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Monday Meowsie News…And A Leo Update


Yoo Hoo!!!  Hellooooooo….!!!….anybody still out there??????…..


MOUSES!!! I told Mom and Dad I needed the iPad at least to try to visit my furriends…but nooooooooo…they were too bizzy, bizzy…sigh…ok, ok….gotta admit…they were  mostly spending their time at a bazillion vets and vet hospitals trying like the dickens to save Leo’s life…

Yup…I was a good foster sisfur to Leo and even though Mom and Dad were gone a lot…I still snuggled every night with them and I came straight to the couch to watch TV next to Mom and I even let Dad do a special petting and brushing session with me on my step where I usually only allow Mom to give me attention.  Dad smiled all day!

Let me give you the UPDATE ON OPERATION SAVE MY FOSTER BROFUR LEO…I last left you HERE…Leo was in hospital having a feeding tube inserted into his neck to go into his throat so he could be fed and receive meds to save his life…that procedure was done Wednesday May 8th…and Dad and Mom went to bring him home Thursday May 9…Leo did not come home that day…

  • Hospital had not prepared Leo to come home…he had been left lying in his own pee…still had his catheter/IV left in his right front leg…not cleaned up…none of his meds, food or anything were ready when Mom and Dad arrived at the prescribed appointment time.
  • After 40 minutes waiting, Dad asked what the H….
  • They sent a vet tech in saying she would go get Leo after she cleaned him up…telling them he had been in his own pee cuz he was “feeling too bad to get to litter box”…WHAT???….he was supposed to feel better???
  • Leo brought into the exam room…stressed, scared, and frantic.  Vet Tech was nice lady, tried to show Dad and Mom all they had to do to take him home…instructions were only about 5 bullet points when for someone who has never ever done this type of intense care needs about 50 bullet points!!!
  • Leo’s Specialist Vet never showed up to talk with Mom and Dad…after all…Leo is a shelter adult rescue and this hospital, we learned later, does not work with shelter rescue groups.
  • Dad and Mom were there for about 90 minutes. They decided to leave Leo as they could not manage his first tube feedings because they were not prepared and Leo really needed medical attention.
  • Friday, May 10…Mom and Dad and Contra Costa Humane Society, Leo’s Official Guardians…went into action to create a proper plan for Leo’s survival post feeding tube insertion
  • Dad called the vet specialist hospital to raise all his concerns about the previous day and about quality of Leo’s care
  • Mom called MY PERSONAL VET…heh…heh…Dr Ellis from Civic Feline Clinic…where Mom and Dad have gone for 10 years with all their before me 3 kitties.
  • Dr. Ellis said she would take Leo into her care…bring him over…Mom and Dad broke Leo out of jail from the other vet hospital on Friday late afternoon…took him to Civic…
  • EVERONE saw Leo and immediately googoo talked him…gave him pets, love…and he went off to the hospital wing at Civic purrring and 90% asleep he was so relieved to be in loving and caring hands.
  • Leo is under the care of a very special vet…Dr. Ellis…she is making him feel so special…
  • Dad was so excited on Saturday, he got to visit Leo, learn to do his tube feeding whilst Leo laid his sweet head in Dad’s hand…purred…as Dad pumped the food through the tube
  • Leo will remain with Civic until Mom is back from Blog Paws…Civic is providing this loving care at a humongously reduced cost…we are all purring at CASA SAVANNAH!!

Here is Leo…as he left the vet specialist hospital…OMC!!…was he ready to go…

Last Thursday I made a request for any help my furriends might give to Mom and Dad who have been paying for Leo’s medical costs…they have already paid $2,300 USD.  And I asked that you donate to Mom’s paypal account.  I am humbled that the very first donation came from a furriend as far away as Europe…it does take a Global Village to save some of our pawsome adult cat and dog shelter rescues.

Now, CCHS, Leo’s shelter rescue group, has set up a special fund raising on their site for Leo’s Medical Costs.

At least for those of my furriends who live in the USA, PURRlease donate here…Contra Costa Humane Society Donate page CLICK HERE…when you see this option…

“Please select the program or fundraiser to which your donation should be applied”

..scroll the “options” and click “Leo’s Medical Care”…CCHS  is a 501 3c organization in the USA and all USA donations will be tax deductible when submitted through here.

CCHS will then reimburse Mom Linda and Dad Peter as much as they can.  But honestly, we would sell our house if we still had one to help Leo out. He clearly wants very much to live.  He is so tolerant when he gets his meds and gets fed through his tube. What a trooper!!

Leo as he arrived at Civic Feline Clinic…he was so much more relaxed…but these photos also show you the pawful physical images of his hepatic Lipidosis syndrome…Leo is NOT OUT OF THE WOODS…until he willingly eats on his own…please send him your healing purrrs..

I know this was such a long post…but I had so much news…and Leo’s story is so impawtant…his Hepatic Lipidosis Syndrome is something many kittty Guardians may not know about and even some rescues may never have seen it.  We are learning more and more about how Leo’s syndrome may have been triggered and I will share that with all my furriends soon.

Paw Pats and Humble Ears for all your healing purrrrs, soft woofs and kind arrwwwoooss for Leo…Savannah

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62 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…And A Leo Update

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  3. Ohno, that is horrible.
    I hope Leo will feel better and that everything will help. He’s lucky to have his family and a lot of people from this blog-vile family having his back.
    I’ll send healing vibes your way! Get better Leo!

  4. Goodness catness! Terrible! Typical of the “we are the premium” self aggrandizing. They are usually just a stab above putrid.
    So good that he is now in able hands.
    Thanks for the update

  5. on said:

    Hi, heard about Leo from Mollie and Alfie’s, hated to read anyone would leave an already ill cat sitting in their own urine! Call the Vet License people about that! I couldn’t do much but a little thru the CCHS. Prayers to you all!
    Max’s Ma

    • OH Cat! Thank you so much for coming by to visit and especially for whatever you were able to do for Leo. Mom and Dad are just about to go to do his 5PM feeding. THey spend time with him and love on him lots. WE hope he can come home by the time Mom gets back from going to Blog Paws and stuff…maybe May 23. paw pats, Savannah

  6. Omg just caught up with what is going on 😦 that vet is disgusting. I am involved in the auction at Mollies but also will donate to your PayPal xxx

    • thanks guys…we have the Paypal and so very much appreciate all you can do. Actually, the whole story involves 3 vet practices who failed to help Leo properly. The second we had to take him to, because the rescue group uses them (we never would) wanted to euthanize him as he was too ill. The first one who saw him never told us what he had, did not give any instructions as to how much food he needed and that he must be fed by syringe if not eating on own and never ever suggested an ultrasound to learn if he had any underlying conditions. All 3 failed this cat. Now, he has a chance. Still not eating on his own as of this morning. MOUSES!!! : (

  7. catfromhell on said:

    Dearest Savannah! We is purraying furry hard for Leo! He deserves it! Is is such a super cat! And your pawrents was pawsome that they puts their foots doena and gots him out of that horrid place.
    Wes can’t wait to hears what your Mommy has to say about Blog-Paws!

  8. Hiya, whee have a little surprise waiting for you to cheer you and your pawrents up . . .

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  9. Me and mom too have missed the entire story of poor Leo 😦
    So glad he got into a better vet-clinic than the first one 🙂
    Keep my paws crossed that he get´s well ❤

  10. I just saw Sparkle’s post, have missed the entire story of poor Leo. I’m sick over his initial “vet care,” am so glad he’s under the care of your own vet now. I’d like to donate a few dollars, will do so via Linda’s PayPal account, as we’re in Canada. I’m sorry it won’t be much, my financial situation is uh, strained, but I know what it’s like to incur thousands of dollars of debt for vet bills. Purrs from Nicki and Derry to Leo and to you too, for being such angels.


    • Miss Kim and Nicki, Derry…even a dollar is helpful. Mom and Dad would appreciate help with half the medical costs and just consider the rest their donation to Leo. We really love him and he is so very brave. Not sure if I will let him live here permanently, but he deserves to be held in loving arms. Mom and Dad each go over to feed him one of his 4 feedings per day…and then they spend some time just talking with him and loving him. He gives great head bumps which I don’t do…purrrs, Savannah peeEss…I have very humble and embarrassed ears I have not been in your comment queue for sometime; I follow you and read; but we haven’t made comments much for a while. Mom is going to Blog Paws and can barely get my posts done ahead…thank you for understanding

  11. castlebreaker on said:

    Savannah – We heard about Leo through Sparkle’s post about him & have contributed via the Contra Costa webpage just now. We hope it helps a little. What a terrible thing for this poor sweet boy! This kind of thing makes my MomKatt SICK and very angry and I’m all hissy.

    I’ll be sending massive purrs for Mr. Leo! And your pawrents rock for helping him.


    • you are too kind Selina…purrrs of thanks to you and MomKatt. Leo still is not eating on his own but we still have great hope. His illness was not treated appropriately in the early days, we actually saw TWO other vets, none of whom told us how serious it was and the second one said he should be euthanized. Mom and Dad said no way, not without an ultrasound…then came the Vet Specialist Hospital who at least said he had a chance, but they treated him so crumby. This is a very expensive specialist vet care place and they don’t like to treat cats especially those “owned’ by a rescue group which Leo technically is. So Mom and Dad said enuff is enuff…and took him to my personal Vet and now he has a really good chance. paw hugs Selina

  12. Hello Savannah, we don’t think we have met you before, so it’s good to say hello! We just read about Leo on the Cat Blogosphere and we dropped by to leave Leo some rumbly purrs and love for his swift recovery. We also think your humans are total stars for working so hard to help Leo. The condition he has is so tricky to treat and manage, we are so glad he is now at a good vet who actually cares about him. He really is a lovely cat, and so Savannah, are you!

    Gerry & Mungo

    • Hi! Thank you for coming by to visit and read about Leo. He has had a very tuff time and still has a long road ahead. He still does not eat on his own at all. But we hope, and Mom and Dad each go over once a day to help feed him and to give him love so he doesn’t forget he has family. My vet and all the staff there take time to talk with him, give him pets…he is perky now and wants out of his cage so my vet let him walk around the clinic!!! How cool is Dr Ellis!!

  13. Goodness, hope Leo is okay–that’s very serious! And that specialist hospital–they need to be reported to someone! Look forward to meeting your mom at Blogpaws!

  14. We read about Leo on Sparkle’s blog and we will purr hard for his recovery and will go over to the website and make a little donation. We hope lots of small donations can add up.

  15. We sure do send tons and tons of Purrs to Leo. And we sure do thank you Savannah’s Mom and Dad for taking such good care of Leo and for getting him to a different vet. Sounds like the first place was horrible. We sure hope he starts eating really soon.

  16. Poor little Leo. I hope he survives and strives. Your pawrents are so good. I wish we could help but you know our situation.

  17. Oh Savvy…. thank goodness your mom and dad got Leo out of that jail cell and into proper care. What a handsome dude he is! Reminds me a little of my brother Seville. Don’t tell Sivvers that though. It’ll go straight to his head. His head is big enough already!


  18. So sad to hear that the specialty hospital took that sort of care for him. But I am glad that your vet clinic is there to help you out!

  19. For shame on the first vets and raised paws for your vet!

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  21. Oh man, poor Leo. He needs love and attention. What was that first place thinking? We’re so happy that your mom and dad are taking care of him and got him to a better place with a good vet so he will have a fighting chance. We’re purring for Leo…with all the purring going on for him, we know he will come through this!

    The mom can’t wait to meet your mom at BlogPaws this week!

  22. Poor little guy. Bad enough being so sick, but to have humans be so uncaring!! Sending lots of hugs and megapurrs from Austin xx

  23. Dinah on said:

    Hurrah for you and your folks, Savannah. I join everyone else in wondering how a vet hospital could be so uncaring.

    • Dinah on said:

      Pee ess: my housekeeper sent a check to the CCHS for Leo’s care. Thanks for the link.

      • smoochies Dinah!! Thank you and the housekeeper for giving us so much support. Once Leo is home here the housekeeper must come over to meet him. I will make sure she washes up before going home to you so you don’t have to smell that mancat…ick!

  24. We have all our paws crossed for Leo! Poor boy, he needs love and that first place sure didn’t give it to him. We are so happy that he has your peeps to advocate for him.
    hugs and headbutts from all of us!

  25. Your Mom and Dad and now your vet are doing so much good for little Leo. We continue to cross our paws for him to heal and be a healthy kitty.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  26. Sending healing vibes and positive thoughts to Leo xxx

  27. Katie Isabella on said:

    Precious Leo. I am so grateful that he has you and the good people halping him.

  28. My goodness Savannah, I missed most of this with Leo somehow. We send him our best purrs and prayers and will send some green papers to where you said later tonight.

  29. Granny will send healing for Leo and I send my favorite Pawkisses, both we’ll purray for him. Poor fellow 🙂

  30. Yow CAT GOD what waz dat Vet finkin leavin sweet Leo in hiz own urine n givin shuch cwappy care??? Aunti Linda & Uncle Peter yer Leo’s Angelz fer shure & Savannah me applaudz ya fer bein so payshunt when Leo waz at yer place n me iz now sayin ‘kitteh prayerz’ fer dat sweet boy!! Mum told me about da disease Leo haz n we hopez he makez it!!!!!
    Me Mum wantz to help wif a few $$ n wantz to nose if she sendz Canadian $$ can you exchange it at a Bank dere??? We finkz Bank Of America & Wells FArgo are shure betz….purrleeze let uz know.
    Lub n prayerz frum Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen xo

  31. Wow Leo, we are so pleased that you have two wonderful humans to care for you. We are all sending prayers and what we hope are healing purrs and hugs Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  32. I am sending LOTS of purrs Leo’s way! Poor guy – I am glad he is in good hands now.

  33. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    dood…sendin MOR blessings oh St Francis two ewe; manee hugs N purrz N purrayers this new vetz will give ewe de PROPER care ewe knead…sorree ya had ta go thru what ewe wented thru at that…otherz place….if they bee savvy’s vet…they bee a great vet !!!!

  34. Susan Surreal on said:

    I just made a donation this morning. A couple of months after my father died, I lost his cat Pillsbury to the same issue. I don’t anyone else to go through what I went through!

  35. OMC savvy and family it is so wonderful what you are doing for Leo! We’re hoping and purring for him to get through this!

  36. Oh poor Leo. Whee are send love and healing wheeks. Is it ok to donate from the UK do you know? Whee will get Mummy to send some of our veggie funds.

    Get well soon Leo, you are in safe paws and your big foster sister Savvy and her pawrents are going to take such good care of you.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    • Yes Basil Nibbles, Buddy and Nutty, you can donate from UK. Easy Rider was the very first to donate to Mom Linda’s Paypal account. IT was so thoughtful. If you have any problem giving something on the donate page for CCHS, then just donate to Mom Linda’s Paypal. lcrodgers at sbcglobal dot net We will be posting the full amount of the cost of his care and periodic updates on what has been raised between Mom Linda’s Paypal and CCHS Donate page. Even a pound is helpful so purrlease thank Mummy and give her a snuggle for me. Purrrs, Savvy

  37. I’m sending prayers for sweet Leo! I’m sorry I didn’t know about how sick he has been until today…I didn’t spend as much time on the computer in the last week. I donated a little, and I hope it will help some! Thanks to you and your family for being so good to Leo! Much love to you all!!!

  38. Well it sounds like that first vet didn’t much care about Leo since he is a shelter cat! Poor guy! We are so glad and thankful that your vet is being so good and taking care of Leo at a reduced rate! We can’t help with the cost right now, but maybe we can send some later. Until then we will be purring and purring and purring for Leo to get well!

  39. I think Leo is tougher than he looks. Your parents are the best busting him out of the awful place that wasn’t giving him the care he needed. I hope it is clear sailing from here on out. Mom and I will continue to say prayers for Leo. And all of you. xoxo

    Love and licks,

  40. Oh yeah Leo I know this civic feline place well!!! It is the home base infirmary for the Kitty Platoon and it is the best you can get. Get well soon and eat everything they give you.
    Private smokey

  41. Oh Savvy I cannot believe what happened to poor Leo…How can that first hospital be so mean to that poor boy…Good thing your folks and Dr. Ellis are in charge now…Sending lots of good healing thoughts for Leo

  42. Oh my! Poor Leo! He is very lucky to have found your pawrents, Savvy!
    I send Leo lots and lots of purrs!

  43. Purrs for Leo…and special purrs for all those trying to help.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

  44. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Dear Savannah,
    Kudos to your Mom and Dad. They have saved Leo again. The way he WASN’T cared for at the specialist vet makes us want to claw all the cushions in that office. Our HuMom is upset about it too. She decided that if we are ever confined to the hospital she’ll do surprise visits just like she did when the manchild was with his caretaker. Not knowing when Mom might pop in never hurts even when you completely trust the other party. Actually those visits helped build that trust. So, we are sorry for taking up so much room but we have one more thing.

    Do you think Leo might have stopped eating because he is heartbroken. We were thinking about how in a couple sometimes one person is the primary caretaker, as in the case of Mama Cat. When her one caretaker got sick the other was understandably overwhelmed but was also not used to being the one to provide care. Anyway, if Leo lost his true love he might have turned to another who found him too clingy. And maybe we are just looking for a reason that someone could suddenly, after years, decide a cat was too affectionate. But, although we’ve taken a winding road to get to it, our point is, Leo might have quit eating because he’s heartbroken. One that came before us, Buckwheat, stopped eating when he had to be rehomed to save his life. Luckily he was with grandfather who offered love and bacon and created a new bond. But if this grandfather guy hadn’t been there, or if our family hadn’t been willing to drive 700 miles, one-way, to make sure Buckwheat was with someone who loved him, the couple of days without eating might have cause this hepatic lipidosis in him. So, that’s why we think Leo stopped eating. His heart was broken. Hopefully finding love again will save him. We are sending him extra love and purrs, but we still have plenty for you.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  45. Oh, yes … we’re out here. Been reading whenever we’re home (not with grandkids and such)! ~ We are all SOOOOO happy that your mom and dad broke Leo out and got him to YOUR vet, who is clearly much better skilled and MUCH MORE loving. Poor Leo … we’ll ramp up our purrs and prayers for him and for all of you.

  46. Katie Isabella on said:

    I am past horrified that a place that called themselves a Vet ANYTHING never mind hospital would ever EVER leave an animal in those horribe conditions. An animal that can’t fend for itself who is desperately sick, just left there by uncaring neglectful people who call that place a hospital.

  47. We are so glad that you got little Leo out of there and somewhere kinder (and cleaner!). We are crossing all paws, hooves and fingers for him.

    The Chans

  48. I am so pleased your folks broke him out and his is now being looked after properly! I am keeping everything crossed that he will make a full recovery!!

    I am afraid I am unable to give you and monetary support, but if you would like I will offer a case of my cat food (4 x 2kg bags) which you can aution or raffle off to raise some funds. Maybe when things aren;t so busy…?! It would need to be a UK address that won though I am afraid! I know its not much but it is all I can offer!

  49. we are purring and praying for Leo and for you and all of the wonderful peeps that are caring for him

  50. That’s so sad. He has been left laying in his own pee – that’s so horrible. Sometimes I lost the confidence in vets. I hope from the bottom of my heart that Leo is in best hands now at Dr. Ellis’ clinic and that he will recover. Thanks to you, Dr. Ellis and CC Humane for saving Leo.

  51. Poor Leo but even though his health is so delicate he has been blessed with you and your family to help him through his crisis. It sounds like he’s in very good hands now and while I’m sure he’s far from well – very far maybe – at least he has the best chance ever. Purrrrayers for Leo.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  52. OMC, poor Leo. We’re so glad that he’s in good hands and at a vet who will take really good care of him. We’re proud of your dad for standing up for him and talking to the other vet about what he thought about Leo’s quality of care.

    We’re in the middle of our grand-human in hospice, so our head peep can’t make it to BlogPaws this year. She’s disappointed because she would love to meet your Mom.

    We’ll purr for Leo and see if the head peep can spare some green papers for his care. Hepatatic lipidosis takes a long while to get better, so we know he’ll need help with that bill.

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