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Monday Meowsie News…Getting Closer


My newsie stuff is sort of purrsonal…ahem…for me…

You see Mom and Dad took off again…that “get-away” stuff they do…

I could tell they were going you see…they were leaving me…I know, I always know…and mostly…I do not approve…

Excuse me...why the bags??

Excuse me…why the bags??

…then they try, always, on the last night they are with me…leaving me all alone, unattended for a kazillion years…they try, and try to “make it up” to me…pffffttttt!

So I simply  must, as any adult cat would, let them know of my displeasure…

Cleaning my HIND toes is more impawtant than you

Cleaning my HIND toes is more impawtant than you

…and so is my tooshie…so there!…

Yup, this is more impawtant

Yup, this is more impawtant

Well I can tell you they got ‘the’ message…but…MOUSES!! They left anyway…

So just to humor Mom, I thought I would share some photos of the place they visited.  You see, Mom and Dad and my former Vet Dr. Josie and hubby all pawticipated a WHOLE year ago in a fund raising event for my former shelter…and Mom bid for all of them, and WON, a 3 day, 2 night stay at this totally pawsome place on the Russian River in Northern California.  So they had a great time, AND donated to my former shelter…totally win win…if you are the humans and not the cat…

Finally, purrlease do not stop helping precious Ray Charles and Sisfur Rachel in their search for a furrever home..

They have a blog, click HERE; and their very own page on Foster Sisfur Selina’s bloggy…click HERE…PLEASE help these lovely 9  month old kittens find their furrever castle…here is the badge…wear it proudly…

final_furrever castle dream_badge

…surely we can all find these kitties, who have vision challenges as did Homer and others, find their purrfect home…

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…I have forgiven Dad for leaving me…(photo just taken as Mom was hitting the ‘publish’ button…a bit blurry…but both were very surprised that I came so close to cuddle with Dad (he is sitting in Mom’s place while she types my bloggy…and I have my head toward him, not my butt…heh…heh)


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44 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…Getting Closer

  1. Sucks you were left alone. 😦 But they always come back, do they? 😉

  2. Humans can’t live with them, can’t open the bag of kibble without them!!

  3. spittythekitty on said:

    I loved your little movie, even if your Mom was intruding on your private time. And that is such a sweet picture with your Daddy–are you going to make lovey eyes at him?

  4. meowmeowmans on said:

    Wow, what an amazing place your parents went to, Savvy! And we are so proud of you, getting so close to Dad like that. 🙂

  5. The place they went looks beautiful.

  6. mollieandalfie on said:

    What a fab place the Humans went too. I am sure they will bring you some nice scoobies back 🙂 XX00XXX

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. Mags Corner on said:

    We are sorry you were left alone sweet Savannah but happy your mom and dad had a good time. They are such sweeties and help so many sweet kitties we know you are proud of them. Hugs and nose kisses

  8. Well your mummy and Daddy went to a swanky place,and its nice to see you cuddling with you daddy too!xx Speedy

  9. A pawsome post. You are doing GOOD

  10. That is one fancy place to stay!

  11. Savannah, we bet you’re gonna be sitting in your peeps’ laps before you know it!!

  12. Yow me lubz da cattitude Savannah!!! Me alwayz ‘cleanz me buziness’ when Mum bringz out her travellin bagz…which doez not happin much now!!! Me finkz she iz too scared to go away in case me getz sick 😉 which iz a win-win fer me…well sorta..
    yer Mum n Dad DID earn dat trip tho so me iz happy ya cuddled dad on dere reeturn…dey are guud Hu’Manz…da best!!!!
    Lub ya, Nylablue xo

  13. What a wonderful place your peeps went on their getaway! Of course, it wasn’t the same as anywhere that they could be with you.

  14. Very good that you show your humans what you think about they running away again !
    My mom-person thought the place they went to looks very nice.

  15. Mommy thinks your pawrents had a wonderfully POSH place to stay! We, of course say “pfffffft” to leaving the house. Ever.

    Savvy, if your Dad pulled your blue blanky just a little bit…closer…you WOULD be cuddling!

  16. Wow, that is a cool place your humans galavanted off to! Sometimes I think we kitties are missing out by not traveling well.

    • that is EXACTLY what Mom and Dad say…and this place..the owner invite ME, yes ME…their Maine Coon kitty always goes there with them…we are thinking of maybe a beach get away together next early Fall…Laguna Beach…a month…all 3 of us…what do ya think Sparkle??? just an idea

  17. humans leaving their kitties should be banned. our humans do that once or twice a year too. not to mention those little one-niter elsewhere. anyway, we love your knit blankies.

  18. Meow that is some nerve leaving you alone for even a minute! Who will give you pats and treats and, well you know!
    We have tha!t nice helping logo on our Bloggie so really purring for these special kitties R & R!

  19. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    savvy…thatz one total lee way awesum place yur mom & dad wented two…AND burd free treez !!!

  20. Savvy, I find that with my peeps, sometimes it’s best to be cruel to be kind. Those tootsies need another washin’?


  21. S that’s how the other half live. Sigh! We can only dream. I almost cried when I saw that pic of you alone with your dreams. I’m lucky that my peeps never go away for more than a couple of hours. I’m glad you gave them the back of disrespect.

  22. Savannah what a lovely lovely trip your Mom and Dad took. I know it’s hard when they leave you alone but it was for such a good cause. You have truly come a long way in the way you interact with your Mom and Dad and that is great! You’re so pawsome Savvy!!

  23. Savannah, your humans travel as much as ours. Ours just returned a couple of days ago after going for six days. As usual, we were not amused and did get into some mischief while they were away. Mommy wants to adopt Rachel and Ray very badly, but our dad won’t let her. They even went through Greenville SC on their trip, but Mom could not get him to stop and meet them. They MUST find homes soon. They are so special and purrfect just as they are. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  24. Oh Savannah, what torture you have endured! How dare they leave you! Next time they have to go somewhere where they can take you tooWoooowoooooo!

  25. I am sure glad your Mom and Dad had a good time. Homecomings can be fun!

  26. Agree Savvy has come such a long way x

  27. I agree with you. I always make mom/dad pay when they leave me unattended. It doesn’t happen often but it does happen. And what a gorgeous home your mom/dad went to visit. It is beautiful. This little oinker would have a ball exploring there! XOXO – Bacon

  28. Wow the place where your pawrents went seems gorgeous but compared to you, it is nothing! But I guess they thought about you all the time =^.^=

  29. What a lovely place they visited. Whee hope they brought you back some sort of prezzie! ^_^


  30. It really is hard to stay mad at the humans…sometimes.

  31. What a beautiful place your Mom won for the group. And just think of all the kitties that benefited….except for you of course. But, now your Mom and Dad owe you and there’s nothing bad about that! Enjoy collecting!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  32. What a pawsome place your pawrents went to. It does feel good to welcome the peeps home after a short time apart, doesn’t it, Savvy?

  33. It’s always good to forgive the humans when they make “mistakes”, Savvy. I’m sure they forgive you for your mistakes as well. Good cuddling!

    Love and licks,

  34. Savvy you’re making great strides in the “cuddle/forgiving them for leaving me” department! That’s pawsome and all of us are very proud of you. Seems like the more secure you’re feeling, the more accepting you are of pets, closeness, and EVERYTHING. Atta girl…..bravo.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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