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Foto Flops Friday


After our last foto shoot play session…I decided I needed to share Mom’s efforts.

And just sayin’…Mom needs some serious foto lessons for getting action shots…especially impawtant is for her to learn how to keep her own peep hand OUT of MY action shots!!! Sheeesh…

Oh yeah, and the wand toy is NOT THE FOCUS of the foto Mom…and another thing…it’s about FOCUS…here, you all have to take at look…(you don’t need to bigify these to get my meaning)

Hope all of you have a better fotograwfer at your home…in fact…I KNOW lots of you have peeps with this skill…would you mind having them give Mom a little help, Na’mean???

sigh…Paw Pats, Savannah

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47 thoughts on “Foto Flops Friday

  1. Granny thinks you’re pics are fine, Savannah, she does them the same.. and always to late to put the buttom… or maybe I’m to fast… 🙂

  2. MOL Savannah!!! Me haz ddat isshue wif me Mumtoo!!! So me meowed a bit wif her n told her to take 4 or 5 pix n pick out da best!!! So far the still shotz are bery guud!!! Acshun shotz pawfu!!!! *sighz*.
    Me told Mum to stick to what she doez best…..pix of me loungin all over da place!!! 😉
    It iz bery funny when she followz me around da place wif da camera waitin fer a guud shot, MOL!!!!
    Nose kissez frum Nylablue.

  3. The Help is pretty useless too. She complains that it is hard to take a photo of a black dog, particularly when it is very sunny but I’m sure she is just like the bad workman blaming her tools.
    But what can we do? We have to keep on trying to train them. It is SUCH hard work!

  4. I know from experience how very hard it is to be the player and the photographer at the same time! So we think they’re great pictures! MOL

  5. spittythekitty on said:

    OMC! Savannah!! It’s like you stole all my pictures and turned me gray! This is how 96.4% of the pictures my Human takes turn out! Exactly! And when it comes to action pictures? Well, it’s more like 99.4%–and that’s why you see me napping so often. Honestly, what’s with the humans? They can’t even take a simple snapshot!

    • Yup Spitty, that is why you and I are good furriends…we have humans who are limited…but thank Cod and Ceiling Cat…they live in the SF Bay Area and we both can relish in the luxury of the ocean, the city, the mountains…sigh…we are really special Spitty…just sayin’

  6. maxwellnfaraday on said:

    FaRADaY: *earnest look* oh you should SEE all the photo flops on mommy’s camera. Why there are more pics of Allie than there are of ME! See the problem here???

    Maxwell: Dood. Dood. Dood. *shakes head*

    Allie: Oh Savvy girlfriend! We tuxies NEVER take a bad photo! *giggle!*

  7. They are not so bad, Savvy!! I reckon my Staff get about one in a thousand decent shots! Of course I don’t exactly help >^,.^<

  8. TW is terrible with a camera. She commits a crime of nature every time she snaps a picture. Just the other day she took one that looked like it had her finger over half the field but it turned out that I photobombed a picture she was taking of my Valentines. Those pictures look much better than the ones TW takes by lots.

  9. Even with the shadows and a little blur, the fun fun fun comes through in your pictures, Savannah. Mom took me out in the snow and we came back with 3 pictures of me and 3 pictures of the inside of her pocket. Duh.

    Love and licks,

  10. We like seeing other kitties foto flops. Our mum deletes all ours. Maybe we will have to tell her to keep them.

  11. That’s a good work out you gave her,

  12. Sumtimes you just haf to be patient wif dem Savvy…fur example I did some pawsome action shots fur Momz on our hike today and when we get home she tells me only half of dem came out…whatcha gonna do?

  13. Some beans are better than others with the flashy box. Ours does OK.

  14. Sparkle on said:

    Oh, there are a LOT of outtakes on my human’s camera card that look something like this, only with me or Binga or Boodie in them!

  15. Beautiful Savannah!

  16. Oh brother! As bad as Mummy Janey…you’d think given our utter gorgeousness that they ‘d at least make the effort to get us in focus!
    We may have to post some of Mummy Janey’s bloopers.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

  17. Have you seen half the photos we manage to post?! You have Annie Leibovitz by comparison 😀

  18. We love foto flops and these are great! Sorry, we can’t help wif a good pawtographer, ours is iffy at best! MOL!

  19. Savannah – Your flops are just purrrrfect – Noel, the Christmas Cat at DogDaz

  20. Savvy! We think we might have gotten a whiff of “starfish” in one of those fotos…ha ha ha!

  21. Great you look like a cowgirl with a lasso on pic 1-4 ;o) I have only two amateur-pawparazzis here – think I can forget my model career ;o)

    • No Kidding Easy! I won’t have a model career either! Mom always forgets to try close ups. You should see this video she did of me making biskits on the afghan on the couch at night. You can hardly hear me purr, it is so up close all you can see are my paws making biskits, then I turned around and gave the iPhone a snuffle and my whiskers FILL the frame LMFBO!!!

  22. Our camera has an ‘action’ setting on it which takes the photos quicker and that does the job really well. But Mummy’s phone is too slow and when she uses that I end up looking like a ghost (or having 2 heads BOL)

  23. mollieandalfie on said:

    My Mom makes your Mom look brilliant..MOL mine can’t take a foto to save her life, espechally action ones..MOL..You were down for the ball’z, we just had so many to list over 80 are attending. We are do a last check list for everyone over the weekend. xxx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • no problem about the ball, just wanted to make sure King Spitty and I are included, well, actually, I KNOW HE is, but I don’t want to be forgotten as HIS date, ‘kay? He is coming with me…we are very good SF bay area furriends, just sayin’…

      And it is hard to believe anyone else is so crappy as Mom trying to play with me as well as take fotos, bummer

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