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Thankfulness Comes with Relief


Just not enough time in the week to cover all the “thankfuls”…but I am so purrleased that our good furriend Pepi Smart Dog gives us this blog hop to help us remember to cover the “thankfuls” each week…pawsome!


Click HERE to check out what other furriends are talkin’ about bein’ thankful for…


So I never thought I would say this…but I am so thankful for my Foster Brofur Leo…finally…Mom and Dad now are learning what a wonderful, priceless and purrfect ladycat I am…what a RELIEF!!.  No misbehavin’ on my part…no sireeee…

…on the other paw…FB Leo is a different story…


Do ya see that???…right there…Mom’s fave buffet she makes look all nice…and “SOME CAT” must have jumped up there, smooshed up that pretty table runner thingy…and practically knocked off that bowl from Peru and that heavy candle thing-a-ma-bob…pawful, just pawful…

And…I, Savannah, was closed off in my master bedroom having my morning siesta when this happened…hmmmm….wonder who could have done it…heh…heh..yup, FB Leo is makin’ me look really good!

Of course, FB Leo gets out and about…but the other thing that makes me feel appreciative is that he hasn’t damaged any of my fave toys…well, at least not yet.  And Mom and Dad always make sure they pick up Mr Scruffy, my very, very first ever toy they bought just special for me when I first came to be fostered by them.


He is my most favorite, special toy of all…I play with him by myself every day…he sleeps on my scratch post when I am not playing with him…you can see I have loved him to pieces…so no Leo germs allowed on Mr. Scruffy.

I always have to check out my stuff after Leo has been out…ya never know what he might do…(remember you can click on a photo to bigify)

I decided I would let FB Leo tell you about his special thankfulness for this week..just to give him something to do…he needs to learn how to blog in case his next castle lets him have one of his own…go on FB Leo…you can meow with my readers now, go on….

Ahhh…yeah, well Ok Savannah…(feels like I should salute her or something)…I do have something to be very very thankful about this week.  Do you guys out there remember the raffle Mollie and Alfie put on to help with my medical costs???

Anywho…the grand raffle prize was won by da’ Tabbie O’ Trout Towne…a gift voucher for $75USD…and they generously gave that prize to ME…LEO…an adult shelter rescue cat…fighting for my life because I had fatty liver syndrome

Ok, moving along…I finally decided how to spend my prize money…I now have my very own…


Yeah, yeah…Savannah back again…so now he has his own cat tower…thank COD!! So like stay off mine, na’mean???

Lastly, for my good gurl furriend Jonesie…I have a little garden report…I think the dudes that take care of our garden must have dumped some noms on the roses…cuz’ they are putting out flowers again…WOO HOO..

Jonesie, this is my garden report for this week…hope it meets your approval…

Society of Feline Gardeners

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…Mom made me say “…and FB Leo…”…whatever…..

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47 thoughts on “Thankfulness Comes with Relief

  1. Wooo Hoo that sure is a pawsome cat tree that Leo got !
    Me too jump up and make a mess on my mom´s buffet 🙂

    P,S We are having no internet , no phone no TV for 15 day´s now 😦
    Glad that mom figured out that she can use the smartphone as a modem for the PC so I can visit furriends almost as usuall 🙂

  2. Leo looks like a pawful! We’re glad he’s doing well and hope he enjoys his own cat tree! Your garden is very pretty!

  3. Hey there, Savvy!

    Sure do hope you’ll stop by my blog, today. There’s a special little somethin’ waitin’ for you over here.


  4. Very nice of you to share your blog with Leo, Savannah! What a good girl you are! And we just love da tabbies so much – how very kind of them to donate the $ so Leo could get his very own cat condo!!

  5. meowmeowmans on said:

    We are thankful for you and Leo both, Savvy. Even if he did mess up the table runner and stuff. On the plus side, that cat tower is DA BOMB! And your garden looks mahvelous!

  6. Pawsum Leo dat you have dat FABULUSS Kat tower…you deserve sumfing speshell!!!!
    Savannah you iz doin so guud allowin leo to stay wif ya!!! Guud fing he nose not to mess wif Mr. Scruffy n yer other toyz!!! Lookz like he IZ feelin better tho’…gettin into truuble!!!! MOL!!!
    Yer garden lookz beeutifull….we gotz 1 rose so far!!! (Jonesie wuud be appaulled!)
    Have a guud Furiday!!!
    Lub Nylablue xo

  7. Your garden is looking so beautiful Savvy…Momz sez you are the sweetest lady cat fur letting FBLeo show off his new kitty tower on YOUR blog…

  8. Savvy, are you softening just a little bit to FB Leo. He looks like a lot of fun! And that tower looks the cat’s whiskers! mol xox

  9. spittythekitty on said:

    Uh-Oh. FB is in trouble now! Why, I think he’ll only get 992 scritches today instead of 1000! THAT should teach him, all right!

    Besides, No harm = No foul, right?

  10. Is that a hydrangea bush? TW loves them. Anyhoo. I don’t remember you ever blogging about Mr. Scruffy before. I’m glad you have a toy that’s your own to love. Closest I come is my Skinneeez smousy.

    Hi Loe! That’s some nice cat crib, er, tree you have there. Did you climb to the top? My you’re feeling better.

  11. What an AMAZIN’ cat tower? So, who is most thankful for the tower? Leo for havin’ it or you for Leo havin’ his own.


  12. Savannah, Leo must be feeling better if he out causing all that trouble! Maybe now that he has a new cat tree, which is pawsome, by the way, he’ll focus on that instead of all your toys.

  13. Well,at least it’s a sign he;s getting bettewr

  14. So many things to be thankful for this week. That is so cool that leo has his own tree/tower, and this one seems to fit his size a little better. So…what else… your toy is safe and your garden is luxurious and beautiful. Seems all is right with the world at your place Savvy. Enjoy! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  15. That was terrific Savannah and Leo! You are both so very nice and we are thankful for both of you!

  16. That sure is a lot to be thankful for! We’re happy Leo is doing so much better. What a cool tower!

  17. Flynn on said:

    That was very nice of TTT to give Leo the gift voucher they won. He chose a great cat tree.
    Your garden looks lovely.

  18. It’s great that FB Leo has a cat tree of his own so he can stay off of yours now. You know, every time the head peep reads “FB Leo”, she thinks it stands for “fat boy Leo”, but don’t tell him, because she doesn’t want his feelings hurt.

    We know that even if you hadn’t been at your morning siesta, you wouldn’t have messed up the table runner, because you’re such a good cat!

  19. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    savvy….pleez ta noe it wuz KNOT FB leo who messed up de runner it bee de naybor kitteh him invited in…ooopz. we men de naybor cat who sneeked in N made a mess outta stuff….leo…total way awesum cat condo dood….doez it haza sekrit comparmint in it ta hide like cash, looze coins, 50’s and 100s and snaks !!!

  20. What you have to put up with, Savvy. Even so, I know Leo is so happy to be living with you and for finally being healthy!

    And, PeeEss: That’s a very fine cat tower. Maybe I can come visit and try it out?

  21. Leo is looking so happy and healthy now! Whee are so pleased for him. And whee are the same, whee are always pleased when the others are naughty because it makes the rest of us look good!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  22. Paws up for Leo getting his own cat tower! Since that means he stays off yours, Savvy, it’s a double-win!

  23. Sweet Savannah you are going very well checking out your things and making sure all is okay. We are happy that your stuffy is being well taken care of too and it is being kept ONLY for you. That is a very special toy and it is for sure ALL yours sweet girl. Leo was a little naughty messing up the runner and almost knocking things to the floor. That was a close call!!! We are happy for him that he has his own tree now. What a nice thing for our Trout Towne friends to do for him. Hugs and nose kisses

  24. Phew! Glad your toy is safe. Hope Leo likes his new tower, looks like fun!

  25. You’re smart to check over your stuff when Leo is finished with it. You can’t be too careful…

    Love and licks,

  26. That is very sweet of your pawrents to make sure your first toy is safe away from FB Leo.

    And Leo! Score dude! Look at the tower! WOO HOO!!!

    Purrty flowers!

  27. BOL BOL BOL …cat towers! Nanük likes cat towers too.


    • well RA…send him on over and let’s see if he can navigate my 3 way teleport tunnel…and then make it to the top of FB Leo’s new cat tower…heh…heh…what a You Tube we would have from all that….play bows, Savannah

  28. He has a wonderful cat tower – YAY! Ok, I know Mr. Scruffy is much better than the tower – but I’m happy for Leo :o) Maybe you could send me Mr. Scruffy via teleport-tunnel? I could be his guard dog :o) I like the yellow flowers, please give me a sign when you know the name – they are gorgeous :o)

  29. Savvy you are such a nice big sisfur letting Leo have some blog time. We’d like to congratulate the winner of the contest too. Hmmm Leo has his own cat tree now – does that mean he’s rooming with you forever? he he – he is a cutie.

  30. Happy Thursday Savvy and FB Leo,xx Speedy

  31. Wow! That’s one pawsome cat tower. And so nice of the Trout Kitties to give Leo the grand prize they won!
    We’re glad Leo’s respectful towards your toys, Savvy. 🙂

  32. Katie Isabella on said:

    Savvy, I love seeing that your toys are safe, especia;ly Mr Scruffy (I feel the same about my lion and donkey) but I am grateful to learn Leo has his own tower. And I know he didn’t mean to skid on the buffet. He’s sorry. xxoxoxox

  33. His new cat tower is pawesome! He can’t help knocking things over Savvy he’s a boy! My humans can’t have any pretty things because they can’t tell me off when I knock them over… It’s not my fault it’s a boy thing! Bisous Bailey

  34. So much to be thankful for!! He looks so chuffed with his own tower!

  35. Well Savvy what a relief that FB Leo has his own tower of cat joy…and I am glad mum put your special lovey toy away safe….as for the table runner thingy well…it is called a runner….but he sure looks and acts like a healthy boy whch is fantastic news 🙂
    Ooman hugs from Fozziemum and gang 🙂

  36. mollieandalfie on said:

    Beautiful garden Savvy, see now you are looking like the pawfect Princess, isn’t FB a naughty boy MOL ..Hugs n Luv’z your Alf xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  37. Well Savvy, if you don’t do that to table runners, then you truly are a very, very good cat. Mine just love messing up things like that. I’ve lost a ridiculous number of candle sticks and other what-not bits and pieces to their antics. Glad your cat tower is now safe and I think it’s just adorable that you still love your first ever toy so much.

  38. Oh Savvy – Leo looks VERY happy with his cat tree and the BEST part is he looks very healthy now…..we are hoping like crazy his forever home is CLOSE! As for you, I’m glad your most favorite toy is still “safe” from Leo now that he’s out and about……you sure do have a pretty garden to keep an eye on!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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