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Monday Meowsie News…A Guest Post


Well, I had a good furriend make an offer I could not refuse. Remember my Real Rescue Cats Are Talking Interview with Mistletoe??  Well, her little brofur, Hitch offered to do a Guest Post so I could keep company with Mom and we could relax a bit from writing.  Of course, I pounced on his offer!!

Mistletoe and Hitch leave wonderful comments on many blog…you will see Miss Dorothy their Mom’s email address and no blog…that’ because they are Readers Without Blogs (RWB)!!!  Pawsome, huh?!


I need all the “Mom Time” I can get!!  Let me know in comments how you enjoy having a Guest Post!!!


Hi, my name is Hitch.  *whispering* we have to be really quiet because Mistletoe doesn’t know I’m doing this.  You might recognize our names because we visit lots of your blogs.

I really like all the blogs we read, but…ummm…one of my very favorite blogs is Savannah’s Paw Tracks (Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat).  I think it’s just the best and Savannah is just the nicest, prettiest girlcat around. *blushing ears* don’t tell anyone I said that….(shhh…I may a teeny bit of a crush on Savvy)

HuMom says we’re both too young to date, and…well, Savannah has so many mancat friends, that are cooler and older than me…sigh…

Anyway, Savannah and her Mom, Miss Linda, have been really busy helping some kitties called The Royals.  So I was thinkin’ that I could help by doing some of her blog for her, so she’d have more time to save all the other kitties.

Only, I don’t really know what to do.  Maybe, you’d like to see some pictures of me and my furramily?


This is me.  I’m gray and white.  Just like Savannah.  I got my name because my humans didn’t think “Carjacker” was a good name.  I think I might tell you all about my name someday.  But I didn’t really carjack anyone….exactly…(notice my cute outstretched paw…ummm…yup…those are my claws too)

This is Pumpkin (front) and Tiger (rear) my brofurs. They came to our furever home before me.


This is Mistletoe.  She’s the boss of all of us.  She was in one of Savannah’s Real Rescue Cats Are Talking interviews.  Savannah’s interviews with adult rescues are just one of the special things about her. *wistful sigh*


This is Lizzie.  She’s our Woofie.  She loves the ginger twins the very best cause she took care of them when they were babies.


So, that is a little about me and my furramily.   I hope I did ok on this writing stuff so Savannah has time to help her Mom work with everybody to save The Royals.

Maybe she’ll want me to help her again sometime with her blog…(shhhh…don’t tell Mistletoe).  I wouldn’t mind a bit.  I’d do anything Savannah asked me to.

Maybe then I could tell you how I found my furrever home.  Make sure you keep reading Savannah’s blog and maybe you’ll see me again (waves paw and gives a little wink…looks over shoulder…oooppss…gotta go…here comes Mistletoe…paws iPad to switch to home screen…heh…heh).

Paw Pats, Savannah and Guest Hitch!


Update, Emily Brutus Marigold

  • Not much has changed except we don’t actually know what condition they are in.  The Animal Control folks are not forthcoming with information about that.
  • Final cost for doing the jail break of all 3 Royals based on what they told  Miss Rhonda late tonight is $1,115 USD: includes all boarding fees; de-fleaing; rabies shots; health certificates for them to travel
  • If you are able…donations for The Royals boarding costs, health certificates to travel, rabies shots can be made to lcrodgers at sbcglobal dot net…that is Mom’s PayPal account. Any donations exceeding the final costs will be reimbursed…once we know final costs, anyone who has donated after we reach that number will receive a full reimbursement…seriously…I don’t need any more toys, or treats or stuff…so Mom Linda won’t be needing any of that moola for me!
  • Purrlease remember…The Royals Mom, Miss Rose, is also a tragic part of this rescue.  Her own huFamily abandoned her in seeing that she was taken care of for her final resting place…send her some purrayers and purrs
  • And, we are piecing together the WHOLE STORY of Operation Save The Royals and their rescue story will be posted on this blog sometime in mid to late March

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57 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…A Guest Post

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  2. I enjoyed hearing from Hitch – it’s nice to learn a little more about his family.

  3. That was a wonderful story and we are very glad Tobias is safe now.

    Thank you very much for your comforting words of sympathy in the passing of our beloved Chica. I looked up your Tasha and she does look so much like our Chica!

  4. OMG Mistletoe is Henry’s double with the evil look LOL 🙂 xx Hugs to your mum x

  5. Hi Hitch, we enjoyed getting to meet you and your family. We likes Lizzie, we has dogs too. And I think Savannah probably has a crush on you too, you are a very nice mancat. You should totally go for it and ask her out. ~Scylla

    Hi Savannah, I thinks Hitch is cute you should so totally pursue him, you already has him wrapped around your paw. It was so sweet of him to do a guest post and he did a great job. We are so glad the Royals are getting rescued. ~Scylla (who had to steal her Mom’s FB thingy to leave a comment)

    • SCYLLA!!! NO! NO! My Dad says I am too young for a mancat one only furriend…shhhh! No romance!!…and I just adore Hitch…and Alfie…and Archie…and SPitty…and….well….so many more…and those are just the cats…I have lots of Sibes and other woofies I totally luvluvluy too

      ANd Scylla, you can use my iPad or iPhone anytime if your Mom is too silly to keep you from commenting…she should know by now we are like well, best ladycat furriends…

  6. Hi ya, Hitch! You did really good with your guest post!! It’s nice to meet you and your family!

  7. Always nice to have a few extra mancat admirers.

  8. Bravo Hitch! If you need another gig, come see me. MOL!

  9. OMC, Hitch, you look soooo much like our late cat, Radcliffe. Such a handsome boy! We’re glad to get to know you and your family.

  10. If that’s your first time blogging, you did a wonderful job. Actually, it’s a wonderful post even if it WASN’T your first time. Your family is beautiful.

    Love and licks,

  11. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    meowloz hitch…ewe did a grate job on yur storee N it bee veree nice ta meet ewe N yur familee….we wood like ta reed bout a storee thatz all bout ewe !! enjoyz yur day:)

  12. Sparkle on said:

    Thanks for helping out, Hitch! It is a lot of work, getting everything together so the Royals can get to their new homes, so Savannah and her human need a little break!

  13. Oh my gosh! How awesome that we get to see all of the furries in Hitch’s family!! And such great writing! They should start their own blog!
    Savvy, we hope you are having a nice restful day full of your mom’s attention!
    We’re purring for the royals!

  14. Love this post!

  15. Pee Ess: Me got Mum to go to Rose’z blog n leave sum wordz of encouragemint!!! Such a sad story….Savannah n Miss Linda you are bunderfullas are da other Hu’manz to help those 3 sweet kittehz find new furever homez!!! Truly you are ANGELZ!!!!! ❤ Alwayz frum Nylablue n me Mum ❤

    • thank you Nylablue, but we know how much your Mum does for all the ferals near her. We are very proud to know your Mum and you sweet furriend

      • Mum wishez she cuud join da Feral Alliance n help on a larger scale….but she iz not well enuff!!!
        At least she iz keepin Grey Stripe, Rambler n Black Romeo fed…dey are still bery spooked when dey see Mum but dey LUB da food 😉
        We are glad we know both of you too xo

  16. EEowwww Hitch: Nylablue here…Me iz happy to meet ya…you iz absolootley HANDSUM!!!! Me iz *swoonin* here…me never knew just how guud looking you are!!!!! (blushing earz pink)
    Yer guest post iz lubly n it iz great to meet da other kittehz who are cute n da woofie Lizzie…such a sweet n sad face; remindz me of me woofie furend Chloe (she is on me Doggie page here). Anyway you did a purrfect job n we lubbed readin yer post =^..^= Nylablue..oh & her Hu’Mum too….

  17. pawsome post Savvy,xx Speedy

  18. catfromhell on said:

    Oh! Me is so happy to she what Mistltoe and Hitch really looks like! And who knew they had more cats and a dog!! That is so exciting!
    And yous is doing so much for the Royal! Your Mommy deserves a extra special award!

  19. spittythekitty on said:

    I really enjoyed this. Now see, what Mistletoe and Hitch and the orange kitties need is a BLOG of their very own. So do my cousins Aggie and Wally and Madie Mitten Kitten AND my Lord Chancellor Fritzie! All their Humans just need a little nudge.

    With some claw action.

  20. I love meeting your fur friends

  21. What a wonderful post!!! I think you are really cool, Hitch…and I would like the name “carjacker” ;o)

  22. Great guest blog and how wonderful that you helped out so Savvy’s Mom could continue with her awesome work. I’ll be very quiet, as, judging by the look on Mistletoe’s face, it’s best not to create any trouble 🙂

  23. Awww… That is adorable! He is so handsome. And such a beautiful furrfamily. =^..^=

  24. Brilliant guest post!

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