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Thankful Thursday…and Monday Meowing Interpretation Winner!!

Hiya! Savannah Here!

First, thankful that you have all be so very patient in coming back to visit me when I don’t even visit you.  I thought I had a paw on getting back to regular stuff, but alas (vocab building project VBP), it was not to be just yet…paw pats, play bows, nose smoochies and chin rubs to all…I am humbled by your furriendship.

Secondly, the short tale is…Mom and I put on our thinking ears, hats or whatever…and we cannot find a way to manipulate hijack Word Press to our will…so we are thankful we can still use one slideshow to  share  Dad’s Birthday trip to our beautiful Northern California Sierra Nevada mountains…specifically the Lake Tahoe area.  We caved into succumbed to accepted WP’s limitations.

They saw beautiful golden Aspen Trees turning their pawsome gold in the Fall, and other wonderful things like the Winter’s first storm rolling in over Mt Tallac at Lake Tahoe on their arrival.  They visited a site called Taylor Creek to see the last of the unique Kokanee Salmon spawning run. Then they had a pawsome dinner with fabulous sunset at a restaurant called The Chart House.

Nice night at their hotel, then they woke to SNOW! October 22, in the Heavenly Valley area of Lake Tahoe…WOO HOO Skiers and Snowboarders!!

Finally, they were relieved to be in Mom’s Toyota 4 Runner, four wheel drive with snow and mud tires…because the snow was fast, humongous flakes and very full of water…and chains OR 4 wheel were required to get out of Lake Tahoe come Monday AM when they left.

That is the story.  We know many of  you have lots of  snow already, but for us in Nor California, we depend desperately on our Winter snow fall for our year round water supply.  And to see snow this early in the Nor Cal Sierra mountains is just wonderful.

Hope you enjoy the slide show…(sorry, WP dumps EVERY photo in the same post into the slideshow…crap!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Dad read and re-read all your interpretations of my message to Mom…and seriously, this is NOT  a NOR CALIFORNIA thingy…but…

…YES…My bestest San Francisco Bay Area furriend…(koff, koff, recently…well, ya know…errrrr…ummm…ahhhh…he suffered through the  “tutored” experience)


…SPITTY TOTALLY GOT MY WHOLE MESSAGE TO MOM…but then, he is from the “flower child environs” of Northern California…just sayin’…

This how Dad saw Spitty’s interpretation of my meowing at Mom…

Spitty said: “Well, at first you’re saying, “SHUT YOUR TRAP AND GIVE ME MY FOOD, HUMAN.”…(YUP said Dad…”Mom keeps on talking, talking, talking…poor Savvy”)
Then Spitty said…”And then, at the end, with your sad eyes (Spitty saw my precious sad little eyes, right at the end…what a sensitive (VBP) mancat),…” you are saying, pitifully, “Surely, SURELY, that can’t be ALL you’re giving me! I mean, you’re KIDDING, right? A girl could STARVE on these paltry rations. I have the SPCA on speed-dial, you know.

Dad said, “oh yeah”…”that’s my girl Savvy…she knows how to take care of herself…and of course, she now has Mom’s old iPhone!!!…bwaaahahahahahahaha!”…ooppss…Dad: Savvy, did you hit enter with your paw?

So King Spitty…you will soon find in your mail a very special package from ME, Savannah, containing my most currently FAVE toy…


…which came to me HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by Cathy Keisha, The Stunning Cat Who Keeps It Real…

Thanks to ALL who left your interpretations of my MEOWING TO MOM…

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38 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday…and Monday Meowing Interpretation Winner!!

  1. Hi Savannah: Love the slideshow!!! The snow looks beautiful there. We haven’t had any here yet & I wish we did. Of course NYLABLUE does not want snow & is pouting because it is too cool for her to be out in condo now….at least if it snowed she’d stop pouting, MOL!!!
    Congratulations to King Spitty….not only a handsome cat but a very clever boy too!! Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too.

  2. Well done Spitty! Snow – lucky parents! I love snow but very, very rarely get to see and experience it. Travel bug hitting again!

  3. Concatulations Spitty xxx

  4. Well done spitty!

  5. MOL, it is no surprise to me that Spitty figured it all out, he’s got a way of reading just what the fem-cats want and need!

  6. Mommy practically got HIVES thinking about snow! Nonetheless, we think your peep’s vacation photos are lovely. Mommy is such a wimp.

  7. Love the slide show. We like snow but only if its FAR away. Spitty is gonna LOVE those feathers I betcha. He’s gonna become a WILD MANCAT!

  8. Oh! Oh! Oh! I winned???? Really WINNED??? Hurray! Now *I* have something to be thankful for on Thankful Thursday!! (Cause it’s sure not for my HUMAN, who is STILL at work and it’s already 6:30!!!) I am delighted to have so accurately assessed what was coming out of your adorable mouf, Ms. Savannah. Don’t worries about not visiting–you almost always comment back here and that’s plenty! Also, great pix of beautiful Tahoe–The Human says she hasn’t been up there in like 7 or 8 years 😦 I really liked that fishie picture.

    I will send you my snail mail. I can’t WAIT for my fev-vers–those are just the best! And PEACOCK fev-vers–I can’t imagine anything more suitable for a KING! Thanks again, my sweet. Smoochies XOXOXO

    • why yes King Spitty, Peacock Fev-vers are the most royal of all fev-ver I think. ANd Cathy Keisha is the “in the know” cat who had me check them out and now I am like TOTALLY addicted, don’t even hardly LOOK at another toy…not even DA BIRD!

      I will have the place Mom gets them send them directly to you, so we will place the order tomorrow, Friday. If they give us a potential delivery date, I will tell you. paw hugs, Savvy

  9. That Spitty is very Royal and very wise!

  10. Charlotte on said:

    Truly majestic pics of the Sierras, Savannah:) Your winner was right on about what you were saying! leaving nose kisses for your day sweet girl:)

  11. Savannah – the slideshow was just beautiful. So sorry you are having problems. We always think Blogger is a pain, but we guess all of them can be a pain.

    Spitty did a great job translating your meows – very funny too.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. Hey Spitty!! Well done mate!! 🙂 Love the slide show too 🙂

  13. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Hi Savannah! Your pictures of Lake Tahoe are beautiful. We hope your Dad had a great birthday. Do your humans do snow stuff? My huMom likes the snow as long as we’re all curled up inside, all comfy cozy. Back before me there was a doggie that loved to walk in the snow. HuMom gets a little melancholy during the first snowfall. Of course last year our first snow came on Halloween. Only the bravest kiddies came out to trick or treat! Speaking of tricks, if that black cat bothers you again check out Contech’s motion activated ScareCrow. It will scare away any intruder that might come sniffing around your patio. It scares them with the noise and movement, but mostly it squirts them with water. That’d make any intruder look for a drier spot to intrude on! And huMom likes it because it won’t hurt any animal that’s sneaking up on MY porch!
    Congrats to King Spitty. He did a pawsome job interpreting your Meowozing. Peacock feathers are the best, he’ll have a great time with them.
    Purrs to you!

    • Hi Mistletoe!! So purleased you enjoyed our snow photos. And Mom and Dad no longer do snow activities, but have been thinking of returning to do some snowshoeing just so they can be in the silence of a snowy forest. They used to down hill ski, like a bajillion years ago MOL And that scarecrow sounds pawsome! Mom is going to look it up, thank you so much! paw hugs, Savvy

  14. Those pix are all so COOL!!!
    And seriously – sometimes life gets busy! Sometimes we have time to read but not to leave comments, sometimes we can’t even get to the computer! And sometimes, we can read AND comment. When it gets too hectic, it’s time to step back! We’re here for you, Savvy! No worries, kit-cat pal!
    Play bows,

    • awwwww…thanks so much for the support Zimmie, we worry that we are losing folks because I have not been leaving comments regularly. And I never ever get to use Twitter anymore and back in the Spring we did lots of that and Mom really like it lots. We do nothing with my FB page except have my daily posts go to it, sigh. Too much to do and too little time…even for the retired peeps!

  15. Your trip looks like it was AMAZING!! Love the photos of the fish underwater but am getting nervous seeing photos of SNOW!!! MOL!

    • you get lots more than we do Cody, in fact, of course, we don’t get any at all here in the Bay Area. But is was fun for Dad and Mom to be present for the first real Winter storm of the season at Tahoe. And SPitty really knocked it out of the ball park!!! LMTO!! Sorry for your Lions

  16. Congratulations, Spitty!!! Thank you, Savannah, for sharing this wonderful pictures with me. I think this Lake Tahoe must be a fabulous place if it would not be wet :o) I’m glad you are well back home – this snow and this street looks scary…

  17. Those photos of the snow are lovely. I’d love to play in that, but I’ll have to wait a month or two for any snow.

  18. Sweet Purrfections on said:

    It figures Spitty could figure out what you’re saying. He’s pretty smart.

  19. Well done Spitty! The Tahoe shots are pawsome too =^..^=

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