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Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat

A purrPrise: My Champion

Finally…runs in office..slams door…whew! Jumps on chair…hits “PUBLISH” with left paw (I’m a lefty in case ya hadn’t noticed!)

Now it’s all together…the whole story can come out.  Mom and I have done a ton of storyboarding on this one…’cuz it kind’a goes back a ways….

…I know this is kind’a long…but it’s gonna be good…trust me…

The question efuury lady cat must ask herself…if and when do I need a CHAMPION to guard my honor?…and ‘cuz of my background, I never thought I would need to ponder(vocab builder) this question.

But, life changes…..

…I used to stare in my Mirror and ask…”what is wrong with me? I think I look OK…I am nice…I keep myself nicely groomed…why doesn’t any huFamily want me…”…

…I would lie in my hidey hole (no one at the shelter ever suspected I had it all tricked out)…and while brushing my fur…wonder…”maybe I don’t have HONOR and that is why no one wants me???…”

…and then this man came along in the shelter, and reached in and petted me, and then his wife did this special rubbing on my ears and head…and, well…you all know the ending…


Then I started to blog my autobiography. Mom helps…and she is the one who put my HONOR at risk…

Remember that June 19 post…My Name Is Not Marilyn???…all those ‘cheesecake shots’ Mom posted!!??

…like this one…????

Well! That is what started me to fret (vocab builder) about my HONOR…’cuz of those cheesecake shots Mom posted…I got lots of comments that made me fear my HONOR needed protection…

Chancy, from Chancy The Gardner,  warned me…”Oh, my! Sweet Savannah you better lock down the place…there’s going to be mancats scratching at your door….”

The boys over at Katnip Lounge commented: “Boom Chicka Wow Wow:…Mommy! Fainty Mancats clean up in Aisle Three!”

Rumpy Dog had to control June Buggie: “Oh my DOG! *covers screen so June Buggie don’t drool on it*…”

Alfie, over at Mollie and Alfie …commented: “You is smokin HOT girl, has your Mum got a pole?? Yep as they say, if you’s got flaunt it, and you certainly have!…Can’t wait to see some more, I wonder if Mum’s got some Ice cubes as well.”

Kozmo, at Cat from hell said: …”Oh! My! Cod!…Nellie hid your post from me yesterday! Savannah-You are one hot Mama! I could go for a girl like you if I did not have my Calico Rose….Kisses…Kozmo”…

After all those comments…one final comment came in which gave me hope…and an IDEA!!

Finally, my doggie pal, my Mr. Big Guy Jetty from Hi, It’s Jet Here, said:

“Listen with the boys getting a look see at those pics, you’re gonna need protection… and I VOLUNTEER!”

I immediately replied:…”Oh Jetty…you are so big and strong…I would totally feel protected if you were my CHAMPION!!! ….digging in box, throwing stuff out…searching…searching…can’t find it…but I will give you my handkerchief and you can be my official CHAMPION!!”

My Big Guy responded right back, fast as lightening…”Hey, Jetty here. I would consider it a great honor to receive your hankie and take on the role of your CHAMPION…”

I sent back my reply as fast as my paws could type…”ok, let me find that hankie and I will ‘award’ it to ya…”


Jetty, I promosed you my hanky, and here it is…and I know you will wear it with pride when you are needed…

And Jetty, I had this special badge made for you and I to post on our bloggys so efurryone knows you are my OFFICIAL CHAMPION!!!

That’s my big PurrPrise for efurryone!!!  And MY CHAMPION JETTY is just seeing our badge for the very first time today!!! PURRPRISE JETTY, MY BIG GUY!!

I want to give a warm shout out to  Miss Ann, from Zoolatry, and thank her for her fabulous art work.  HUGE PAW PATS, Savannah

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81 thoughts on “A purrPrise: My Champion

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  2. Chancy and Mumsy on said:

    Wow, sweet Savanna you have a very handsome and strong lookin’ Champion. He will protect you well. We are very happy to meet your Champion we will have to pop over and see his blog. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Great graphics. Concats to you and your Champion. Being from da hood, I don’t even know what a Champion is? Is he the guy with the “piece” who offs anyone who drools on you?? I say, keep the drool coming, as long as it’s not from a dog! (Sorry Jet.)

    • Yup CK..that’s what a CHAMPION does..keeps the droolers away…and I don’t like drool whatever animal it comes from MOL…and I am kind of a ‘hood gal myself…I was dumped at a shelter…probably from some former trashy home…

  4. LOL how cute 🙂

  5. Savvy, we’re scheming on how to sneak in past your Honor Guard! We are some Bad Cat, oh yes we are.

    • OH NO!!! …runs upstairs…grabs Mom’s mobile…speed dial ‘CHAMPION JETTY’…hey, Jetty!!! 911 call for my CHAMPION!…the Katnip Lounge dudes are planning something…and you know…they can be such animals!!…Should I call back-up?? Zim offered and ya know…he is a ferocious Sibe!…let me know…

  6. Fair Maiden, we are happy you have found your Knight in shining armor!

  7. I am so pleased and can sleep well in my bed tonight knowing that you have my pal Jet looking out for you!! Great news!

  8. Awesome artwork!! And I’m sure Jet will do a good job of being your champion 🙂

  9. mollieandalfie on said:

    Phew!!! I foughts yooo was gonna say yooo had a boyfurriend!! I’ve fought about this… A dawg being yor protector, can’t say I wasn’t a little upset.. I would of jumped to the moon and back to protect yooo’s Savannah Doll… But I’s fought about it…. I lives a long way from yoo’s, so it would means planes trips etc and I could beee’s delayed, so I’s mite not get there in time, should I’s be needed! I’ve looked into Jettys eyes, done a bit of research … and have come to the catconclusion.. He’s the best Dawg for the job 🙂 I can catnap happy nosing yoo’s protected 🙂 But if yooo’s ever needs me, just Meeow and I’lls be there…

    My Purrs forever…. a little sad Alfie xxxx

  10. Miss Satchie on said:

    oh, oh, you are soooooooooo pwetty, auntie Savvy!

  11. Absolutely stunning.

    But I am sad I missed the opportunity to be your champion, miss Savannah 😦

    • Hey Jay buddy! I just saw this over at The Blog of Otis Sounds like a cat they just took in, Thomas, not only got neutered, but had to have his canine extracted. I thought maybe your folks might want to go visit and see if they can exchange email with Thomas’ folks. I think Otis lives in Seattle WA You take care buddy, be thinkin’ about ya lots and waiting to hear how you are come Wed. paw pats, Savannah

  12. That is absolutly pawsome! What a champion!

  13. The Artwork ROCKS! Slash says Meow. 🙂

  14. Hey Savvy, Your Champion, Big Guy, Jetty here. Hi Miss Linda.

    Mom and I feel grateful, happy and excited to read your special post today. We cannot fully express how much we LOVE it. Miss Pawesome Ann from Zoolatry outdid herself.

    I’m blushing so much that I’m going to turn pink! I proudly promise to protect your honor furrever Savvy. Sending proper Jetty kisses (on your paw of course) and tons of Jetty kisses to Miss Linda.

  15. catfromhell on said:

    Oh Savannah,
    Me has several doggie protectors! Me especially loves my Bert and My Goose. But mes never thoughts to gives them tokens of my esteem! Yous such a smart cat Savannah!
    Rock on girl!

    • Whoa Miss Nellie…I totally learned from you! You have such style…BTW…Easy is hoping for help from the FBI on catching the mousies who cheat him at poker!!! I told him you could help…lemme know…paw pats, Savvy

  16. I do believe you are in good paws dear Savvy!

  17. We just know Champion Jetty is going to do a great job protecting your honor. But we completely understand why the boys are going crazy over you. ~Socks, Scylla & Fenris

  18. Jetty sure is looking handsome for being a woofie 😉
    I think you can be glad to have him as your Champion !

  19. ande123 on said:

    That Jetty is a handsome dude. You are so lucky to have him as your protector Savannah. Well done. You are one very pretty gal too. Take care.

  20. That is AWESOME! Had I known you needed a champion, I would have volunteered myself! Jetty looks like he has things well in hand err… paw, though!
    Play bows,

    • welllll….hmmmm…never thought about…but ya know Zimmers (may I call you Zimmers??)…a lady cat can never have too many CHAMPIONS!!! Maybe, just maybe, there will be room for one more????….hmmmmmmm

      • Hey Zimmers, may I call you Zimmers, too? Jet here.

        I take my role quite seriously, however, Savvy deserves all the looking after she needs. I would gladly accept back up support when needed. 🙂

  21. Well, Jetty is a great champion of hono(u)r indeed. We are very relieved that you have him to stand up for you. Austin would have put himself forward but he is walking out with Miss Sassy of Troublin Times and he didn’t want a cat fight on his paws!!!! 😉

  22. I’m so happy for you that Jetty volunteered as your Champion because with all those drooling mancats after you, your Honor was indeed in jeopardy.

    And Jetty is one hunk of mandog, too! Some Hollywood stars fall in love with their bodyguards, so you never know what may happen. Interspecies romance isn’t the taboo it used to be.

    By the way, I usually ask the featured blogger on the LOLSpot to post a link to it. Because this is such a special post for you today, do you think PURRhaps you could post a link tomorrow? The link is: And I’m so glad you liked them.

    You may now copy the badge that says “I bin LOL’d on Wendy’s LOLSpot” on the righthand sidebar of my blog. And once you have been initiated, you never know when you will be LOL’d again along with all the other LOL-veterans.

    • oh Wendy, I totally intended to acknowledge you tomorrow with a linky of course!! I was shocked to see you did it…and today! I already had this huge post ready and could not take away from the interest and suspense I had tried to create. So tomorrow’s post is for you, and someone who gave me an award I already have, but mostly about YOU! I am going over to grab that badge! so I can post it tomorrow, purrrrrssss comin’ your way!!!

      • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

        We had to thank you twice (just visited your blog)… first for featuring Savvy, second for your beautiful avatar (we like the diamond description), and finally for writing such kind words about me!

  23. Hi Savannah……I think every lady needs a “champion” and it was VERY cool of Jetty to volunteer to be yours. The pictures of you with your special hankie are quite lovely……I do believe you are “feelin’ the love” these days in every way!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • thanks Sammy…did you see Wendys LOL spot blog today??? I am her subject!!! Too funny…Mom is still chuckling (Dad didn’t like the last comic, but he did smile…) Paw pats, Savvy…oh,,,and Sammy, first I am sorry I have misspelled your name in the past! Mom has trouble sometimes…AND I hope you know you are my mentor in all things about growing up and being rescued and in being a blog star…paw hugs Savvy

      • Oh gee Savannah I’m glad you consider me a mentor – I know how tough you had it before you found your forever home but you certainly landed in the RIGHT spot to “live happily ever after” didn’t you?!

        Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  24. Swoon! YOu are gorgeous!

  25. No wonder you’ve been excited! You two look purrfect together. No cat will dare to make improper advances to you now.

  26. spittythekitty on said:

    Oh, well, then, okay. Whew!! You really had me skeered, Savannah. Don’t go making “commitments” wifout giving me plenty of notice, y’hear?

    But listen, all that silly monogamy stuff? Well, that’s for those Puritanical Humans, MOL! We kitties know there’s room in our hearts for lots of furry “furiends,” my darling! And, of course, you will nefur need protecting from me! As you know, I am a purrfect gentleman cat, who is more than satisfied with a little face washing and nappy.

    I don’t want to find some giant skeery woofie over there, now!!!

    • ooohhhh now I remember…it was YOU that Nellie called a “Lothario”!!! Ah Ha! You flirt! And Dad says I am too young to have a steady mancat…maybe never…I can switch around just like the mancats do…MOL

  27. I think that is totally, totally wonderful Savannah!!! You at Jetty are sooooooo cool!

    p.s. Saw you over a Wendy’s!

  28. What a precious graphic. We think he’s a great champion fur your honors.

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