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UPDATES: Former Adopted Fosters!!


We just received updated photos from two of my former castle foster guests. Do you remember Mackenzie? She was about five years old, abandoned and injured with severe abscessed punctures on her tummy. And do you remember Pipsqueak? We trapped him when he was about ten weeks old, for neuter and release, then realized he had an eye injury.

Pip is now about two years old. And he is living the best life with his pal Barsik, and Pip also has a new name, Begemot. Both are Russian names because his human Mom is from Russia!

Begemot aka (our) Pip, was so little. He was the smallest in the litter of six kittens we trapped in mid-2020. But look at him now! He is soooo floofy!! Not sure how much he weighs, but looks like about eight to nine pounds.

Pipsqueak was such a character and so much fun. His eye injury did not bother him one bit.

We cleared it up as best we could. However, as you can see, he still has a blocked tear duct and a bit of cloudiness from scaring. Check out his awesome toe tufts!!

Right before receiving our update on Begemot (Pip), we received an update on Mackenzie, now Momo. She was about five years old, abandoned and living in a neighbor’s back yard. We discovered that she had a severe injury on her tummy and Mom L’s retire DVM pal Doc Josie, performed surgery to clean and repair her tummy abscesses.

Momo is now an adventure cat!! Her human Mom trained her to a harness and leash and now she gets to go outside for walkies and sniff the flowers! She also does yoga with her Mom and she helps her with her art projects like crocheting and painting.

Her Mom made this stuffed Momo!! Isn’t she cute??

I hope you enjoyed seeing my former castle foster guests now one and two years later as much as I did! Happy Tails Endings are so much more fun when we receive updates!!


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11 thoughts on “UPDATES: Former Adopted Fosters!!

  1. Oh, yes, I loved to see this update, Savy, it’s wonderful to see them having a great furrever home, they all do look very happy😺Extra Pawkisses for you as you did a great job helping them🐾😽💞

  2. meowmeowmans on said:

    We love happy endings, and these are VERY happy endings. Thank you for making our hearts sing. 🙂

  3. That’s really, really wonderful and they look so happy and loved!

  4. Mary McNeil on said:

    Wow – what gorgeous kitties ! You and your family sure had animportant part in helping them get where they are today !

  5. white fish wavez two ewe begemot & momo; itz grate ta see ewe both two day N we iz BUZZED happee ewe both iz doin sew well….heerz two a grate yeer a head for ewe and yur peepulz & we hope ewe stop bye again sum time !! 😉 ♥♥

  6. Carole Schulman on said:

    I LOVE seeing these happy endings for your babies that were adopted. . And I wanted you to know that your comments did come through. Katie here and I are grateful for them. Mom has to “approve” them after they have been published for 2 days, to try to keep the spammers out. That’s the slight delay.
    Katie Isabella xx

  7. Pawsome work by all of you!

  8. The updates were awesome. Boy has Pip grown.

  9. I loved seeing these updates!

  10. such happy ending tails are like a sunray and warm our hearts…

  11. How cool to see how your ‘formers’ are doing after being in their forever homes for a while:)

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