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An update on kittens from Oak Hills Project


I thought you might enjoy some photo updates from the two kittens we were able to get into forever homes from that Oakhills project I posted about last year.

This is the TNR project that brought our very own foster kitten to us, Pipsqueak.

Mom L received an update in December on little Pip who is now in his forever home. He and his resident brofur, Barsik, are getting along just great! You can see Barsik in the background on one of the photos below. Pip has warmed right up to his new male and female humans and is doing so great!

It warms Mom L’s heart to know the kitten she worked so hard to socialize is now forever happy. 

The other kitten from this project who found his forever home is Rocky. He was trapped the same night as Pip but he was released because Mom L couldn’t hear his thoughts about how much he wanted to be an indoor kitty!! Well Rocky was socialized through a screen patio door by the young son of the family where this colony hangs out in their backyard. And one day, the Mom decided to bring Rocky inside and he has been there ever since!

Please notice that Rocky has even found a wonderful friend with the resident kitty Sapphire AND with the resident doggies, Lucky!!

Our Delta View Cats small all volunteer group had so many wonderful outcomes this past year. And these two brofurs are so special.


Fun and funny


I have some pretty silly photos and short videos to share with you that I just know are gonna make you giggle. Especially this time of year when families all over the world are trying to figure out how to keep their kitties safe from those pesky holiday trees and other crazy stuff!

So last time Mom L did a Kitchen Kat Klinic was about a week ago. Miss Gemma who hosts this clinic for Community Concern For Cats has a house full of rescue kitties all ages and many are just waiting for adoption. Some of these kitties always try to take over the clinic and show off!!

This 6 month old kitten decided that Miss Gemma’s back looked like a great place to hang out! And then the same youngster dropped off into a deep nap with her Siamese buddy!

And there you have silly KK aka Katie hanging out with her my three way tunnel having a blast running inside and out! Thankfully she has not learned that that green spot in the middle of the tunnel is my logistical control for the tunnel’s intergalactic travel.

Got bag! Will travel!!

Of course there is always TKS who thinks every bag will take her anywhere she wants to go.

Now you see a kitten, Tomas, and his mom cat Conchita, who Mom L and Dad P and I helped rescue. A very loving and kind and compassionate couple contacted us way back in  early May of 2020 to help them bring this precious, extremely scared Mom and her son into their home. Tomas and Conchita are living inside in the lap of king and patient caring guardians. Tomas is now very bonded with both his new guardians and Conchita is learning to trust human all over again.

AND—Conchita has spoiled her son!

Tomas is now bigger than his Mom and yet he still demands that she give him his daily wash!! Silly mancat! Check out his approach to Christmas Tree inspection.

There you have my Fun and Funny post. So hope you all enjoyed sharing some of our special moments here at home and with our continuing rescue work with our city’s abandoned community cat population. 


Giving a chance for survival


For those of you who may not actively be pawticipating in helping abandoned community cats during the COVID 19 pandemic get spayed/neutered, medically treated etc., you likely do not realize that it is difficult to find Vet care for these cats and kittens. Many public shelters have closed their surgeries and/or have limited the number of cats/kittens that can be brought in for S/N. Sometimes kittens face medical challenges that rescue clinics are not able/capable of treating. 
This 7 day old kitten (5oz) had a prolapsed rectum. Mom L’s pal, retired feline Vet Dr. Josie Thompson, thought she could give this tiny kitten a chance for survival by pushing the prolapsed section back inside the kitten. Dr. Thompson was able to do this procedure using the Kitchen Clinic space where Miss Gemma from Community Concern For Cats holds the weekly Kitchen Clinic I have talked about lots before. Mom L transported the surgical kit to Miss Gemma’s and helped hold a light and the instrument used to push the prolapsed section back into the rectum while Dr. Thompson did her magic.
About .5 inch was protruding and Dr. Thompson was able to push it back inside and then place a purse string suture in her anus to retain the prolapsed section for 3-4 days.
She is a bottle baby and was nursing right after procedure.
We named her Josie after Dr. Josie Thompson, her Vet who gave her the chance for survival! The suture must come out later this week.
So for now we are all keeping fingers and paws crossed that Kitten Josie’s body is able to reabsorb/attach the protrusion to enable her to pass stool  normally going forward. Please add your purrs and POTP for this sweet baby kitten. She was purring while she took her bottle and trying to make bread with her tiny paws!! We think she is going to be a “Torbie” colored girl. She has some tabby stripes but also has some orange spots on her gray fur making her a diluted “Torbie”!!
Not a bad day’s work, don’cha think?



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