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Friday Frolics…Peacock Workout and Leo Action

HIYA!!  SAVANNAH HERE!!!…AT LAST!! I am late with this post cuz I haven’t been doin’ much frolicin’ what with FB Leo and all.  I am pretty sedentary and demanding more kibble snacks…so looks like when he leaves I am gonna have to get back to my fitness work outs.  My butt is gettin’ a bit big…sigh Anywho…Mom actually got me to do some frolicin’ just now…so these photos are “hot off her FLASH and CLICK” box!!.  Hope you enjoy seeing me playing again… …the first tickle, tickle… DSC_1726 …raraaawwww…attack with a back flip.. DSC_1731 for the action to start…attack…attack… DSC_1736 …karate kick with hind paw!… DSC_1739 …playin’ dead to fool the fev-ver… DSC_1746 …HAHA!!…fooled ya…going for the chomp! DSC_1745 …flip over and one more karate kick with other hind paw… DSC_1741 …good work out…thanks Mom…one more karate kick combined with some front paw whacks DSC_1740 Now you can see how Leo works out..heh…heh…he has to have some “drugs” to get him goin’…check him out with this toy we got from Cat Claws when Mom ordered my Peacock Fev-vers…I don’t pay it any attention, but Leo actually goes to the toy box to ask for it…(click to bigify if you wanna)

The next pics of Leo should go in Monday Mischief I say…but Mom, no…put them up today…so here they are… Leo has brekkies with Mom (I would nneeevveeerrr do this..I am a proper ladycat…just sayin’)

That’s my Friday Frolics…sorry to be so late. peeEssyou are so gonna want to be reading Dash Kitten’s blog this weekend…and don’t miss Nerissa’s blog on Sunday…just a suggestion…but there is something brewin’ in the wind

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33 thoughts on “Friday Frolics…Peacock Workout and Leo Action

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  2. Glad both of you have toys to keep you happy. You really gave that fev-ver a good beat down Savvy. You got some great moves, girl. Leo and his bunny kicker were quite cute. Love you both bunches. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. Leo’s a cheeky monkey BOL

  4. Yow Savannah ya shure put da ‘smackdown’ on dat peecock fether!! Mum told me she iz gonna get me one of dem soon!! YES!!
    As fer Leo he lookz purrty happy wif hiz toyz…me iz hopin he getz ‘dopted soon so ya can have da house back 😉
    Lub Nylablue n Mum xo

    • he is adopted Nylablue! For sure! NDD has paid the adoption fee and Leo goes home to him after NDD returns from his vacation

      • Hurrah for Leo n fer ya nose it iz hard to share da house n Hu’manz wif another kitteh!!! We iz bery happy fer all of ya…bet Miss Linda will get all teary eyed sayin Guudbye….but dat iz a few weekz away…try to hold on n not get too upset Savannah….
        *paw patz* Nylablue xo

  5. Great seeing you Savannah and all that playing! We can’t say anything about Leo on the counter, otherwise some of us might get in trouble at our house because obviously that is naughty and not something any of us would ever do…

  6. maxwellnfaraday on said:

    LEO DOOD! A kitteh after our own heart. -Da Boyz

  7. Oh wow – I’m sure Jackie Chan will call you for his next movie :o)

  8. We love those pictures of you with the peacock fevver. So much action in one spot. :p

  9. Savvy, your butt looks beautiful to me! *sigh* love, Austin xoxo

  10. spittythekitty on said:

    Oh, Savannah, I tried to read this whole post, I really did–but after that third picture of you, everything else was just kind of a blur, and then I sort of lost track and I dunno–I came to a few minutes later and the Human wouldn’t let me look at it anymore tonight.

  11. Go Savvy! you look in great shape ..what a workout!! and boy Leo is getting cheeky indeed! we have reblogged your Pa it forward post that you helped Leo with on Fozzie m blog and feel hopeful MJ will soon have a new place to be the boss of 🙂
    Have a great day hugs from Fozziemum x

  12. You are one wild girl. We used to get my feathers at Cat Claws until Nip and Bones got them in. I think they’re cheaper at Nip and Bones. Before we came online, TW used to buy ALL the cats’ toys at Cat Claws. That looked like the door mouse Leo was playing with.

  13. Those are some really good moves sweetie. Love your Karate chops! Don’t you just love those feathers – I sure do.

  14. Hey, hey, Sav-a-dab-a-doo! You should come over here and do zoomies with me and the Camster! …or maybe just with me. At any rate, we could have a blast together!
    Play bows,

  15. That feather looks really fun! Don’t let them tell you that your butt is getting big. No one should say that to a ladycat.

  16. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    savvy & leo…grate act shun N grate sorta kinda act shunz shotz….guess we noe what will bee goin in leo’s treasure chest !!! hope ewe both haza grate week oh end…eat much flounder !!

  17. I’m glad to see that both you and Leo have been having fun, Savannah – even if you need to do your fun stuff separately!

  18. That’s the biggest feather I have ever seen!

  19. It´s furry nice to see some action pictures on you again , Savannah !
    He he Leo is cute when he sit´s on the table 🙂
    I jump up on the table when mom and dad have put away the breakfast , so I guess I have some manners 😀

  20. Glad you’re relaxing more these days Savvy…..I know you’re looking forward to Leo’s exit from “Casa de Savvy” but it does look like you’re having fun with your peacock feathers AND Leo’s enjoying his new toy too! Happy weekend!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  21. Have a kickin’ good weekend Savannah!

  22. good to see you both having fun!xx Speedy

  23. Savvy.. you are FIERCE!
    Leo is adorably in his badness on the table. Can it be blamed on the previous drugs? MOL

  24. That gigantic fevver looks like the best fun ever. We need to get one of those. Good job Savannah giving that fevver so great bunny kicks etc. Hope all of you have a great week end.

  25. meowmeowmans on said:

    We are going to have to get one of those peacock fevvers, Savvy. Because you sure make it look like fun! And Leo’s toy looks awesome, too.

    Um, Leo …. are you supposed to be up there, dude?

  26. mollieandalfie on said:

    Yike’z is that Leo counter surfing.???? you are a Princess Savvy Doll 🙂 Love to see you play xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

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