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Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat

Monday Meowsie News…


My first, really, really BIG news…has no photo proof…you are all gonna have to trust me on this one…because it is BIG…no, no…seriously…I am TALKIN’ BIG!!!

Last Wednesday, I was in our office meowing some instructions to Mom, and when I started to leave her to her work, she walked over to me and…

…scooped me up into her arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…AND I LET HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got kind’a tense, but did not struggle, Mom held me close to her and softly scratched my neck and talked softly and encouraged me…then she sat down in the chair we have in the office…and kept me close to her shoulder a bit more, then she let me rest a bit on her lap…at that time I started to get a bit more anxious…so Mom, still with her hands around my middle, let me slide easily off her lap onto the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I did not run away, I just went about 2 feet away, then looked back at her and she followed me…I meowed to her, stopped, she pet me, then I walked toward the patio door in the living room, all the time with Mom right next to me and petting me as I walked and meowed along…at the patio door, I just sort of threw myself down on the floor, Mom got down with me…and was petting me…

I figured, what the heck…and I LET HER STROKE MY TUMMY AGAIN!!!  Then Mom gave me some treats and I gobbled them right up! As most of you know, I don’t care much for treats, but these are Friskies Party Mix, chic-hen, turkey and liver…yummm.  She did like she learned from Mom Janey at The Real Maple Syrup Mob when I interviewed Heathcliff (click HERE if you missed his interview)…so see, we are using what we learn from my Real Rescue Cats and Dogs Are Talking interviews.

So sorry no photos…but hope you are as purrleased with me as I am of myself…Mom was of course, ECSTATIC!! paw (peeEss…Mom just picked me up again today, Sunday…and I got some more treats for letting her…heh…heh..)

But I do have photos of my NEW TENT SPACE!!…hey Sammy, hear that??? Another TENT! All thanks to your great ideas Sam my man!!

Check this out…Mom used one of my two ham-miks…I like to keep one in our master bath…remember…it has the radiant heated tile floors and that keeps it nice a warm…


…here’s a better one photo…Mom made the tent, and I just sniffed it a bit and climbed right into it…even stayed there long enough for her to grab her iPad to get some” proof of tent use” photos…


…the other thing going on is Mom and Dad are starting to pack up for their next get away. They will be gone a whole week again. Now, don’t fret, Auntie Shannon will be here with me…she even does sleep overs so I always have a nice peep body to snuggle with at night.  Mom and Dad are leaving this coming Friday.

I can tell they are gonna go…so I am making good use of the time I have with Mom in the mornings…we had a very special snuggle on Sunday morning…this is after I had a really long brushing time with her…


…see how tight I am against her leg there on my right??…and the sun was starting to come into our bedroom…


…I stayed in bed a while after she got up to make breakfast for her and Dad…she came back in and grabbed Dad’s iPhone for the next couple of shots…


…even got a close up…


That’s what’s happening around here…Mom can’t help me visit much this week because I am dictating all my posts for when she is gone.  She will schedule them and I will just use my iPad to hit publish with my paw, I can do that much at least.

Don’t forget the Valentine Ball being hosted by Mollie and Ranger…I am going to be with my good furriend Spitty…wonder if he will bring the FURRari??? Naw, probably not…nice thought though….

Have a great start to your week

Paw Pats, Savannah

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40 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…

  1. *wavez da pawz in da air* Woohoo Savannah you iz comin along so bery well!!! Me betz Miss Linda waz so so happy when you stayed in her lap!!!!
    Me iz so proud of you me furend!!!! Well done!!
    Lub yer tent too! It iz pawsum!!!!
    Hope you n Spitty hab fun at da Ball. When you get back check out me blog fer pix of me new boyfurend thru da patio door…..Black Romeo!!!
    Lub ya Nylablue n her Mum Sherri-Ellen.

    • oh Nylablue, I will dash over right away to see your boyfriend. If you haven’t already done so, purrlease visit Mollie and Alfie’s blog for today and vote for me and SPitty, I think his human helped us look mawvawlous!!

      • He is bery rugged n black n handsum…
        Mum knew bout him az Black Romeo haz bin here to eat befur az he makez his way home….Mum did NOT know me n him bin meowing thru da window fer a long time now 😉
        When she woke up to feed me brekkie just after 6 a.m. she saw us sittin together; me inside n Black Romeo outside n she waz all “OOOWW Nylablue you haz a boyfurend…”
        So da secret iz out….MOL.
        Pleeze tell yer Mum me n me Mum iz hopin she feelz better bery soon!
        Lub Nylablue xo

        • oh I can’t wait to see some pics of Romeo! And thank you for good wishes for Mom. She is still in lots of pain. Paws crossed she and Dad can still go on their romantic get away to Maui THIS Friday!…wringing worried paws…

          • Mum took sum pix tonite thru da door but dey not guud. We might use dem; we have to see.
            What did Miss Linda do to her back??? Me iz wurried wif ya Savannah….
            *wringin pawz here*
            Lub Nylablue xo

          • Mom had a coughing fit Sunday night with her mild asthma, and seems to have knocked some ribs out of alignment and so then the muscles are trying to get the ribs back and have gone into many spasms cuz they are trying so hard. Nothing broken, her lungs are fine, she saw her chiro today, and see her pain management Doc tomorrow, paws crossed he will give her an injection in the back to stop the spasm.

          • Ouchie Ouchie Savannah no wunder Miss Linda iz in so much pain!!! Soundz like she iz doin da right fingz fer herself!!!
            Me hopez da Pain Doc can give her an injeckshun n help her feel better!!!
            Me Mum n me send healing thoughtz to Miss Linda.
            xo Nylablue

  2. Mowzers, Savvy! That’s such a-MEOW-zing progress!!

  3. Miss Satchie on said:

    I don’t like being help up too much. Or for too long. If I’m not in the mood for TLC maybe let mom hold me for 30 seconds and that’s about it. Then I start biting. I know, I know. But I haven’t figured out another way to let them know I’m not in the mood.

    Love your tent, though!

  4. That is wonderful Savannah! A whole new cuddly chapter is opening up for you 🙂 Also, I really like your tent

  5. How nice of you to let your mom pick you up AND pet your tummy! You are really getting to love life now! Also awesome tent, I’m going to tell my mom I need one too!

  6. We know you’re making your mom very happy!

  7. spittythekitty on said:

    The Furrari? Well, it has been shut up in the CatCave for several months….hmmmmm….maybe it’s time to air it out on Thursday, eh?

    Watch it, Savannah–you’re making me look bad, girlfriend, with all this loving and snuggling stuff. Sheesh. Now the Human is glaring at me and saying, “See? See?”

    • Oh SPitty, you don’t have to use the FURRari but a girl cat can dream MOL The Weiner Mobile is fine MOL. And SPitty, Mom spent half the day in emergency with severe, excruciating back spasm. She is pretty, well, you know…ummmm “under the influence.Sorry if I am missing in comments for a day or so. warm paw pats from me and Mom Linda

  8. So pleased you are beginning to enjoy the cuddles Savvy. Pretty soon you’ll wonder how you managed without the tummy rubs – believe me!

  9. Savannah! Yay for you getting picked up and snuggled! And getting treats out of the deal! Awesomeness!
    Love your tent!

  10. Getting held and snuggled is OK, we prefer to do it on our terms.

  11. That is so huge! I bet your momma’s heart near burst from happiness..

  12. Paws UP, Savannah! This is awesome news, and I am so happy for you!

  13. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    way awesum savannah…that IZ big mews…we iz happee ya iz lettin yur mom pick ewe up now…N dont forget …de fastest way frum point A ta point R in yur houz iz by yur purrson TAKING ewe ther 🙂 !!!

  14. This is just the HAPPIEST news!! Your Mom and Dad are true Cat Whisperers–the proof is in your blossoming affection.

    Oh! Awesome tent!

  15. Well done Savannah – they’ll be calling you a cuddly cat soon!

  16. Hi BFGF! Whoa, look at you, all spoiled and cuddly. That wouldn’t be me. I let Pop hold me cos I feel safe in his arms. Sometimes I wish he wouldn’t have to put me down. He pets me all nice and everything. Sometimes TW will swoop in and grab me but only for a second. Your peeps must be part of the jet set that I hear about. TW has only been away from me once and that was to go to Blogpaws.

  17. Aww Savvy, that’s so great! Love your tent too:-)
    Can’t wait to see you at the ball!

  18. That’s totally cool, Savvy!! And belly rubs too. You’re living the real life now, I just know it.

    Pee Ess: My Mom and Dad just told me they were leaving too..and are coming down to your neck of the woods.

  19. that’s fabulous progress Savannah! Being held is one of the best things ever! Wow your pawrents go away A LOT…Mom is lucky if she gets away once every 6 years MOL. Love, Cody

  20. Savvy…we are meowless ,thumpy throated and a bit leaky eyed. Heathcliff is especially THRILLED…phew, so much excitement…we all need a nap!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

  21. Well done, Savvy! It sounds like you are making wonderful progress! And we think your new tent looks very exotic!

    The Chans

  22. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Congratulations to both you and your Mom, Savannah! Sometime when your snuggling your Mom you might try snuggling on her chest/stomach area. The tummy on my HuMom is excellent for making biscuits before a nap. She says that cause she’s made too many biscuit herself, whatever that means. I sleep on her all the time now, but it started with her doing a scoop and plop move back when I was still very shy and scared. After she set me on her stomach while she was watching tv in bed a few times I decided it was my spot. But, I’m sure your Mom and Dad will do their best to read you and give you what you want, even when you’re to afraid to take it for yourself. Do you ever make your tents out of packing paper? Bath & Body Works uses the best brown packing paper. Hitch loves to make his hiding place with the discarded paper and box. He takes recycling very seriously.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  23. Oh sweetie – you deserve a Mario Smooch for all you have let your mom do this week. That is awesome news. SMOOCH

  24. As you say, Savannah: APAWS, APAWS for you!! Can’t wait to see you at the ball, and I clicked over to the Maple Syrup Mob; they look like lots of fun!
    Purrs, Sundae

  25. Hi Savvy! That’s a grand tent…..aren’t they just wonderful and snuggly spots? Your pawrents are doing a fine job of giving you lots of private little places to curl up and nap and tents are PURRRFECT for that! Concatulations on your progress with allowing your Mom to pick you up and cuddle you….and you stayed on her lap too – that’s wonderful and as you see, it’s “all good” when you let your Mom do those things…nothing bad happens…it feels good and you know she loves you loads. YAY!

    See you at the Ball…………..Hugs, Sam

  26. Wow that is fab news – I am doing excited tail wags just for you!

  27. That’s great progress. We’re so glad that you’re learning to be a little more trusting with your mom. It’s a long road, but it’s so worth it, isn’t it?

  28. Wonderful progress, Savvy! Just wonderful. We are so happy for all of you. 🙂

  29. Wow you are making so improving – *leaps and bounds* in the cuddle progress scoreboard. I hope your staff being away doesn’t set you back? xxx’s

  30. You wonderful girl.How proud mom and dad must be.

  31. Well done Savvy!!! You are realising that mom and dad mean only good for you. I’ll let you in to a little secret. I never used to let mum pick me up and cuddle me, not for years, but now I do ….. for a short time! But the best thing is lap time. If you can snuggle down onto a lap, it is the most comfortable place in the whole world!

  32. mollieandalfie on said:

    You are doing amazing 🙂 I love your little tent, it’s so cute.. and tell Mommy, those are fantastic photo’s 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  33. WOW amazing progress 🙂 well done Savvy you are opening your heart xxx

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