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Friday Frolics…


Well, you have probably caught on to my “modus operandi”…yup…you are getting another photo gallery…

So it’s like this…we are so woefully behind in visiting…we try to visit at least 10 of my furriends a day…and we are working on sorting out the ability to send “prizes” to our international furriends for my First Blogiversary…which will officially kick off…

…looks over shoulder…”Mom?”…”What Savvy?”…”ummm…when can I tell my furriends we are gonna start my First Blogiversary activities??”

…and that is where my question got stuck….hence; the “photo gallery”…sigh…

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…more to come about my First Blogiversary Celebration…stay tuned

peeEssEss…remember our furriend Sammy is having a totally awesome Camping Adventure…click HEREfor details…

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26 thoughts on “Friday Frolics…

  1. Eeooww Savannah…you iz so cute playin wif da toyz!! Me Mum iz doin more photoblogz now too…she says yer Mum iz bery clever n she likez da pix idea!!! Me finkx Mum iz too lazy at the momint but at least she iz tryin to get caught up…me goez away & eberyfing fallz apart…dese Hu’manz NEED us!!!!
    Lub ya Nylablue

  2. Looking forward to your first bloggy-versary!

  3. He He , you killed that toy good , Savvy 🙂

  4. Photo-galleries work for me 🙂

  5. spittythekitty on said:

    Hello my sweet darling girl! You have total, 100% amnesty from visiting or anything–we have barely been even POSTING the last two weeks, let along visiting or keeping up with my furiends. The Humans says things should be looking up in the next few days, but I’ve heard THAT tune before! XOXOXO

    • yeah but you have a good ‘rep Spitty; I’m just building mine…Cod knows what is gonna be after the last month! And Mom is like so totally NOT prepared for my First Blogiversary Pawty…it will be sooooooo embarrassing….

  6. Savvy! Our Mommy is way behind on commenting, too–don’t be hard on her. We try to comment once a week on everybody’s blog, and not stress the rest!

    Blogaversary…how time flies!

    • your advice is always good I do reply less and less to comments so I can visit and now we try to work our way through whoever visits us for that day; but even that is hard,,,sigh…and my Mom is retired!! You guys are amazing

  7. I see you’re cheating on the peacock feathers but that’s OK since you look like you’re having a BLAST! Enjoy BFGF.

  8. We will stop by for your first anniversary. We are happy that you now know all about Virginger!

  9. Savvy … that’s a great photo gallery. We just LOVE montages like this … get to see more ‘n’ more of you!
    PS we just joined in the VBP for this week, too!

  10. you look like you’re having a great time can I join in Savvy?

  11. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    savannah…if yur mom willna tell ewe de date, pik yur own… de calendar N toss a trout..what ever day de trout falls on…

    blog annie fursary !!

    Haza awesum seachtain OH deireadh anda happee Lá Fhéile Pádraig
    haza awesum week oh end anda happee st patricks day

  12. Savvy, I have to say, it is very hard work keeping humans on track! I spend more time supervising mine!

  13. happy Bloggaversary Savvy!sure looks like you’re having fun,xx Speedy

  14. Wow you sure do look like you are having a good time sweetie.

  15. You look as though you’re having fun! I’m looking forward to your anniversary.

  16. I am eager to learn more although I am pretty satisfied with pics of you 😉
    We are very very late too :-/

  17. We have got behind with our visiting the last few days also.
    A photo gallery of you is always good for us. We look forward to wishing you a Happy Blogoversary when the time comes around.

  18. mollieandalfie on said:

    Savvy doll, love all the photo’s..First anniversary, wow.. Can’t wait till kick.. 🙂 xx00xx your Alf xxxxx

    Youz not recieved your Valentines prize yet..She’s making yous something and as usual she’s behind wiff every thing.. Just can’t get descent staff these days Savvy..MOL xxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

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