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Monday Meowsie News…What a Treat!


I have a few things I think you are going to want to see today.  First and foremost…let me tell you what a time I gave Mom and Dad with my snail mail Holiday Cards!! (this little Holiday photo of me is courtesy of my BFGF (best feline girl furriend) Cathy Keisha…cute, huh?)


Well…actually…it was all Mom’s fault you see…she signed me up for not ONE but TWO Holiday card exchange lists!!…heh…heh…we never knew that the woofies and kitties have SEPARATE lists!! YIKES!!!

So you can bet that Zazzle card shop made some green papers from us this year…the best part is though…I am getting to know like a TON of new woofie and even some kitty furriends…pawsome I tell you, simply pawsome…I have also been receiving some beautiful ecards and so I hope you enjoy viewing them in this slideshow…(you can click to bigify)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now let me tell you something I learned from one of my new woofie furriends…Freedom, Nikki, Casper…all retired Greyhounds and their feline furramily member 17 year old Twinkie.  There is a place you can make all your used postage stamps give back again…here is what Miss Lori  wrote in the card I received from What Remains Now

“Wondering what to do with all those stamps on the Holiday Cards you receive??…send them to me, Miss Lori Lohymeyer.  I collect the used postage for a friend in the UK who writes the blog Graceful Greyhounds…she collects them for the retired Greyhound Trust.  Just collect all those used postage stamps, all year if you want, and send it to me and I will send it to my friend in the UK.”

If you are willing to do this, just send Mom Linda an email and she will send you Miss Lori’s mailing address in Indianna.  lcrodgers at sbcglobal dot net. I don’t wanna put Miss Lori’s personal address in a very public blog post. We have been saving them like crazy and will send them off to Miss Lori after January 1…then once every 4-6 months.  What an easy way to help care for retired Greyhounds.  I stole a photo of one of her Greyhounds resting up after all that running career…*giggle*…isn’t she sweet?!

Polly All Snug 23rd Nov

I have been visiting like a crazy cat since Friday…I still have lots more to catch up on…but I figure I visited about 50 or more furriends and made sure to read the last 3 posts as much as I could…you guys have ALL been so busy!! And what fun it is to see you again…if you haven’t seen me in your comments the last 3 days…tag me my comments and I will be right over!!! PURROMISE!

Paw Pats, Savannah

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37 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…What a Treat!

  1. we are saving the stamp for the lady so we will send them on to her,Most of our cards were ecards just to expensive the other way and greener too,xx Speedy

  2. catfromhell on said:

    Our Mommy did not sign us up for any email lists of cards this year. we did send out snail mail cards a few years back, but then last year we decided to donate the money we would has spent on cards and stamps to the local shelter. We gived them money again this year. When Mommy went to gives them the money, they had 76 cats!!!!

  3. Oh we know Savannah. We had the Dad working hard with our Blog pals our Catster pals and then we signed up fur a list Oh My.
    We are just starting to visit our pals and hope to have visited most every one by the weekend.
    We will be saving our stamps to help out.
    Purrs and Merry Catmouse to you and yours from all of us
    Timmy and Family


  5. Supurr cute foto Savannah 🙂 mew are looking most festive in your cute little hat! 🙂

    BTW stop by my blog:

    There’s a speshul something fur mew today.

    Bestest purrs

    Basil xx

  6. I’ll definitely start saving our stamps from now on, didn’t realise you could do anything with them

  7. That Santa hat looks good on you, Savvy! 🙂

  8. What a great idea to showcase all the beautiful cards! And wow, woofies lists, too! That’s a lot of cards to be sending out! Hope your paws are not sore from all the writing. Thank you for sharing on the Pet Parade. And Congrats! I see from the last comment you’ve won an awesome award!

  9. Gosh, we get so little snail mail anymore…but Mommy says she’ll start saving whatever stamps she can!

  10. The OP Pack on said:

    Savannah AND Sage, we received your very beautiful card in today’s mail – thank you so very much.

    And Mom’s been very good about saving stamps for Miss Lori too – we have a ton to mail to her soon.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. We would love to send our used stamps to Miss Lori! They would just go in the trash otherwise. We love you in your Santa hat, Savvy.

  12. You are so very cute in that picture with the Santa hat. That CK is a pawsome friend isn’t she. Love the idea of saving used postage stamps to help greyhounds. What a great thing to do and it’s so easy too.

  13. Santa Savvy! ^_^

    Hehehe Merry Pigmas!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  14. Whoa! Thanks for the shout out. I didn’t see my e-card in your slide show. Maybe we’ll get around to sending snail mail cards before Christmas. What a hassle! You won’t want to recycle MY stamp cos it’s a limited edition 2013 CK stamp.

  15. Yow Savannah dere are sum pawsum cardz dere…ya iz bery popular….well dun…dere are so many bunderfull Hu’Manz n 4 leggedz…
    We LUB da idea of sendin da stampz fer Greyhoundz…me n Mum new a Greyhound n a Whiipet too…dey were resckuz frum racin!!! Me will get Mum to send Miss Linda an email fer da mailin addy as we haz a bunch of stampz we can send in da New Year!!WE bin sendin stampz to UK fer Seein Eye Poochiez…seemz poochiez n stampz go together 😉
    Pop by whenever ya can n haz a peek at me 2 blogz…dere iz 2 awardz fer ya frum us!!
    Lub always frum Nylablue n Sherriellen xoxoxoxo

  16. You look so darn cute in your Santa hat!! Really love all the cards, too, and what a great idea to put them into a slide show. I’m going to see if I can figure out how to do that!

  17. Those ae some seriously awesome cards Savvy! Wow – people put so much love and care into them! AND You look totally pawsome too!!


  18. Oooh, Savannah, you received soe really great cards! And how cool that you can collect USED stamps for a shelter/rescue to use. That is a gift that keeps on giving!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  19. What a great way to help the greyhounds! You look mighty Chrismassy with your Santa hat, Savvy!

  20. I added all my stamps to the card I sent to her, hope it helps a little. I read the blog and I think they do a fabulous work :o)

  21. You look completely adorable in your Santa hat! We bet it is fun receiving all those Christmas cards!

  22. wow! What a busy kitty you must be Savvy!
    Beautiful cards and I love love LOVE that pic of you in the Santa Hat!!!
    Very becoming lol
    ((hugz)) from your Husky Pals!

  23. What a busy day ! You’re funny with your Christmas hat ! Purrs

  24. You’ve been a busy girl, Savvy. You sure look like you’re in the holiday spirit with that Santa hat!

  25. Savvy you look fab in your cardie 🙂 and what lovely cards you have received also 🙂 oh boy your poor mum and the great card mixup…sounds like a tv show!! we also received the lovely card from the beautiful greyhound sweethearts..we are saving our stamps also..our old vet had two retired greyhounds and said they made the best pups and were actually quite lazy..happy with a walk and a play then chill time…they are treated very poorly greyhounds during and after their hard work for humans ..grrrrr so a worthy cause all year round indeed 🙂 we will be sending ours off in January also..i assume any stamps are welcomed 🙂 hugs to you Savvy and I hope mums tongue is ok after licking all those stamps 😉 loves Fozziemum xx

  26. Hi Savvy! You’ve been busy haven’t you?! I think CK did a nice job of “Santafying” you in that holiday portrait photo! Do you and Sage have your stockings hung up ready for Santa Paws????

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

  27. You look thrilled in your Christmas picture, S. is that your happy-face? My happy face is very similar…. That greyhound is gorgeous!

    Love and licks,

  28. That’s a great idea to save stamps for the greyhounds, though don’t think I’ll send mine to Indiana so that they can come back to the UK MOL!!! It’s a good idea to put your e-cards into a slide show! Why didn’t we think of that *glares at Mum*!

    Have a great week Ms Savvy Do xoxox

  29. Savvy you look pawesome in your Christmas hat! Have a great day!

  30. I bet your human has been busy with the card sending! We’re just doing ecards this year because my human is lazy… in fact, she hasn’t even done mine yet!

  31. Savy, you look so adorable in that Santa Hat. Our Mommy’s squealing hurted our ears!

    Have a wonderful Monday, sweetie.

  32. Pssst Savvy, just came to say that you have been nominated for the Blog of the Year Award. Pawkisses 🙂

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