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Where Shall I Start…


Oh Cat!  Where to start with such gratitude and humility and gratefulness….all those sin-o-gnimes….such a week…

So much to appreciate again

So much to appreciate again

First , just in case you might not have heard…Mary aka MJ, in England, HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!!!!

Basil broke the news earlier this week…click HERE

Current 1

Now for the update on what is happening with the PAWSOME HOPE CHEST you all helped create for Mary aka MJ…and of course, this is the Project my Cousin Leo committed to as he “pawed forward” all the kindness and help and love he was shown from all of Blogville, Twitter Anipals and Face Book Furriends…CLICK HERE to read about his Project.  And you can visit Cousin Leo on his new blog site Leo Land Sv


First…50£ will be donated directly and specifically to the Blue Cross in Mary’s name to help her new Mom Helen with Mary’s insulin costs.

Second…one contributor to Mary’s Hope Chest specifically asked that their contribution be used to purchase Mary some lovely items from Mollie and Alfie’s Shop…so Miss Stella is going to make Mary, aka MJ, a special Nip N Nap Mat and she is making one for Mary’s new brofur, Jazz, too!! How pawtastic is that??!!!!

…just a  photo of her new big brofur,  in case you missed it on Basil’s blog post…

Jazz sleeping on Mary's blankie

Jazz sleeping on Mary’s blankie

I hope to have lots more photos and information as time goes on…but once again...Blogville, Twitter Anipals and Face Book Furriends ROCK RESCUE!!!

There are so many more companion anipals to rescue…I know our work never stops…but can we take just one moment to celebrate this pawsome rescue and adoption into a furrever home for a sweet black panfurr ladykit who stared her life so pawfully…and then has to live with diabetes the remainder of her life…Purrlease rejoice with me in knowing she has a life to live and her new Mom Helen has hopefully given Mary, aka MJ, permission to learn TWITTER!!!

Okey dokey…that’s as appreciative as I can possibly get so of course…I am so gonna join Pepi Smart Dog on his Thankful Thursday Blog Hop…click HERE…to read even more great thankful posts over the next week…don’t be shy…go back each day to read all the new ones…


I cannot forget to also join my pawsome furriend, Miss Jonesie, in her Thursday Society of Feline Gardeners report…

Society of Feline Gardeners

…on my garden…ummmm…well, maybe just a teeny report on “My” garden…not much going on right now…

…and just to add some interest…I am reporting on my furriend Smokey’s garden, he is an impawtant member of The Kitty Platoon…Mom and Dad have been goin’ to visit the Kitty Platoon while their human staff are off on vacay….they have the most interesting garden…almost like the Katnip Lounge garden…

And here is their Emeritus Gardener…TOBY!!…


…ummm yep…he has his traditional Summer “mohawk” fur cut…it’s a bit hot and he is always outdoors…he has…(looks over shoulder…shhhh..)…out of litter box issues…BUT…he and his brofurs have a large garden with completely fenced, electric wired and other safety features…to create the most ultimate kitty outdoor safe zone…

Have a most Thankful Week…

Paw Pats, Savannah

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39 thoughts on “Where Shall I Start…

  1. stealthfur0ne on said:

    Whee! Super Duper news Savannah!
    Thanks for helping out!

  2. So much good news all round. That makes me happy!

  3. Such great news Savvy,Awesome!!xx Speedy

  4. Great news, Savvy 🙂 You have some beautiful flowers in your garden, but we also don’t know the beautiful plants name. It looks kind of an orchid or lilly…but then a little different. See ya 🙂

  5. spittythekitty on said:

    We really has the happy that MJ got adopted…such great news! There really are a lot of good Peeps in the world even though I give them a pretty hard time, eh Savvy? I am loving reading Leo’s bloggy–NDD is doing a bang-up job! Gotta go visit now in fact! You and your Mom & Dad are the best XOXOXO

  6. I am so happy that MJ got adopted. It makes for a very Happy World Cat Day!

  7. Mary gets adopted AND a brofur!!!! That’s like a two for one deal!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

  8. We couldn’t be happier that MJ has found her furever home! YAY!

  9. Yay for adoptions! And pawing it forward! And for Leo having his own blog! And and and.. for everything! Savvy, you are so cute and sweet!

    • oh…shuffles paws back and forth…pink ears…I try hard to help and it is just a rumor right now, but…MJ may actually get to learn to Tweet AND have her own blog!!! OH CAT!! So exciting. I am gonna try to help Selina now get her foster sibs adopted…Rachael and Ray Charles. We are just waiting until they have their vet check on the 16th so we can inform furriends of what the actual problem is with RC’s eye sight. Paw hugs, Savannah

  10. Hooray for Leo! Hooray for MJ! Hooray for Savvy getting her house back to herself. Pop loves cactus. He had a big one like the last photo years ago. Now he has a little one in our window which I always prick myself on while I try to watch Bird-tv.

    • Pops would luvluvluv The Kitty Platoon’s 1/2 acre of all landscaped plants and even a small vineyard! And like a ton of cacti…it is a really nice place to visit…and no…we don’t have that kind’a house, no way no how not ever…sigh

  11. meowmeowmans on said:

    So much great news, Savvy! We’re grinning from ear to ear! 🙂

  12. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    thanx savvy for de grate mews N de linx ta leo’s place…hopin MJ getz her own blog place two…haza ton oh trout N toona thurzday !~~~~~

  13. MJ is getting such a great start in her new adopted home! That is something to be really thankful for!

  14. So much Pawesomeness! Woooowoooooo, Ku

  15. castlebreaker on said:



    Love & purrs,
    Selina & MomKatt Laura

  16. Oooo how exciting! Whee will go and check out Leo’s blog. Hopefully MJ’s Mummy will make her one too! Paws crossed ^_^

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

  17. That’s TONNES of stuff for which to be thankful! FANTASTIC!

    Hmmm…. just lookin’ at Toby’s garden there. It’s VERY pretty ‘but I’m thinkin’ those cacti are a tad on the prickly side. I bet they’re even sharper than my claws. Plants with claws… MOUSES!


  18. I’m so glad that we had two happy ends – Blogville is just a great place! I visited Leo, he is a bed-cave-mole like me, that’s cool!

  19. I am so very happy for MJ and for Leo!

  20. It really is great news about MJ / Mary! I’m heading off to check out Leo’s blog!

  21. Dinah on said:

    I’m thankful for your wonderful posts that keep us up-to-date on our favorite feline stories, now ending so happily. Your friend Dinah, RWB (reader without blog.)

  22. I am so heading to Leo’s blog after this! Mjs new mum is lovely, and as excited as anything, I have more pics of Jazz which I will pass to you and there is possible talk of a blog!!

    O an reading all the lovely comments that people have made about MJ, you in particular miss savvy. has had new mum Helen in tears on a daily basis, she feels like she is taking on a celeb!

    and the final thing MJ will be going through another name change, possibly Mimi but this is to be confirmed!

    • Oh Cat! That is exactly how Dad Dave felt when he first came to meet Cousin Leo. He literally said he felt like he needed to buy some new clothes…and worried what if he didn’t meet Leo’s standards!! MOL! And now Leo has a blog. Basil send Mom, to her email, Miss Helen’s email and Mom will get it to Dad Dave and she can ave an email chat with Dad Dave about living with a global celeb feline! This is so gonna be great!

  23. mollieandalfie on said:

    That has to be the best post ever..wHoooooHoooooooo isn’t nice to read such wonderful news , we are just too happy for words 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  24. It really is a week to be thankful for, Savvy. We are so happy for MJ, and delighted to see that Leo has a new blog, too. Happy World Cat Day!

  25. Hi Savvy……nice to get updates on Leo and MJ and know that both are in wonderful homes at last and hopefully HEALTHY lives ahead of them. We’ll be following Leo (signed up when we first heard!). The garden shots are beautiful – right now our garden is pretty much gone thanks to the deer and other wildlife. Hope you have a perfectly relaxing day……..

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  26. Good mews all round, eh Savvy! I am glad Leo’s going to blog 🙂 Maybe MJ will want to get her mom’s thumbs gainfully employed around a blog too! 🙂 xx

  27. Savvy so many great food and fantastic things to be grateful for …happy kitties an happy humans getting new fur family members..what a great day Savvy..hope your day is also full of greatness sweet kitty hugs Fozziemum xx

  28. Sure many things to be thankful over , Savvy !

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