Savannah's Paw Tracks

Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat

Words, Letters…who needs them?


A day in the life of ME!…Mom luvluvluvs me…


…so does Dad…


…my tissue paper and fev-ver…


…Bird and Squirrel TV…


…trips in my Fast Leopard Teleport Tunnel…


…and a camera that likes me lots…(what letter???)…

letter b

Paw pats, Savannah
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39 thoughts on “Words, Letters…who needs them?

  1. Ah, miss Savvy, you and the kid would have a grand time playing with the tissue paper! She absolutely loves it

  2. Miss Satchie on said:

    Auntie Savvy, you should get in your Fast Leopard Teleport Tunnel and come visit me and Jay!

  3. Savvy your just suffering from the winter blues thats all it will soon be spring and the start of more fun and games!See you tomorrow Savvy!and to cheer you up here is one big super sized Speedy snuggle,xx Speedy

  4. theislandcats on said:

    Wow you’ve got quite the life there, Savannah!

  5. That’s the life you deserve, and I am glad you have it sweetie!
    Lots of purrs to you and your Mom!
    Sleep well, tomorrow’s the big day!

    • Oh thank you Texas. Your Mom just totally rocks! We are all going to have fun tomorrow. Mom does her volunteer at my former shelter early so won’t see the fun until she co,rs home about 11AM PDT. sending you guys warm hugs, Savvy and Mom Londa

  6. spittythekitty on said:

    Savannah honey, Why R U sad? Maybe you has the wintertime blues? Still, I go through weird phases where I don’t play much and sleep more (No, I do not sleep *ALL* the time!). As long as you are eating and peeing and pooping you are prolly not sick. Do U fink you needs a Furrari ride? Or maybe a ride in the *new* vehicle I will unveil in just a few hours? Cheer up, Sweetie, Spring is coming!

    • OH SPITTY!! You and the human are worse teasers than me, Jetty and Texas…LMFBO…paw hugs for you and Miss Mary…peeEss and of course I will ride in any vehicle you wanna pick me up in Spitty…and actually, I could use a lift to my Launch Pawty on my blog tomorrow…just sayin’…

  7. You, my dear, are tunnel terrific!

  8. We love you too, Savannah! Who wouldn’t after seeing what a sweetheart you really are?

    Thanks for coming by with birthday wishes for Dante yesterday, and we hope you don’t have any bruises on your butt from falling down on the ice.

  9. Katie Isabella on said:

    You darling! Your momma loves you so much..mine loves me..we are such loved furbabies in this world. xoxoxo

  10. So, you’re still teasing us about the letters?

  11. Sparkle on said:

    Looks to me like you’ve got everything you need, Savannah!

  12. Looks like it’s great to be you Savvy!

  13. zahava67 on said:

    Hi, Savannah! We can’t spell, either. You don’t need letters ’cause you’re just so cute. Happy Wednesday from Ateret, Livia and Abbi.

  14. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    burd tee vee !!????? change de channell

    A ess A pea


  15. Who let your Mom loose with those letters! Yipes! Seriously, you do have the life of Savvy. HAH! BTW, your cat tree is pretty darn impressive.

    • oh thank you CK, but you know, since we put the tree next to it, I stopped using it, then we moved it, still no interest then took tree down weeks ago, still no interest. I won’t even hardly go sniff it…sigh…we are all worried as I have started to even stop playing very much…I am not sick, still pee, poop and eat, just sleep and avoid Mom and Dad except at night when I do still snuggle in bed

  16. Are you sure that’s a b? could be upside down q???? Curiouser and curiouser!!

  17. mollieandalfie on said:

    I love you snuggled in the bed 🙂 You sure got some fun stuff to play wiff Savvy. Tell your Mommy, If she misses posts on our blog, she doesn’t have to play catch up, just come to the latest post. Must of taken her hours to comment. We love you and always will, even if you miss a post 🙂 Dad’s got the right idea, one more strike and your out.. I’m gonna tell Mollie that..MOL all my luv’z your Alfie xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  18. We see a Bee! You have such big screen TV! Pawsome!

  19. oh a “b” is there an “o” too or is it your toy? Do you have the frog-channel too – for the weather news? Have a wonderful wednesday ;o)

  20. So there is the letter ‘b’. Is that part of the solution. We love your bird and squirrel TV. Take care.

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