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My Name is NOT Marilyn!

Well this is how this post got going…on one of my posts a few days ago, one comment suggested that one of the photos could be my “cheesecake shot”….

OH MY CAT!  That got Mom goin’ trying to get me to pose like that!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??

She has been totally trying to exploit me that way…waiting, waiting, waiting…for me to do something she thinks is “sexy and she’ll know it, ba dum ba dum”…ugh!

So, I am relaxing in our bedroom, enjoying some late afternoon sun puddles…and breathing deeply to get the rich scent from my Nip ‘n Nap Mat…and the next thing I know…


Yup…Mom figures she has my ‘cheesecake shots’ for sure…

So I hope all the boys over at Katnip Lounge are gettin’ a good look, ‘cuz this ain’t happening again for a loooonnnnnngggggg time if I can help it…and they better be lookin’ at these while they all stand right next to the icebox…

…here is the first photo that sent the Katnip Lounge boys to the icebox…

 …then they ran off again to the icebox for this one…

…Now, the new, even more embarrassing “cheesecake shots”…Mom seems to think this is sort of my reclined “hello boys'” look…paws covering eyes…as paw hits ‘enter’…

…shaking head, blushing…what to do about her…then she tosses me a toy to make me, like, look coyly (vocab builder) over my shoulder…like, ‘who cares already!’…

…then she says, “now Banana Cakes, look up at Mom demurely (what the heck does that mean??!!)…

…”ok Savannnah Banana…now look right at Mom…wistfully (WHAT? you talkin’ to me?!)…

…”last one Savvydo…now look down sort’a pouty”  (OH CAT! get her away from me already!!)…yelling down hallway…”Dad, Dad…HHHEEEELLLLPPPP!”



Paw pats, Savannah

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55 thoughts on “My Name is NOT Marilyn!

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  2. wow miss Savannah, how did I manage to miss this post?

    You are gorgeous!

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  4. Hey Savvy, Jetty here.

    Listen with the boys getting a look see at those pics, you’re gonna need protection… and I VOLUNTEER!

  5. catfromhell on said:

    Oh! My! Cod!
    Nellie hid your post from me yesterday! Savannah-You are one hot Mama! I could go for a girl like you if I did not have my Calico Rose.

  6. Tsktsk! Looks like we’ve got a model in daaaa house Savannah!!! Oh and psssst, we recently nominated your blog for an award. 😀

    Thank you for sharing your stories and making us giggle and smile 🙂

    Keep up the great work! 😉

    Paw snugglessss!



  7. The Katnip Lounge guys are animals!!! But you are learning real fast it looks to us. Even Austin, who’s a bit shy in the googlies, is bristling his tux!!!

    • mrrreeoooww…I kind’a think Austin is pretty cute…ppurrrrrs…and I know what ya mean about the KL guys! Their Mom told me that after they looked at my cheesecake poses they had to have a ‘Mancat clean up in aisle 3…” MOLMOLMOL

  8. So great photos!!!!

  9. Allie: *long suffering sigh* oh I know…the things we put up with from our humans…! It’s truly a trial. But then there are (usually) treats afterward, especially if I look a bit miffed. Does looking miffed work for you?

  10. Hi Savannah. I just popped over from Pet Blogs United. Great photos thanks for sharing. Our cat Cody says cat’s rule & dog’s drool is that true.

  11. Hi Savannah i just popped over from Pet Blogs United. Great photos thanks for sharing.

    Our cat Cody says cat’s rule & dog’s drool is that true.

  12. Demurely, aka look up at the camera like you’d like your belly rubbed.. You do like your belly rubbed, don’t you?

  13. Hiya Miss Savannah.. One of our favorite cities… except for the paper plant.. that just stinks when they are making that paper pulp into paper for those Pringle cans or whatever they are making…

    sorry we are a bit ADDHDDDDYEHYODELELELDAY at times. Oskar and his hooman said you all are fun, and we don’t have many kitteh friends so we thought to say HI Y’ALL… that is Hi if you don’t speak southern.

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

    • Hey guys! I don’t speak southern, but Mom does…she was born in Texas but mostly tells everybody she is California grown!! Glad you came over from PBU…I will take a whirl over to your bloggy in just a few…oh, and we have never been to ‘Savannah’ the city…not idea about the smell

  14. Hi Savannah… we just came over from Pet Blogs United and are going to put your url into our reader so we can follow you. So nice to meet you…. We look forward to your posts. Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max, Bugsy, Knuckles and HH

    • Hiya Max! Thanks so much for coming by. I followed you a while ago but don’t your posts??? Can you tell my staff what a reader is and how I can use it to follow others. I have tried to follow other blogspot sites to no avail. Could use some help. Thanks bunches paw pata, Savannah

  15. mollieandalfie on said:

    Forgot to say was so mesmerized by the photo’s , that if you wanna hang out sometime pop n see me.
    mollie and alfie
    Love Alfie xx

  16. mollieandalfie on said:

    You is smokin HOT girl, has your Mum got a pole?? Yep as they say, if you’s got flaunt it, and you certainly have!
    Can’t wait to see some more, I wonder if Mum’s got some Ice cubes as well.
    Alfie xx

  17. Savannah, I saw that first photo earlier today and it’s gorgeous–beyond cheesecake, tell your mom it’s a winner! I do agree the next one is a little over the top, as it were, but the centerfold photos are classics. Giuseppe is not looking for his heart is with Mlle. in Kingston, but Jelly Bean is purring mightily.

    See, we’re still here, mom just had to finally get a new box to stare at all day. She’s really happy now since she says it “flies”, but we haven’t seen it move. Anyway, we can all read about our favorite kitties once again!

    • oh I am so glad you are still all OK…I watch your bloggy efurryday. Mom has been distracted with taking care of rescue shelter kitteh who fractured his tibia…getting surgery tomorrow. whew!

      I think my third photo is one of my furry best…see how the sun looks on my glorious blue gray fur!! Nice, huh? And yeah the second shot was only to relate to an earlier post…that was when I was doin’ some pilates work for my abs…I use the scratch post to work my lower abs…lift, and lift, and lift…for 1 and 2 and 3…I do about 2 sets of 5 reps when I use that move…pretty good, Huh?

  18. Oh my DOG! *covers screen so June Buggie don’t drool on it*

  19. ::Boom Chicka Wow Wow::

    Mommy! Fainty Mancats clean up in Aisle Three!

  20. Doncha just HATE these photo sessions that we celebs have to go through? She didn’t even think to cover your privates in the 2nd shot. Is she trying to make you a Penthouse PET?

  21. Chancy and Mumsy on said:

    Oh, my! Sweet Savannah you better lock down the place…there are going to be mancats scratching at your door. Hugs and nose kisses

  22. Savvy, have you considered being a model? Seriously!

  23. ha ha 0- you are cracking me up sweetie. you are sexy without even trying. ha ha – don’t you just LOVE our humans!

  24. better watch it before kitty protective services comes to take her away cause of the “kitty-porn”….MOL!

  25. You are so beautiful Savannah Bananna I think Slash is smitten! I apologize for over looking that the blog on fire award is one that you don’t have yet. I had thought you were on my list for a previous nomination so I overlooked you by mistake this time. Glad to see that other bloggers are taking note that is is one PURRfectly COOL CAT Blog. Thanks for stopping by and please come back to visit Slash, it will make his day!

    • Oh my Cat! not to worry about the award, I am just so totally happy YOU GOT IT!! Well deserved!!! Do ya really think Slash think I am kind’a pretty??? Not many ever thought that before…most said I was “hefty, fat, chunky…” sigh…I work out so hard and so much now…I thought I was just ‘muscular” like Dad said????

  26. Savannah, we saw your spot #13 in that second shot! What was the Mom thinking? We do love that third pic, though. Mee-yoww.

    • so you guys…she already posted that photo a few days get over the “spot #13” ok???..I just let her use it again to make a point with the Katnip Lounge boys!! MOL and I think the 3rd photo is my best side totally

  27. Just face it Savannah, when ya got it your Mom is gonna flaunt it for you!

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