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Monday Meowsie News…Leo Has Left the House


Yep…hope you all got that change…see formerly “Foster Brofur Leo(FB Leo)” is now “Cousin Leo”…and formerly “New Dad Dave (NDD) is now “Dad” Dave…and Foster Mom (FM) and Foster Dad (FD) are now Auntie Linda and Uncle Peter for Leo…GOT It!!


Just remember that song “We Are Family”…and that is what we are now creating with Dad Dave and Cousin Leo…

We may not be “sisfurs”…but we are creating a new furramily…me, Mom, Dad, Uncle Dave and Cousin Leo…

Moving Day…mostly photos…and the leaky eyes have not stopped yet…joy, loss, new life, life saved, new love between Leo and Dad Dave…and so much more…

Grab some tissues…and enjoy…remember you can hover your cursor over the photos for captions …and you can always click to bigify…

…something is happening…and I am not sure I understand…

…Leo:  “Dad Dave…he is…ummm…well..actually…really pretty cool…ummm …as Cousin Savvy says…”just an observation…”

…Say What???…this is home????

…thank Ceiling Cat…I think Dad Dave and I can manage a Thursday Garden Report for Jonesie…at least once a month…it’s kind’a small…but way cool!!…and even “indoor stuff”…Auntie Linda and Uncle Peter don’t have zip inside!!

And so as an addendum…a recap of Leo’s “sleep over” with “Dad” Dave…heh…heh…

As many of you already know…FD Peter has been going to bed with Foster Brofur Leo since he came to us on May 2nd….”my” Dad Peter always starts with reading a book…before “lights out”….so he lies on the bed in Leo’s hotel suite and reads…waiting for Leo to come to him for his nightly “snuggle under the chin” routine…eventually Leo comes and snuggles….under the chin, purrs, cleans, then goes off to his bed by the window…and Dad Peter says “good night” and leaves Leo and comes to bed with me and Mom Linda.

Welllllll…WHO would have ever thought last night with his “New” Dad Dave would be different…ummmm…except maybe Leo…so Dad Dave went to bed with Leo…

YUP!! nothing went according to the humans’ plans!!…heh…heh…

Dad Dave has been here several times…so Mom Linda and Dad Peter planned on having him spend the night last night…Saturday night…so Leo could have his Dad Dave “tuck him in” like FD Peter…and then Dad Dave and Leo were supposed to have a great time “bonding”….*snicker*

Well…usually Leo is fine once FD Peter leaves, about 1 AM…(what a foster Dad!!)…so Mom did not put her usual “tissue” in her ears…Dad Peter has a hearing issue so he doesn’t ever hear Leo when he whines “meows” at night…which he has not done for like weeks….

Fast forward…last night…Mom wakes up and elbows Dad Peter…”can you hear Leo?”…ahhh…”no…grumble”…minutes later…Mom to Dad…”can you hear him now??”…”ahhh…no…grumble”…

Finally at 4 AM…Mom wakes to hear Leo literally “body slamming” into the bedroom door in his hotel suite…Mom elbows Dad Peter…”we have to do something…Dad Dave can’t sleep…”  Dad Peter is thinking…”yeah, so what else is news…neither can I???”…

So Dad Peter gets up and gets me, Savannah, and Leo, an  “early” breakfast”…Dad Peter opens the door to Leos’ hotel suite and slides the food in…and then gives me mine…which I of course eat quietly…and then Dad Peter goes back to bed…

BWWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!…Next morning…we all learn that Leo started to eat the food…chomp, chomp, growl, grrr…chomp…chomp…grrr…merrwww, grrrr…chomp…” and so on…Leo ate…but he snarled and growled after ever bite!!!

Dad Peter and Mom Linda finally sleep until 7AM…and then learn that Dad Dave has not slept ALL NIGHT!!!

So all night long, literally, Leo was shocked to find someone other than FD Peter in his bedroom…so he jumped from the top of the cat tower onto the bed, then walked over Dad Dave, sniffed and learned it WAS NOT FD Peter,  then went to his bed on other side of the human bed, then did the same route, back and forth all night long!!

Mom Linda, Dad Peter and Dad Dave laughed all Sunday AM about what Dad Dave’s first night with Cousin Leo had been like!!  Dad Peter and Mom Linda both admitted at 6AM that they were worried that Dad Dave would say “I am so not taking this crazy clown cat!!”…and then Dad Dave just laughed…he and Leo will be just fine…but we still miss Leo…just sayin’

Paw Pats…Savannah


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62 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…Leo Has Left the House

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  2. We’re sad to see Leo go; though, we know you are jumping for joy Miss Savannah, queen of your castle. Hope Leo settles in quickly with DD. He looks really nice and that garden looks great. Thanks for taking such good care of Leo and finding him his very own furever home. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. stealthfur0ne on said:

    That was a really great story. So glad it has all worked out. Yes Leo set the tone for the night and isnt that what we cats do! Meow!

  4. Oh Leo! I guess the good news is you’re healthy enough to act like that. But dude, you got it made! No one to share attention with. No one to smack ya. I am so envious…..

  5. Colehaus Cats on said:

    Aw, Leo! What a great house and new Dad to have! You’re going to have great adventures and we can’t wait to hear about them! Purrs…

  6. Waving my paw too xxx so Happy For Leo
    and wonderful That You guys took care of him so well xxx
    Lots of love xx C

  7. Oh, that is good news! We hope Leo will settle in quickly and be effur so happy in his new home.

  8. Yay for Leo getting a furrever home with Dave. Best of luck to them both.

  9. Mags Corner on said:

    Thanks so much for the update sweet Savannah. You, your mom and dad have done a wonderful job saving and taking care of sweet Leo. His new castle is amazing and just look at all those gorgeous plants. Dad Dave sounds like a real cool and loving dad. We hope they bond real fast, sweet Leo settles in starts eating and loving his new castle. We are thinking of your mom and dad and hope the leaky eyes go away soon. Enjoy the full-run of your castle sweetie! Hugs and nose kisses

  10. Wow Leo has a garden and Dad Dave sounds pawsome. ~Scylla & Family

  11. We kitties are creatures of routine, but Leo even outdoes most of us, pitching that fit! I hope he gets used to his new digs without too much trouble – his new home looks amazing! I know he is going to love it.

    • oh Sparkle, yes, and yes, Mom Linda posted on CWB the news from Dad Dave today that Leo is eating and starting to totally “run” his own castle with Dad Dave as chief serf!! And Leo is EATING!!!!

      • Dinah on said:

        Happy happy happy to hear that Leo is eating. OF COURSE he has a serf — although I think housekeeper is probably a bit more polite — that’s what I use for my serfette …. Your friend Dinah, RWB (reader without blog.)

  12. Happy wooooo,


  13. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Cousin Leo eats today. And I cannot get over how FABULOUS Leo looks. You have ALL done a great job in getting him ready for his wonderful new life. Even you, Savvy! If you hadn’t allowed him into your kingdom, I don’t even want to think about what would have happened. Bless you.

  14. Oh bless dad Dave. I’m sure they’ll get on great together

  15. We’re sure Leo is going to be really happy in his new home with Dad Dave!

    The Florida Furkids

  16. That did make us laugh. We think Leo will grow to love his Dad. Dave sounds like a great guy! And to think, Leo has his very own indoor garden too!

  17. spittythekitty on said:

    Even though this is the best outcome ever, more than any of us would have even dreamt possible only a few short months ago, I know your Mom and Dad are feeling a little blue today. In the silver lining department, however, I am sure *you* are out-of-your-mind happy to have rid yourself of that troublesome introodur kitty, MOL!

    We can’t wait to hear another report on Leo’s adjustment to his new castle…..especially that he is chowing down like a good boy ::nervous ears:: We are sure he is, though! He has had the best of the best care and we are sure he’ll make the transition to living with NDD like a champ! XOXOXOXOXO

    • thanks Spitty, and yes, we have been a tad worried here just waiting to learn if he has eaten…he had not as of last night around 7PM. Waiting until Dave gets done with work today to find out of Leo ate today…he could go a couple of days before one of us needs to go visit him to get him to eat…I am sure he will be chowing today…hope, hope, hope

  18. We are so, so happy for dear Cousin Leo!!!

  19. Katie Isabella on said:

    Poor Dad Dave really, and poor Leo. But soon they will get it all smoothe and good. Just takes time.

  20. Dad dave sounds like a really great guy and we’re sure he will win Leo over in no time!

  21. MOL, sounds like Dad Dave better plan on not getting any sleep for a while! fingers and paws crossed that this transition goes really well!!

    • no kidding! We all advised him to skip the phase where he keeps Leo enclosed in his bedroom for a few days until he gets “settled”…so Dad Dave gave Leo a tour of the house yesterday afternoon and apparently Dad Dave was able to catch a nice nap while Leo explored more…heh…heh

  22. Hahaha great job Leo at bossing new dad Dave,xx Speedy

  23. This is just a positive happy post to read :-). Tissues out

  24. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    dood…de VEREEE BEST BUNCH OH FISHES two ewe…we will say happee gotcha day ta ewe N yur dad dave…we noe yur mom linda N dad pete N cuzin savvy ( ? ) wuz trooly sorree ta see ewe go…but rememburr they iz like only 40 minits a way, N if they drives de car goin west at 95 miles an hour sted oh goin east at like 65 which wood bee de shortz cut, they can still come visit ewe any kinda time cept for like 3:38 in de wee morn we be guessin…yur new houz N garden iz total lee rockin…N we hope that IZ sum grazz ther …..

  25. Um, Hope Uncle Peter don’t have to stay at Dad Dave’s house until Leo gets settled. Did they bring you out to say goodbye? Oh dear, I hope Leo can adjust. It shouldn’t matter WHO loves him as long as he’s loved. xoxox to both of you.

  26. HURRAH for LEO!!! He has some wonderful new digs and we hope he settles in quickly with his Dad…and sleeps all night!

  27. Savvy, we just know Leo is gonna make the adjustment to his new home with Dad Dave just fine. And now things with you can get back to normal…do you even remember what normal is?

  28. Yow Savannah n Miss Lin da n Mistur Peter n Leo n Dad Dave: Dat Caturday nite will be one to bemember!!! Planz are meant to bee changed, MOL!!!
    Leo me hopez ya have settled down n reealize dat Dad Dave iz a pawsum Hu’man n wantz to give ya a guud home!!! DAT garden iz amazin!!!! MEOW!!!!
    Apawz to all of ya fer makin diz werk fer Leo!!!
    Lub to all frum Nylablue n SherriEllen ❤

  29. Good luck and happy thoughts and paws to Leo on his new adventure! Woooowooooo, Ku

  30. Such happy news! We know you will all miss Leo, but as you said, you are all family now, so this is not really goodbye. Right, Savvy? Dad Dave sounds like a great guy, and one who will be patient as Leo gets used to his new castle.

    Thank you, Aunt Linda and Uncle Peter for all you did to help Leo find his new castle with Dad Peter. We love you all, and send big hugs and headbonks.

  31. I hope Leo settles down quickly in his new home and lets Dad Dave get some sleep!

  32. Dinah on said:

    Did Leo take the recliner? Uncle Peter’s car sure looks full. Leo’s new castle looks wonderful — hope Dad Dave got some sleep on Sunday! Savannah, cuddle up with both your mom AND dad today: they will both be missing Leo, especially your Dad. Your friend Dinah RWB (reader without blog.)

  33. It sounds like you had all bases covered (not sure what that means, but it seems to fit!:) You and AL and UP did a great job and I hope we get to hear updates about Leo from time to time!! 🙂 xx

  34. castlebreaker on said:

    Oh Leo we wish you the BEST of luck with your new digs & new dad. You’ll be alright in no time, we just know it!

    Selina & MomKatt Laura

  35. What a great new castle for Leo. Whee are soo happy for him. Silly hoomans have leaky eyes now.

    Enjoy your lovely new home Leo, whee loves you ^_^

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

  36. LEO IS IN THE HOUSE! His own house. His very own house with his very own peep. His dad. His dad, Dave. YAY!!!

    Oh Leo, my man… you have it made. LOOK at that garden! What a GREAT place to hang out in. You’re gonna have fresh air and humongous sun puddles and I suspect, before long, a plant or two of the nip. LOVE the look of your garden. Reminds me a little of my deck only yours is way prettier and nicer and better. You’re gonna have such fun there.

    Hmmm… if I can make the necessary repairs to my teleportation device (I still need one more egg beater, you see), I may just teleport over there to check it out. Wanna join me, Savvy?

    And Savvy, what’s it like bein’ an only cat again? I’ve never known what that was like, myself, but I do know that that’s how you’re most comfy. Bet you have free access to the hotel suite, again. NICE!

    Savvy, your mom and dad will need extra cuddles for the next few days, I should think. Peeps are like that. You might even need an extra cuddle or two yourself. Of course, YOU can always just teleport over to Leo’s if you feel the urge to visit. Instantaneous and traffic free teleportation. THAT’S the ticket!


  37. What a fun story of laughs,tears and excitiement Savvy..i am so happy for everyone that it has all gone so well..Cousin Leos new home looks great,his dad looks super happy/tired and you Savvy look like you are about to enjoy being the Cat of the house! Have a Great day and we can’t wait to hear more stories!!
    Huge hugs Fozziemum and gang xx

  38. that is super news about Leo and his new “Dad” sure looks like he is going to be incredible. Kudos to you for orchestrating the beautiful life that we are certain this little orange boy is going to have!

  39. Leo’s forever home looks great! We look forward to updates from him, but in the meantime, you get to be an only cat again. We are sure you are glad of that. You can comfort your parents when they have leaky eyes and keep them company all day long now.

  40. Leo´s new home is looking really good !
    I bet he will LOVE to live there !

  41. You sure have a lot going on! I hope you update the news on Leo in his new home once in awhile. I think it will all work out very well

  42. Well Savvy Leo’s “left the building” now and has his own forever home with Dad Dave – you have your castle back and hopefully Leo will relax and learn to love his new home like he’s loved being with you and your family. It’s just another adjustment for him but as long as he eats and relaxes eventually and continues bonding with his new Dad, everything will be SUPER HAPPY all round!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • awwww…Sammy…you know I had a tuff time accepting some other cat in my castle…but still…I keep looking in the guest room wondering where he went…but…I am starting to relax more and more…and Leo…he is taking over Dad Dave’s life…heh…heh

  43. Oh Savannah I’m “happy-sad” and “cloudy-glad”. We must laugh about Leo’s “nocturnality” while we had tears in our eyes. Good luck in your new home Leo and the best is: you are still a family member – to be a cousin is great!

  44. mollieandalfie on said:

    Oh that is wonderful Savvy, Leo will have his own forever home like you. Look after Mommy today cos we know there will be a few tears. xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Wow, Leo sure is a nice new dad if he can handle being kept awake all night. he he – Poor Leo is probably still trying to figure out what is going on. Hope all is well in his new home and he and DDave adjust well to their new living arrangement. he he Probably everything will be fine as long as DDave knows Leo is the king of the house!

    • now we just have to get MJ her home…soon, very soon we hope…we await hearing about her tests this coming Thursday then we will start again to promote her

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