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Monday Meowsie News…this is really good!!


Where to begin???!!!



Remember I promised to pack up a couple of my fave Nip N Nap mats…???  Well they arrived!!


They will be sent to my furriend Selina, One Eye On The Future,  to add to their chest…

And…my special furriends at Sometimes Cats Herd You…I was their “Secret Santa Paws” last year…well, they have added ANOTHER TWO, YES, TWO CASES OF CANNED FOOD!!…so now Ray Charles and Rachel have almost TWO MONTHs’ supply of their canned food…PAWSOME!!







PURRlease go visit Cats Herd You and let them know you appreciate their pawtastic generosity…

One more thing…Brian, from Brian’s Home, has created a special blog JUST for Ray Charles and Rachel stories…(click HERE) if you post on your blog, be sure to let Brian know and he will put it on this blog…if you Tweet and Face Book share lots of times…anything you do that helps get the word out about Ray Charles and Rachel…just let Brian know and he can add it to this blog.

Now other news…I was abandoned lovingly cared for by my Mom and Dad…for THREE nights!!…more about “why” later…

The “NEWSIE” part of this abandonment absence is my reaction to their home coming…

…I was OVER THE MOON to have Mom give me her special eye and ear rub….sigh…

Hope you can all see my progress…I am so OVER THE MOON to have Mom and Dad home…first time EVER I have taken so much initiative to seek out their attention…sigh…

Paw Pats…Savannah

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43 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…this is really good!!

  1. I think that Ray Charles and Rachel will need a Truck when they move to their foreverhome 🙂

  2. Savvy you look so comfortable it is amazing to witness on blog 🙂 x

  3. I hope they brought you something, Savvy!
    I’m going to share about Ray Charles and Rachel!

  4. Such great news for Rachel and Ray…the generosity of the kitty community is bursting with love.

  5. meowmeowmans on said:

    That’s a whole lot of good news, Savvy. Thanks for sharing!

    Those scritches from Mom sure look nice. Glad you are enjoying them so much. 🙂

  6. Loved all the photos of you. What beautiful tabby kitties you are. You should check out the Tabby Cat Club and join up. We would love to have you as a member. There is a link at my place to the club and directions for joining up. Check it out if you are interested.
    So nice to see you in Paris. Hope we run across each other today too. I will be at the museum.

  7. Pingback: Sometime Cats Herd You and Savannah Add to the Ray Charles and Sister Rachael Hope Chest | Ray Charles & Sister Rachael

  8. It’s great news to see you come on so well, and brilliant that blogville is once again pulling together to help Kitties in need!

  9. Grat news about Ray and Rachel. I was sorta hinting on Gwen Cooper’s site that we had a fill-in for Homer. Doncha think?

    Love those shots of your head scritchies.

    • actually we thought of just asking Homer’s guardians about using a couple of quotes from Miss Gwen’s memorial post…about “being the kitten no one wanted; just passed over…” it just seemed too intrusive as we know she is grieving a bunch. And you should let Pops give you scritches in that special soft spot right in front of your ears…Oh Cat! simple divine!

  10. I love, love, love the good news fur sure! Let’s all rock it for Ray & Rachael!

  11. awww! Savvy, you are a role model for other kitties who have had a bad start. Goodonya babe 😉 love Austin x0x

  12. Aw, Savvy, we’re so happy seeing you let your mom scritch your head. It feels real good, doesn’t it??

  13. This is awesome, and you are doing so well! APPAWS APPAWS for Savvy!

  14. It’s wonderful to see how much you missed your mom and dad while they were away. You’ve come so very far, Savvy, and we’re soooo proud of you!

  15. So happy to hear that things are coming together for Rachel and Ray and now all they need is their forever home – they’ll arrive with more than enough stuff to keep them happy for a LONG time! As for you Savvy – whoopee on your excitement when your Mom and Dad came home – you are so relaxed now and appreciative of the attention – and I know that makes YOU and your parents happy as well. Grand.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  16. Oh, sweet Savannah we are so happy to see you are beginning to look forward to and loving those head and ear rubs and seeing your mom and dad when they come home. Bravo sweet girl. That is a fantastic hope chest getting all fixed up for those two sweeties. Bless all who are helping them. Hugs and nose kisses

  17. Oh Savannah you have such good mews to share this MOnday!!!

  18. Yay Savvy! You’ve come a very long way! 🙂

  19. You’re doing so well Savvy,keep it up girl,xx Speedy

  20. Funny enough, you were probably happier to see your humans after they were gone than I was when my human got back from BarkWorld!

  21. Way to go,Savvy! So much good news for a Monday.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  22. This is all great news! Thank you for the boogie mats and Cats Herd You, thank you for the gooshy goodness! 🙂 🙂 That’s just grand and I know R & RC will love it all.

    Selina & MomKatt Laura

  23. It’s great to read so much good news. But the best thing is, that you were over the moon for mom&dad. That’s worth a Meowguarita or two! Cheers! I cross my paws for R&RC and I hope they will found their furever furmily.

  24. mollieandalfie on said:

    Awesome Savvy and we know just how far you have come. Fantastix 🙂 xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  25. Oh sweetie, you sure do look happy to have your peeps home. Hopefully they won’t ever go off and leave you ever again.

  26. Wow, Ray and Rachel’s Hope Chest sure is growing. We keep purraying that these extra special kitties find the purrfect home they deserve very soon. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  27. How cool!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  28. Nice one Savvy:-)

  29. You are coming along so well Savannah!

  30. What wonderful generosity Savvy from lovely bloggie friends and look at you you big smoocher..way to go girl 🙂 Big hugs Fozziemum xxx

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