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Friday Frolics With Dad…

Hiya! Savannah Here!

I know you never get tired of photos of ME (MOL!)…but I wanted you to see that I really, really do play with Dad!  In fact, he puts me through a really good workout.

He was particularly(vocab building project VBP) skilled in this session…he used my fave Peacock Feather to keep me running back and forth like a crazy cat through my Fast Leopard Teleport Tunnel…funny though, this time I kept coming out the other end and into the very same room????….hmmmmmmm….wonder why it takes me to other blogs to visit sometimes, but not then…must get back to you on that thought..

Anywho, Dad and I had quite the FrolickingWorkout…

…you can see I am sort of just “warming up” here…reach and stretch fer 1 and 2 and 3…

…now I reach forward with my front paws so I can give my hind legs and toesies a nice stretch too…push and reach fer 1 and 2 and 3…

…and then I flex my front claws…giving them a nice stretch while also subduing (vocab building project VBP) the Peacock Feather…

…when I did that last move, I noticed the Fast Leopard Teleport Tunnel and thought I better make sure nothing was hiding in there…”heeelllloooo”…

…OK, I saw something dangling in there, I dashed to the other end so I could sneak up on it to check it out…

…Oh Cat!  And I came out the other end!…Never encountering (VBP) a single thing…what the h___!

…I had to take a break and think about that experience…sort of an existential (VBP) moment…Dad let me have some time alone to think, he’s really great that way…not all, like “talk to me Savvy”…like Mom is…

…now I am ready to go back in…oopps…first a quick grab for Peacock Feather just to make sure it knows I see it…

…hmmmm…wonder if Dad can still see me…(looks behind…of crap…the tail again!)…

…back to the other side…heeelllooooo…can you see me???…anybody there….????…I thought this was a Teleport tunnel…why don’t I see some of my furriends when I dash through???

…the whole effort made me tired…so I took a short nap…just to keep up my energy…

Paw pats, Savannah

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48 thoughts on “Friday Frolics With Dad…

  1. I need one of those to hide from Raffles when I don’t want to play anymore!

  2. Here’s a secret: I’m a Daddy’s girl and I innerviewed my Daddy for my new blog post.

  3. Hello Savannah: I just figured out what VBP means….boy we humans are not always the brightest!!! Love your blogs…I have to do some catching up!!! Thank you for making my day with such great photos of you playing! ^..^

  4. Eeooww Savannah yer Hu’man iz a nice man to play wif you ne da feather….lubz da pix of you playin’….what iz dat color full mat wif da tasslez on da floor? Me likez da look of it!! (me scared of da tunnel) but likez dat mat!!!!

  5. That looks like LOTS of fun, Savannah! I wonder if our mom would get me and my kid brother Zim one of those tunnel things?

  6. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    My huMom says you’ve goosed her into getting one of my peacock feathers out. (but shouldn’t she be using goose feathers?) Hitch shredded the last one, but it was pretty played out. My first peacock feather came from Penn Manor where they have real live peacocks and peahens walking around. The boy/man found it on the ground and brought it home. He thought it was his, but I explained how it was for me. It smelled so good!!! I don’t know if that was peacock smell, but it was the best one ever. Now huMom orders them and they’re good, but they don’t smell like the one from Penn Manor. Have a good weekended! We ‘re having someone named Sandy come visit. She must be some big kind of cat. HuMom stocked up on fancy feast and bottled water.

  7. Hey Savvy, Jetty here. Hi Miss Linda.

    Great workout, sorry you didn’t find any furriends in there. Pretty swanky tunnel, I must say. Yeah, us guys have a different vibe when we hang with you ladies… nice to see you enjoying time with dad.

    • I like to play with him, but right now I am running fast if he comes near me while I am lying down, I just know he is gonna grab me to whack my claws (I just got them whacked a few days ago and it takes me weeks to get over it…just in time for the next round MOL)

      • OMD, whacking the claws, huh… bummer. See, us K9s use the lovely asphalt on our walks to file.

        I can understand your feelings…

        • well, you are lucky, lucky Jet, and JJ too. If you lived with my Mom, you would get your nails trimmed no matter HOW MUCH pavement you walked on! MOL She trimmed her Sibes’ nails regularly to and they were walked like a couple of miles a day each! She is compulsive!

  8. Looks like you were havin’ a super-duper time playin’ with your dad, there. Good thing he’s so skilled with that feather wand toy, huh? Playtime is always best when the peeps really put their ‘all’ into the game. Whatever that game might be at the moment. purrs

    Nerissa from Nerissa’s Life

  9. I want such a tunnel too – it’s a must have. Maybe it could be a time tunnel ? (pic n°9 is just great!!!)

  10. spittythekitty on said:

    Wow. Your dad plays Waaaaaaaaay better than my Human! You know, savannah–sometimes a tunnel is just a tunnel.

    It’s only a teleporter on special occasions when you think really, really, really hard about who you want to visit!

  11. You sure are having a good time, Savannah! Can we borrow your dad to play with?

  12. Savvy, you are so awesome! I’m so glad your dad knows how to play so well!

  13. I should totally get a tunnel!

  14. That was one heck of a good playtime sweet Savannah!

  15. Savvy, are you sure you’re not overdoing things?!!!

  16. Charlotte on said:

    What fun you and Dad had together:) A good day was had by all at your house sweet Savannah! Nose kisses!

  17. The OP Pack on said:

    Savannah, your VBP is awesome. We are quite impressed. And you are so lucky to have a Dad who plays so much with you. We are going to make sure ours sees this post. Have a great weekend.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. So you’re sacked out in your tunnel? Well, we’ll see ya NOW!!! We never go anywhere unless we’re sleeping…

  19. Savvy you have bra and knickers 🙂 cute xxx

  20. YAY !
    You really ran through the whole tunnel ?!
    Watch out , maybe you will end up in my house next time *mol*

  21. maxwellnfaraday on said:

    Mowzers, that existential moment looked pretty SERIOUS Savvy…. we’re kinda wondering now about getting our own fur-selves a tunnel. Looks kinda SKEERY!

    • I will let you and Maxwell and Allie know if I learn if there is a button or something we need to hit to make sure we can Teleport OR just stay in the same room. I would hate to end up trying to Teleport to your blog and find I had left my tail behind!! aiiiieeeee…what a thought!

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