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A Happy Tails Ending to Celebrate


Hello my furriends! I have the bestest ever Happy Tails Ending we have had in a couple of months!

Meet Mackenzie aka Mack!

Dad P received a call from a neighbor in our townhome complex about an adult cat that had taken up residence on her front porch. She said the kitty really wanted to come inside! Dad P knew that meant this kitty was likely someone’s lost pet OR had been abandoned. He and Mom L posted all over local social media and no one stepped forward to claim this cute kitty.

I asked them to pick up the kitty and take her to our one foster family who know how to work with adult rescue cats. Miss Joanna gladly welcome the kitty and learned how friendly she was. This kitty even took to their big doggie Nala! And as any assertive cat would do, she took over Nala’s bed!! MOL!!

The third night Miss Joanna picked up the kitty and she felt a lot of wetness on her tummy. OH NO!! Yes, this kitty, now known as Mackenzie aka Mack aka Mac’N’Cheese ( Miss Joanna had teenagers!) had three pawful puncture wounds!!

Mack was such a great patient and our pal Dr Josie ( retired Feline Vet) made sure Mack was stitched up just fine! Dad P and Mom L helped Dr Josie by holding the oxygen mask on Mack and keeping her hind legs separated so’s Dr Josie could do her excellent stitching!

Mack recovered from her surgery at my castle. It was here that she revealed so much of her REAL SELF. I had Mom L introduce her to the “nip”—maybe not the best idea I ever had—but darn—Mack loved it!! MOL!!

Finally it was time for Mack to get ready for her first audition and promotion for adoption. So Mom L and I had Mack pose for some great photos.

Mack was promoted by our pal at Community Concern For Cats and by the time she arrived at an adoption event, she had peeps waiting in line!!! And her forever human showed up first and right in front! Miss Mikayla! And she brought her own Mom to come along to enjoy the first meeting of a forever human—animal bonding!!

Here are some photos for Mack’s first day and days with her forever human.

And the best is yet to come! Here is Mack helping her new Mom get her yoga going!

Now Mack does her own yoga moves!!

Don’t ya just luvluvluv a Happy Tails Ending??


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19 thoughts on “A Happy Tails Ending to Celebrate

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  2. meowmeowmans on said:

    OMC, we’re all crying happy tears here. Hooray for Mack and Miss Mikayla!

  3. Aww! Super work!

  4. chrisscatmeow on said:

    Awww so sweet.x😻💖🐾

  5. Savvie! Thanks so furry much for telling us about Mac and her journey of healing and getting her forever home! She is gorgeous and we know she will LOVE her new family.

  6. Whoa! We love happy tails! In the pic of her on the dog bed, I thought I saw a scab on her. Wonder where she got the punctures but I’m glad she found her furever castle.

  7. 15andmeowing on said:

    I love a happy ending. Thank God for kind people like your folks. XO

  8. What a great happy ending for Mack!

  9. We LOVE this happy story! So many caring humans taking a lonely kitty and getting her to her perfect forever home. Brilliant!

    Love and licks,

  10. catladymac on said:

    What a great story ! We’re glad she got stitched up ok and won her audition !

  11. That made us all weepy happy!!!

  12. Bruce & Peg. on said:

    A beautiful tale,almost too good to be real.

  13. Carole Schulman on said:

    THIS made my day perfect! Thank you! XXX

  14. Edie Chase on said:

    Hooray for Mack and her new family! A little nip never hurts, I’m sure she uses it in moderation. ; )

  15. This makes Us furry happy indeed!

  16. that is the best happy end… and we love the name!!!

  17. Aww, this is SUCH an awesome rescue story. The human that wound up with Mack is so lucky!

  18. learnwithdash on said:

    OMG‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ Such a story and Mack is so precious. I am grateful to your alert foster and your wonderful vet for their amazing care.

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