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You Are All The Best


I am late getting my post up…so just a short one to say…


…for the effort you have all put into helping me find FB Leo a furrever castle…and then your pawsome efforts to help FB Leo with his Project to find Mary, aka MJ, her furrever castle.  That is Leo’s way of pawing it forward in appreciation for the help he received.


Our very, very good friend, Miss Stella, from Mollie and Alfie, worked hard to find Mary a home in England…and she DID!  However, just like Mom and Dad had to approve Leo’s future home, Mary/MJ’s guardians must also approve where she will go….and that takes time to finalize.

Unfortunately, we also just learned today that sweet MJ aka Mary, is not well.  She is having urination problems and is currently being treated/tested at an organization called Blue Cross in England.  So, she cannot be rehomed immediately as her current caretakers must first resolve her health issue.  We will keep you informed as soon as we know, you will know.

I love my Harrington's cat food

I love my Harrington’s cat food

Basil’s typist, Miss Laura, will be visiting MJ tomorrow, Friday and perhaps we will know more then.  Please don’t stop thinking of MJ…as she may still need to find a home if the first adopter does not work out for whatever reason.  MJ will still use her hope chest!

On behalf of MJ and my FB Leo…I am thankful for being a part of such an open, accepting and caring community…I can’t say this enough…

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Finally, I have a short garden report for my furriend Jonesie…I hope she likes it…

Society of Feline Gardeners

…a few new things blooming in my garden…

Paw pats, Savannah

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36 thoughts on “You Are All The Best

  1. Good news. We will purr for MJ to get to her new home healthy and happy.

  2. Good luck MJ with getting well, with getting a home and with finding the Forever People you need. You look lovely and we are glad we helped with your hope chest!

  3. WE are so sorry to find out Mary MJ has feline diabetes….I sure hope she finds a furever home…there has to be someone who would love to have her despite her health issue. She is included in the kitty prayers…..
    Your garden grows well Savannah…mine tanked because of the extreme heat & humidity here…..we are just getting a rollicking good T-storm here so maybe that will help the flowers blossom!!!
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxoxo

  4. I’m so glad that Leo has a home to go to.
    I hope the same can still happen for Mary, when we know a bit more about what will be required to look after her.

  5. Savvy, a massive thank you goes to you and your amazing mum for doing so much for MJ! From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you!

  6. Poor MJ, hope she gets over the infection soon.

  7. We’re sorry poor MJ is having urinary troubles and we hope it resolves quickly so she can go HOME! 🙂

  8. Sorry for MJ’s health problems. Hope her adoption works out. Very lovely flowers! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  9. It’s so wonderful… so very, very WONDERFUL ’bout Leo havin’ a new home of his very own.

    I know he’s gonna be super happy in his new house with his new dad but I hope he’ll keep in touch. Maybe a FB page or a twitter account or somethin’?


  10. Healing purrz for MJ. I know your peeps will be sad to see Leo go. It’s hard for them to part with him even though they love you too.

    • oh CK, we have leaky eyes here…MJ has diabetes. The adopter had to withdraw as they don’t have the funds nor living environment to care for her. This is not looking good but we are not giving up hope and neither is Basil

  11. Hi Savannah! It’s such a happy day knowing that Leo and MJ will have furever homes. But we purr that MJ’s problems clear up and she doesn’t hafta wait too long before heading to her new home. 🙂

    • ummm Wally, Ernie and Zoey…MJ doesn’t have a home now…her adopter had to withdraw cuz she was diagnosed with diabetes. They don’t have the funds nor the living environment to manage the controlled feeding she will need for her life. The rescue that has her is looking for a foster, but we are not giving up on her!

  12. Poor MJ I hope her wee wee problem comes good Savvy..Dinnermintz has the same problem but she can’t even eat prescription kibble..she is on a strict no dry food we feed her seperately to the other girls..she gets chicken wings for crunching instead..and is on prescription canned food and fresh even with a wee wee issue it won’t be a problem for MJ’s new humans if she can’t have kibble 🙂 too many unwell friends at the moment..maybe they should relax in your lovely garden 🙂
    Have a great day Hugs Fozziemum xx

  13. We’re so happy Leo will have a good forever home, then you can get back to being the queen of your castle. Hope things work out for MJ. I’m sending purrs too.

  14. So sorry to hear that sweet MJ is not feeling well. We will send up more prayers for her. Sure hope her forever home works out and she does not have to wait longer than time for her to get well. Hugs and nose kisses

  15. I am sending lots of purrs MJ’s way! I really hope she gets well soon and is able to go home!

    • paws crossed Sparkle that all it is is what I had when I first came home with Mom and Dad…I was hitting the litter box a ton…but not much pee…I had a horrific bladder infection. The only life time result is that I can only eat prescription kibble…I can eat any canned food, but if I get kibble, which I luv, then it must be urinary tract, which is what Leo and I both like. Not that much more expensive than any other good quality kibble, but if MJ has the same issue, it could put someone off from adopting her…bummer

  16. We sure hope MJ gets well quickly. I know she’d really like to get to her new home. It was the greatest news about Leo (we’ve been amongst the missing for a week or two). I know you are lovin’ having the house to yourself, Savvy!!

  17. oh poor MJ, seems like all our buddies are ill atm. Hope she’s better soon xx

  18. Katie Isabella on said:

    I agree that those kitties, woofies, goats, mousies, piggies & just everyone on the CB are THE best furriends ever in the world.

  19. paws crossed for MJ!xx Speedy

  20. That is a pit of a bump!! Let’s all send loud purrs for MJ to get well very soon!! 🙂

    Savvy, you and Leo have done sterling work xox

  21. Hi Savvy !
    So glad that both Leo and Mary will get new forever Castle’s 🙂
    I looks furry nice in your garden !

  22. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    best fishes two ewe Mary, for a full N compleet ree cover ree with St Francis’ blessings N we trooly hope yur new for evers home iz yur for ever home heer in like a few days, several hours anda couple oh minitz !!!

  23. So happy that Miss Stella and Mollie found that great home for MJ in the UK – now hopefully MJ can get over her medical problems and be happy ever after!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  24. What wonderful news, Savvy. That was great work of Miss Stella! Hope MJ will be well soon, the poor darling!

  25. That is terrific news and we sure hope the all better gets to MJ quickly!

  26. Sending purrs for MJ to get better quick so she can get to her forever home!!!

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