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Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat

Thursday Purrsday…



My purrs are soft and gentle purrs of gratitude for the home I have and the comfort I receive from my guardians Mom L and Dad P.

Those of you who know me well know that I have been here 2 1/2 years…and I have grown more and more brave and trusting…going from hiding UTB for 2 weeks, fearful of being touched…to finding pleasure and great comfort in the touch of Mom L’s hand as she holds my head while I sleep.


Thank you Ceiling Cat and all the powers that be for helping me progress to this level of trust so that I can have such pleasure.  One day…I will find Mom L’s lap…

Please join me in linking up with Pepi Smart Dog’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop…click on the badge to visit others thankful posts….


Now I have something fun to share…there is a new video series working hard to get followers so I hope all my readers will hop over to their You Tube site and click ‘like’ and subscribe to their You Tube Channel.  That can help them find sponsors to help them make even more of these great videos.  Check them out at AdvoCatTV.

What a unique, creative approach to both delivering some messages about animal care AND show casing cats and dogs who are waiting for their forever guardians to find them. Pawsome I say.

And I want to deliver a short garden report to my girl friend Jonesie…I have not done so for a while because my garden is not in such great shape this year…we miss all the lovely bulbs that surprised us with their appearance last year.

Society of Feline Gardeners

Here is what I have so far…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Paw  pats, Savannah

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38 thoughts on “Thursday Purrsday…

  1. You’ve made great progress xx

  2. Super duper. Time is the best healer. Keep your great progress – DogDaz

  3. Kudos to you, BFGF. I will never be a lap cat. I only let TW pet me when I’m sleeping. I’ve never been able to enjoy any of that. This morning TW hugged me while I slept. I think that cute blue flower is actually a weed or a wild flower. On one hand TW never wants me to slow down and age but OTOH she hopes when I get older, I appreciate petting and will sit on Pop’s lap at least.

  4. You’ve made a lot of progress, Savannah!

  5. Laps are fun – extra scritches there!

  6. Aaaaw Savvy meez so happy fuw yous. Luvvin’ is da mostest pawsumest fing in da univewse dat can hapun tu a kitty. Meez so glad yous found such wunnewful unnewstandin’ hoomans. By da way….you’s lookin’ gawjus as evew.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  7. Savvy YOU are doing great. Patience, love and awesome cats Win The Day.

    We love Advocat too. I hope those ‘people’ were scared the way the cat would be GRRR


  8. Aw, Savvy. You’ve come so far. We know that it won’t be much longer that you’ll find that lap. But honestly, you don’t hafta be a lap cat to be happy. I’m not much of a lap cat but I’m real happy and content. ~Wally

  9. Oohhh…. You have hummer magnets! NICE.


    PS. How come only a few hydrangeas survived? That drought? purrs

  10. You have come a long way, Savy. We can’t wait til you’re comfy curling up in your Mom’s lap!

  11. Katie Isabella on said:

    OH Savvy, I have missed being here. And to read that you have love and trust for your mom now makes MY mom and I both very very happy and a little leaky eyed xoxoxox

  12. Oh Savvy, what are the names of the plants the hummers love? We have been trying to get them for years, and we got two last year, but we haven’t seen any this year. It is so great that you are finding your home life better and better all the time, Savvy. Mom met the cool AdvoCat people at BlogPaws and wants to do something with them. She just hasn’t been able to get her act together. Hugs to you, Sage and your mom from our mom. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • oh, have your Mom Janet get in touch with my Mom L…I bet they could work on it together. I know your Mom is not feeling great right now. Send us an email if you are interested in collaborating. We luvluvluv Advo Cat

  13. Whee are thankful that you and your hoomans are sharing your amazing journey to trust with us. It’s been amazing to see you blossom into this wonderful brave kitty!

    Happy Thursday

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  14. Sav, that was so beautiful! And I LOVE that video!!!!!! That was great!!! Sharing for sure!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  15. Savvy you are blossoming beautifully and it will all the more sweet for your Mom when you finally crawl up into her lap.

  16. Before you know, you will sit on your mom’s lap, we’re sure….what’s time in a lifetime 😉 The video was Pawsome, That will show them! Pawkisses 🙂

  17. Aw, sweet shot of your head. Thanks for posting about Advocat. I met her at Blogpaws and have pics that I should post.

  18. Hey Savannah!
    I got Dad to run over and subscribe.
    Yes we are lucky kitties
    Looking good garden too.

  19. We are so, so proud of you dear Savannah and each pawstep forward makes our hearts smile.

  20. The Swiss Cats on said:

    You have progressed so much since you arrived here, Savannah ! Not every cat is a lap cat, you have the choice ! Purrs

  21. Dear Savvy I am sure that one day you WILL indeed find the joys of Mom L’s lap – the warmth and radiating love will be waiting for you as will (I’m sure) your Mom’s tears of joy. Considering how much progress you’ve made since I’ve known you dear girl – I have no doubt laps are in your future!

    Hugs, Sammy

  22. Even if you will not find the lap you already have come a long way and can now be officially called cuddly!

  23. Hi Savannah, Sherri-Ellen here on behalf of Nylablue.
    We know you have made great strides in learning to trust your Mom & Dad…do not worry that it has taken time. Trust must be earned & your ‘apwetns’ are the most patient people & know they must earn your trust. The photo of your head in Mom’s hand is precious just as you are.
    Your garden is lookin great! Ours is MEH>>>Winter really messed it up & it is always too cold for me to get out there & do anything….such is Life.
    Sending love to all of you, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤

  24. Boodie has never developed into a lap cat… but then I have an AWFUL lap human! She is too fidgety, so she’s terrible at lap training.

  25. mariodacat on said:

    Sweetie, you have progress so much since arriving there. It’s like you aren’t even the same cat. I bet one day you will climb up onto your mom’s lap – she’s going to be so thrilled. Thanks for visiting my blog and the comment. Yes, I’m really good at the Easy. A fellow can’t expend too much energy, so taking lots of Easy’s is the way to go. Love the picture of you on top too. You are gorgeous.

  26. Savvy, you are doing good! Mom’s lap is nice. Just meowing 🙂 Love the video and the garden pics xoxox

  27. Two Frwnch Bulldogs on said:

    You are doing an awesome job
    Lily & Edward

  28. Heathcliff is so proud of you!
    We love the flowers but that birdy sculpture is the BEST!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  29. Happy wooooos Savvy baybee!!!


  30. Savvy, I know it’s a small step for people, but a big step for you to come to trust. I’m always happy when I read such good news. I like the video, the advocat-logo is great. and I sometimes wish we had such a cat lady here! How great that your hydrangea has such beautiful flowers, ours are still green :o) oh and how nice that the funny birds still live in your garden!

  31. savvy….ewe haz come veree veree far N we noe yur mom & dad iz mega proud oh ewe….all things in time……N yur garden looks prettee awesum….meowloz ta sage ♥

  32. Lap sitting will be awesome. And it WILL happen. You have come so far….

    Love and licks,

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