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Monday Meowsie News…

Hiya! Savannah Here!

What a week this has been! And first and foremost (vocab building project VBP) is my heartfelt wishes to all furriends and their families who had to host the intruder Sandy…and especially now for those who are still having to deal with her aftermath. Purrrrssss keep coming your way…..

Then, we had the Blog Blast For Peace just yesterday…OMC! That was so fantabulous and so purrleased I could join for the first time ever…thank you Ann, Zee and Zooey from Zoolatry for sending out the email that let me know it was gonna happen!

Next, well I, myself, had a couple of breakthroughs (VBP)…meaning I did some stuff that was different from before we moved…

For one, I stopped getting on the couch with Mom at the old house…I did at first, while she was watching TV at night, then I just stopped and never did it much again. Now at the new  house, I get up on the couch with her almost every night, of course I stay and the opposite end from Mom and make my biskits…but I get up there.

Well, Dad and Mom went to breakfast Sunday, and came home to find MOI reclining and napping on my fave blue afghan ON THE COUCH without Mom having to be on it!! First time, EVER, that I have made the couch all mine and mine alone…sigh…nice!

Then, when Auntie Shannon was here on Thursday, HOOVER DAY, she was chatting with Mom like girls do…and Auntie Shannon had left her Starbucks coffee on the kitchen counter…I could smell it.   So while they chatted…I explored…much to both their surprise!

…well, well, well…what do ya know…there’s stuff up here!…(this is after I helped myself to s sniff and teeny taste of Auntie Shannon’s coffee…heh…heh)…

…not as far up here as I first thought…

…talk to the tail Mom!!!…

One more thing new…Mom thought I should have a Nip N Nap Mat for upstairs in our bedroom, so she found a new one for $7 USD on Ebay…and she filled it with some premium nip buds, then left it on the stairs so she could remember to take it up to our bedroom…

…Mom started around the dark corner last night to go up before dinner, she reached down to pick up the Nip N Nap Mat…and I let out my sweetest chirp!…Yup! startled the heck out of her!…there I was…finally having found a way to continue my Staircase Troll Job in our new house!!…

…so I decided to let Mom go on up…so I started down…

…every soooooooo sllllooooowwwllllyyy…stretching with each step…

…stopped at the entry rug, which is actually MY rug just for my scratch pad and spin ball toy…”What?…I didn’t do anything!”…

…and again later last night…there I was right back on the Nip N Nap Mat…”talk to the back of my head Mom!”…

…this time…really checking out that premium nip…hmmmm….maybe I do like nip a bit after all??…


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41 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…

  1. Hey Savvy, Your Champion here. Hi Miss Linda.

    Whoo hoo, so many new victories, fantastic! Sounds like you’re really making the new house your home sweet home… Absolutely delighted to read each and every milestone. 🙂

  2. mollieandalfie on said:

    Savvy, you are getting braver and braver, loved you taking a sneaky look at the coffee 🙂 That nip nap mat looks great, Wez might have to get one of those 🙂 Have a great day..All my love Alfie xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. YAY Savvy! On a countertop – wow…..I can’t do that kind of thing anymore at my age but I remember how excited I was first time I realized that I COULD hop up there. The world is such a BIG place and it’s nice to find higher ground sometimes from which to observe everything…including coffee….!

    Looks like that nip mat ought to stay RIGHT THERE on the stairs…….LOL

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  4. Hey Savvy, wow look at you getting brave! Great to see see how comfortable and settled you are getting xx

  5. Look at you go!!

  6. AWW!!! Now we wish we had stairs so we could look as cute as you do on your nip mat!

  7. Some cats have to grow into the nip habit, MOL! I think all the progress you’re making is great! You’re such a cutie!

  8. spittythekitty on said:

    Savannah, my sweet darling! It pleases the Humans sooooo much when we do something unexpected, doesn’t it? Once in awhile, I like to toss the Human a bone and she’ll find me asleep on the corner of the bed when she wakes up in the night, or I’ll come and stand beside her chair and put my paws invitingly on her leg as if to say, Pet me! Pick me up! Of course, then I dart away if she makes any move to do either, but still–it’s the thought that counts, right? So just keep doing strange things at odd times–it *really* keeps them off-balance! Heh heh! You look very beauteous on that round red rug.

  9. So great to see you moving around your home and taking charge! We are laffin bout your nip mat being on the stairs! Tell Mom to get another one for upstairs!

  10. Sweetie, how could Mom ever get mad at you for doing those things cuz you are so sweet and innocent!

  11. Charlotte on said:

    What a day! Savannah, you look so charming in your pics and I love hearing about new found independence! Nose kisses!

  12. Sparkle on said:

    Paws up, Savannah!

  13. Sweet Purrfections on said:

    How wonderful that you’re adjusting to your new house so well.

  14. do you prefer your coffee black or with cream? Oh wait! You’re a CAT…of course you want it with cream 🙂

  15. How great you are getting so brave, really claiming the house as yours!

  16. Mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Good for you Savannah! You are exploring and becoming more confident everyday! Be careful sticking you nose/tongue in human drinks. They drink some VERY strange things. My human had skwished an orange ball then drank the fluids last week. I took a sniff and couldn’t stop sneezing. HuMom thought it was very funny. But I’m happy you’re claiming more and more of the house as your own. Confidence looks good on you!

  17. I think you’re feeling so comfortable in your new house cos you moved in the same time your peeps did. Good job jumping up on cabinets. I woulda bit her if she tried to pick up the mat while I was on it. Just keeping it real.

  18. Hi miss Savvy. Glad to hear all the good news! Happy Monday 🙂

  19. Have a great week friends!

  20. Baby steps are becoming BIG steps!! 🙂

  21. All those stairs and our girl knows her spot 🙂

  22. Love that you just took over the mat right there on the steps. That looks very comfy and sure glad to hear that you are getting comfy on the sofa and on the kitchen counter. Sounds like you like that new house.

  23. What wonderful steps (hee hee) forward, Savvy!!! You will not BELIEVE all the yummy stuff to sample up on the counter.

  24. Mag (Chancy's Mumsy) on said:

    Oh, sweet Savannah you have claimed the couch for your very own. And you have done some snoopervising yes!!! Love hearing that you are checking things out. Looks like you are starting to feel comfy on the stairs and liking the nip too. Good girl!! Hope you all have a week that is fun but not too busy. Hugs and nose kisses

    • waves paw frantically to Chancy!!! Hi Chancy!!! Come by tomorrow I have an interview with another kitteh, then Nov 20 with a doggie I think you will like. Hope you and Mumsy are well, miss your blog posts and hope you get back to us soon. Did you have problems with that nasty storm Sandy??

  25. Susan Mullen on said:

    Savannah! I’m always so happy to read about your big and little steps! I love the photo of you on the stairs on your Nip and Nap mat. Very regal.

    • OH Miss Susan! thank you so much! Mom was so shocked when she reached down to grab the mat and I let out a little squeek so she knew I was on it! She turned on the light, called Dad, then the photo session began!! MOL I think she has to get ANOTHER one for upstairs!

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