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Oh What A Night…

I don’t know what got into me last night…but I was like a totally crazy cat for playing!!

Mostly I used my karate moves, but I also managed to get in some moves sort’a like Moma Cat on the Cult of Otis blog.  She has a fav of hers that I am practicing, but I am doing it in the reclined mode.  You’ll see my rendition of that incredible move of hers…gonna take a lot of practice!

So first, I’m concentrating on getting the “wax on wax off” move with my front paws…building upper body strength to get faster with this move…takes concentration ya  know…

Then I move on to practicing Moma Cats Flying Squirrel move…but I have a different take on it ‘cuz I don’t jump like her…so I am working on the Reclined Flying Squirrel…here ya see me working on the Half Reclined Flying Squirrel move…it ‘s important to look crazed when doing it so ya gotta work on the facial expression too…

Finally, I got in some karate kick stuff…again, notice I am doing it from the floor…reclined position…really requires a lot of ab control…pretty hard actually…

Then…I got a really good brushing to cool me down…and I cuddled first half of the night with Dad and then I switched about half way through the night to Mom…I share my lovely soft warm bod’ between them…makes ’em happy!

That’s it…Paw pats, Savannah

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13 thoughts on “Oh What A Night…

  1. Hey girl, you have the moves!

  2. MOWZERS! *impressed look* Reclined Flying Squirrel…(tries to contort self) Uhh……

  3. Hawoooo! It looks like woo are saying “RA!!!” in the second picture- it’s our favorite! Play bows kitteh,


  4. You go girl! Show us how it’s done!

  5. Cat Pilates! It’s the latest craze…

  6. Susan Mullen on said:

    Savannah, you have all kinds of hidden talents! Thanks for the link to Otis’s blog entry on Mama Cat’s moves, too. Awe-inspiring they are.

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