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Will You Paw It Forward With Me?: Thursday Purrsday


This Paw It Forward Project is truly personal for me

This Paw It Forward Project is truly personal for me

Those of you who have followed me for a couple of years know my joy in being able to reach out with my telepathic powers and bring Mom L and Dad P to find me.  If you don’t know my history, click HERE for the beginning…there is lots more but I don’t want to digress from my Paw It Forward post.

Please give a very warm, but quiet, welcome to…

Miss Bunny

Oh my!  Are they looking at ME??!!

Oh my! Are they looking at ME??!!


I ask for quiet as Miss Bunny and her temerity so resonate with me…and how I felt at Kitty Corner, my former shelter run by Contra Costa Humane Society.

Miss Bunny has been described with great caring by CCHS’s Adoption Manager Miss Chrissy (she was gracious and caring with me to…sigh)…

“If you like easy cats, you probably can’t get one much easier than Bunny.  She’s quiet as can be and while she doesn’t necessarily have an adventurous spirit, she’s incredibly sweet and gentle.  Bunny adores being petted and will rub all over your hands, purring away, but it takes her some time to feel comfortable in new environments.  Bunny had a very hard time in Kitty Corner and hid out while there with the other cats; she’s a very passive girl and that environment was too overwhelming for her.  So into our offices she came and while she spends most of her day tucked away in a cozy cubby or under our chairs watching us all go by, when we sit with her and pet her, she instantly melts, belting out her purr song and soliciting more & more pets.  In the right quiet, adult household she’ll surely come around and feel more & more comfortable given time.  We won’t lie though, it will take her some time to reach that point!  In the office she’s in, it took her nearly a month to start coming out into the open where she was exposed.  She’d love people to pet her in her safe spots, but being exposed was a frightening thing for her.  

Bunny is a tortoiseshell Manx mix – a bobbed tail kitty with a heart and eyes of gold.  She’s estimated to have been born in January of 2010 and is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and FeLV/FIV negative.  She gets along fine with other cats but is very submissive and so would do best in a home where she can be either an only cat or where there’s another patient, cat-friendly cat who might enjoy teaching Bunny how to play.  Bunny’s new home should expect to give her a safe room to call her own for quite some time but allow her the opportunity to explore as she starts feeling more comfortable.  She may not ever be a cat who comes out to greet visitors, but with the right person that won’t matter.  Bunny just has a very sweet soul and is looking for someone she can trust with all her heart.  Give her a chance, some time and plenty of petting and we’ve no doubt she will blossom beautifully!

Please meet Miss Bunny…

And just one more little home made video of Miss Bunny…take note of how fast she comes out to greet Ms. Chrissy…she could do that FOR YOU if you choose to be her forever Guardian….just a thought…really….no pressure, none whatsoever…

I humbly ask that any who read this post…please, please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE…Miss Bunny is very very special…ahem, koff, koff…ahem…like…*shuffling paws*…like me.

She is very timid, fearful…but so very very loving…sigh…like me

Thank you for coming by to visit…anything you can do is very helpful…please take action…we love purrs and prayers…but sharing on FB and Twitter and on you blog is what will help Miss Bunny draw her forever guardians to her.

Paw Pats, Savannah

This is my loving post for Pepi Smart Dog’s Thankful Thursday…click on the badge to be transported to other wonderful, loving Thankful posts.

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

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27 thoughts on “Will You Paw It Forward With Me?: Thursday Purrsday

  1. She is so beautiful. I already have one timid manx and 3 others non timid cats. I so wish I could help her myself. But, I know she will find her forever home she is simply gorgeous.

  2. Miss Bunny is super pretty. Purrin’ her forever home is found, soon.


  3. 2 werdz: HUNNEY BUNNEH!!!!!!!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum ❤ ❤

  4. katsrus on said:

    Shared where I could.

  5. We sure will share sweetie. Miss Bunny is such a sweetie and she needs her happy!

  6. Oh Savannah she’s bootyful. Meez purrs and hopes shes gets a pawsum home soon. Mommy sed ifin wees had a house stead of a pawtment hers kuld come liv wiff us.

    Luv ya’


  7. Oh Savvy she is sooooo wonderful!!!! I wish our house wasn’t so busy with 5 of us! Mom is afraid the chaos would be too much for a shy girl….sigh…. we will pray and purr really really hard for her. Keep us updated please!

  8. She’s very sweet and I will share the post and keep my paws crossed she gets the right type of home soon.

  9. She’ll adapt – like my Kessy did. When she already likes being touched by the humans at the office, she might not even need 7 months, like my Kessy needed. If I lived around I would be tempted to apply for her – both my two are very cat friendly, very tame, my FunTom even is a gentleman when it comes to Kessy stealing his food – right under his nose. But I have a strict: no more cats than hands to pet them-policy – and I live a continent and the big pond away from Miss Bunny. But I’m confident she will find people with as much patience just around the corner.

  10. Bunny is beautiful. We know that the purrfect home is out there for her.

  11. de very BEST oh fishes two ewe bunny ewe finds yur for evers home….N by monthz end … ewe R callin savvy on yur cell N sayin….guess what !!! ♥♥♥

  12. I shared it on my FB. Bunny, I cross my paws for you as hard as I can, you must be a special cat, when they say you are as easy as me :o)

  13. Bunny is so very cute! We have pawed it forward on FB.

  14. Two Frwnch Bulldogs on said:

    Welcome Ms Bunny
    Lily & Edward

  15. If she wasn’t so far away. The head bops and her little tail remind me of a cat that I knew as a child. I hope she finds somewhere as special as you did really soon!!

  16. wow! She is just so gorgeous!!!! I would love to have her 😦
    I have shared on a couple different networks, so hopefully she can find a loving home that she needs as you did Sav. Paws crossed!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  17. Hi Savannah, Miss Bunny is a real cutie. With your help I’m sure she’ll find her forever family real soon.
    Thank you agains for supporting our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop.
    Love your posts and look forward to reading lots more on our Hop.
    *waves paw* Have a great week! :=o)

  18. She is a darling we have shared on bakedface and we will share on Google+ when it lets us…go figure and do a bloggie but we don’t have a twit account 🙂 bless her sweet self loves and hugs Fozziemum xxxx

  19. Bunny is so pretty – she obviously LOVES getting petted and you’re right – it seems trust is an issue for her but hopefully in the right home – like you (!) – she’ll learn to blossom and relax because she’s safe! We shared on Facebook……

    Hugs, Sammy

  20. Tweeted for you – she is so lovely. Paws crossed here!!

  21. Good luck Bunny – can see why she resonates with you Savvy. These gorgeous girls are always worth the effort 😉

  22. mollieandalfie on said:

    Awww she is beautiful xxxxxooxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  23. I’ll share about Bunny on Twitter in the morning! She seems so totally sweet – and she’s beautiful!

  24. sending good vibes for bunny and her future forever servants that they may find each other soon.

    • Hi Savannah, loved your post. Hope Miss Bunny finds her forever home very quickly. You are a wonderful kitteh host too.
      Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop again. Love reading your posts and look forward to reading more from you. *waves paw* :=o)

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