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Monday Fun Day


Savannah: “What’s that you asked Mom L? Oh, you want me to keep an eye on The Kid Sage while you are out gettin’ some stuff for your new monitor. Why sure, I can do that, no problem.

That monitor sure arrived in a might big box don’t ya think?”

Picture of innocence

The Kid Sage aka TKS: “Hey Mom L, can I play around in this way cool humongous big box while you are gone? I promise to not bug HRH Savannah if I can hang out in this box, ok?”

Humongous box

Savannah: “Well I must say—those Fed Ex folks are certainly punctual. I only called them about ten  minutes ago and there they go with my special humongous package I am sending to Tasmania—or was that TKSmania???”

What’cha mean HRH Savannah? You think I need more bubble wrap?

Savannah: “Yep, there goes that humongous package !”

Send off!!

Savannah: “Hmmm—I wonder if Mom L will notice her humongous monitor box is gone?”

What would my readers do if they had a humongous box to use?? Heh…heh…heh



We Have A Little Chrissymouse Tree


When we moved we had to donate our great big Chrissymouse tree…it was too big for our new home. But Dad P and Mom L made sure that Sage gets to experience her very first Chrissymouse tree this year. We have not put one up since Sage came to live in my castle.

I think she likes it. (apologies for such a poor photo of TKS, but our living room lighting is not suited for photos and Mom L only had her iPhone…sigh)

I think this is going to be fun

I think this is going to be fun

As for me, I prefer to spend my time contemplating and dreaming while in the presence of our Chrissymouse Tree.

Dreaming of peace and homes for all shelter cats

Dreaming of peace and homes for all shelter cats

Of course there is always that flashy box that disturbs my attempts to Make A Difference in the lives of all adult homeless cats. Until I was FIVE years old, I had no home to call my own. Look at me now…

Savvy wakes ed 2


There you have it…let’s hope I had long enough to make sure the Universe listened to me.


The Kid Sage Finds a New Bed


I am thrilled that HRH Savannah allowed me to take over contribute to her Monday post.

As you know, we have moved to a new rental home, and Mom L and Dad P are still trying to help us get settled. Well, they did this truly GREAT thing…just for me!!

They bought a smaller media console JUST to be able to provide me with this lovely new bed!!


Ummm…ok…so it is ‘not’ exactly a ‘cat bed’…it is a little folding chair a dear friend of Mom L and Dad P’s gave them long before I arrived. She made the back and seat using needle point…all hand done by her. This little chair is wood, but folds up kind of like a ‘camp’ chair.

So Mom L knows I always loved this chair at our last home, but being a black panther cat I did leave my furs behind. So Mom L decided to place one of our Winnie’s Wish beds, made by Ms Andrea from Celestial Kitties,  on the chair, next to their new media console…

Winnie's Wish bed by Celestial Kitties Mom Ms Andrea

Winnie’s Wish bed by Celestial Kitties Mom Ms Andrea

This was like a magnet for me…in less than 10 minutes…I was HOME!!!

Why yes, this is just exactly what I wanted

Why yes, this is just exactly what I wanted

We are still settling in; but we are all making a home together.


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