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My Garden is Growing…and A Kitty is Saved


I have been hanging around with Mom and Dad a lot lately…ya know…snuggling…playing…being a cat…which I am of course

So it has been a long time and no garden report *embarrassed ears*…I have let my furriend Jonesie down…but I have sent Mom out to capture what is left in a garden in transition…first as you can see…it has again become so overgrown. But we don’t own this home nor garden and the owner lady has some gardeners…but they don’t seem to know that pruning helps the garden grow and be healthy…and the owner lady told us to keep hands off…so we mostly do…


…a few plants are still flowering and now some Camellia bushes and trees are starting to bigify any photo...

Hop you like this report Jonesie

Society of Feline Gardeners

And a story that just keeps me motivated to use our fabulous anipal, paw blog community to keep getting the word out to help rescue animals…

My pals, the new staff, over at Dash Kitten blog have been pawing away on Face Book and their blog and Face Book cat groups about the plight of a cat in Florida…click HERE for the story…and they got lots of us motivated to reach out and try to help. This morning Mom Linda called the lady, Miss Lillian, who had the kitty living on her porch and knew he was starving (she is in a full body cast and could not ever go out to feed him).  We wanted to learn if he had been rescued before we called some rescue organizations my friend Jetty’s Mom Lori told us about in Broward County Florida.

And we learned TWO rescues were there with a trap…first cat trapped was not TIger Boy…but another female…not spayed…so the rescuers took her off to get spayed!! Woo Hoo! First life saved!

Then we received this joyful email from Miss Lillian…Wednesday afternoon…
Good news, Linda. This Side of the Rainbow Bridge and Undercats 4 Life did trap the kitty and he is already loving on them and they have a home for him, so please tell the world wide network that they have done a great job and our baby has a home. Thank everybody for caring. You are all so wonderful for the work that you do. Lillian “

…here is the Tiger Boy who it took a whole anipal village to save…and apparently they didn’t even need a trap…just picked him up…


It doesn’t’ get lots better than that…four paws at a time…we can make a difference to at least this one cat…just like Phinny I posted about last week…four more paws saved with Phinny…and it made a difference to him too…

Please click on the badge to go visit lots of other great Thankful Thursday blog posts…and go back every now and then over the week because this hop is open for the whole week!…until next Thursday when it starts all over…


Paw pats, Savannah

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34 thoughts on “My Garden is Growing…and A Kitty is Saved

  1. I’m glad the kitty was saved, he looks such a sweetie! your garden is looking very pretty.

  2. I think your garden are pretty pretty 🙂
    YAY that little Tiger Boy was saved !

  3. Look at that face on Tiger. If that doesn’t melt your heart then I don’t know!

  4. such happy news!Yippee Savannah!xx Speedy

  5. That was so great about Tiger Boy. It’s wonderful when everyone works together. Can you believe some of TW’s friends think the Internet is just an intrusive waste of time? Love your garden. TW’s gardener ex used to love when the garden got overgrown. Maybe we’re missing something.

  6. That was one great save! Bravo to everyone!!!

  7. We are SO happy for Tiger Boy!!! We hope he has a wonderful life in his new forever home. xo

  8. You look like you are having great kitty fun Savannah!
    We love happy saving kitty stories and have one of our own
    Dad now has a really tiny kitten that came on Wed. She was the runt and was hit by the cold weather. Luckily her feral Mom put her on the porch where Dads friend lives, she was feeding them, and she saw him.
    Dad really had to work him out of his coma but we were all purring and praying and Yay he is doing much better
    He smells funny though. I know Leo was the same for you so I am going to read you past posts for some ideas on how to handle this. We all need hints on how to behave
    Your Pal
    Timmy Tomcat

  9. Pawsome garden. love it. And, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat wagging news.

  10. It is a wonderful thing when everyone can work together to save a anipal! And to think Dash’s blog is way over the other side of the world!!

  11. Savvy, it’s nice to see some flowers considering most of ours are gone now.

    And yay for Tiger Boy! We saw the story about him and we’re SO happy that the rescue groups were able to catch him and now he will have a happy home!

  12. Well done to get the garden photos – how right you are that cutting it back does help it flourish. Such good news for Tiger Boy – if he didn’t need a trap then things are seriously looking up for him!

  13. Sweet Tiger Boy….

  14. randomfelines on said:

    that is a great update – thanks for letting us know he is safe…

  15. I was SO relieved to see this boy had been rescued. Checking up on him was practically the first thing my human and I did when we got up yesterday morning. Sometimes it is so frustrating when I see a kitty in trouble and we are so far away, or we can’t help personally… but there is always the power of the internet and social media!

  16. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    savvy…a grate happee storee !!!! N yur gardin iz awesum even if itz knot yur gardin N de ladee that haz de gardin said stay outta de gardin ….ore sum thin like that !!! 🙂

  17. Your garden is still green and beautiful as ours! What a wonderful story about the kittehz being rescued. We need more of these stories.

    Have a happy Thursday, furriends. XOXO

  18. great news savvy. btw you are one good kitteh giving your humans all the loving they need especially now that the weather is cooling down. usually mama is especially needy this time of the year. she wants kitty cuddles all the time. ah, what we do for treats.

  19. mollieandalfie on said:

    Tiger boy is gorgeous, what great news. Your garden looks beautiful, like you Savvy. Don’t forget your ball photo for Howl-o-Ween 🙂 xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  20. Wow, your camellias are flowering? I have to wait till winter :o) I’m so glad for Tiger Boy and the other kitty. It feels good to read about humans with a great heart! Thanks Savannah!

  21. You know… I never do the Thursday garden report ’cause it’s on Thursdays and I don’t blog on Thursdays but… but I could post a picture on Facebook! I think I have somethin’ in mind. Oh Peepers….


  22. Little Tiger Boy was so skinny. So thin. He really was starvin’. And CLEARLY wantin’ help as he is so happy now to have been rescued. I’m super-duper happy for him and ever-so-grateful for the rescues on the ground who got out there and caught him. Yoo-hoo! YOO-HOO!!!


  23. Hurray, I am so pleased and so in need of that good news story!! Keep up the good work!

  24. Good for Tiger Boy! ♥

  25. You have some very nice flowers growing in your garden. And we are so happy about the cats that were rescued. ~Scylla

  26. Hooray! Glad those kitties have purrfect furever homes and are safe

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  27. Having a nice garden that someone else takes care of is the head peep’s dream. That’s why you don’t see photos of our garden.

    It’s great to see the good news about the porch kitty. Amazing what people around the world can do when they come together for the welfare of a needy cat.

  28. Hi Savvy….we saw that story about the little starving kitty on Facebook – so happy to hear he’s been saved and will have a happy home. YAY! Love good endings!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  29. Katie Isabella on said:

    Makes mommy and me truly happiest. ❤

  30. Savvy that is brilliant news, and just what typist needed to hear this morning!

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