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Making Biskits For Efurryone!


You might want to be sitting down if you watch this video…I am making some serious batches of biskits here…Mom said it is mesmerizing (VBP) to watch me…

All us cats get into our biskit making trance…soothing to say the least.  I think I made enough dough for about 5 dozen biskits that night…

Hope you enjoyed watching…have another pawsome Wordless Wednesday Day.

Paw Pats, Savannah


I want to say good bye to a furriend, Rusty…who passed too soon and too fast…I did not know this, but the Husker-boos head to North Over the Rainbow Bridge…so I know my furriend Rusty will find all his former husker-boo family waiting for him as well as Mom and Dad’s before me Sibes…Mischa, Crusty and Rose.


Rusty, you enjoy running your zoomies without pain or discomfort…be free furriend…if you did not know him, purrlease stop by The Thundering Herd this week as they are doing daily posts about Rusty’s carefree life to honor him.

Soft paw pats, Savannah

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72 thoughts on “Making Biskits For Efurryone!

  1. Sorry I’m late watching you make biscuits. I rarely do so and only in my cat bed. When I jump into bed with TW at night, I just lay right down. I don’t purr for her nor do I make biscuits. Yet, there’s no one I’d rather be with.

    • well you know CK, I think the only time I make biskits is on my blue afghan now that I think on it. I don’t make them against Mom or Dad in bed even at night, and of course, I don’t do laps. I really think you and I are related

  2. Miss Satchie on said:

    oh, auntie Savvy, I don’t know how to do that! I’ll have to learn from you…

  3. What a confy place you have Savannah!!!!

  4. That’s a great video Savannah, thanks for make me laughing ;o) I’ve read about Rusty – that’s so sad…

  5. Visiting from Wordless Wednesday. We love biskits, too.

  6. Wow I should get you into my factory with skills like that!

  7. Mom can’t keep her hands off your tail, huh! Sass sympathizes! And great bisquit technique there.

  8. You got some serious kneading moves going on Miss Savvy! I think you’re making bread, not biscuits BOL
    Sorry to hear about your friend Rusty, I didn’t know him but will stop by to send some love and hugs

  9. Those look like some great biscuits you’re making!

    Ashton likes to make biscuits against the female human’s side. Very enthusiastic buiscuits. With claw tips. She is timid and doesn’t cuddle any other time, so the female human tolerates the pointy-ended biscuits on her ribs. We know who’s boss. 😉

    • Ashton will find her way out of her shell just like I am trying to do. Ashton and I are both timid but we have lots of love to give for sure. Paw pats for Ashton, Pierre and Newton peeEss You guys are a crack up with my Secret Santa Paws gift…Dad laughed out loud over the banana tussle!!

  10. oh it is so nice to see Savvy in action 🙂 more videos please xxx Sorry to hear about Rusty 😦 xxx

  11. Savanna, I’m so sorry for the lost of your friend Rusty 😦

    You did a good job on that Biskits kneading, it purred me up in exaltation 🙂

  12. mollieandalfie on said:

    So sorry to hear about your furiend Savvy. I had to watch the video in slow motion, as our interweb is still messed up. It looked really cool though 🙂 Big hugs, your Alf xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • OMC! I am so sorry this is happening to you Alf and Mollie! How stressful!! It sounds like you have your own server?? That makes it kind’a tough to just pick up the phone a call a great big company and complain huh?! paw hugs, you need them, Savvy

  13. Sorry about your friend Savvy but the biscuits sound fun

    • thank you, Rusty was such a character. You should stop over this week and look at some of the videos they have posted of him. He loved creating games, such a unique huskerboo. And I do like making biskits on my blue afghan for sure Speedy. paw pats, Savannah

  14. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    We are so sorry about Rusty. No matter what, it’s always too soon. You look very secure as you make you biscuits. And all this talk about biscuits makes huMom think she should get up early tomorrow and make some for the humans. It’s interesting, well to our huMom, anyway, how different kitties have different habits for their biscuit making. Hitch doesn’t like to be held or even petted. He won’t fight if you pick him up but he stays wired until he’s released. But he’ll come to one of the humans purring like a lawn mower and kneading whatever is in front of him. Pillows or tabletops, Hitch doesn’t care. When he approaches he ust wants conversation and maybe a treat. If you try to pet he acts like your hand is a reverse magnet, and he doesn’t like his tail touched. If you contaminate his tail he has to bath right away. Both Pumpkin and Tiger only want to be petted by who and when and where they say. It’s like a game of clue. Pumpkin on the freezer in the kitchen by Jacob in the afternoon. They don’t make too many biscuts. I, on the other hand, like to do my baking on my huMom. She has lots of squishy places that are good for extended biscuit making. The only problem is she starts to whine after a few minutes. “Mistletoe, please stop….ouch, come on just lie down…blah, blah , blah. Your Dad was honored when you considered his tummy as a place to rest. My huMom acts like she needs to get up or shift after just 5 or 6 hours. I mean really. Just jump up for every little thing. Anyway, try making biscuits on your Dad. I’m sure he’ll realize what an honor you are bestowing on him. Thanks for sharing your video with us. You look so pretty making your biscuits on your blue blanket. And don’t worry, we all have our own preferences when it comes to being touched and held by humans. Our humomsays that if nobodies bleeding then everything’s good!

    Purrs to you!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • you huMom is so right! Mom did her cleaning at Kitty Corner, my former shelter, this morning…and a male Tuxie kitty named Freddy (7 mos old) was in her lap making biskits and Mom needed a bandage! Instead, she had Dad get the nail clippers and Freddy got a mani/pedi right then and there! And wait ’til you see the cool pictures and video Mom took last night when I opened my package from you and Hitch!! I’lll do a post later this weekend. paw hugs, Savvy

  15. We hopped over cuz we liked your Santa hat and we got mezmerized too watching you kneading!

  16. Our Mommy LUVS biskits! They are so relaxing. We’ll stop by Thundering Herd and leave sum purrs of condolence.

  17. You are so good to let your Mom stroke your tail like that – our human sister had a kitty and no one could touch his tail. Do you get your claws caught in that pretty blankie or do you not have any?

    Rusty was such a fun pup – he will be very much missed.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    • Oh Guys!! I so loved Rusty and his antics!! I was shocked. And yes, my Mom and Dad are very vehemently against any type of cat declawing. And they have both had kitties their whole lives and NEVER had one that could not be taught how to use claws appropriately. Seriously, would anyone declaw a dog for scratching at the back door to get in???

      And yes, …sigh…I am now getting my claws caught a little bit in the afghan…I get them trimmed at least every 5-7 weeks…and it is hard for Mom and Dad because I won’t allow being picked up, so Dad has to grab me, by my ‘scruff’…then Mom does my nails…I don’t bite, growl or try to claw…it is not a pleasant time for all 3 of us. ANd then I avoid Dad for the next 6 weeks…and no wonder I am scared of him…but Mom just can’t grab and hold me AND clip…sigh…the day will be this week sometime…bummer…

  18. My new black kitten,called Ponder does that in my armpit,most uncomfortable.

  19. Very intent biskit making! Thanks for sharing Rusty! 😉

  20. Look at you go pretty Savannah!

  21. I need you over here for some of that biscuit makin’. My silly kittehs don’t have a clue. None.

    It was so sad to hear about Rusty. I know they are really missing him.

  22. You are a most EXCELLENT biskit maker!!!
    ; ) Katie

  23. You are a most EXCELLENT biscuit maker!
    : ) Katie

  24. Binga is especially diligent about that too… although she would not like her tail messed with while she was busy!

    • just call me weird Sparkle, that’s why Mom did the video…I always relax WHEN she holds or pets my tail..From day one she could kiss my tail, snorgle my tail…but can’t pick me up, and I won’t get on a lap…do you think I should like maybe see a “tailchiatrist”?

  25. You let your mom play with your tail while you make biscuits?!!? You’re amazing!
    One of our neighbor cats, Luke, used to make biscuits on my mom’s shoes when she’d go over to take care of him. Mom said he was shining her shoes. Ha roo roo roo! Check it out:

    • can you believe that my tail is the one part of me I have allowed Mom, and even Dad, to pet, touch, and even just hold, from day one with them??? Stranger than fiction! I just luvluvluv it…play bows to woo both and Miss Karen

  26. We kept clicking on the video play button but it just reloaded the page. Too bad!

    We were sad to hear about Rusty.

    The Chans

  27. for some reason the video didn’t work for me

  28. Mulberry likes doing that so much that they started holding his paws when he sits on a lap. He now insists that they hold his paws!
    My sympathies to The Thundering Herd.

  29. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    cranberries, we canna see yur mewvie savannah….stoooooooopid werk computer N we wanted ta say we R veree sorree ta lurn bout yur friend rusty

  30. maxwellnfaraday on said:

    Maxie is the biskit maker in our house. He has this little ritual every time he jumps up on dad to settle in for a snooze. He hasta make biskits on his tummy. (It kinda looks like he’s punching out a pillow – doe she think he’ll get all the lumps out that way? MOL!!)

    Oh poor Thundering Herd – we know they must miss him terribly…

  31. Thanks for all the biscuits! We’ll send purrs for your dear friend, Rusty. Purrs…

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