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Monday Meowsie News…and a confession


Well that blogcation was just great…NOT!

First, I have been kind of off my comfort zone all this last week…not sure why…could be lots of stuff like the furnace came on for the first time this Fall and well…*blushes*…I am afraid of the furnace noise. So I have been hiding under one of our quilt racks, then behind other stuff. But, I am getting back to normal…at least until that pesky furnace comes on again.


And, Mom and I both FAILED, MISERABLY!!!…to visit my furriends.  We found that WP has a reader, so we spent hours inputting all my furriends blogs not on WP, then we helped a furriend make a video for us for a rescue (more on that later), and then…and then…and then….well, you get the picture…we failed to visit. I owe all my furriends so much, the least I could do is visit regularly.  I can only promise to keep working on it…but I won’t give up on doing the work I love most…trying to help woofies and kittehs, especially adults, find their furrever homes.  If you want to stop following me, that’s so understandable…I will miss you. But I must follow my heart.  And well, to be frank…my staff is old, slow, not very tech able in some things…that’s life…and it’s my life…and I love it. Hope you will still come by to visit when you can. I will be around to visit…but I am not making promises anymore. *humble ears*

So here is my last week…

Dad felt bad for me so he went out and bought me another great new bed…(twisted right around my little paw I tell you *giggle*). You can wave your magic cursor over each photo to see the captions…and click to bigify

So now I am spending some time breaking in the new bed…but I have also returned to my TENT!!  I have not used my tent since Cuzin Leo came to stay…so they stopped making it for like 3 months! Then when I got so scared this week…Dad made it for me again…

Next thing I did this last week that just about made it Mom’s best week ever….you see she knows that most kitties simply cannot keep their paws off of nice fresh, clean and just from the dryer warm laundry.  Me?  I never ever bother to even look. No, no…seriously…I mean it…so on a hunch…Mom tried a little experiment and made a teeny tent opening for me…

…I did take a bit of time to get settled…

The last new thing I did this week…another shocker for Mom for sure…I never ever hardly ever get up on the furniture…but she was sitting in bed in the morning…and there was a sun puddle I thought needed to be checked out. Ya see, the sun is moving around a  lot this time of year and I have to start mapping out where the best sun puddles will be and when…

That was my most eventful week…how was yours? What did you do this past week? Take any trips? Meet new furriends? Help some furriend in need”…let me know if you care to leave a comment.

Paw Pats, Savannah

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42 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…and a confession

  1. catfromhell on said:

    Wow! Yous had a exciting week! Mes is glad yous back

  2. First of all Savvy, if you get a chance to visit, that’s great. If you don’t, are we going to stop reading your blog? NO. Every kitty’s priorities change, and we all must respect that. Sorry about your fear of the furnace. Maybe that new bed can protect you if you snuggle in really well. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. Never forgotten! Keep up the great work

  4. We all get busy from time to time, don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you:-)
    You look so cute in your little tent:-)

  5. don’t worry Savvy things get busy from time to time,love ya ,xx Speedy

  6. Oh my, Savvy! That’s a lot of things to discover in a week! I see you have learned what to do to get a new bed any time 😉

  7. Susan Surreal & Boots on said:

    Ms. Savannah-Boots & I won’t dream of not following you!!!!! So by all means, do your good work as we want to hear all about it!!!!!

  8. Sometimes those things happen Savvy – we were not visiting that much for the past 2 weeks as M just couldn’t keep up anymore. Whenever it’s time for a monthly nipclub pawty, we get behind because of dong the advertising. Right now we’re in a “breather week” again, so we’re able to visit.

  9. Oh, Savvy, we won’t stop following you. Some people have more time to visit than others. We’re about to have to be super-busy for November and won’t be able to visit, and we hope everybody won’t forget us, but it can’t really be helped. You have to keep doing the things that are important to you. Your friends stick with you no matter what!

    Ashton says to tell you she’s especially glad you are working with the kitties from the hoarding situation. Things like that are more important than comments anyhow. Helping hard-to-adopt kitties find homes is a cause close to our hearts, too.

  10. *gentle* eeoowwzz me sweet Savannah..ya haz bin bery bery buzy n me n Mum understandz ya can’t alwayz get around to bizit!!Ferst me LUBZ da new leopard print bed…it iz lubly!!! Den ya got yer tent back..more pawsumness…den ya deescovered warm sheetz…me did not nose ya never bin in a warm sheet befur! me alwayz snugglez in da sheetz to help Mum 😉
    Den ya found da dresser sun puddlez…more pawsumness…me Mum’z dresser iz dat hight so me likez to sit up dere n watch Mum…
    Mum haz not bin able to help any other kittehz cause me iz so so sick as ya nose!!! So she bin takin care of me 24/7. It haz bin a bery ruff 2 weekz n me havin a hard time again butt me wanted to pop in to see ya n let ya nose we iz finkin bout ya n we still lubz ya n Miss Linda n Mistur Peter…
    lub to all of ya fru Nylablue n me Mum too xxxxxxx

  11. That looks like a fun week pretty Savannah!!! Thanks for all the purrs, I am trying to use them wisely.

  12. Savvy!!!!!!!!! How could I unfollow you? It would be like rejecting the Queen or something! Practically treason!!! Anyway you are what we Brits call “A Good Sort” helping lots of anipals to find furrever homes and stuff. You keep on keeping on, baby!! xox

  13. katsrus on said:

    We have a washing machine monster at our house. Sure looks like a comfy new bed. My sun kitties follow the sun puddles too. I don’t get to comment a lot but; I do read your posts.
    Sue B

  14. Hey, Savvy. Don’t worry about visiting…you do what you can…or rather, what your human can. And as for that furnace thingy, seriously, girl, you’re gonna learn to love it. We like to lay right on the vent and enjoy the hot air blowing. Ahhhh! On a cold day, it’s heaven! That new bed of yours is pawsome!!

  15. Savvy, we sure know what it’s like when our peeps get busy…don’t worry, we’re here to stay. Poor you, the furnace monster is NOT going to eat you! Maybe once it runs more often you’ll become comfortable with it. AND…HURRAH for warm sheet tents!

    • I feel so badly I have not been to visit you in so long, I promise today is the day…purrlease forgive me and Mom. and BTW, we are starting to collect all my interviews to begin writing the book. I will be sending out permission requests and hope you will agree to be included. paw pats, Savvy

  16. Hi Savvy so nice to see you and we always love visting our friends but sometimes we don’t have a chance to leave a word or ten in the comments. We understand that it works that way for most everyone. But we are glad you blog and really enjoy your posts a lot.

  17. orientallily001 on said:

    You’re back!

    Yoo-hoo! YOO-HOO!!!


  18. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    savvy…friends bee friends til de ends noe matter what…life will knot all wayz bee crazed for de food serviss peepulz….spesh a lee coz de holly dayz iz all most heer !! 🙂 🙂 🙂 thingz will settlez down then for sure 😉 !!!!

    N hay, gram paw dude never liked de ice creem vehickle noize….sew ewe R knot crazed bout de furniss !!

  19. WOW! That bed is for a leopard or something….and you’ve got it!!
    Looking good too!
    Aren’t warm sheets the bestest thing ever?
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx
    PS You should try warm towels too.

  20. Me neither would stop follow you !
    My mom is to a hopeless case when it comes to help me visit all my furriends from time to time. So don´t worry about that Savvy 🙂
    The only thing I`m afraid of in my huse is the Vaccumcleaner monster !
    Then I run and gide under the blanket in mom and dad´s bed 🙂

  21. Welcome back BFGF. I’ve missed you. That sheet thing reminds me that I tried something new also. I never hide under the sheet cos of my asthma but I started doing it on Pop’s bed. I play rockets while hiding. I also rolled over again. Sorry your Mom refused to do what you wanted her to. xoxox

    • Hiya BFGF!! Nice to be back, just not fast with my visits still…more rescue stuff to distract Mom…locally…24 beautiful cats, aged 1 yr to about 5, rescued from hoarderin Texas and brought to CA in a town near us. Mom has visited them, they are mostly all very social, and drop over gorgeous. about 7 are nervous and not easily touched but they are the 1 year olds. What do humans use for brains??

  22. Glad you discovered the Reader! To save time, you can just click the “follow” on the upper left of WP blogs and they automatically add to the Reader. The Blogger and ones still have to added manually. Wooo! Ku, the techie pup

  23. It sounds to us like the week was full of a lot of great moments!

    The Chans

  24. I wish I had more time for Blogville too :o) I’m not really a fan of the WP-reader, sometimes he doesn’t show me the friends who use blogger/blogspot and I have to check all the blogs by hand (or paw). Your new bed is the dernier cri – animal print is a must for this fall :o)

  25. Hi Savannah! I’m a bit behind on visits as well. There are never enough hours in the day, especially when there are important things like napping and mapping sun puddles to be done.

  26. Sweet Savannah you do not fret on visiting us we understand. We don’t have near the followers that you do and we can’t keep up with them. Your work is very important and all you all do to help woofies and kitties is far more important than visiting and commenting on blogs. We will be around and we will visit you but because we do we do not want you to feel obligated to visit us.

    Your new bed is so nice and you are doing great searching out all those sun spots. We enjoyed watching you having a nice warm snuggle under the sheet for the first time. We hope you get used to hearing the furnace sound soon and you can relax and enjoy the nice warmth it brings during the cold weather. Hugs and nose kisses

  27. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Savannah! You silly kitty! While HuMom says I cannot speak for everyone, althought I bet I do, I can speak for her, Hitch and the Oranges…..we never followed you JUST because you’re bright, funny and look at life with a lovely skew. Oh, and have an over-active sense of responsibility. No, dear one, we follow you because you and your Mom & Dad do really interesting stuff. You do wonderful work helping kitties and woofies all over the world! The World! So, while we miss seeing you in our inbox everyday, we would rather see you less often and get to hear about the great work you’re doing while your “off-line”. * hush Hitch!…it is too a word.* So, anyway….don’t be so hard on yourself. Friends don’t bail because someone’s busy. We’ll just enjoy the time we have together all the more. And even Hitch agrees with me on this! (* muttering under breath* Freakin’ pain in my furry, black backside.). Ahem…So, don’t be so hard on yourself! Kay?

  28. I feel ya, Savvy, about the furnace noise. I have to say I prefer furnace season to lawn guy season., though. What is up with those maniacs with their noisy machines, trying to kill me??? GAH! Lunatics!

    Love and licks,

  29. Sun puddles are the bestest! ^_^

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  30. 🙂 get back to me on our project x

    • I can’t find a good map**!!!!###. The map has to change and the only other thing is making a separate page for the contact links. I already sent you one additional one, so there will be three. Otherwise we are good to go once my partner sets up the a twitter message for a launch

  31. Savvy you shouldn’t worry about whether or not your friends will forgive you for not visiting them – friends understand about busy times or even “taking a break” times…..or like in my case last week, “my parents left me and I can’t do the keyboard by myself” times!! Anyway, looks like you’ve discovered the joy of warm sheets – got a new bed – and are adjusting to the noise from the furnace. See? It’s ALL GOOD!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  32. We will always stop by and visit Savvy! everyone gets busy and has a real busy tie with the bloggies..I am not tech smart either hahaha and bumbe 99 percent of the time hahaha sorry the noisy furnace is bothering you but you have a snazzy new bed,a tent and warm laudry !! all sure to make a girl feel safe 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xxx

  33. mollieandalfie on said:

    Hay, why would we ever stop coming to see you, you are one of our bestest buddies and always will be. Visiting every blog takes hours, we all have a life and things we need to do, so we can’t always go blogging. You just pop to see us when you can. We will always be here xxxxooxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  34. Savvy, I would NEVER stop following you! You help so many critters less fortunate than yourself, and that is the important thing! ‘Cause what good are any of us if we don’t lend a helping paw?

    • Thank you Sparkle, that means so much to is. We just found two. I pec ladies, locally, who have saved 24 kitties from a hoarding situation in Texas. They paid for the hoarder to rent a car and bring all 24 here to CA. So Mom is working with them. All kitties are drop over gorgeous, most are very social and all are very healthy. We have never seen so many beautiful kitties! And there are 4 five week old kittens!! All black and white cow kittieh

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