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Love Is In The Air


Okey dokey…I have some stuff to share…so here goes…

First…I know that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching…that always gets all of us furrAmily and huAmily thinkin’ about “LOVE”…fine, fine…Ok…I get it…

Savvy I love you award

Sorry, so sorry…I just digressed…

Back on track now…my VERY VERY GOOD FURRIEND NERISSA…yes, HIS NAME is NERISSA!!!…has given me yet another FANTABULOUSpaw AWARD…designed by none-other than his PEEP!!


Nissy, yes…he allows me to refer to his preferred name…”Nissy“…ahem…anyways…he passed this award to me and several other pawsome blogs… he named the award  “WHY I LOVE THEE“…

Why I Love Thee award

The “RULES” are rather simple…link to the original giver of the award…DONE

Nissy said “you’ve gotta tell us why you love somebody ’cause this award is all about the love.  And last, but not least, you need to pass the award along.  You can pass it along to one blog or fifteen blogs or any number of blogs in-between.  Pretty easy stuff, right?  Yeah…  easy peasy.”

This my WHY I LOVE THEE…to my Dad…

I languished in two shelters for over 14 months…my second shelter, Thank Ceiling Cat!…was a no kill private shelter…Kitty Corner, owned by Contra Costa Humane Society.  My Dad found this shelter in the newspaper, and Mom visited. Then Mom brought Dad…and the VERY FIRST cat Dad said Hello to was ME!  Yup, one of the volunteers told Dad about this “very depressed cat, no one ever sees…her name is Savannah”.  And Dad looked for me, and found me in my hidedy cubby bed…and he got right down on the floor and reached in and offered ME his loving soft pet.  That’s MY DAD!!  He found me, he loves me with his whole heart and he brought me here to my furrever home…of course, Mom had something to do with it all…BUT…This is why I luvluvluv MY DAD…even tho’  I am afraid of men, I am now sleeping at Dad’s footsies; I snuggle with him at night and solicit his special pets…he is MY DAD…and I just luvluvluv him to pieces.  In the shelter, when he started volunteering with Mom on Thursday Morning cleaning duty, I was the first cat he said ‘hello’ to and the last cat he said ‘good-bye’ to for each shift.  And NOW…I am HIS PRINCESS!!.

So I have a 3 blogs that I really think show lots of love…and I pass this award to them…

  • Filled with lots of love…my good furriends at Some Cats Herd You…always a great read…and Ashton is trying so hard to show some luv to Pierre and Newton.
  • And how could I not pass this Why I Love Thee award to my Champion…Jetty, Hey It’s Jet Here!! My honor champion…he always makes me feel loved and safe. I know Miss Lori is not posting every day now, but I want Jet to feel our love!
  • I also want to honor one of my newest furriends…Jessie and Janey…from Australia…I have such luvluvluv for them..purrlease visit it you don’t know them.

Onward!! One more great thing about “Love Is In The Air”…

I entered a contest over at my bestest furriend Texas’s site…it was all about love…Texas had a give-away for calendars created by one of my very first furriends…Miss Bernadette…and her lovely Tortie cats Cookie and Kelly…at The Creative Cat…and I WON the Kitchen Calendar featuring Cookie…Pawsome!!!


You may ask “why is this about love”…and I will answer you…both Cookie and Kelly lived such wonderful long lives under the Guardianship of Miss Bernadette…and both these lovely ladycats were so like Mom’s “before me” sweet kitty Tasha…


This calendar is completely and totally about LOVE!!!

I hope all of you are feeling LOVE IS IN THE AIR…as we approach the BIG day….Valentine’s Day Ball…hosted by none other than Mollie and Alfie and Ranger…hope to see you all there


Paw Pats, Savannah

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54 thoughts on “Love Is In The Air

  1. orientallily001 on said:

    Boy-oh-boy… that’s a LOT of love floatin’ around in your air. Lucky you! And I sure can see why you love, love, LOVE your Dad so much.


  2. Awww aren’t daddy’s the best!

  3. Looking forward to that dance at the ball 😉 Archie xxx

  4. I didn’t know you were a Daddy’s girl too! My Pop is the reason I’m still living here. Today’s a anniversary of his major major major back surgery he had 11 days after I came home with him.

    • oh my CK…we only know that you have alluded to his back challenges…but we do not know all the circumstances. What ever it is/was; we are so glad that you have TW and Pops to keep you safe and warm. sending you warm purrrs tonight to keep all of you warm and safe in the storm. Paw hugs, Savannah and Mom Linda

  5. maxwellnfaraday on said:

    Allie: Oh Savvy! Concats on the award AND on the calendar! YAY! (whispers: I totally agree with you – from one Daddy’s Girl to another – dads are the BEST!)

  6. What a pawsome story on how yoo found yer furever home! We bet yer Dad is most pawsome with his pets!!

  7. spittythekitty on said:

    Well, see, now Savannah–alla y’all (you and Katie Isabella et al.) are really makin’ me look bad here. My Bud Nerissa gave me this awardie too, and OF COURSE the Human expects me to write some glorious tribute to her. But you know what? I’m afraid that’s just not going to be happening. I suppose I *am* going to have to come up with something nice. It’s going to be an arduous task though, and you lovey-cats are really making my life tough over here. Sigh.

  8. Congratulations on the awardie and winning the calendar!

  9. Daddies are the BEST! Savvy, your story made Mommy tear all up…we are SO happy you are loved!

  10. How sweet! Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Concatulations on your LOVEly award, Savannah!

  12. Awww…a daddy’s love is something really special. We’re so happy you have aech other’s love.
    Katie & Glogirly

  13. Big concats Savvy on your award. So sweet to hear about how you love your dad xx

  14. Such a lovely story and tribute to your Dad. We are so happy you found such a warm and loving home…

  15. Such an awesome calendar. I entered it as well but, if I had to lose to anyone, I’m really glad it was you.

  16. Concats on your award. Your dad sounds like a very lovely man. No wonder you love him so much.

  17. TY so much for passing award onto us Savannah *smoochies* and love why you love your Dad (and Mom) xxx’s

  18. Your Dad sounds purrfect!! And we do join you in wishing that all shelter cats can have the kind of love that you have with your Dad.

    Thank you for the award. We are so far behind on acknowledging things like that on our blog because our peeps are busy taking care of elderly family that we wanted to be sure we thanked you here. You know… just in case it’s *next* Valentine’s day before they manage to put a post together about it.

    In the meantime, maybe we’ll try to at least get you some new Ashton pictures so she can get some more blog time. We know she’s underrepresented because she’s camera shy! Thank you again. You’re the best, Savvy!

    • I would rather have photos of Ashton than have you post about the award. I know that award posts take so much time. I just wanted you to know I think highly of your blog and I know Pierre and Newton are Ok around a camera, but it is hard for Miss Ashton. paw pats, Savannah

  19. I have to agree with you, Savvy, and everyone else—what a wonderful Dad. He never let you down and eventually won your trust. No wonder you love him!

  20. Savannah, your story made me cry a little, because it is so sweet. I love your dad, too! And your mom. They are the best rescuers ever!

    Love and licks,

  21. That is a whole lot of love sweet Savannah and your Dad is very, very special!

  22. Such a lovely loving story Savvy…no wonder you love your Dad so much…he sounds like the best…Concatulations on your award 🙂

  23. Concatulations and a big Thank You to your dad ;o) That’s a very nice picture of Tasha – I like kitties who wearing such an interesting coat – that’s like “haute coature” ;o) Have a wonderful caturday and enjoy the love in the air ;o)

  24. What a beautiful post. It’s easy to see that your daddy and mommy both love you so very much and you love them too. So happy you found such a wonderful home.

  25. Nissy’s new award is pawsome and we were honored to get it too Savvy…..You and I are so lucky to have such wonderful pawrents – and I know you join me in wishing that every shelter animal could know such love. Have a Happy Caturday!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Hey Sammy–guess what? Mom went over to Kitty Corner this morning to help our Adoption Manager put some Vaseline on a kitty’s paw pads as they are all chapped and he has an owie on one. WELL..while MOm was there, this really nice young couple came in and ADOPTED a cat called Joe Cream…he is a ginger and white cat LIKE YOU Sammy!! Mom came home all excited! It was so pawsome to get to see him put in a carrier and taken away like the treasure he is. He is about 4 years old and was owner surrendered. He is gonna be SO SO LOVED!!

  26. You definitely got a keeper there in your Dad!

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