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Word: Really

My photos…doing something I never ever do…(click to bigify)



YUP…Foster Brofur Leo REALLY showed me some stuff while he is living with me…heh…heh….(click to bigify)

…and I REALLY showed him how to properly watch bird TV…and he got the same channel I did…heh…heh…that little Dark eyed black capped Junko was back with his taunting chirpy little cheep…made Leo’s nose quiver…MOL!! .(click to bigify)

Paw Pats, Savannah

Nose Rubs and Head Bonks, Foster Brofur Leo

peeEss...we do hope to have more updates on MJ…aka Mary…early next week.  But now a teeny story to make you laugh with Mary…why do you suppose the vets started to call her MJ instead of Mary???  Go on…guess???!!

Well…REALLY…she is young, playful and rambunctious…and Mary loved to get up high on top of anything and into everything…remember she was only about 4 months old when found in April…so staff at the vet found themselves always hollering “MARY!!!…jesus!!”…over and over…and so they just shortened it to “MJ!!!!”…now that has to put a smile on your face!

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31 thoughts on “Word: Really

  1. Moggies still not in the same room 😦 great to see Leo so healthy grand job

  2. Perfect photo for “really!’ That is absolutely hysterical how Mary became MJ. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. stealthfur0ne on said:

    That is REALLY a great way to do a blog about MJ and Leo

  4. Mary….Jesus….that is hilarious!!! 🙂 Yes we are smiling!!!!
    So Brother Leo has taught you some table top tricks??? & you taught him bird watching!!!! What a mighty pair you are!!! Glad things are going smoother for all of you. Nylablue sends her ‘eeoowws’.
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤

  5. Yes, Ima smiling.. 🙂

  6. Hehehe…

    You know what? When my brother Seville first came to live with us, he showed us all about jumpin’ up on top of the car. We ALL started doin’ that after Seville showed us. None of us had ever done it before. Now though…. we’ve all kind of lost interest in that activity. My dad still likes to jump IN the car, though. The rest of us don’t like doin’ that. Might end up goin’ to see the doctor or somethin’.


  7. Hey, that’s a pretty good trick that Leo taught you, Savvy. 🙂

    Love that story about MJ’s name … MOL!

  8. that is a cute Story about MJ,xx Speedy

  9. Really???? Really!!! I guess you and your FB Leo are both “table toppers” Savvy. It’s a nice, safe spot from which to spy or take a bit of a leap. We are staying hopeful that something WONDERFUL happens for little MJ and also have been thinking that Leo will be heading off to his new home in just a few days. You might just find that you’re a TEENSY bit lonely when he’s gone!!! Happy Sunday Savvy.

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  10. What a lovely story about Mary – she sounds just the cat to have around the house!

  11. Savvy you and Leo are sharing new tricks!! that’s great fun…but chirpy birdies that make your mouth make cha cha noises are frustrating aren’t they!!
    Some lovely pictures of you both..and MJ’s name story is lovely!! we do hope she finds her home soon…diabetes is tricky but still manageable and I am sure she will find a home soon 🙂 ‘Big hugs Fozziemum and gang XXX

  12. Love those pics of you on the table. I’m glad you’re patrolling inside your house. HAH! That story of MJ tickled my whiskers.

    Do you know my peeps went to a pawty tonight and left me for like 5 hours?? OMC! I was all alone … and they didn’t even bring home any sliders for me.

    • Very cheeky of the humans! Forgetting CK….hmmm…calls for a smacky paw! Mom got a bitey bite from FB Leo this morning…blood was drawn…he hasn’t learned yet to bite softly…I give Mom soft biteys when I want her to stop so,etching or when I want her to keep petting me…heh…heh

  13. Really cool stuff you and Leo are doing 😉

  14. Savvy! You’ve discovered table lounging! Fun, isn’t it?? And it drives the humans crazy…so keep doing it! 😉

    That story about Mary, aka MJ, made us MOL!!

  15. Learning new things is fun! At least it looks that way!

    Love and licks,

  16. Sounds like MJ is quite a character!

  17. We think your new perspective from on top of the table must make you feel “on top of things.”

    Great story about MJ’s name. If cats were named that way around here, Newton would have been named, “That’s not yours!”

  18. Bad habits?? NO WAY! Table walking is totally legal.


  19. Cute story of Mary’s name. My kitties say it’s always nice to try new things.
    Sue B

  20. Maybe you are learning to really OWN your domain, Savvy!

    I LOVE the story behind calling Mary MJ!

  21. Awww! Cute MJ story and we love seeing Leo interact with Savannah!

  22. Aww Savvy – I really, really like your pictures also of Leo. At least he taught you good things to do. I’m sure you taught him plenty of things too.

  23. Mary is a little rascal! Ha ha!

  24. Let me see – what do we have here – a highly interested, not panicky Savanna – I think, time given she CAN learn to be with another cat. Not in two or three weeks. But she is sniffing her way along the places where Leo went, she is interested (just look at her tail and her expression on her face) – not overwhelmed, no, but not panicky and frightened either. But Leo will have a nice furreber home and Savvy will be the only cat in her castle again.
    It took my female 7 months till she learned all about loving and trusting a human – Savvy would just need time with another cat. If not Fb Leo – maybe another, gentle older cat?

    • you are so right. She is actually very resilient through out this whole event with Leo being here for 3 months. We thought is was going to be a few days…how ignorant we were as well as the shelter’s vets…thank ceiling cat we got him to our own vet. Anyway, they have been in each other’s presence, even just yesterday…good bit of hissing, but Savannah never moved…Leo moved toward her, she was still with me sitting next to her…I was very proud of her. And we believe we can have another cat eventually…and actually may try her with a younger kitty that is not full grown, like 9-12 months, so it is smaller than her and it won’t be trying to establish territory yet. Time will tell. I sent you an email with some links, hope they help

      • with Savvy you should always think in months – not in weeks. And I am sure, one day you might have another cat. I am not sure it should be a young one, though. They are more playful, especially when in that time-gap – think of puberty and teenagers! Even my gentleman was not the peaceful cat he is now when I got him with 10 months! That is the worst age! Settle for a cat about 2 to 3 years old, or even better a peaceful lady in Savvys own age group. All my cat books I bought when I started keeping two indoor cats told me that getting a second cat you should opt for one with the same sex. Getting one to a female is the hardest job! And do not get a young cat when you have a well situated middle-aged lady.
        I got two different sex cats – but that is only possible when you have at least one rather peaceful one and the other one is rather shy than forward. Experience has proven me right in my case – or maybe it was just luck! Beware of the young ones! And the ones that are too forward. Savvy needs a quiet second cat.

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