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Smoochies for My Mom and Dad…


In case you haven’t heard…Mom and Dad are off again on another one of their “get aways”…they have planned this one for over a year and they are traveling with 3 other couples…they actually left on Friday 15th and will be back in a week.

So Mom and I devised this plan where she helped me write up my posts…and all I have to do each day is hop on my iPad and paw the “publish key”.  So far so good.  This is my THIRD post.

Now most of this week will be sort of short posts…except of course for my Tuesday Feb. 19 post which is another in my series of Life Changing Interviews With Savannah.  This one is a Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking…he is mostly a Twitter kind of woofie, but you are going to want to come around and read all about him.

So…I want to send my Mom and Dad some smoochies…and here is a little something I did just for them on the couch the other night.

I was busy, busy making some biskits…and Auntie Shannon was trying to get me on video…but instead…I planted my smoochie right on the iPhone…just for Mom and Dad…you can really see my beautiful whiskers up really, really close…

Miss you Mom and Dad…Paw Pats, Savannah

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30 thoughts on “Smoochies for My Mom and Dad…

  1. You is so cute Savannah n doez whiskerz are DA BEST!!!! Yer Mum n Dad will be home soon to be wif you (bet they are feelin fuilty after you smooched them like that!!) 😉
    Lub Nylablue n her Mum xo

  2. Awwww, you’ll get the smooch factor.. little cutie 🙂

  3. spittythekitty on said:

    Oh Savannah! It was furry exciting to hear you purring like that! And I liked watching you make biscuits, too. Very soothing.

  4. Sweet Purrfections on said:

    We know your mom really appreciated that smoochie!

  5. Awww…we loved hearing your sweet purr!!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. You go Savannah, you got the biskitt moves fur sure!

  7. We hope your Beans have a wonderful time.

  8. Biskits in ACTION!!! Savvy, you are such a sweetie.

    Tell your Mom that our Mommy will be shooting her an email with the final tally but not to fret about the “details” until they get back home. No hurry, no worry!

  9. Miss Satchie on said:

    I but mom and dad are gonna be so happy when they see that!

  10. Loved the video! TW thought you were kissing her. She should be so lucky. You are one affectionate cat, unlike me.

  11. I think our Pops is jealous. He says his ex is as ex as ex can be. We are happy though because we are present rather than ex. Meow

  12. I love the video of you, Savannah – you look so cozy!

  13. We hope your humans are having a good time…we bet they love your smoochies. And how cool that you get to publish your own posts!!

  14. Luxurious whiskers!! Very impressive.

    Love and licks,

  15. I’m sure they were very happy you gave them those smoochies =^.^=

  16. and a big Smooch for you too Savvy,xx Speedy

  17. does your Mommy know that she can pre-schedule posts so that they publish on their own without her pushing anything while on vacation? 🙂 Hope she has a great time!

    • Oh Cody and Miss Caren you are so thoughtful. That is exactly what Mom and I did. Actually, all I have to do is make us WP publishes to my FB and Moms. The auto doesn’t work now. Smoochies to you Cody and Dakota and Miss Caren, Savvy

  18. Awww so sweet of you to give your mom and dad a smoochie ❤
    I´m sure the loved it furry much !!

  19. Beautiful wiskers indeed.

  20. Awww Savvy, I feel like some smoochies 🙂 x

  21. Ooo,how much Mom and Dad will love that.

  22. I hope your parents have a wonderful time – sadly without you… But I’ll bet they are happy about your “whisker-greetings… I’m excited about your interview… who could be your guest…

  23. They’d have had a better time if they’d taken you 😉

  24. Awwwe Savannah if I was a boy cat I’d fall in love with you!

  25. mollieandalfie on said:

    Hope Mummy and Dadday have a wonderful time, love your smoochies Savvy 🙂 Big hugs xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  26. Aw, I just love watching kitties making biscuits and I’m sure your Mom and Dad are just going to LOVE your smoochies.

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