.  That gets Dad and Mom really worried and then they stop everything and pay lots of attention to me…heh…heh…

And then yesterday…I really freaked Mom out ‘cuz I hid someplace I never ever hide…

See Me??

See Me??

…all Mom heard was some rustling noises…

What? Miss Me??

What? Miss Me??

..let’s see if that teaches them a lesson…


Hope that was enough Monday Meowsie News for you…what a week and weekend!!

DON’T FORGET…Tomorrow I have another Real Rescue Cats Are Talking Interview…you are going to want hear this cat’s story for sure…see you  tomorrow

Paw Pats, Savannah

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47 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…

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  2. Sending purrs for leo. Get well soon, leo…

  3. stealthfur0ne on said:

    Thanks for posting that information Savannah. This is why when switching foods or starting diets, heaven forbid, the peeps make sure a kitty never goes longer than a day or so without eating. So sorry to hear about Leo but he is in good hands with your Mom. Funny bag location. I go right into any that Dad may leave around.

  4. Sorry that we originally missed this post. The humans had the nerve to go away for a few days and they tooks their computers with them except the ones in the living room and on the third floor, two places we are not allowed. So nows we are trying to catch up with our reading and commenting. Anyway, we’s praying for Leo. He looks like a really nice man-cat. Remember that he comes from the same shelter where you were, so we think it’s a good thing that he’s at your house getting better. We also enjoyed seeing the little duckies. We have some that live real close at the river, but we don’t get to go their. Moving on to see what happened on Tuesday. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

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  6. Savvy, never count the duckies, it can make you sad 😦
    I’m so sorry for Leo. He just needs some love and cuddles. It’s good to have a mom like yours.
    Btw you weren’t in the bag, were you 😀

  7. Hi Savannah…what a lovely newsie news letter!!!! We have ducks here to who cross the road & visit!!! As for the geese I as a Canadian apoplogize!!! They are prolific everywhere it seems & their poo is prevalent!!! There is nothing like stepping on Goose poop the size of cat poo….never go bare pawed, lol!!!!
    As for Leo….he reminds me of the cat who got lost in the airport terminal in New York last year…in fact I think his name was also Leo!!!
    Poor old fella!! I know it is hard to share your Mom & Dad but just think you & your ‘pawent’s are helping to save a life just as Mom & Dad when they found you!! 😉 I will include sweet Leo in my prayers tonite xoxo
    We love you Savannah, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too.

  8. Savvie we’ve got baby duckies here too but Momz won’t let me close to them…gee I wonder why BOL! Leo has such beautiful eyes and once he’s all healthy again he’s gonna have lovely furs too…You’re a good girl for letting him stay wit you while he heals up

  9. Please keep us informed on how Leo gets on – I hope he will continue to get all better! Hey Savy, you could be looking at your new brother BOL

  10. Poor Leo it sounds as if he has had a very hard time of it. Being a senior guy and dropped off at a kill shelter. Maybe when he is feeling a bit better you can become friends with him. Did we ever tell you that when Arty first came to live here all she would eat was scrambled eggs?

    Aren’t baby geese and ducks just the cutest. ~Scylla

  11. Savvy, Leo is cute but you have nothing to worry about. If Raffles has taught me one thing it’s that experience can beat cute in the long run!
    Let’s hope Leo gets better very soon and then he can find a new home and you can have your space back.

  12. Oh savvy..I still love you. *gentle paw kiss* your mom and dad just want to help less fortunate cats.. and kittens. Poor Leo.. I hope he feels better. Maybe if you had a talk with him you will found out he just wants a furever home. As for the Lil ones.. they are in need of guidance for how to behave.. you could be a mentor and teach them. Imagine the looks on their little faces when you tell them your adoption story.

  13. Savannah, we are sure you are still top cat with your humans, but poor little Leo needs some special TLC. We hope the fluids and meds help him feel better and start eating well. All paws crossed.

    Meanwhile, have fun in that bag:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Savannah, we know you aren’t thrilled about it, but it’s such a great thing that your peeps have taken Leo in. We sure hope he starts eating more. We’ve heard that if a cat stops eating, it can cause liver damage. We sure hope Leo will be okay. And we purr that he finds a new home…he sure deserves one.

  15. What a lot of news! Trouble is, Savvy, you are obviously one very charismatic kitty. Everybody just wants to be around you. Is sweet Leo a keeper? He looks like he needs some long term TLC 🙂 Have a great day xox

  16. What the heck, Savvy! Invaders one after another stealing cuddles. Whoa. It sounds like you’re taking it all in stride. You are very brave and so is Leo. I hope he feels better soon.

    Love and extra licks,

  17. HEhehe! Have a nice week Savannah!

  18. Hello sweet Savannah, you sure are kind to give a helping paw to handsome Leo.

  19. Wow, what awesome birds! I wonder if some critter got the two ducklings… I’m sure it wasn’t a kitty!

    I think Leo looks like an awesome kitty! The technical term for what happened to him is hepatic lipidosis, but don’t ask my human to say it, MOL! I hope he gets better soon – I am sending purrs his way. ‘Cause the faster he gets better, the faster he can go back to the rescue and find a permanent home!

  20. Savvy, that Leo just needs lots of lovings and to know that he has not been forgotten. Poor guy. We are glad your pawrents are kind enough to foster him and work on getting hime healthy. We will be purring for him to find a loveing furever home so that he doesn’t get sick again.

    Those duckies and goosies are very cute. We get duckies around here, and when the babies disappear, we think one of hte feral kitties may have gotten one…..or hte two legged brats that live around here may have done something also. Poor babies.

  21. Take good care of Leo Savvy he sounds like he needs some TLC,xx SPeedy

  22. I’m sure you hide a kind heart behind a grumpy exterior,hoping all the best for Leo.

  23. There certainly has been a lot going on at your house and mostly without your approval, I might add. Loe IS very handsome. He reminds me a bit of my Buzzy. I get the feeling that unless you protest, Leo is staying. Na mean? Your peeps have a lot of love to give.

  24. I love the ducks and geese! And you are so sweet and charming to allow Leo to have some time and attention at your home. He really needs it!! What a little cuddly guy he is.

  25. Leo is beautiful and it seems that all he really wanted was love, judging by the cuddling pics! I hope he can get better real soon and find a forever home!
    Sending him lots and lots of purrs!
    Savvy, was it your bed he was sleeping in? You seem to take it not so badly 🙂
    Take care sweetie!

  26. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    savvy….blessingz ten fold ta yur mom & dad for taken in leo; leo, de blessings oh st francis two ewe that ya getz on de road ta ree coveree ree & quik…savvy; we think ewe wood make a cute couple….


  27. You are really very gracious to have Leo in your guest room, getting love and attention and food. He looks like a charmer. Will you make friends with him, do you think?

  28. That’s so lovely of you to share your home with Leo:-)

  29. WE think you are lovely and ever so kind letting an interloper share your peeps. Poor Leo must be confused not having his own family…it must be scarey as well as being ill,he’s got a lot on his plate right now. Would you ask your Mummy to give Leo some healing purrs from us all…I think he needs them.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

  30. How nice of your mom to take Leo in. And very nice of you to allow it Savannah 😉 That liver stuff is no fun 😦 I’ve seen lots of kitties recover from it well though with amazing results in many cases.

  31. Sometimes it’s hard to share Mom and Dad, Savvy, but poor little Leo needs their help right now. We sure hope he gets better and finds a home really soon! Loved the little baby ducks and goslings! We saw some the other day on the river following Mom & Dad.

  32. spittythekitty on said:

    I hope Leo does well at his vet visit today and that he starts eating real food again soon! (The sooner he gets well, the sooner he’ll be out of your guest room, MOL!). Your Peeps are good ones, Savvy, even if you do disapprove (as I would) of intruders. XOXOXOXO

  33. Duckies are gorgeous!! Quackers 🙂 and Leo poor old sweetie,it’s very sad that he felt so bad…a little egg yolk entices the appetite too,i hope he gets back his Roar soon..and Savannah…hidy bag..really ..who would guess 😉

  34. Wow he really looks like Leo, the lion. It’s so nice that he can stay in your kitty guest room, I think he was lonesome and he needs someone who loves him… I hope he is well soon. Please give your pawrents a big hug from me, for supporting Leo and the “Rat Pack”… btw: are you literally the kitty in the bag?

    • Yup Easy, that was me in that bag. I was hiding. I didn’t sleep with Dad and Mom last night. First time since I came to love with them that I did not come to bed. I really am not liking this guest even if I don’t have to see or hear him. He really is very quiet

  35. Really nice what you are doing for Leo (we share a name), hope he gets better soon.
    Loved the pics of the ducks and goslings

  36. Chancy and his cats on said:

    Sweet Savannah the ducks pictures are wonderful….so cute. We are also sorry the mama duck lost two babies. Leo is a very handsome cat. We hope he eats and is all better very soon. Special hugs to you, your mom and dad for taking care of him and sharing your home with him. Hugs and nose kisses Chancy and Mumsy

  37. I’m with Rumpy. I think you should keep Leo too. YES if a cat stops eating it can be a dire situation….that I knew, but many do not.
    As for the geese????? OMG…….we have so many here it is disgusting (Yes I said DISGUSTING)…I used to love them, no more. They poop EVERYWHERE….and…they are MEAN (the mothers, in particular, who have tried to attack Dakota on a few occasions while he was ON HIS LEASH taking a walk)….our condo complex has actually packed them up a few times and shipped them to Canada (which is 30 min away from us) but they keep coming back.
    They are cute to watch but are EVERYWHERE…….

    • Actually Cody and Miss Caren, mom and dad don’t like the Canada geese either. They have destroyed their favorite lake in the sierras, Silver Lake. You can’t get out of a canoe anywhere around the lake without stepping in good poop. Very nasty. There must be hundreds now breeding on this once gorgeous high Sierra lake. It is at 7000′ elev and the Canada geese own it as soon as the ice and snow melt. But the babies are cute so we shared them

  38. I think you should take a shine to that kitty and let him stay there! *hopeful*

  39. Aw, Leo looks so sweet and lovely. I hope you can come to terms with him soon Savannah, although I do know that cats are not particularly prone to having invaders in their house. My cats love to get into paper bags. It’s so much fun and the rustle noise are delightful. Wishing Leo a speedy recovery

  40. Savvy I think it’s lovely that you and your pawrents are helping Leo….he’s a handsome cat and I do hope he starts eating and feeling better soon. I bet snuggles with your Mom was as healing as getting him to eat – sometimes just feeling the love is all we need. Please tell Leo that he has a friend in Virginia (!) who hopes he’s better REAL soon. You’re a good girl to share your home with others – it’s a very generous thing to do!

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

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