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Oh Dog! Do I have another fine canine furriend to introduce you to today.  And I know today is our B4TC post day.  And this is my contribution…hope you approve…

You already know his little brother because he has been my interview guest before.  In fact, his fur bro’ was my very first canine interview!

twitter header 2

Remember who that was???…huh???…Do you???…Know whose home we are going to visit again??

Well, first let’s give a warm welcome to my interview guest for today…he has been so very brave to step forward because, well, he is just a bit shy…but he just luvluvluvs company…



He is Chancy’s big brother, from over at Chancy The Gardner!!

APAWS!!!   APAWS!!!   APAWS!!!

baby boy current 2

Savannah:  Hiya Baby Boy!…Meowsie, seems pretty silly when I say that ‘cuz you are certainly not a ‘baby’ doggie!  Thank you for coming over to have a bark and meow with me.

Baby Boy: Hey, Savannah! Wow! I was so excited when Mumsy told me you were going to interview me.   I know Chancy was tickled to be asked as your very first ever Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking interview.  So now I get to come and tell my story.  You can tell that our Mumsy and Popsy are softies really kind peeps!

Savannah: Baby Boy, would you share with all of us how you arrived in your furrever home?

Baby Boy: Well, Savannah, the family I lived with before Mumsy and Popsy moved away and they didn’t take me with them.

Our nice Vet said I am a chocolate Lab (I look black unless I am in the sun though) and that I was around 18 to 20 months old when I was left behind.  My other daddy came back and gave me food for a while after they moved but stopped after a week or so.

I lived across the road from Mumsy and Popsy but I did not know them.  Mumsy watched me look for my family and I wanted so much for them to come back and get me.  I would run after every pickup I saw thinking it was my family and they would stop and pick me up.  Mumsy cried every day when she saw me do that.  I would run a long way behind every pickup and then I would turn around and go back to the carport when the pickup never stopped.  I looked sad and I moaned and cried a lot.

My family had left lots of things in the trashcan.  After my daddy stopped coming to feed me I looked in the trash can for food.  I licked every can and paper, I was so hungry.  That is when Mumsy knew I was not getting fed.

I pulled some toys out of the trash can and a big blanket.  I slept on the blanket on the ground near the toys.  I had a dog house but I didn’t get in it very much.  I just kept laying and sleeping on the blanket by the toys and trashcan.

Savannah:…Yeowsie Meowsies!  Baby Boy!  I cannot believe someone would just leave you all alone after you were such a good family member…(Savvy reaches over to give Baby Boy a soft nose touch…then stops)…ummmm…Baby Boy, would you  mind if I give you a little nose touch just to let you know I “SEE” you and know you deserve better than that…is it ok??

Baby Boy:  Oh sure Savvy…I really have always been a good dog…I don’t know why I was abandoned like that…I was very depressed…(gives a little soft snuff of appreciation when Savvy touches noses)…

Ahem…Ok, now where were we…oh yes…

Mumsy and Popsy tried to get me to come to them but I was afraid and I wouldn’t go near them.  Popsy put water under the carport where I stayed and left me food every day.  Mumsy would call me to their fence each afternoon and give me a milk bone.  It took her several minutes each day to get me to the fence.  I would not let her touch me but I grabbed the bone from her hand through the fence and then took the milk bone and run back across the road.

baby boy 4 years

Three weeks passed and Mumsy had an idea.  She and Popsy asked the man who owned the house if they could have my doghouse.  The man was happy that they wanted me and gladly gave them my house.  They moved the dog house over to their place and placed it outside their fence.  They didn’t know how I would do with their dog, Angel (bows head in sadness…Angel ran OTRB just a short while back)…so they didn’t want to take me to the backyard yet.

They put food and water beside the dog house and my blanket inside.  They watched to see if I would come across the road and get in the dog house.  I did not go until late that afternoon but I finally felt it was safe to go and I started sleeping in my dog house.  I wanted to be where my blanket was because it smelled like my family.

Savannah:  Mouses! Baby Boy, that was so clever of your Mumsy to do that!  Having your family smells was something familiar you could keep in your memory and it must have made you feel safer…

Baby Boy:  It did Savvy, really, it did.

After a few days Mumsy tried to get me to go in the yard but I would not go.  She did not force me so I kept sleeping in my house outside the yard.  On the following weekend she and Popsy again opened the gate and called to see if I would come in.  I still did not want to go inside.  Mumsy got my blanket and took it in the yard and then she and Popsy took my house inside the fence.  I stood next to the road and watched what they were doing.

After they left my house near the back fence and put my blanket inside it they called me.  I slowly went to my house and got on my blanket.  A few days later they put me and my house in the backyard.  Angel and I had been getting along okay through the fence so Mumsy felt it was safe to put us together.  I have been here with Mumsy and Popsy now about 9 years.

Savannah: Baby Boy, What has the toughest part for you when you first tried to settle in with Mumsy and Popsy?  I think what our readers would like to know is what kept you from showing your REAL SELF right away?

Baby Boy:  I did not know how Mumsy and Popsy were going to treat me, I only knew my other family and I cried and howled for my other family.  I would growl and threaten to bite if anyone got near me while I was eating.  Angel and I would fight over any little morsel of food.

I didn’t want anybody to touch me or get too close to me.  I stood back away from everyone so they couldn’t hurt me.  Mumsy thinks that was because someone was mean to me when I walked the neighborhood and ran behind the pickups looking for my family.  I had a sore leg and hip so she knew something had happened to me shortly after my family moved away.

Savannah:  Baby Boy, I just want you to know, you never ever did anything to deserve having peeps treat you badly.  If it isn’t too hard, can you describe some of the ways you and Mumsy and Popsy worked together to help get you into your recovery and try to overcome your issues or challenges.

Baby Boy:  Feeding me and Angel became a problem that had to be taken care of immediately.  You see, I have always been an outdoor dog.  I never lived in the house and I am really very happy living outside, with my house and my special, special blanket.

Of course, Mumsy didn’t want us to fight so she told Popsy they would have to separate us when we ate.  I got to go in the front yard when we ate our dinner and when we got our milk bones.  That plan worked out very well.

Savannah:  I know some cats who don’t like to have other cats near when they eat…that was a wise plan Mumsy and Popsy had.

Baby Boy:  For many weeks after I came to live with Mumsy and Popsy I would look across the road to my other home and cry and howl.  If someone drove up in the driveway I would cry and bark to let them know I wanted to get out so I could go over and see if my family had come back for me.  Mumsy and Popsy would talk to me and comfort me as best they could.  It was not until after I felt safe enough to let them start patting me that I finally stopped crying and howling for my other family.

I was very afraid of anything with a long handle like brooms, rakes and shovels. Mumsy and Popsy showed me that they will not hurt me with any of these things so I am not so afraid now.  Sometimes though if they are raking near the fence I growl and back away.  Mumsy talks to me softly while holding the rake and assures me it is okay but I still stand back from the fence until they are finished raking.  One day not long ago I let her pat me while she held the rake.  She told me she was proud of me and that was great progress.  And Savannah, remember, I have been here for over 5 years, I am nine years old…and I am still learning new things!

baby boy 9 years

I didn’t do much for the first month or so after coming to live with Mumsy and Popsy.  Angel kept trying to get me to play with her toys and ball but I was not interested.  I loved my blanket and I didn’t want anything to do with toys or balls. After a while I started running and tussling with Angel and we had a lot of good times after that.  Angel was a good buddy to me and she helped me a lot to know I was safe and would have a good home with Mumsy and Popsy.  I would not let Mumsy and Popsy pat me or touch me for a long time.  They just kept talking to me in soft, assuring voices and eventually I learned to trust them. Now I can’t get enough pats and rubs.  Mumsy says I am just a big ole teddy bear.

Savannah: Baby Boy…you are most fortunate doggie to have Mumsy and Popsy take time to let you feel safe.  Bark a little more about some of the success, like letting Mumsy and Popsy pet you, you have had in adjusting.

Baby Boy:  I no longer gobble my food and I am not as protective over it as I was. I trust people a lot more and love to be patted and my ears rubbed.  I even love it when Mumsy puts on my flea treatment and I stand real still for her.  I no longer cry and howl for my other family.  My recovery has been very successful.  Mumsy says it is because I am so good and such a sweet dog.  She also says that having my dog house and blanket helped tons and that was a big plus in helping with my rescue and recovery. I want to please Mumsy and Popsy and I love being with them now.

Baby boy current 1

 Savannah: Baby Boy, Last question, can you offer any advice to our readers to help them support their adult rescue dog, or one they may be thinkin’ about bringing into their home,  through its recovery process?

Baby Boy: Don’t give up no matter how long it takes.  Some of us have been through unimaginable things and it will just take time.  Be patient, kind and loving.  Mumsy says a little stubbornness even helps.  It is okay to cry too, Mumsy cried with me and she thinks that helped me.  Be willing to make sacrifices and do things you may not have done before to make it all better for your rescue dog or cat.

Savannah: Baby Boy, This was great!  Any last thought or words of wisdom you want to share?

Baby Boy: You go one mile for us dogs and we will go twenty for you.  We will be your best friend and protect you with all that’s in us for the rest of our life. You rescuing us, loving us and caring for us will be rewarded more than you could ever imagine.

Thank you and bless all of you who have rescued a dog or cat. Thank you for reading my story and big hugs and nose kisses Savannah for interviewing me.

Savannah:…Oh Baby Boy…wait a sec’…(turns away to wipe leaky eyes, to wipe dripping nose)…Ok, thanks…I want to say a proper ‘thank you’ to you for being so brave to come woof and meow with me…peeps think we dogs and cats don’t share a common language…but we do.  We share the language of furramily furriendship…thank you so much Baby Boy…

Oh, be sure to give my pal Chancy some nose rubs!!  And give Mumsy and Popsy some head bonks, I know they like those! MOL

That’s my January Life Changing Interview with Savannah: Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking.  I hope you found encouragement, tips for helping your adult rescue dog and especially, I hope you found joy in hearing Baby Boy’s happy ending interview.

This is my B4TC post…please click on the badge below for more information…BE THE CHANGE FOR ANIMALS THE WORLD OVER…


 Paw Pats, Savannah

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70 thoughts on “Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking…B4TC

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  2. Wonderful wonderful wonderful interview. Sniff sniff sniff. Wish we know any of the stories of our rescues, we can only guess. Great job to both of you. Hi Chancy!

  3. What a great interview with Baby Boy. We has to feed Tuiren and Fenris separately. Fenris is food aggressive because us cats kept stealing his food and we thinks Tuiren must have been attacked when she was eating before she came to live with us because she acts like she is scared to eat sometimes. The lady that gave her to Mommy said their German Shepherd attacked her and hurt her leg bad enough she had to go to the vet.

    Oh Savannah, we haven’t gotten your interview questions about Tuiren. They might of got lost in the spam folder or something. Mommy forgot about it until now. But she remembered your Mom asking for her e-addy so she could send them. ~Fenris, Tuiren, Socks & Scylla

  4. Heya Savvy! Great interview! It’s good to read these stories, high paws little mate,


  5. vscook on said:

    Savannah – thank you for participating in Blog the Change Day and for sharing Baby Boy’s story! I’m so happy he was able to find a forever family with his Mumsy and Popsy.

    Vicki Cook
    Team BTC4A

  6. What a handsome pup! Thanks so much for taking the time to showcase all the wonderful sides of a pet in need of a good home. Best of luck!

  7. so glad that baby boy got a loving forever home after what happened to him

  8. spittythekitty on said:

    That was a really great interview Savannah and I loved reading it. I know what he means about taking YEARS and YEARS to really trust a Human–I am eight and I still get freaked out sometimes, sigh.

    The Human would LOVE to get her hands on those wicked peeps who ‘bandoned Baby Boy for about five minutes. Me, too.

    • Yup! Your human and my Mom would make sure they learned what it ,eans when a human becomes Guardian to a cat, dog, any FURRamily me,ber brought into a peeps home. Hugs, Savannah

    • Chancy and Mumsy (Mag) on said:

      I looked for those people for years hoping to get to tell them what I thought of them for what they did but never have seen them. One day maybe we will cross paths and they are going to get a few minutes of my time.

  9. Great interview. How heartbreaking to think about how long BabyBoy was left on his own. I have seen many a dog left at a shelter look at every car and every person trying to find their owner. It is so sad.

    But, what this does show is how we can all help a dog in need like Baby Boy’s parents did.

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful interview for Blog the Change.
    Mel Freer
    Team BTC

  10. Excellent interview!!!

    • hey Rumpy!! You now you are my role model for doing interviews, right? First interview I ever saw when I first started was you doing one with Boris Kitty for his SciFi Pawty on Twitter and that was my very first ever venture into Twitter..pawsome, paw pats, Savvy

  11. Thank you for reminding us that there are, indeed, many happy ending stories for rescued pets. What thrilling news about Baby Boy! And to think, there are such wonderful, caring people in the world as his new family is.

    Rescue pets rock!

    Thank you for blogging the change for animals!
    Kim Thomas

    • Oh My Cat! You commented on my post! Out of so very many, but then I am sure you make sure to comment on all. I am grateful to my BFGF Cathy Keisha for reminding me to link to the blog hop. I love doing my 2x a month REAL RESCUE CATS AND DOGS ARE TALKING interviews, paw pats, Savannah

  12. Beautiful interview Savannah…Baby Boy’s folks are wonderful people for what they’ve done here

  13. Charlotte on said:

    Purrific story about Baby Boy being saved by Sweet Mumsy and Popsy! High Paw to you sweet Savannah!

  14. How could folks leave such a sweet doggie? Baby Boy, Mumsy and Popsy got a STAR when they adopted you! Savvy, thank you for another uplifting interview.

  15. Baby Boy, you are a brave little man. I love your survival and rescue story. Your recovery is the best happy ending ever. Great interview, Savannah!

    Love and licks,

    • hey, hey ,hey Cupcake! thanks for stopping by to take a read…I just so enjoy doing my Life Changing Interviews With Savannah, because it isn’t just the cat or dog whose life is changed furrever, but the huFamily who save them as well. Good stuff, huh?

  16. Oh my this was the saddest yet happiest story yet. I can’t believe someone would leave a puppy! Thank good ness there are nice people out there that step in. Good interview savvy!

  17. How sad to be left behind like that! I’m pleased that he has settled in to a happy home now.

  18. Happy endings warms our tiny little kitty hearts.
    We’re so very happy for Baby Boy. Every furry deserves a loving home and family.

  19. I’m not really crying, just something in my eye *sniff sniff*

  20. We know Baby Boy’s Mummy! We think she is ever so kind and special…she recognizes that dogs and cats are real impawtant and that our feelings are real impawtant too. You are very brave Baby Boy, talking about this stuff brings back bad memories,but it is very very impawtant that people know about love and hope and nice stuff that can happen to rescue dogs and cats.
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  21. Appaws appaws for Baby Boy. What a sad story with a happy ending. I hope you added your blog to the Blog Hop so others can see it.

  22. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    baby boy…we iz way sooooper glad ya getted a forever home with peepuls who treet ewe good; veree happe for ewe N high paws N headbonks….ouch…ta mumsy N popsy…may there lives be blessed ten fold…N hay, for a doggie…ewe bee one cool dood 🙂 !!

  23. That was such a great interview and I am so glad he lived across the street from just the right humans!

    Please stop by and wish Dante a Happy 11th Birthday.

  24. Savvy, you are one of the bestest interviewers out there! We too love Mumsy and Chancy, but getting to know Baby Boy was one of the most bittersweet stories I’ve heard lately. What a happy ending for such a sweet boy. Kuddos to Mumsy and Popsy for sticking with him!

  25. Great story. I always thought Baby Boy was black…glad to hear he is one of us…brown. 🙂

    • yes he is brown! He is just such a dark brown he sometimes looks black! Very pretty boy…thanks so much for coming to read his story, you will make him feel so proud he stepped forward to have a woof and a bark with me, paw pats, Savannah

  26. Kula May R Ellison on said:

    Hi 😀 Savannah and Bouncing Baby Boy and your mom Thank You for sharing your interview very heart warming and loving rescure and can’t forget Clancy Mumsy & Popsy . With Love, Sincerly,Kula May

  27. catfromhell on said:

    Great interview with Baby Boy! He is a furry lucky doggy that his Mom is so patient and loving! And he is a furry handsome dog!
    Thanks for sharing his story

  28. That is really touching. It’s lovely to know that someone like Mumsy is out there taking care of dogs like Chancy and Baby Boy, what a superstar she is xxx

  29. mollieandalfie on said:

    How can anyone leave an animal behind… We love Chancey and Mumsy and baby boy 🙂 You are coming to the ball Miss Savvy 🙂 xxx00xx your Alfie

  30. Chancy and Mumsy (Mag) on said:

    Sweet Savannah we thank you and your mom for the interview with Baby Boy. We were happy to share his rescue story and we hope that something in his story will be of help to someone who has rescued a dog who was left behind. We love reading all your rescue stories. We shed tears but we are always so happy at the same time to see so many wonderful people who rescue dogs and cats and give them loving forever homes. A job well done on all your rescue stories. Big hugs to you and to all who are rescue parents!! Luv Chancy and family!

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  32. We adore Chancy and Mumsy and love that Baby Boy was featured. Great interview also great #BtC4A post 🙂

  33. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    It is heartbreaking the way poor, sweet, Baby Boy was abandon by his family. We truly don’t understand how people can be so cruel and thoughtless. We are thankful for those like Mumsy & Popsy. Their kindness helps us keep our faith in humanity. We know that seeing Baby Boy happy and safe is all they ever wanted but we offer our admiration and respect also. We hope their kindness is rewarded hundreds to times over. Thank you Savannah, for such a thoughtful interview.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  34. OMD… where are my tissues? That’s so sad to read, I can imagine the sadness and the grief of Baby Boy as those humans left him. Thank you Mumsy&Popsy for the love, the patience and for the furrever home for Baby Boy. Thank you Savannah for this wonderful interview

  35. How anyone can just leave a dog behind….. thank goodness for Chancy’s family!!

  36. Furry good interview as alway´s Savannah !
    Glad that Mumsy and Popsy are taking care of you , Baby Boy 🙂

  37. What a great story Savvy……Poor Baby Boy certainly had a tough adjustment to being abandoned by his family and finding a new and very happy home so close by. It’s wonderful that he’s learned humans can be very kind – it’s often hard to learn to trust (as you know) but his story shows how patience is the key. Thanks to you and Baby Boy for sharing ! We were just at Texas’ place and see that the mystery continues of the flying letters….will be interesting to see what this is all about!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  38. Hi Savvy, great interview, as always. Sorry I let you down last year for the interview. Life got away from me in totality but I promise to do it for you really, really soon.

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