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Friday Frolics Leo Style…MJ News


First let me share the most recent news about sweet MJ (aka Mary)…that precious black panfur kitty we have all been trying to help find a home.

Food? For Me?

Food? For Me?

MJ was just diagnosed with feline diabetes…sadly her potential adopter, who was so looking forward to having her, has had to withdraw as they do not have the funds to support her ongoing life long medical care; nor the living environment that will allow for the structure she will need for her feeding…it must be on a schedule coordinated with the administration of her insulin…at least that is what Mom Linda and I learned doing some fast research this morning.

Here are a couple of the sites we read:

MJ is now living at a Blue Cross Rescue facility in England.  They are searching desperately to find her a foster home right now as diabetic kitties do not do well living in a rescue facility…due to their feeding needs, etc.

Basil has also posted an extensive update on MJ.  Please know that neither Basil nor I nor FB Leo are giving up on MJ…no sireee….we still believe there is someone in England who is able and willing to give MJ the loving forever home she deserves.  We all shudder to think what will happen to this now special needs kitty if that person doesn’t turn up…(shakes head, no, no…not gonna think about that right now…)


Now I am asking all of you to help us decide what to do with the 50GBP gift funds many of you helped us collect.  We still want this to go to MJ…here are two options…PLEASE TELL ME AND FB LEO IN COMMENTS…which of these two options you prefer…just say Number One or Number Two…

Number One: we can gift the 50GBP to the Blue Cross Rescue with it marked as specifically going toward helping care for MJ

Number Two:  we can ask Miss Stella, Mollie and Alfie, to put together some items from her shop for Mary and do a wee bit of shopping for some special wand toys…to make a care bundle to go with Mary to her foster home

Thank you all for your input on what to do with these funds.

Now for a bit of fun…Friday Frolics…Leo style!

He really is a dufus kitty…but ya gotta luvluvluv his enthusiasm!!

Learned from Leo...exploring is fun!

Learned from Leo…exploring is fun!

Paw Pats, Savannah

Nose Rubs and Head Bonks, FB Leo

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78 thoughts on “Friday Frolics Leo Style…MJ News

  1. stealthfur0ne on said:

    Thanks Savannah. Option 2 is the way to go we think
    So glad to see our Orange pal so full of life

  2. Sorry we haven’t been around too much, it’s a little hectic here and now we read this about poor little MJ and feel so sad for her.
    We would go for option #1 because we think she might need that special care the most just at this time, but I really, really hope there is someone out there who will take on a special, special needs kitty who I’m sure will reward them in so many ways.
    Sadly we have no contacts left in that part of the world but you have some great blogville friends in the area and I’m sure they will turn the country upside down to find that home.

  3. Poor MJ 😦 Hope someone else is able to take her soon

  4. I hope MJ will find her furrever home soon. It must be difficult to be waiting like that. I send many positive purrs for a nice family to adopt her!

    I also wanted to thank you for your birthday wishes for my purrthday, on Texas’ blog. I know I am terribly terribly late, and I apologize and so I send you plenty of purrs!

  5. I would like #2. I was so sad as I read the news about MJ yesterday. I think this small black girl deserves a little bit good luck . … Are you really on the table? I’ve heard that the mice will dance on the table, when the kitty is away – but now I see it works vice versa too :o)

  6. I would choose option number 1.
    Will we have more information soon about what will be required to look after her in terms of her medical needs?

    • Yes Clowie. Miss Laura, Basil’s typist, is supposed to be able to visit MJ on Monday. We will know more after that and we will post about and FB it to let furriends know. Leo and I are still committed to helping MJ have a real home. And, so are Basil and his typist…purrlease stick with us on Project MJ

      • I intend to do what I can, Savvy. That’s part of the reason I was keen to know when we’ll have a clearer idea of what she needs in her new home.

  7. its a shame,poor baby,I hope some one does come along soon for her,xx Speedy and mum

  8. Oh, we are so sad that MJ’s prospective furever home fell through. She looks so like Trixie – we are going to do all we can to help her find the loving home she deserves. We will purr for her and give a link on our own bloggie and our Human will post the link on her Facebook page. Kissies and gentle headbutts to you, MJ xoxox

  9. Dinah on said:

    Savannah, I’m so sorry to learn about MJ’s diabetes. I hope a new home can be found for her soon. Re: Leo, if NDD (new dad Dave) is following your blog, I bet he’s saying “that’s MY boy!” about the video. Your friend Dinah, RWB (reader without blog.)

  10. We vote for #1. We are really sorry this didn’t work out for MJ but hope there is someone out there who has the funds and time to give her the care she needs. Out mom know how the human felt because she went through that experience when little Beignet was diagnosed with cancer before he was scheduled to come live with Mom Paula. Even though she loved him dearly, she knew she didn’t have the capacity to take care of him. Poor little Beignet died a few days later.

    • Thank you all for being so understanding. The prospective home did have financial ability, but their lives are completely unscheduled and MJ will need structured feeding times etc. we will not stop trying to get her settled in an appropriate home, hope you will help is promote her once we have all the info about what her care will involve and cost. Paw pats, Savannah

  11. We are crossing all our paws that MJ will find a Forever Home very soon.

    It is so good to see Leo playing like that!

    The Chans

  12. I like choice #1. I hope the right parents show up quickly to take that girl home.

    Love and licks,

  13. Katie Isabella on said:

    I vote for option 1 with some in reserve for her Hope Chest. That totally stinks that her prospects opted out. I don’t mean that in a bad way..jst a manner of speaking. Bless her sweet little heart. xxxoooxxx to her and Leo’s video was fantastic to see. What joy of life. xxxoo to HIM.

    • oh her prospect really really wanted her, but he doesn’t have a schedule that allows him to give her the structured care she will need for life. He was very sad…he wanted to help give a home to rescue cats…so Miss Stella helped him find not one, but TWO…Mary will need someone who can easily get home to give her meals and insulin on a very regular schedule…we will all find her a home, don’t you worry Katie Isabella

  14. Oh no. We really thought MJ had found her furever home. We’re so sorry that she has diabetes, but there has to be somebuddy out there who can give her a home and give her lots of love. We’re purring like crazy for MJ!

    • yes, yes…we will find her a home…no matter how long it takes. We won’t give up. It just now needs to be a very particular home with someone who has ability to be present at prescribed times to feed her and do her insulin…her prospective adopter was so very sad…he just knew he could not do that as he is away from home for work etc.

  15. Aw, we are very sorry about MJ 😦
    Hehe, we love the video of Leo though, he’s very energetic!
    Piggy kisses,
    Poppy and Clover

  16. We are so sorry to hear the news about sweet little MJ. There has to be a loving home out there for her and we will do all we can to help her find that home.

    Sweet Leo you are a hoot sweetie!

    Look at you exploring sweet Savannah you sure look cute upon that table.

    Hugs and nose kisses

  17. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    we vote for opt shun two…alfie N mollies shop…..

  18. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    opt shun two….mollie n alfie’s shop….

    mary…pleez ta noe de dood we all ways turn two…St Francis…is workin OT ta help ewe get that forevers for ever home ewe knead….we will keep ree mindin him az well 🙂

    leo..yur mewvie iz rockin, savvy ewe haza favor ta ree turn ta leo then…huh…

    N herz ta a grate week oh end two all !!

  19. Poor MJ. Life dealt her 2 lemons at once. Hope she can make lemonade and find a happy home. There must be someone out there who can care for her.

  20. I think we would vote for giving the voucher to the Blue Cross Rescue facility because it could help not just MJ but other needy kitties……I’m sure she’d love to have some toys to take to her forever home whenever that happens though so I’d say whatever YOU all decide is the BEST thing………….We put a note in Sam’s blog for tomorrow about MJ’s diagnosis….hoping someone still wants to step up and give her a chance………..

    Pam and Sam

    • thanks Sammy; we had a comment from Miss Trish at Katnip Lounge saying they had a diabetic kitty, the med cost settled out to about $15 a month and that kitty lived to be 19! I am going to ask KL to post something about that to help readers understand this doesn’t mean Mary needs to be PTS or that her med costs will be hundreds a month. And, Harrington’s has not yet talked about what they may still do to help anyone who adopts her so paws crossed they can do something

  21. I think MJ will find a loving, caring forever home – diabetes needs to be taken care of, but should not be a hindrance – unless you are a doofus like myself – I do not get the heart-medicine in my Tom … and I tried every bribe I could think of, I was really creative about that!
    Since I live alone with my two force is no option. Not to mention how bad that daily chase would be for his heart.
    Hope MJ’s future home will have some cat crazy-people with a little bit of experience in medicating a cat, that should do.

    • I just tried to visit your bloggy but it isn’t a paw blog…I am embarrassed, do I know you? I know you visit me and I would like to visit back. I am sorry you had trouble giving your Tom his meds…I hope he was ok without them…wringing worried paws

      • No worries, Savvy, no, mine is not a paw blog, I blog on a wordpress blog, mostly in German (that’s why I say NEIN not NO when my two felines want to do something dangerous). Doc knows about FunTom not taking his medication – she experienced his aversity against pills when she dewormed him two weeks ago – he bit into the applicator and did not want to let go (little rascal that he is). His lady-friend Kessy bites, so she gets dewormed into her neck – not sure, it works though, she was very sticky in the neck for two days. But it’s not only pills the male is refusing. He is not licking of the fluid either, that I smeared him with, to get medication into him. He is very, very cautious. No medication for him, thank you very much ..
        Doc would prefer him on medication, but there is no way she can tell me how to get it in, regularly. So we have to wait and see if he will be ok.

        • Oh noes! I am so disturbed to learn this…usually heart med can be administered by rubbing on cats ears? Is that possible? So nice to know more about you! Thank you for visiting my blog,,paw hugs, Savannah

          • Heart meds applied by rubbing on cats ears?? Never heard of that!

          • Us, we knew a kitty who lived at our vets office and he had his heart med rubbed daily on his ears and that was how he got his medicine. Don’t know what his heart condition was.

          • Must talk to my vet about that. It’s not as if I do not WANT my FunTom to get his medicine. Money is not a problem – just his cooperation is.

          • what is his heart condition called…I can ask my friend, umm,”Mom’s and my friend” Miss Josie…she is a retired vet, used to be my vet. Mom is having happy hour with her later today

          • Vet says he has got a heart bigger than it should be. Not yet alarming, but later it could result in unpleasant things like water in the lung. Which is horrible! Grandpa died on that (not the cat’s – MY).
            hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is what the vets call it.
            This is the most common cause of heart disease in cats and the most frequent cause of spontaneous death in indoor adult cats. In cats with this condition, the walls of the ventricles become thick. However, because the muscle fibers are replaced by fibrous connective tissue (scar tissue), the thicker heart walls do not translate into increased pumping power. In fact, the heart is actually weakened as the affected wall of the heart becomes less elastic and the heart chambers get smaller.

            Early signs of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy are vague and indefinite. Increased heart rate and a murmur are common signs. Decreased appetite, weight loss, and an increase in respiratory rate may all be noted. Loss of pep and appetite and reduced exercise tolerance may go unnoticed, because cats are able to recognize their own physical limitations and restrict their activities accordingly. Other than possibly hearing a heart murmur, it is unusual to detect heart disease before signs of congestive heart failure. The first and only sign may be sudden death. Not a very uplifting prospect. I am glad the vet heard the “murmur”

          • OMC!! I am so very very sorry this happened to your precious furramily member. I did not know how common this is

          • Neither did I, but I learned, when I got the diagnosis. They found out it is rather common in Maine Coones, and in European Short Hair – those were the cats they surveyed.

          • i am sending you some things I am finding on line about ear gel medications: I hope your email is the one I see with your comment identity

          • It should be. Thank you for caring so much!

  22. I feel so bad that MJ’s adoption fell through. Feline diabetes is not that difficult to manage once it is under control. I am positive there is someone out there who can give MJ a home.

    Leo…! What a nut.

    • Thank you for being so encouraging Sparkle. Leo and I are not going to let this go…we are going to find Mary a home…and diabetes in cats is no longer terribly costly long term and many kitties live very very long lives…it is about balancing food and insulin…this can be done. And about Leo…ummm…he is a bit weird, don’tcha think???

  23. P.S. Leo is a CUTE doofus, hahaha!

  24. Number 1 for sure!!! S-E. & NB

  25. That is sad news about MJ Savvy…I do wish her the best luck in finding that one purrfect home…I do think Leo is too funny and too cute and it’s great to see him so healthy & happy

  26. orientallily001 on said:

    Leo, my man… you are LOOKIN’ GOOD!

    So sad ’bout MJ but out there somewhere is the perfect someone for her.


  27. Who would have ever expected to see Leo so full of life and having such a great time. Wonderful! We are so sorry that MJ’s adoption fell through. Maybe whatever supplies MJ would need for her diabetes when she is adopted should be purchased. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo.

    • ummm…her prospective adopter was very sad…he really wanted her to live with him; but his life is very active and he knew he could not commit to being there for her on such a structured schedule…but we will find her a home…together…all of us

  28. Oh that is sad!! I asked a friend if she would take her (before the diagnosis) but she couldn’t because, like Austin and Savvy, she has a cat that needs to be an only cat!

    We hope MJ finds a home, we really do!! xox

  29. Sending good luck pawers for MJ! Me-Ommmmm

  30. Savvy, we had a diabetic kitty for a long time, and actually it was not very expensive at all! Once MJ is regulated, the insulin and syringes are not very much money-maybe 15 dollars a month on average, and as long as she gets high quality food MJ should do well. Our Fuzzy lived to be 19! We will purray that MJ finds a new forever home soon.

  31. mollieandalfie on said:

    We were devastated to hear about poor MJ we were already to go with her new home, get all the photo’s, such a shame. It was just too much for Robin to take on with his busy schedule . We will pray MJ finds a home real soon. If our buddies chose for a hamper of toys for MJ, they know she will get a box fit for the Princess she is, if they choose the Blue Cross that great too.. Lets just hope they can find a home for the little Darling, real soon xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  32. Well that just stinks for poor MJ but I just know there is someone out there for her.

    • got any good ideas Brian?? I know you and your Dad do lots of this rescue stuff and me and Mom are pretty new…we aren’t done yet…we still think we can help Mary find her home…but we aren’t sure where to go from here just yet

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