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Friday Frolics…Me and the ‘Kid’


What a wild week!!   That kid, Sage, has been all over me!! Yup…not kidding.  Every time I “walk” she attacks…not good, not good…If I am at Mom’s side…I can defend myself ‘cuz I am more confident.

You see…that is our my problem…I don’t have self confidence *embarrassed ears*.  When Foster Sisfur Sage stalks and then jumps me…I hunker down…defending myself….sigh…if only I could learn to stand up on my hind legs and give her a “smick, smack, patty, whack”…*snicker*

Good new is…I am still playing when I can with Mom…and hanging out with her and Dad in the morning and early evening…and I do still luvluvluv my tunnel play…

And of course the ‘kid’…she will play with anything…anytime…here she is stealing my silvervine fishie…

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…purrlease forgive me for not being around on your blogs with comments…we read every day…and manage to comment on only about 10 each day…and if you chose to not follow me anymore…that’s cool too…I know I have become invisible for a while and I cannot excuse myself anymore…I care…I luvluvluv you all…I try to pawticipate in furriends’ contests and raffles and such…just to stay connected.  We have joined TWO Chrissymouse card lists…not realizing there is apparently one for woofies and one for cats…and I have done the best I can to send to BOTH….and that takes a ton of time too.  I am trying…

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43 thoughts on “Friday Frolics…Me and the ‘Kid’

  1. That is what happens with fursibs. I know as Rumpy is just the… OK its Christmouse so if I cannot say anything nice… Now we have the new kitten Einstein who is taking the heat from Rumpy and THRIVES on it.
    You never know
    We too have not been able to keep up.
    We love you anywho

  2. So is the kid a permanant fixture, or is she just hanging around at the moment?

  3. Oh Savannah it is a busy time for peeps and cats no worries K. Sage is so cute. We thinks she will grow on you and you will LOVE having a sister. Tell the Mom to rub her with something yummy to eat and then you can gives her a bath. Er you may have to hold her down to do it, but wrestling is kinda fun. ~Scylla & Family

  4. spittythekitty on said:

    Hi Sweet girl(s). . . I hope it is not disloyal for me to say a quick hello to the new kid, Savvy, MOL. I won’t send her any smoochies or anything! The Human got such a nice card in the mail the other day that came from the Wolf peeps—once this crazy end-of-the-semester happens she will writing a real thank you….this is just the temporary one 😉 I hope things are sorta kinda peaceful over there 😉 XOXOXOXOXO (all for YOU, of course!)

  5. Don’t worry about visiting Savvy, unfollowing is not an option! Mum can’t help me visit as much lately either or post as much. Blogging takes a lot of time and this is a busy time of year and everyone understands.
    I hope you and Sage can get along together.

  6. Judy & C.A.T.S on said:

    Hi Savvy, we hope you and Sage can get used to each other. Sometimes it’s not easy to live in a home where there are other kitty’s or dogs. It is also hard when you have to share you space with a kitty that is younger and has a lot of energy. Hang in there Savvy. Maybe the kid will grow on you and eventually you will be snuggle buddies. Shelly was the last to join our family and it took a long time for all of us to get used to her and her to us. Also, we love reading your blog we know hoomanz are very busy this time of year. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  7. Oh Savvy, I hope you manage to show Sage who’s the boss soon!
    We’re constantly playing catch-up too

  8. You may be busy, Savvy but you’re STILL doin’ BETTER than me. I didn’t even know there WERE lists for Christmas cards. MOUSES!


  9. meowmeowmans on said:

    Maybe Santa will bring you some confidence, Savvy! Then you could smack Sage, and show her what’s what.

    Don’t worry about not commenting, sweet one. We understand that life happens! 🙂

  10. debbarnes on said:

    We have plenty of room to love you and Sage and we completely understand how hard it can be to visit all the blogs all the time! Have a great weekend! Purrs from the Zee and Zoey Gang!

  11. catfromhell on said:

    Oh Savvy, Yous will have more confidence as time goes on. And wes understands about the commenting, it takes a lot of time and peoples is busy.

  12. Savvy focus on your confidence xxx

  13. She is only trying to love you ,be brave and hang on in there.

  14. Just last night Rupert whaled the TAR outta Scouty…it happens. Mommy was not best pleased!

    Savvy, Mommy has gotten AWFUL at commenting, never think we’d stop following you just cos we hadn’t heard from you in a bit…that’s life..BUSY.

  15. Oh Savvy, I can SO relate!!! Living with Waffles isn’t always easy. But I’ve come out of my shell too. Don’t ever worry about visiting and commenting…life is busy and we have a very hard time keeping up ourselves. That doesn’t mean we don’t still heart you. xoxo

  16. We love you Savvy. We haven’t been very good about visiting cos this time of year is very busy. Then I broke TW’s knuckle. It’s not really broken; just a bone bruise but she couldn’t type yesterday and she had to finish my blog. You’re one of the only blogs we’ve been keeping up with.

  17. Sweet Sisfur Savannah we wuud NEBER unfollow fact we wuud follow ya to da end of da Earth n back!!! We iz all busy wif libin n doin many fingz n our Hu’Manz have der pawz in so many piez…we can not expect dem to stay up all nite typin fer us 😉
    Guess what?? Da card from da Wolfie place yer Pawentz did in our honor came today!!!! Mum brought it to me n then she gotz leeky eyez!! Me rubbed da card a bajillion timez n den Mum…she wundered how yer Pawent zknew she lubz da wolfiez as much as me??!!!
    Phankz so much fer doin dat Miss Linda n Mistur Peter….ya iz da bestest!!!
    Now as fer Sage she shure iz a rubbin lubbin masheen….we hopez fingz gettin a bit easier fer ya n her…we keepin pawz crossed!!!
    Much LUB frum us to all of ya!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    Nylablue n Mum too (\za4r6j)

  18. spittythekitty on said:

    Heh heh. I am such a coward, Savannah–you have no IDEA how scared I am of EVERYTHING. I think you are doing really good to put up with that intruder at all!!!

    We haven’t been very good about visiting either–The Human used to help me visit EVERY DAY without fail. Now I only get to visit some days and some days I just post, and some days I read and a few days we don’t do ANYTHING. No need to apologize–The Human reminds me there is such a thing as 3-D life, ha ha ha. I have found that people are glad to see us when we turn up and understanding when we don’t. One of these days your Humans will help you visit more–you just have to be patient. XOXOXOXO

    Meanwhile, give that new chick a smack for me 😉

  19. We love you Savannah and we would love you to play wack-a-mole on Sage’s head for a minute or two!

  20. We think it’s a really good sign that you’re still wanting to play with your mom. We knew things were in trouble with Beau when Ash stopped coming out of hiding even for meals, let alone wanting to interact with the head peep. You may think you don’t have self-confidence, but you have more than some other cats. Maybe we should ship you Ashton. (Just kidding. The head peep would be pretty mad.)

    Don’t worry about visiting. Everybody goes through times they can visit and times they can’t. We know you care about your friends, and you have a lot going on there. You worry about spending time with your peeps and feeling brave. We’ll be here.

  21. Savvy, we think it’s good that you still wanna play and hanging out with your peeps. If you were hiding all the time…then that would not be good. We’re sure you’ll work it out with Sage. She’s still young…you could teach her a thing or two!

    Don’t worry about visiting…it’s a busy time of year. Even the mom is feeling the pressure about not getting stuff done.

  22. Savvy none of us can visit everyone everyday, whew we are lucky sometimes to visit once a week, but that is exactly what we try.
    Sage sure is cute!

  23. The OP Pack on said:

    We hope you and the kid can work things out, Savannah. We too have been pretty hit or miss with comments lately too. But we understand. We will still visit you and comment when we can. We think we only got the mainly woofie list and we are sorry we may have missed so many of our kitty friends too. Mom says we will post our card on our blog to share with everyone since it is so hard to keep up with it all.

    Now go play with your little pal.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara,and Lightning

  24. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    savvy & sage…lots oh peepulz can onlee visit a few blogs each day …sum just reed em N go on, sum commint when they can…….itz all good…therz lotz oh blogs N lotz oh stuff ta due N knot enuff time in da day two due two much any mor….hope ewe N sage can lurn to likez each other N heerz two a grate week oh end 🙂

  25. Hey Savvy, no need to apologize! We know your busy!
    ((hugz and luv)) from your Husky pals

  26. Mags Corner on said:

    Glad you are still loving and enjoying your tunnel sweet Savannah. We see sweet Sage feels right at home and we bet if you watch her long enough you are going to jump right in and start playing with her one day.

    Not to worry about visiting, we understand how busy you are and with all the good you do for kitties not much time is left for anything else. We love your blog and visit when we can and it does not matter if you do not have time to visit us. Hugs and nose kisses

  27. Sage sure is a cutie!

    I understand just how you feel Savvy! I need to stand up for myself more with the boys in this house!


  28. I must laugh as I read the title: me and the kid :o) I know you have many things to do and that needs time, even when you have 4 paws. I will wait for you :o) btw: I’ve got your card today :o) many thanks :o)

    • oh Easy…my actual Catmouse card is just mailed to you. That card was from the wolf sanctuary where my family and I donated our christmas money to…and Mom and Dad let me select several of my pals to name so we have donated in Easy’s name some green papers to this place. smoochies to you and the humans

  29. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Oh Savannah. Hitch just chased me up the stairs and I spit and hissed the whole way. HuMom begs me to just turn around and smack him, just once….but after 5 years….I still run. When I get to the top of the cat tree I finally turn to confront and he just acts like, ” what’s up? Why’re you hissin’ at me?” HuMom and the two legged’s all decided that if no one’s getting hurt they’ll stay out of it. So far it’s working for us. Good luck with working things out at your house.

  30. Younger cats … they will have to get some disciplinary measures to fit in …
    When Sage will get settled in she will learn not to attack you all the time. Just sometimes – for fun. When you are confident around your owner, you will grow more confident by time even further away from her, too – cos you will learn you CAN defend yourself successfully. In the meantime someone will have to play the energy out of Sage till she is just too tired to attack you.

  31. We all understand about the lack of time so don’t worry about it Savvy. 🙂
    Ling used to run away when Tutu smacked her (for fun). But now she turns around to face Tutu and smack her right back. Though it doesn’t stop Tutu. Heehee.

  32. Ya know, Savvy, Leo seems to have the same problem. He won’t give Star what-for when she’s all whap whap attack either, even though he’s twice her size! But then his daddy gets home and he’ll sneak up and give her a poke in the butt.. maybe you can try something like that when your folks are right there? Just a little poke, hee hee
    We totally understand about the not commenting thing, in fact I mentioned it in my blog today too! sometimes it’s just too hard.. Don’t worry about it and remember the whole ‘blogging with out obligation’ move thingie. Do what you can and what you want when you can and want, that’s all. we loves you!

  33. I think you’re off to a good start with The Kid. Gotta start somewhere….

    Love and licks,

  34. Savvy I know it has to be difficult having Sage leaping about but maybe she is trying to get you to play with her? I imagine it would be a little bit scary (at least I would be!) having a cat leap on you out of nowhere but she might not have learned before how to behave around another cat who isn’t a professional wrestler like she is!! I’m still hoping she will settle down and live in “peaceful co-existence” with you there in your happy home. Meanwhile, I’m glad you and your Mom and Dad are having your OWN “private” time because like me, that means a lot to you. Hang in there Savvy girl…..Sage is probably excited to be there with you and hopefully in time she’ll settle down. As for blog visiting – do it when you can – we all love you and aren’t going ANYWHERE!!

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

  35. Savvy, I know how hard it is keeping up with things sometimes! I’ll always be around to see what you are up to ’cause I enjoy visiting you! And Sage too. 😉

  36. I agree Savvy with all the above comments..the real world is busy and as much as we all love to spend time with each other in bloggieworld sometimes it just ain’t practical…friends understand those that don’t well…are they that what friendship means!! we get bogged and then go berserk trying to catch up..meanwhile I looked at the garden today and thought ..I need to slow down and get this sorted..outside being very much the place where Australian Xmas’s are spent …so I will be AWOL (at work off line ) so be kind to yourself and remember the things you are doing right now have longer impacts than pleasing us crazy monkeys 🙂 hugs to you all (Linda and Peter) and just enjoy the journey with Savvy and Sage Love Bev (fozziemum) xxxxx

  37. mollieandalfie on said:

    Stop getting ya furs in a twist Savvy Doll, NO one’s gonna stop following you because you have been super busy, if they do, they are not friends. We have been so behind with everyone blogs, it’s Chriztmaz time, and everyone is super busy 🙂 xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  38. Agree with angelswhisper,not to worry if you don’t come around to our place, we understand. Hope you teach Foster Sage how to mellow. Those are adorable photos of your cute self. wag wag Max & Bella and biped Paulette

  39. Don’t worry, Savvy, we know about having lack on time too, but we think about you every day, ’cause you live in our hearts aleady… you know 😉 Unfollow you…never ever…when we don’t see you…you see us… Pawkisses for a playful week 🙂

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