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Friday Frolics


We are waiting and waiting for Dad Peter to come home…late tonight…I am ecstatic with anticipation…

YEA!! Dad will sleep with The Kid Sage!

YEA!! Dad will sleep with The Kid Sage!

You see when Dad P is gone, Mom L goes to bed first with The Kid Sage…then comes back to ME…HRH Savannah.  Now…Mom will just be with me tonight as it should be.

Last night, Mom came back to bed with me late…and so she went off to la-la land sleeping…and I saw my opportunity to get snuggled really close to her back…in a little slump she created…purrfect and warm…all you cats know that spot…right?

Well, you can just imagine my SHOCK!…at an absurd hour…5:00 AM…she tried to turn over…ON ME!!!

MOUSES!!…I can tell you I gave her a piece of my mind…I cannot even repeat my meows here as my blog is PG rated…but I gave her the what for and very loudly.

So then…she turns over and tries to make like it was ‘no problem’ and offer me her hand for some strokes…and I ask all of you cats out there…WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE DIFFERENTLY THAN ME!!!

I…GAVE HER THE BITEY BITE!!!...surely you would all have done the same…then I eventually allowed her to touch my luxurious fur…only lightly…and I waited for her to fall back to sleep before I succumbed strategically placed myself in another warm position.

Seriously…what an invasion of my purrsonal space!…harrrummmppff!

Paw Pats, Savannah

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33 thoughts on “Friday Frolics

  1. You should send her to sleep in your bed, BOL!

  2. spittythekitty on said:

    Oh Savvy, You poor darling! OF COURSE you put the bitey on her! No self-respecting kitteh would do anything different! Guess what? Our Humans had brunch today–it was a lot of fun, but it sure didn’t so anything for either of *US*, now did it? I mean, no little “kitty bag” was brought home to me from that restaurant. You? XOXOXOXO

  3. OMD you nearly got squished! I think you need to find a safer spot to sleep

  4. Mags Corner on said:

    Oh, my!! Sweet Savannah we are happy that all turned out okay. We are sure your mom didn’t mean to squish you like that but in case she turns over in her sleep again you make sure you move with her, okay? Hugs and nose kisses

  5. Not good sleeping with the beans if you get squished!

  6. Katie Isabella on said:

    Savvy, I have been rolled on..well, partially I will admit and thumped with her feets occasionally. I swear it’s like sleeping in a blender!

  7. MOL Mum poked me almost in da eye last nite!!! Den she almost kicked me….
    Den she got tangled in da sheet n we almost fell off da bed!!! Me put da bitey bite on her butt wif no teefiez it iz onlee gumz but Mum got da point!
    She apaulogized purrfuselee n got me sum tuna-tuna so me fergave her!!!
    Me hopez ya n Mum made up n all iz back to nromal fer ya sweet Savannah ❤
    Lub Nylablue xxxx

  8. theswisscats on said:

    We cannot blame you, your mom deserved the bitey ! Who would want be squished during his sleep ? Purrs

  9. debbarnes on said:

    Clearly among the kitty by-laws, somewhere it is written that only the cat can invade a personal space, NOT the other way around, as in a human. You have been wronged and it was within your given rights to bite your human…

  10. We are really lucky as Dad does not move in his sleep. If he wakes up he checks where the 5 of us are and the move commences. We then all get a pet and snuggle down. Purrs Savannah.

  11. That was definitely a justified bite.



    Admittedly, it’s happened to almost all of us, too…the squashing, squawking, AND biting! Totally justified.

  13. Flynn on said:

    What a shock to be woken from a peaceful sleep to find yourself being squished. Of course you had to give the bitey for your own protection.

  14. How naughty of her! Sometimes Basil stretches in his sleep and kicks Buddy and he gets really mad too!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  15. The OP Pack on said:

    Savannah -cherish that time you have in bed – we sibes don’t even get to take a glimpse of the bedROOM, never mind the BED! what we wouldn’t give for a chance to snuggle with Mom:)

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

    • Really??!! Tell your Mom that my Mom Linda, when she had THREE Sibes…allowed each one to come into the bedroom at night for a snuggle…they all were very excited for about 5 minutes max until it got to warm!!! MOL!! They never ever stayed in bed and if they decided they wanted to sleep in the house at night, they still never ever got back in bed…they didn’t even sleep in the bedroom…they found their individual places on the towels left all over their fave spots and snoozed away…mostly they wanted back outside to sleep…give it a try…

  16. Yikes! She rolled over on you?!? She definitely deserved the bitey after that! We hope Dad P hurries home.

  17. Who knew that snuggling was so dangerous! Yikes. Usually I roll over onto Mom and poke her with my legs till I get comfy. She said it feels like sleeping with a bag of sticks. That’s good…. Right?

    Love and licks,

  18. Hahahahaha! Oh no! I sure hope you are alright!!! Hahaha! That’s too funny!
    I mean, I’m sorry you got rolled on and all, but I can just imagine your moms reaction when you started screaming and meowing at her with your “choice words” haha!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

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  20. Two Frwnch Bulldogs on said:

    She would have crushed you like a pancake. When I spoon mo she said I am like a heating pad
    Lily & Edward

  21. Oh dear Savvy that was awful to be all cozy and well asleep and then to be smushed. YOU deserved to say HBO words!

  22. I’m not allowed to get close to TW in the bed. She has HHGutt guarding over her. She knows any false move and I’ll go for her. She once flipped the cover on top of me—she said it was an accident— and I leaped at her shoulder where I attached myself. Good job with the bitey. TW knows if she steps to close to me or hits me with a foam rocket, I Will Get Even. Glad my BFGF does the same.

  23. You’re very lucky to be a cat, if our hooman rolled over onto us whee’d be squished flat. Sometimes it pays to be a bit bigger than our 1kg!
    The Pigs xx

  24. Savvy, we don’t blame you at all. Ashton suddenly stopped sleeping with the head peep last week, and we think that’s why. There was no waking up, and no biting, so we don’t know for sure. Peeps are so big and clumsy sometimes…

  25. I’m not a cat, but I would act like you :o) Sometimes it isn’t easy to share your bed with humans, I know. I hope your dad is back soon and you have a great weekend together :o)

  26. Well Savvy sometimes we have to make our feelings PURRRRFECTLY CLEAR with the bitey. I don’t like to do it either but it IS necessary for reinforcement of feelings…..I’m sure Mom will remember that!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  27. How else is she going to learn – I can’t believe she tried to squish you!!

  28. mollieandalfie on said:

    Oh Savvy we are laughing, how Mommy has to put the kid to bed first, then comes and see’s to you..Hurry up and get back Dad . Love your new header Savvy. Have a great weekend xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  29. I don’t blame you for letting your human have it – Binga would have done the same thing, I bet! Me, I would have just bolted and ran off, which for some reason really bums my human out, even more than if I bit her!

  30. Savvy, you better stick to warm her feet – cos when she turns around (and humans do that like cats) her feet will not endanger you …

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